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  1. That setting is enabled, yet there's still no enemy external views.
  2. "When external views are enabled" is already part of the problem: There's no such setting, at least not that I know of Currently I'm running our dedicated test server with "custom" difficulty, and the effect is that we have external views for friendly planes, but none for enemies. Cheers! Mike
  3. Hi folks, Simple question: Is there any way to zoom out in Mission Editor so I can see the full map? Cheers! Mike
  4. Hi folks, I might just be missing the obvious: On a dedicated server, is there a way to enable/disable external views separately? So far, from what I see when you use "Normal" difficulty settings, external views are enabled for both friend and foe planes. When you use "Expert" difficulty, no external views are enabled at all, not even on ground (totally locked cockpit). When you use "custom" difficulty, it seems like friendly externals are always enabled, but enemy externals are disabled. There seems to be no separate setting for this. For instance, you can't seen to use "custom" difficulty with friendly externals disabled or enemy externals enabled. Is this correct or am I just too blind to see the simple setting for this? If this is indeed a "locked" setting, are there any plans to change it in future? Cheers! Mike
  5. Thanks for the hint. I have set my convergence to 200 meters so far (I like to come a little closer you know), but changed it to 250 meters now and things got a lot better. Funny thing. Vertical convergence (which is completely absent in IL-2 1946), as much as I understood, means that lower values for a plane with wing guns would mean that the gun's elevation would be higher the lower the convergence value is. Apparently in BoX it's vice versa? Whatever it is, 250 meters works well for me at the moment. Cheers! Mike
  6. Looking at videos like these, I´m frequently asking myself whether I´m using different difficulty settings or why it is that I need at least 2 or 3 times as much lead on my deflection shots than any of these flights shown in such videos. Not that I don´t like what´s shown here, just wondering... Some of the shots in these videos seem to go just straight and impact immediately right in the spot they have aimed at, even though the shooting plane pulls 2G, 3G or more, and the victim is running 200+ mph @45° offset (or more). Probably I´m just doing something wrong... Cheers! Mike
  7. Definitely the Jug, what else Although I must admit that I'm keen to see the 262's implementation in BoBo. Cheers! Mike
  8. A very merry Christmas to all of you, your families, relatives, friends etc. Cheers! Mike
  9. Thanks for the update. It's good to know (and doesn't come without saying these days) that business considerations don't keep you from putting hands on issues dating back a couple of years. The new map looks absolutely great, it's definitely a massive improvement and I believe it will contribute to the confidence of players who didn't follow the sequel past BoS - they might reconsider now that they know that there's nobody left behind in this game. Cheers! Mike
  10. Can't say much about AMD cards as a long-time Nvidia user (thanks to IL-2 1946 and AMD's crappy drivers 10 years ago). FWIW, my game rig is equipped with an Intel i5-2500K @4GHz + Nvidia GTX 970 4GB + Acer Predator WQHD (2560x1440) G-Sync Monitor. The GTX 970 is supposed to perform some 10-15% worse than the RX 580. My frame rates with Ultra Settings are in the range of 50-70 usually, with 144 looking up to clear skies and 40 looking down to coastlines with villages in bright sunshine. Only thing I've had to tone down was the distant landscape detail which is on 2x (maximum would be 4x), as the max setting kills another 10FPS for nearly no visual difference. As a long time 1946 player I've had to learn that BoX lives best with Nvidia Control Panel settings "all default", letting BoX deal with things like Anti Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering etc. In 1946 it was exactly opposite. Cheers! Mike
  11. Ah great, thanks Sketch! Sorry that I didn't spot that myself. Cheers! Mike
  12. Hm... I frequently take 21 (RAAF) Sqn or 112 Sqn aircraft no.25 for a ride just because it's so funny to see the reactions when you pop up on one's six with that tailcode, but this... is... something. Cheers! Mike
  13. I think the question is whether the keys have been activated on your account already or not. It'd be odd if that was possible at all, as it would activate the same thing twice, still... look at your "License keys" page and you should know. The fact that you bought the keys doesn't mean that you have to activate them. Of course you can give them to others as far as I can see. The only thing is that each key can be activated on one account only. Cheers! Mike
  14. Ah thanks now I see. Question answered Cheers! Mike
  15. Another possibly stupid question of mine: What exactly triggers the Tags shown underneath the user pic on the left in this forum? I'm asking since the only tag I have is "BOK", whereas I own anything Battle of XXX has to offer. I won't wonder too much if BOS was missing since I bought that from Steam and not from the IL-2 shop, but all other content is straight from the shop and nothing shows up. Any clue? Cheers! Mike
  16. This might be a stupid question, yet I dare to ask: Is there a way to open the builtin stock missions in the mission editor? I've tried to extract them from gtp file, tried MissionResaver, each to no avail. Either I'm doing something wrong, or I'm trying to do something impossible. Any clues? Cheers! Mike
  17. Only if you'd seal your room and take the barometric altitude from the game to control the pressure inside. Otherwise the assumption that IAS airflow @ground level comes close to TAS airflow at altitude is quite valid. Cheers! Mike
  18. Type of improvement: Miscellaneous Explanation of proposals: Reorganize Forum Tags Benefits: Currently it seems like Steam Purchases aren't reflected in Forum Tags, while at the same time several Tags exist that have no meaning for a normal user as they're basically depicting nothing but a dev team membership in all kinds of flavours. A tag scheme like "Team Member", followed by owners of each module regardless where it's been purchased from, would make more sense IMHO.
  19. Type of improvement: Multiplayer Explanation of proposals: Enable custom callsign Benefits: Decouple Account Names / Profile Names / Player Names. Sometimes you just don't need everyone else to know who you are, and if you fly with different Squads, you have to change your whole account's name (and e.g. the forum nick with it) each time you fly with another squad. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: Decouple Cinematic View Mode from other side effects Benefits: Decouple cinematic view (which is fanstastic for outside view in F2 mode) from other possibly unwanted effects like blurred view on head turn, or blurred screenshots. Type of improvement: Control Explanation of proposals: Replicate Head Turns using TrackIR Benefits: Currently I see my head moving around in outside view if I turn my head using mouse movement. However using TrackIR, my head in outside view stays straight. Same thing in multiplayer mode, two players using TrackIR don't see each others head moving at all. This should be an easy fix as it already works in mouse mode.
  20. Now that those suggestions for Freetrack users are based on the release of 1.005 patch, which brought back TrackIR 3 support and with it the old TrackIR protocol, maybe 1.008 broke that support of the old TrackIR protocol again? Best regards - Mike
  21. It might be that FreeTrack is not working with BoS at all. Do we really have evidence that there's any FreeTrack user out there who's running FreeTrack with BoS successfully? If so, what was there installation procedure? The reason I'm guessing that there might be unrecoverable issues is this: Duccio_71 mentions that the game starts fine when he uninstalls FreeTrack. FreeTrack seems to modify something concerning "KernelBase.dll", which gets loaded by IL-2.exe Since it's pretty unlikely that FreeTrack applies binary modifications to the "KernelBase.dll" file (for the beforementioned reasons, it's really not that easy to modify windows system files which are under file protection by Win 7 and the like), I'd rather bet that FreeTrack hooks up some other less protected DLL which gets loaded by the games too (dinput.dll as a wild guess) and furtheron injects code into the game's process memory, hitting the KernelBase.dll area here. That might not work with IL-2.exe. I have just tested another application which uses DLL injection mechanism too (it's an app which can be used to manually bind another application to a specific network device, in case you have multiple network connections on your PC). While the app works with any other application tested so far, IL-2.exe refuses to start as soon as it's launched with this DLL injector. I've tried with a manually "placeholder" injecting DLL too and got the same results: As soon as IL-2.exe code is hooked, IL-2.exe refuses to work. It seems like IL-2.exe is using an "executable encryption" mechanism which relocates memory contents at runtime, therefor it doesn't qualify for use of DLL injection. Best regards - Mike
  22. Since it's a system file, it is always recommended to keep a copy of the file you currently have in a safe place. If anything goes wrong, you can always restore the old status then. Best regards - Mike
  23. Skylla did you try the kernelbase.dll files I've sent to you yet? Best regards - Mike
  24. Brief description: White jagged aliased lines around edges/surfaces of your plane in external (F2) view Detailed description, conditions: With clouds around and sun in your back, surface edges and thin lines (radio wire) appear jagged aliased and surrounded by white lines in external (F2) view Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): See attached screenshots Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7 64 Bit, Intel Core i5-2500K, Nvidia GTX 970, IL-2 graphical settings all maxed out ("ultimate" plus full AA). Click for full size: Best regards - Mike
  25. Ich wünsche Euch ebenfalls frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! http://s22.postimg.org/9mbez5vn5/20141223_083246.jpg[/img] Viele Grüße - Mike
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