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  1. Hi guys, I've got a strange issue again. This time it's about subtitles. I've got a mission where I have a couple of subtitles which are working fine. Now I wanted to add a message telling when a certain object has started to move (in this case: A train). I've created a subtitel, used the timer that activates the train's waypoint and set my subtitle as second target for that timer. I see that the timer works, because the train starts to move. I don't see my subtitle though. What I've tried so far, each of it with no luck: Add another 1sec. timer "between" the waypoint activation timer and my subtitle. Change the subtitle message (e.g. just to "HI THERE!") Change the subtitle position (center, top, bottom, left, right) Change the subtitle display time (1sec., 10sec., 30sec.) Change the subtitle font size (12, 20, 32) I'm running out of ideas. Why on earth some subtitles would show and others won't? Cheers! Mike
  2. Oh wow, that's a great hint! Thanks a bunch, that sounds exactly like what I'm facing with the folder contents. Cheers! Mike
  3. Thanks for your reply. I somehow got around it for the moment. Seems like at a certain point, the "SeasonPrefix" entry was blanked in the mission file, and apparently that caused a height mismatch (summer/winter map? no idea). Optically everything was just great, but playing the mission it wasn't. Odd thing is that now with "SeasonPrefix" in place, when I switch between the player plane object and the co-located airbase a couple of times, at a certain point visually in ME the player plane will sink into the ground. It's still fine from a playing point of view, but not in ME anymore. Odd. Concerning folder contents, what I'm doing now is to change the mission description and the filename with each iteration, then use "Save As..." and create a complete new set of files with every saving. Works so far. It's really damn confusing to see all these strange things happen. Cheers! Mike
  4. This is just so odd. Let me tell you what I did and how far I got, even if nothing of what I'll tell you here makes any sense. First I've tried to repeatedly open the mission in the ME and see whether something's wrong, to no avail. I finally resorted to using "Save As..." and give the mission file another name. Now the first mission file, not my newly saved one, becomes visible. No way to get my "Saved As..." file to show. So I thought I'd use "Save As..." and put them into the "My Missions" folder as you've suggested. Great show, the missions shows. However, now I'm facing two new problems: No changes ever apply to my mission unless I save it to a completely new folder again. It's as if the game holds a secret hidden "cached" version of the mission and loads that one instead. I can tell so by simply changing the first line in the mission description - the change will never apply, I'll always see the old content instead, even though there's no file with that content anywhere inside the IL-2 game folder tree anymore. My player plane is stuck in the ground, on spawn I die immediately and I see skid marks moving slowly where my wheels would probably be supposed to be. The plane is set "on parking" and I've clicked the icon to set it on ground. As I said: It's odd to say the least. Spooky might describe it better. Any help welcome! Cheers! Mike
  5. Hi folks, In order to try changes on an MP mission before uploading and running the new version on our Server, I usually try that mission locally in Single Player mode first. These are the steps to do so as far as I understand: Change the mission type from "Deathmatch" to "Single" Add a plane where AI type is set to "Player" (usually on an airfield, in my case I put it on a russian base, parked) That mission will go to a subfolder of the "data/Missions" folder in IL-2 then. Did that, starting with a working Multiplayer Mission, and - suprise, surprise! - while the subfolder shows in Single Player Missions, the mission itself doesn't. Am I missing something? Could someone give me a hint please? Thanks and best regards Mike
  6. Patience is virtue. Contacting BlackSix would be the last resort if anything else fails, as outlined in this post, where the thread deals with the very same question (board search anyone?). Cheers! Mike
  7. Thank you very much for your reply Kampf. Just to clarify my previous post's intention: I don't think there's anything wrong with your test nor your videos. They're quite interesting to see. Therefore: Nothing wrong on your side. What I wanted to put straight is that the NACA chart quoted by RAY-EU, as nice and informative as it is, just doesn't correlate to the tests you've performed so whatever conclusion one tries to reach from comparing your videos to that NACA chart, the conclusion necessarily has to be wrong. Cheers! Mike
  8. NACA rollchart is 10.000ft, in this video the altitude seems to be 1000m for the Fw 190 (roughly estimated from gauge which is not fully readable, and ground view). That's 70% off. The speed gauge of the Fw 190 in the video reads 400km/h at the beginning of the roll and about 430km/h at the end of it. That's about 250mph-270mph respectively. Since the plane seems to be rolling at the beginning of the video already, this apparently is not the initial but the constantaneous roll rate which we see in the video. Further test settings are unknown and the 50 pounds stick force from the NACA test of course cannot be applied here accordingly, so what we see is a - hmm... - comparative? roll test between a couple of planes, but it absolutely doesn't match the NACA chart's conditions. Cheers! Mike
  9. Yes maybe - what I'm trying to get across is that this might even be an intentional modification of the manual because the specs might have changed - as they did with the boost pressure apparently, which was raised from 1180 to 1200mm Hg (and that is original print). The manual I'm referring to is for the the La-5FN too, but it's dated 1944. Now if someone plans to come around with "hey, then it's invalid as we're dealing with the 1943 model!" let me tell you that it's just as likely that the mid '43 document, released shortly after introduction of La-5FN, simply contained errors which have been corrected in later versions of the same manual. Summary is: There's no watertight proof of either of these values. And to be honest, I don't see where the proof for 3 minutes WEP power on the 109 G-6 nor th F-4 (which by the way used vastly different engines) is. Cheers! Mike
  10. Look closer and you'll see that it's 1200mm Hg instead of 1180 - either two versions of this document exist (and therefore the specs underwent some modification), or yours refers to a different type of plane. Mine, according to the title page, is meant for the La-5 equipped with M-82 FN engine, and that should be the one for the La-5FN if I'm not totally mistaken. Cheers! Mike
  11. Hm... maybe translation error in your document? This is the original one, clearly mentions 10 minutes: Cheers! Mike
  12. Hard to tell. Personally, I can't hit s**t when manning a 110's gunner seat, but AI seems to be much more professional in that regard. To be honest, spraying 7.92mm bullets (or .303 ones) IMHO only makes sense in large numbers, and "2" isn't large enough to give any good effect. Nevertheless, I have the greatest respect for AI gunners either on the 110, the 111 or the 88. Despite all other claims, I find myself regularly shot to pieces when I don't manage to stay out of their line of fire during my attack runs. Cheers! Mike
  13. I'd say it also depends on the plane you shoot at. "Peshka whining" - as irrelevant as the comparison of Pe-2 gunners to anything else in this game may be - often times involves 109 fighter jockeys not respecting the fragility of their engines (not to speak of the rest of Mr. Messerschmitt's ultralight plane). Take a Spitfire to engage a 110 with MG81Z and things will look quite similar to you like they do to 109 jockeys attacking Peshkas. This for instance is me, having pulled up behind a 110 a second too early, ending up in a 45° climb slightly behind the plane instead of being right below, therefore being in the gunner's line of fire for a second or two. Lucky me there was enough oil in that Merlin to take me back home, and the 110 pilot's marksmanship wasn't as good as his gunner was (click for full size): Cheers! Mike
  14. Wait... what? Didn't care much for the game's loading screens yet but screenshots? Are we looking at the same forum? The posted screenshots I see are 90% one of these three styles for red side: Hey see me flying here - I'm alive Hey see me attacking a Luftwaffe bomber here Hey see me attacking some ground target here ...and the ones on blue side, top three again, are: Hey see me in my 109 killing a russian fighter here Hey see me in my 190 killing a russian fighter here Hey see me in my 110 killing a russian fighter here So I guess it's not the screenshots you're talking about when talking about screenshots, are you? Cheers! Mike
  15. I won't call it an "issue" either, but my GTX 970 is definitely on it's edge in WQHD (2560x1440) in IL-2 Great Battles and if I can win another 10FPS just from lowering a setting I will never notice (mind you, the crispier shadows in cockpit are absolutely unnoticeable once your engine is running and the cockpit starts shaking), I will just use that option. With a GTX 1080Ti and/or a Full HD (1920x1080) monitor and/or a monitor with max. 60FPS I would probably never notice any "issue" either. Cheers! Mike
  16. Frankly that's nothing you will notice 99.9% of the time. I've been wondering the same thing about the mirrors by the way. Even at lowest setting, I get exactly the visual feedback which made me take the mirror with me. Sure, it might look a tad more "crisp" on maxed settings, but is that worth another 10FPS drop? Prolly not. Cheers! Mike
  17. Definitely not the plane shadows on the ground. Maybe smoke shadows, no clue. I gave it a try here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,57904.msg639104.html#msg639104 If you can spot a difference, let me know. Cheers! Mike
  18. ...which gets you horrible tearing again if you don't have a G-Sync monitor. And if you do, you should enable V-Sync nevertheless, this has been stressed more than enough now me thinks. Cheers! Mike
  19. V-Sync stutter below 30FPS is true for non-G-Sync monitors. It must be stressed though that when you have a G-Sync monitor, you should enable V-Sync nevertheless. It will not cause stutter below 30FPS (because the sync will take place in scanouts and G-Sync will start to double frame rates), but it will avoid tearing. If you have no G-Sync Monitor, it's best to use Fast Sync if your GPU supports it. If you have no G-Sync Monitor and your GPU does not support Fast Sync, you should still use V-Sync (otherwise you get tearing all across the space) and rather reduce ingame settings in order to maintain 60FPS most of the time. Cheers! Mike
  20. Thanks for the config file hint, will give it a try. Concerning input lag with VSync, I somehow get that input lack matters much for first person shooters and tearing comes second, but in the CFS genre it feels odd when someone accepts tearing just to avoid a possible 7ms input lag. Cheers! Mike
  21. As you can see from the link I've posted earlier... https://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3441 ...limiting FPS ingame slightly below the G-Sync range's top end is the preferred and most recommended setting. It avoids touching the G-Sync boundaries and usually comes with no input lag (compared to Nvidia Control Panel FPS limiter, which gives 1-2 frames input lag). Unfortunately IL-2 Great Battles has rather coarse FPS limit settings and most of them don't fall within the optimum distance to common G-Sync boundaries. For instance, with common G-Sync max. rates of 60, 144 and 165 (OC'ed) FPS, ingame limits of 56, 58, 140, 142, 161 and 163 would fit perfectly, but we have none of these. Quite possible. You still risk facing tearing at the bottom of your screen when frametime variances become too heavy. The key message you need to understand is this: Enabling V-Sync doesn't hurt. Disabling might though. Cheers! Mike
  22. Where do I have to file my application? Great stuff, thanks for sharing! Cheers! Mike
  23. This would mean your last driver update was back in 2015, because that was when V-Sync became optional. Forgive me when I say Cheers! Mike
  24. What's funny is that you are the one making fun about other's understanding of G-Sync... ...while at the same time you are the one who shows a lack of understanding how it works. Let me shed a light on this: Enabling V-Sync does not lock the Frame Rate within it's range. It does not incur any input lag either. With G-Sync and V-Sync off you get tearing all over the place. I think we all agree on that - at least I hope so. With G-Sync on and V-Sync off, this is what you get: Within it's range, G-Sync will disable most of the visible tearing.However, with disabling V-Sync you also disable G-Sync's frametime variances compensation. As a result, you get tearing when frame times suddenly vary a lot, plus you get tearing at the bottom of the display in the upper FPS range plus in the lower FPS range (<36), frametime spikes can occur which will inflict tearing all over the screen. You simply won't want that, neither of it. Outside it's range, G-Sync will automatically be disabled.Since in this setting you have V-Sync disabled too, you will therefore get tearing all across the screen when frametimes exceed the G-Sync range. With G-Sync and V-Sync on, this is what you get: Within it's range, G-Sync will disable all tearing.This is because G-Sync's frametime variances compensation is active now (V-Sync is on). The frametime variances compensation avoids tearing when frame times suddenly vary a lot, plus it avoids tearing at the bottom of the display in the upper FPS range plus it avoids tearing in the lower FPS range (<36), where otherwise frametime spikes would occur which would inflict tearing all over the screen. This is what you will want. Outside it's range, G-Sync will automatically be disabled and the Frame Rates will be locked to the lower/upper limits, e.g. to 144FPS.You might say that this is bad, but it isn't. Remember: You only revert to V-Sync mode when G-Sync range is exceeded. Frametime compensation with V-SYNC “On” is performed during the vertical blanking interval (the span between the previous and next frame scan), and, as such, does not delay single frame delivery within the G-SYNC range and is recommended for a tear-free experience. You must understand that when you turn on G-Sync, the meaning of the V-Sync setting is not the old one you used to know. It much more turns into a "frametime variances compensation" setting, and this is something you will definitely not want to miss. Some relevant links for those who are interested: https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/ https://forums.blurbusters.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3441 Cheers! Mike
  25. No. In that case you'll get tearing. You probably just haven't noticed it yet. Let me laugh back. The important point is to enable G-Sync and V-Sync in Nvidia Control panel. Cheers! Mike
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