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  1. This has been explained a couple of times, I´d recommend the forum search function. Automatic governor is to maintain combat power setting. For takeoff you need manual mode to get more power (and boost), for cruise you need manual mode to stay within nominal settings. It´s all specified many times and can be found easily. Mike
  2. The correct analogy was an infantryman who lost all his weapons. And yes, I would not only hesitate to kill him, I won´t even waste a second on that idea. Mike
  3. No problem coconut, I appreciate that tool very much! It's a work in progress and a bit tough to get used to in the beginning, but it does it's job quite well. The ban worked perfectly fine after the regarding player came online. I only wish it would be possible to set custom ban times, but that's no biggie. Editing the sdf file is not that hard to do Cheers for the great tool! Mike
  4. Think I figured it out myself. For some reason, per default you get redirected to the "Players' site", but with no trace how to get elsewhere. After looking at the sourcecode, I've added "/loging" to the url and got to the Admin login. Ever since then, the "Players' site" has a blue "Admin" link on top, but I cannot logout anymore... Well then, at least I have my old status page back Mike
  5. Eww... Immediately after installing that weekly build, I remembered why I'm so reluctant to install anything that hasn't got the "release" status yet. So, this is what I get after updating: 1st run starts like this: > SturmovikServerControl.exe 2018-07-30 13:20:28.6755|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.Database|Updated database from 0 to 1 2018-07-30 13:20:28.7736|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.Database|Updated database from 1 to 2 Failed to load symbols: C:\IL2\SturmovikServerControl\FsPickler.pdb 2018-07-30 13:20:31.5013|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$Main|main: Listening on http://localhost:8083/ 2018-07-30 13:20:31.5013|INFO|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$Main|main: Ban checker started looks fine to me. Ctrl+C and restart gets me this: > SturmovikServerControl.exe 2018-07-30 13:22:46.8798|ERROR|<StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$SturmovikServerControl.Database|Exception while trying to update database: The file 'sscontrol-v0-1.sdf' already exists. Unhandled Exception: System.Exception: Failed to update database ---> System.IO.IOException: The file 'sscontrol-v0-1.sdf' already exists. at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) at System.IO.File.InternalCopy(String sourceFileName, String destFileName, Boolean overwrite, Boolean checkHost) at SturmovikServerControl.Database.work@91-12(Entities ctx, Int32 v) in D:\a\1\s\SturmovikServerControl\Database.fs:line 103 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at SturmovikServerControl.Database.work@91-12(Entities ctx, Int32 v) in D:\a\1\s\SturmovikServerControl\Database.fs:line 115 at SturmovikServerControl.Database.upgradeDb() in D:\a\1\s\SturmovikServerControl\Database.fs:line 116 at <StartupCode$SturmovikServerControl>.$Main.main@() in D:\a\1\s\SturmovikServerControl\Main.fs:line 288 Okay... so the program update it's database, but didn't remember doing so already. I've removed "sscontrol.sdf" and "sscontrol-v0-1.sdf" and now SturmovikServerControl starts again, however the web interface looks completely different and I've got no idea what to do with it anymore. Please see the attached image for the user interface... no SPS visible anymore, no status, and nothing to login to (entering the password into the right field alone doesn't work).
  6. I guess "latest version" refers to as of now, in that case I have it already. I have been logged in when I've searched for the name, however I guess that in order to be aware of that user, SturmovikServerControl must have "seen" him first, meaning that it must have been running while he's been online, correct? Mike
  7. Thanks again for your help coconut. I finally found time to get SturmovikServerControl up and running, looks quite promising. I would love to dive into the source code, however even as a professional .Net programmer myself, F# is all greek to me - I'm a C# type of guy you know Nevertheless, back to topic... Two things: I still can't seem to find a way to ban someone who's not online. Sure I have the buttons to ban someone for a day or a month if he's online, but what about banning someone just by his name or GUID? Tried to enter it in the search field but it yields no results. I understand that SturmovikServerControl consumes DServer's logfiles. IL2 Stats does the same. If I leave "LogDirectory" empty, will SturmovikServerControl leave logs completely untouched? Otherwise, if I leave "CompactedLogDirectory" and/or "ProcessedLogDirectory", will SturmovikServerControl at least leave the logfiles where they are? Mike
  8. Sorry if my previous post reads like I'd think the issue was fixed. Of course it's not. I also agree that the "crash to desktop" is a program issue, however what triggers this issue doesn't seem to be related to anything happening locally on the server itself. Current status update is that our server ditched again yesterday: Jul 28 4:45 PM - uptime 42:34 Mike
  9. Thanks for the feedback coconut. Banning a player by GUID (i.e. player ID, profile ID) or name doesn't seem to work when he's offline, status is always 9 = "unknown user". Doing this "on demand" will probably work, but is your SturmovikServerControl suitable for normal (non-dynamic campaign) dogfight servers as well? Mike
  10. Thanks for your feedback @AeroAce AI's "Taxi to Takeoff" feature can be suicidal indeed, we've even made a video of a bunch of apparently drunken russian AI pilots there The general problem is that AI planes don't care for any obstacles in their way when taxiing to takeoff. This includes other AI buddies as well as human players. Concerning other AI players, we've tried to counter this issue by adding check zones so that only one AI plane starts to taxi at a given time, and others stay on hold until the previous one successfully reached it's checkzone. The gap between two planes which is created that way is a tradeoff between safety considerations and the need to get planes into the air rather quickly. Most of the times it works, sometimes it doesn't, e.g. when the fastest taxiing plane comes right after the slowest one, or when an AI pilot manages to perform a couple of donuts on the taxiway. In that case, planes that suffer critical damage will immediately de- and then respawn on their parking place. Finally, because sometimes planes get their engine killed but the game - for whatever reason - doesn't consider this a critical damage, we despawn planes that didn't takeoff within a specific time after having received their taxiing command. Concerning human players, you definitely have to take care yourself that there's no AI plane coming right behind you when you start rolling. They definitely won't do so otherwise. Of course everything would be easier if we'd just let the AI planes have airstart (which they've had before) but we deem the immersion worth the effort. There's just so much more life on at the base with AI populating the taxiways. 2 deaths for a bailout above enemy area sounds odd. Looking at the stats at least everything seems correct: http://www.sas1946.rocks:8000/pilot/362/AeroAce/?tour=1 Mike
  11. Just for the record: No crashes last night, Server is up and running since 33 hours now (and was quite crowded in the meantime). Mike
  12. Hi folks, We've got an idiot a player on our server who should receive a temporary ban for constantly violating our server rules. However, as luck would have it, he's always online when I'm not, so I can't just hit the "ban" button on DServer right now. I thought I could find a config file somewhere on DServer that lists all banned players, but couldn't find anything so far. Test-banned myself, which works, but I somehow get the feeling like the bans are stored on Master Server only. Is this correct? Either case, these two questions come up for me: How do I ban someone who's currently not on my server? How do I dynamically adjust the ban timeout without having to restart the whole server (i.e. reload the SFS file)? Mike
  13. Hi chaps, I've got another question for the Mission Editor experts again. This time I'm trying to build a tank defense for a home base, in order to protect it from idiots players who think it'd be funny to jump let's say a Tiger tank, drive to the enemy homebase and have some "fun" with spawning player planes. In my naïvety, I expected that assigning an "attack area" command to the defending tanks with priority "high" on "attack ground targets" would make them hunt incoming enemy (player) tanks. Actually what they do is this: They stay where they are, and only if you happen to travel within their gun range yourself, they'll start shooting at you. This means you can find yourself a safe spot where you can attack the base objects while keeping some obstacle between yourself and the defender(s), and vulche as much as you like. Am I missing something? Mike
  14. I mean if it was something happening locally, there would have to be some kind of golden thread of all those crashes, but so far I fail to see any. The mission we're running is always the same, whether the server runs stable for 40 hours or crashes within 2 minutes, it's the same mission, so the mission to me is out of suspicion. It's not server load either. I've been monitoring this and the crashes happen at any load state, like e.g. when there are 30 players online and the process consumes 60-70% of a single core's CPU power, with a tick delay of 10~15, as well as when no one is online at all, tick delay is 0.1 and CPU load is <2%. So the Server load is out of suspicion too. If it was anything happening on the server in parallel, it would have been visible in the Event logs, but there's nothing going on at the times when DServer crashes. Anything going on locally on the server is apparently not affecting the DServer reliability, which to me means that it's something happening on the other end of the DServer <-> Master Server connection. Mike
  15. Last night's crashes: Jul 26 10:05 PM - uptime 26:06 Jul 26 10:07 PM - uptime 0:02 (!!!) Jul 26 10:11 PM - uptime 0:04 (!!!) Since then (6:02 hours now) the server is up. Clearly something's happening that is outside of the local server's property. Mike
  16. So far everything looks fine. I have updated our public training mission accordingly, with 12 Check Zones from your template. Only change is that 5 Check Zones don't have the "Deactivate" part (because they simply don't need it) and two have an added input in order to completely disable the Check Zone (after it has served it's purpose). Mike
  17. Thanks Jim. I've been searching for a bug report, but the cluttered bug report forum... I think I've mentioned that a couple of times already Mike
  18. Wenn 3.005b angezeigt wird, ist auch noch 3.005b drin. Das korrekt upgedatete Spiel zeigt korrekt 3.005c an. Mike
  19. Valid suggestion, I'll give it a try. Now that you say so, I remember there's been some issue with locally hosted games... Will be back in a minute Mike edit/merge below: Lol guess what: Spot on! Doing the same thing with DServer works flawlessly. Gordon Bennett! Or as we like to say in Germany: "Da brat' mir doch einer 'nen Storch!" Thanks a bomb Gruber! Mike
  20. Dear ME experts, I've got a stupid question again: Can it be that Check Zones don't detect vehicles in Multiplayer Dogfight mode? This is my test setup: Check Zone with 5000m radius, 10000m altitude, type "closer/cylinder", axis planes and vehicles "false", allied planes and vehicles "true". Multiplayer Dogfight Server created from within client. I put an allied tank spawn point within the check zone radius, spawn a tank - check zone doesn't trigger. I add another allied car within the check zone radius - check zone doesn't trigger. I add another allied plane (on ground) within the check zone radius - check zone triggers. No matter what I do, the check zone doesn't seem to care for vehicles, only for planes. Did I miss something here? Mike
  21. Das wundert mich. Die Spracheinstellung ist in der startup.cfg, und dort sind auch alle anderen Einstellungen (Grafik etc.) gespeichert. Wenn sich die Sprache nach dem Update ändert, müssten eigentlich alle Einstellungen futsch sein. Mike
  22. FC planes are in since 1.2.23, current version is 1.2.25. Mike
  23. Zum zweiten. Nach dem 3.005er Update gab es das 3.005b (Freitag) und gestern das 3.005c Hotfix. Und es werden bestimmt noch weitere folgen, weil es noch immer teils massive Probleme (z.B. bei Servern) gibt. Mike
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