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  1. Totally agree. While probably none of us ever sat in a shot up plane, the current representation of damage effects on the flight model simply feels... odd. Can't remember having seen or witnessed anything remotely similar in any other flight simulator either. Now this could mean that all others are wrong and our devs are the only ones who are right, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that case. Mike
  2. Thanks @Habu. To summarize my results: Orders are to be given to the leader only, events happen on each plane individually. I know that I can spawn separate planes and run them individually in a "fake formation" - that's what I did so far, but it's just a cheap excuse to a real formation, especially if you want the planes to fly close to each other and not run into each other once a single plane of that dangerous "fake formation" gets it's controls cut/damaged. Therefore I've been going back to the formation thing, which I've abandoned in the past (version 3.something) as back then, even disabled (and therefore temporarily non-existent) formations consumed excessive CPU power, but now that this is out of the way, activating formations seems feasible for DServer operations again. Mike
  3. Surprise, surprise! I thought I'd give it a try and created a short test mission myself. Result: The events are being issued by each element of the formation separately, not cumulated by the leader! Please find a test mission attached where a formation of four Heinkels drops bombs and gets humilated on egress. If the leader would cumulate the events, you'd expect to see two subtitles displayed left and right of the center of the screen: "Leader Bingo Bombs 4" and "Leader Destroyed 4" (in fact they all start with "... 1" and count up to "... 4" in place, but you'll only see the "... 1", test yourself) But that's not the case. What you'll see is what happens when each element issues Events individually, resuling in the top line to read: "2 Bingo Bombs 3 Bingo Bombs 4 Bingo Bombs" The centerline: "Leader Bingo Bombs 1 Leader Destroyed 1" And the bottom line: "2 Destroyed 3 Destroyed 4 Destroyed" ...at the end, after all bombers have been destroyed. Actually it's a good thing, because it is easier to deal with the events if they get sent individually. Mike Bomber Test.zip
  4. Okay, sorry for confusion, I thought you were referring to MW-50. Personally I find that rarely a fight lasts long enough at altitudes above 7.8km, but that of course can be different from player to player. In reality, the biggest use of GM-1 probably was to initially (and later re-) position yourself for another attack run at heavy american bombers, something we don't have at all. Mike
  5. I don't have enough high altitude experience on the 109 ingame to agree or disagree, but at least in reality there's very little benefit from using MW-50 above rated altitude (7.8km for the AS engines we're talking about right now) and absolutely no benefit above 8.5km anymore (see original document for the G-14 which I've posted earlier, which refers to the same AS engine and the use of MW-50 thereof). Mike
  6. Alright @sevenless, fully agree 👍 Mike
  7. 226 aircraft however are supposed to have been produced fresh from Messerschmitt as 109G-6/AS, so there should be some of them on the lists. Anyway... splitting hairs. They've had them at the relevant timeframe, so the argument to have them in BoN is valid. Mike
  8. Correct, albeit that performance increase is negligible and almost solely results from cooling the air in the charger. Nevertheless, you can use MW-50 up to 8.5km altitude and thereby 700m more than the rated altitude: Seems like they don't distinguish the AS on the G-6. From a quick check, I could find G-14/AS on the lists, but no G-6/AS. Probably just a result from the massive mess of that time with all those fancy G-6 versions... Mike
  9. Yes, so were the AS engines. Correct, the DB 605 AS engines were using the larger charger from the DB 603 which increased the rated altitude from ~5.8 to ~7.8 kilometers. In return, the charger would need slightly more power from the engine, so the performance on deck suffers a bit. GM-1 is nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and as such is effectly above rated altitude only. This means that most of the time you will probably find little use for GM-1, whereas MW-50 is the exact opposite: More power up to rated altitude. Mike
  10. @=RS=Stix_09, here's the missing remaining part of the text you've shown, page 114 continues like this: Sounds like the AS version in fact was in front service when D-Day took place. Mike
  11. Yes, witnessed that as well and added a timer after "OnPlaneCrashed" and "OnPlaneLanded" to get rid of these duds, as this happens when you let AI decide to RTB as well. Concerning bomb drop, in order to get this right for a flight of 4, the only viable solution seems to be: Link the "OnPlaneBingoBombs" event from the leader to a counter of 4, and back it up with a timer of one minute. The latter is to counter issues when a plane died before reaching the drop point. Linking the death of the plane to the bingo bombs counter isn't feasible as it might drop it's load before - actually likely it will; a plane dying without dropping bombs is rather an edge case, and that edge case is what gets covered by the timer. Thanks for all your feedback gents! Mike
  12. If you are just into one single plane then that's totally up to you, but you can't expect the devs to circle around just that single plane you fell in love with. Apart from that, focussing on just one single plane you just don't know what you're missing. Anyone care if I mention that lately the tone on this forum became pretty toxic? Probably not. Mike
  13. Thanks @=RS=Stix_09, that's understood. So... with my formation of 4 bombers, I would have to do this: Setup the group as an airborne formation, "enabled" unticked. Activate the leader when I want to have the formation start flying. Wait a second, then activate 1st waypoint which is linked to formation leader only. Wait another 5 seconds, then issue the "Command Formation" to the leader only. Let the formation follow through their waypoints which are object linked to the leader only. Link an "attack area" command to the leader only, which gets triggered from the last waypoint before reaching the attack area. Wait for "OnPlaneBingoBombs" on the leader only. Since the other planes in formation might not have dropped their bombs yet, wait another 5 seconds before triggering the next waypoint. Make sure the next waypoint is in line with the attack direction. In order to check when all planes are dead, link the "OnPlaneDestroyed" event from the leader only, to a counter which triggers at 4. Correct? I'm still wondering about the "OnPlaneBingoBombs thing. In my book, as soon as the leader dropped his bombs, since he's got no other commands, he should immediately attempt to enter a circle above the attack area. Therefore, any arbitrary time granted to the other planes in formation to drop their bombs, should result in some weird dancing of those planes that dropped their bombs already. Essentially, I'd expect the whole formation to fall apart within these 5 seconds... Mike
  14. Thanks @Habu for answering almost all questions immediately, great show! One more that I forgot to ask: When I have a flight of 4 bombers and want to check whether they all got killed, will the leader issue an "OnPlaneDestroyed" event four times or will each of the planes issue one of these Events individually? Because you said that the "OnPlane(...)" event logic would apply to the leader only, so following this logic, I'd expect the leader to issue four "OnPlaneDestroyed" events, which is somewhat counter intuitive. That's a bit confusing to me, because from what I understand, you cannot spawn a formation. Mike
  15. You've just contributed to it. Must be pretty relevant to you. Aren't you and CZ the ones who are arguing against the G-6 late? I'm fine with it. . <--- Point You To follow your argument, please: Before starting to complain about virtual planes in a CFS, please take care of the relevant issues of this world first. Climate change for instance, child abuse, Covid, just to mention a few of the millions. When you're done with all that, then by your argument you might be eligible to return and argue about a G-6 late vs. AS. Not that I like the idea, but since you seem to tick like that, be consequent about it. Mike
  16. Hi guys, I've got a couple of questions regarding formations, and before I start to build a dozen test missions just to guess what is what, I thought I'd simply ask because some of you might have stumbled across this before and know the answer(s) from memory. All questions are concerning a formation of planes. I have a formation of <n> bombers of same type, all positioned roughly like they'd end up in the final desired formation. "Enabled" is unticked on all planes. Does the "Activate" trigger that starts the formation only have to be object-linked to the leader, or to all planes? After activation, does it make sense to issue a "force complete" command with priority set to "low" in order to make gunners more happy to pick up enemy planes, or is this useless? The AI skill level should remain "low" or "normal" to counter sniper gunners a bit... After activation, how long should I wait (100 milliseconds? 1 second? 2 seconds?) before issuing further commands to the formation? The "formation" command comes before or after triggering the 1st waypoint? The waypoints are object linked to the leader only, correct? When I want to detect some "OnPlane" condition(s) of my bomber formation, e.g. "OnPlaneBingoBombs", do I have to check that event on the leader only or on all planes separately? If "leader only", what happens when the leader dropped all his bombs and I issue e.g. a "force complete" command to cancel the attack, but the last plane in formation didn't drop them yet? Will the remaining planes still drop their load or will they cancel the attack immediately? Or do I have to figure out an arbitrary delay between the "OnPlaneBingoBombs" event and the "Force Complete" command in order to give time for other members of the formation to drop their bombs? But what happens to the formation then? My understanding is that the leader would start circling above the attack point... What happens when the leader gets killed? Will the other members of the formation proceed with their tasks, i.e. will another plane in the formation take over the leader position automatically or is the whole logic screwed at that point? The "Attack" command is linked to the leader only, correct? The "Force Complete" command which cancels the attack would be linked to leader only as well, correct? Mike
  17. Then for gods sake: Do it. Nobody's forcing you to buy anything. This selfish "feed me with a spoon and bend backwards to give me my personal dreamplane !!!" is slowly becoming boring. Mike
  18. Last time when this happened to me, I've exited DServer, launched the Task Manager to make sure that no DServer.exe process was active anymore, then removed all files and folders in the "updates" folder of IL-2 and ran the Launcher again. Took a little longer and needed a whole lot more to download than usual, but it worked. Mike
  19. Ah okay I see, thanks for clarification! Mike
  20. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread... Since I'm fighting with an old idea of mine, where a whole convoy travels into a harbour all the way to the pier, let me ask this: What's the "Y-Axis separation" for? When I read this post, I thought "hey, that might be the key!" but no, it isn't. Whether I have all waypoint's Y-Axis set to sea level, or all of them separated by 100m, there's not the slightest change in ships' behaviour apparently. Mike
  21. Correct @coconut, you can have formations which are not enabled at mission start time and enable them later. Problem is that even those "disabled" objects still eat CPU cycles. You can try it yourself easily: Create 50 formations of 4 AI bombers each, all of them disabled and you'll be surprised to see how your CPU goes apeshit about nothing. Mike
  22. This. Really, seriously, it cannot be that hard. The inability of spawning formations currently results in utterly complex, rather poor "stand-in" solutions. And while we're at it: Ship formations definitely need to be addressed before Battle of Normandy sees the light of the day, otherwise getting a fleet remotely organized to beach will become a PITA. Mike
  23. I think building a really good Coop mission with all it's AI activity, specific target types for everyone and the required precise timing, is much harder than rushing out a quick&dirty DF AirQuake® dogfight one with a couple of lovelessly spreaded static ground targets. And even the DF AirQuake® one isn't an easy task due to the complexity of ME (which has been discussed in-depth already). Add to that, the way IL-2 GB presents available servers to it's users contributes to the single focus on gangbang DF servers massively. Ask yourself: How often have you clicked on the Multiplayer "Coop" button in the past 6 months at all? And how often did you switch mods off/on just to see what's on the other side of the fence? It would be a much more level playing field with a lot more potential variety if all servers, be it DF or Coop, be it mods on or off, would be presented in one big list and the user could decide whether or not to apply filters to this list on the fly. There's no good reason to hide Coop servers from people being used to fly DF ones, and there's definitely no reason on earth why a mods-off user shouldn't be able to join a mods-on server (yes I get why it cannot work the other way around, but that's not the issue here). Mike
  24. Why does it always have to be late, later late, latest late and way-too-late stuff? That's a dead end. Early PTO would be a really great new sequel to the series, but probably a bit too large of a throw. Battle of France would be cool if it has to be in the west, finnish border wars or battle of poland if we could get back to the east. There'd be lots of kitest that could be added to the mix, like early 109 E models or even the D, then we could us some early hurricanes and a couple more I-16 and Lagg-3 versions, just to mention the planes where other versions of exist already. Add a couple of completely new kites to that mix and you get some real cool WW2 action back, without all that fancy super-sophisticated 45 stuff. Mike
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