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  1. The fact that the .list file is empty is an error in itself and I expect the Mission Editor internally to detect some kind of error, it's just that we have no log to see what error exactly it's stumbling upon. My Win 10 machines are all fully updated and therefore all use Fall Creators Update too. Partly Avast Pro and partly Windows Defender is simply what it says: 2x Windows 10 with Avast Pro 1x Windows 10 with Windows Defender 1x Windows 7 with Windows Defender 1x Windows Server 2016 with Windows Defender Initially the status was this, green=working, red=empty list file: 2x Windows 10 with Avast Pro 1x Windows 10 with Windows Defender 1x Windows 7 with Windows Defender 1x Windows Server 2016 with Windows Defender After copying the "1C Game Studios" folder from one of the non-working (!!) Windows 10 PCs to the Windows 7 PC and adding access rights for standard users to the folder, the status changed to: 2x Windows 10 with Avast Pro 1x Windows 10 with Windows Defender 1x Windows 7 with Windows Defender 1x Windows Server 2016 with Windows Defender After changing nothing, yesterday the status changed to: 1x Windows 10 with Avast Pro 1x Windows 10 with Avast Pro 1x Windows 10 with Windows Defender 1x Windows 7 with Windows Defender 1x Windows Server 2016 with Windows Defender So what remains is two Windows 10 PCs, both use Fall Creators Update and are fully updated, one uses Avast Pro, one uses Windows Defender. Using Steam or "Dev" (IL2_setup_BoM.exe) version makes no difference. Moving or copying the Battle of XXX folder to another location/drive/whatever makes no difference. Running the Mission Editor as Admin makes no difference. Adding Access permission like e.g. "full control to everyone" makes no difference. (Re-)installing Visual C++ 2008 runtimes makes no difference. Stripping all files but the .msnbin and reloading->resaving the mission makes no difference. It's as easy to reproduce as this: Run STEditor.exe Don't touch anything, proceed directly to step 3... Save the mission (File->Save), with it's default name "MyMission" to the "data/Missions" folder. On the "good" systems, this gets me a 276 byte ".list" file. On the "bad" systems, the ".list" file remains empty. Cheers! Mike
  2. Thanks again for the suggestion. I have different Antivirus on these systems, partly Avast Pro, partly Windows Defender. Tried to turn off all of them, no change. Empty .list file. As of today, the single Win 10 system that creates .list files with content still seems to work fine. Let's see how long it will last... I'm afraid only the Devs could shed some light on this, e.g. by telling us how to enable some kind of debug log on the Mission Editor - after all I would consider an empty .list file as an error and I'd expect the program to create some kind of debug output when that happens. Cheers! Mike
  3. Ah sorry forgot to tell: I've tried that weeks ago already, doesn't change a thing unfortunately. Tried it again to be on the safe side just now, no change, .list file stays empty where it was empty before. Nevertheless, thanks for the suggestion. Cheers! Mike
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Habu but I'm afraid that's not the case. I've had the whole BoS folder copied to a different location already, and as described here, I can actually get the Windows 7 PC to create a .list file successfully by copying the "1C Game Studios" folder from one of the non-working (!!) Windows 10 PCs - which I did to the "Program Files (x86)" folder by the way. That process initially leads to the STEditor.exe crashing on start with a native Windows Exception (don't ask me what it was... at least I remember there was no single word in it about the reason of the crash). I have then changed folder permissions for the fresh copy of "1C Game Studios" folder so that standard users have full access rights and with that setting everything works fine. On the Windows 7 PC. Not on any other. Now comes the next odd thing: Today, one of the 3 Windows 10 PCs (one with a Steam Installation of BoS) suddenly decided to create .list files with content again. I didn't change anything, didn't touch anything. Last thing I did in fact was to edit another mission yesterday evening (.list file 0 bytes), then fly around with a friend online in BoS for 1.5 hours, then shutdown the PC. Today in the morning, turned on the PC, edit yesterday's mission again, save it... *bang* - .list file has 522 bytes. Don't ask me how long this will last. Went to another Windows 10 PC for testing. Still no joy, .list file is 0 bytes again. This issue really leaves me speechless, I neither have the slightest clue what causes it nor what "cures" it (at least temporarily it seems). Cheers! Mike
  5. Okay that's understood. Well at least you can fly around at the edge of Battlefield Area and see a part of Moscow City from high above at least. Which doesn't explain why areas are populated with static objects at locations far from visible distance - the further end of the map is more than 37km away from the edge of the Battlefield Area, so except for the off occasion that a Mission Builder puts some Camera Actor on there, no one will ever see. Cheers! Mike
  6. In that case I'm wondering why it's been made so detailed at all, and why there are static objects for it in the template groups, and even populated airfields? We're not just talking about "placeholder" objects, there are pretty nice buildings in there, even some unique ones, and we're not talking about a few, it's thousands... Cheers! Mike
  7. Hi folks, Just a quick question: Is it possible to define the Battlefield Area of a Map? I'm talking about the "red" area on the right end of e.g. the Moscow Map, because... Moscow is well populated and looks really great in the Mission Editor (preview, click for full size image): However due to the fact that the city is in the "red" area of the map... ...you will never see it as a player, because when you get close to the red area, you will receive a warning message telling that you are about to leave the battlefield area, and as soon as you cross the red line, you will be kicked out of your cockpit, AI will take over control of your airplane and steer you back to the west until you're out of the "forbidden zone" again. So no joy with Moscow, or is there any trick I missed? Cheers! Mike
  8. Small Update: On my Windows 7 PC I can solve the issue by uninstalling BoS/BoM and manually copying the "1C Game Studios" folder from one of the non-working (!!) Windows 10 PCs. I thought I'd reinstall Visual C++ Runtime to be on the safe side, but to no avail, it doesn't solve the issue on Windows 10. For the record, I have read that Visual C++ 2008 Runtime was required for BoS, so I installed the latest and greatest (Version 9.0.30729.6161 aka "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update") from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26368 Currently I have a feeling like this issue could have been triggered by a Microsoft Update and it mostly affects Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Would be great to have a Dev's voice on this, but I'm afraid that this "Bug report" forum is too cluttered with other (user error?) messages to make any Dev become aware of real issues reported here. Cheers! Mike
  9. Indeed copying such .list file from elsewhere seems to work fine. I'm just curious as to how much the checksums matter... Cheers! Mike
  10. *bump* After being able to reproduce this issue with two simple steps (run STEditor.exe, Save File) I've decided to turn this into an official Bug Report: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/33387-list-file-created-mission-editor-steditorexe-empty/ This topic can be locked now if a moderator comes around - thanks for all your help! Cheers! Mike
  11. Dear Devs, Could you please have a look at this. I have 5 Systems "under my hood", 4 normal PCs (3x Windows 10, latest Fall Creators Update, 1x Windows 7) and 1 acting as Dedicated Server (Windows Server 2016). On the 4 normal PCs, I can't for my life get anything else but a 0-byte ".list" file saved from the Mission Editor. On the Server, the .list file gets created as expected. Steps to reproduce: Run STEditor.exe Don't touch anything, proceed directly to step 3... Save the mission (File->Save), with it's default name "MyMission" to the "data/Missions" folder. On the "good" Server, this gets me a 276 byte ".list" file. On the "bad" PCs, the ".list" file remains empty. Reinstalling the whole BoS package on one of the 4 PCs for testing solved the issue for a single time, now it's back again with no changes. Both Steam and "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" installs are affected. Since there's no setting and no logs available for the Mission Editor, "John Doe" is left clueless here. Cheers! Mike
  12. Done. Empty .list file gets generated. Thanks for the effort though. It's really odd and it's even more strange that I seem to be the only one affected by this issue, and then again, on all PCs (4 in total) that I have for testing at the same time. Cheers! Mike
  13. There seems to be no logic to this issue. FWIW, today I decided to uninstall BoS, Steam, ... completely and reinstall just BoS/BoM using the installer file "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" from scratch again. Guess what: Loaded the mission file, saved it, and the .list file gets created, with content. But now comes the catch: I then decided, for the sake of maintainability, to change the mission style to "Single" and add a player plane to it, so I could test it standalone without having to restart the dedicated server each time. Of course I saved the mission to the "Missions" folder now. I can load the mission in the game, but the .list file is empty again. Okay... I thought "maybe that .list file is not needed for Single player missions" so I reverted the mission back to Deathmatch and saved it to the "Multiplayer/Dogfight" folder again. Same thing like before, but this time... empty .list file again! And now I'm sitting here trying to get back the .list file with content like I've head today in the morning. No chance. That's weird to say the least. Cheers! Mike
  14. Pulling the stick during intial accelleration is always a good idea, comes true for almost every taildragger. Cheers! Mike
  15. Eh... what? I open the .mission file, click "save" and get an empty list file. And/or I open the .mission file, change the mission description, save it, and besides the empty .list file, I get an updated .ger file, but all other language files stay as they are, regardless the content. Cheers! Mike
  16. Did that. The .list file will immediately turn empty. The language.cmd is there exactly because the Mission Editor does not do that automatically for me. When I edit the mission on our dogfight server, which is an english language Windows Server 2016, it will only update the .eng file and leave all others untouched. When I edit the same mission on any other PC, which are German language Windows 10 PCs, only the .ger file will be updated. The Server 2016 creates the .list file, the Windows 10 PCs empty it. It's strange, I have no clue what's going on here... Cheers! Mike
  17. Sure, here you are: http://www.mediafire.com/file/17v7aqwa16wsdwq/FAC_Training_Mission_v1.00_-_2018-01-03.zip Note that it's just a starting point, and this zip contains the .list file created using our dedicated server. Opening the mission on any other of my PCs and saving it again, from the very same folder location, makes the .list file turn empty. Cheers! Mike
  18. Thanks Fenice, I know about this, it's because the path is "hard coded" in the .list file. My issue start earlier: I am building the mission, and when I save it, I get an empty .list file. I've just reinstalled IL-2 from "IL2_setup_BoM.exe" to rule out the Steam thing. Still I have the same issue here on my Windows 10 PC, but on the Windows Server 2016 with the very same setup everything's working fine. That's odd, isn't it? Cheers! Mike
  19. Haha... naja, das Teil ist so la-la. Egal. Schwamm drüber. Freuen wir uns an dem, was wir haben Beste Grüße aus dem verregneten Norddeutschland Mike
  20. ~S~ Fenice. Long time since I've been around on Skies of Valor. I should register for your test server me thinks. F5 behaviour is confirmed, works for both blue and red for me too. Cheers! Mike
  21. Well... These are the difficulty settings I'm using on the dedicated server at the moment: Result: Shift+F2 works, but Ctrl+F2 doesn't. There's tons of AI flying around, yet Ctrl+F2 yields nothing. Cheers! Mike
  22. *bump* Just loaded the mission in the Mission Editor of our Dogfight Server itself, re-saved it and *bang*: There it is, the .list file. WT...? The only difference between the Dogfight Server and my "normal" PCs is that the DS doesn't use Steam but the Developer's version of the game, therefore it resides in "C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" instead of "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" Can it be that the Mission Editor cannot save missions correctly in the Steam Version? Or is it just because it's on drive "D"? Cheers! Mike
  23. Äh... nö Du. Klar, beim X-52 (und auch beim Pro) sind die "Schalter" nur zwei Tasten auf einer Achse. Keine Frage, dass das mit IL-2 1946 und BoX geht. Aber es gibt auch "Joysticks" wie z.B. mein TPM mit echten Schaltern. Schaltende Schalter. Schalter eben. Nix Mitte. Und so ein Schalter-Schalter schaltet nix in diesen Spielen, weil die eben keine Schalter kennen. Mag ja sein, dass der X-56 ebensolche "Schalter" hat, die keine sind. Dann gehen diese Tasten Schalter natürlich. Viele Grüße - Mike
  24. I know it's Ctrl+F2, but again: The difficulty settings apparently permit using Ctrl+F2, as long as they're not set to "Normal" difficulty, but that's no option. We want to have our "custom" difficulties, but if we use "custom" difficulty, Ctrl+F2 is not working anymore. Cheers! Mike
  25. Hi guys, I'm pulling my hair out on this issue: Whatever mission I'm saving in the Mission Editor, the .list file always comes out empty (0 bytes). I've tried this on 3 different PCs now, the result is always the same. Whether I start a new mission from scratch or open an existing one, the .list files comes out as 0 bytes. Argh... What I've read so far is https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/14986-10016-unable-save-file-disk and https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/15037-how-generate-list-files I do not have any other thing from IL-2 running but STEditor. I am saving the mission (type "Deathmatch") to the game's "data/Multiplayer/Dogfight" folder. My game is Steam Version, game folder is "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad". Anything else I'm missing? Cheers! Mike
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