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  1. That'd be the worst case outcome of this mess. Stay with us for a few more time please @Mr_Pickles. Mike
  2. Just checked and indeed it seems like disabling TrackIR smoothing improves the stuttering issue a lot, at the expense of having a jittery head movement. Then I tried to increase the smoothing gradually again, and so far I find smoothing=2 to be quite promising with the "Pro" TrackIR infrared LED clip attached (not so much with the passive reflector clips though). Mike
  3. It's a pity. On the same server we run an IL-2 1946 dedicated server with Ultrapack 3 + Patch Pack (probably the heaviest server version you can have in 1946). We have missions on it where way more than a hundred AI bombers are prowling the skies - the server load on a single core is less than 20% in that case. In BoS it would be more than 1000% (no typo), with nothing else on the map/mission. Mike
  4. Same thing here. Long time since our DServer actually crashed, but the SIM Thread messages are still there. Mike
  5. FWIW, I just noticed that your mission @DeadMeat0383 seems to run at roughly the same tick delay like our training mission (Tick Delay ~10ms), your DServer window shows way less grey spikes than ours. Wondering where this comes from... maybe the massive bunch of AI crowd we're running? Did anyone ever see an explanation of what the grey lines behind the yellow "Tick Delay" line on the DServer window are actually meant to represent? Mike
  6. Now that history tends to repeat itself, world war 11 would be like world war (11 % 3) = world war 2. Mike
  7. Interesting. I'm using TrackIR + GTX 970 on an Acer Predator XB271HUbmiprz (WQHD + G-Sync, 165Hz) and I have the same stuttering while turning my head. I never considered changing TrackIR settings, all I can say is that the issue came up with latest updates (past the big 3.0 update, somewhere along 3.003 or so). Will try the smoothing=0 (currently I have it on 5) and report back. Mike
  8. The Flying Ass Clowns Server is still active, Tank Battle has been enhanced a lot. You need to enable mods to see the server, that's because we Ass Clowns are wholeheartedly modders. Mike
  9. Fact is that FSX SP2 uses all physical cores of your system already. Correct and as such, HyperThreading is not what you're asking for if you want to get better performance from a game. It does have it's right to exist, but HT really isn't that much of importance for us IL-2 players. I'm afraid this won't be an easy thing to do for the devs. Optimizing something for multicore use that hasn't been built for this purpose from the very beginning is an extremely tedious, sometimes pretty much impossible task. Mike
  10. I sense a great disturbance between game performance, multithreading, hyperthreading and the role of DirectX in all of this. Mike
  11. Can't help but to sign what @DeadMeat0383 said. This is getting frustrating. Server Operators spend real life money, time and efforts for the best of this game, yet we're sort of ignored and left alone with the issues caused by recent updates. Not exactly the type of customer support you'd wish for, sorry to say. This game is impressive, no need to argue about that fact, but take care devs: Lack of communication killed many other good games before. Mike
  12. "Activate" triggers activate objects where the "Enable" trigger isn't set. In this case you have your truck column created (statically, once) when the mission starts, but they're not yet there, because they're not "enabled". They get enabled (and therefore become visible) once you trigger them from the "Activate" trigger, that's what it's there for. The difference to the "Spawner" trigger is that when you assign a "Spawner" trigger to an object, the object will not get created (statically, once) at mission start time, but instead it will be created (dynamically) whenever the "Spawner" trigger gets triggered (which can be 0, 1 or multiple times). The thing about "Spawner" triggers though is that you can't spawn formations that way, neither vehicles nor planes. If you spawn formations dynamically with a "Spawner" trigger, the formation members will not accept commands given to the formation leader, which results in the leader doing what you thought he would, while the others will just stand still (or circle around the spawn point in case of airspawned planes). Mike
  13. Hi guys, I might be missing something obvious, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question: How do I give users the possibility to select the "Smoke Generator" payloads on my dogfight server missions? I remember having flown with squad mates using these payloads on our Server back in the days of version 2.012d, but now... they're simply not available when I choose a plane. Server settings have locked payloads and weapon mods, but available weapon mods for the planes in question are set to 0..99 and payloads to 0..999. Mike
  14. Oh well... that'll become messy then lol Funny to see how AI makes up their mind on their own when you don't want them to, yet when you wish them to be a bit proactive (i.e. defending a certain area using AI tanks) they just stand still and wait to get killed Aynway, thanks for your response coconut, perfectly fits my observations. Mike
  15. Oh that's great news, thanks for the heads up coconut! This means I can eliminate a lot of complexity from my current mission set... nice Mike
  16. I don't think keeping track of the next waypoint is really necessary because the "Continue Moving" Formation command is supposed to let the vehicle(s) proceed to their next waypoint automatically, whatever waypoint that is. That part works well for me so far. Problem is rather that once I issue the "panic stop" command and let the AA trucks attack air targets, they randomly decide to attack nearby ground targets instead... Mike
  17. Hi ME experts, I've been playing around with vehicle columns and individual vehicles a bit lately and hoped that I could answer this question myself from testing, but so far I cannot come up with reproduceable results. Following situations: I have two independent tanks, one red, one blue, driving towards each other. If I add a proximity trigger to check nearby enemies and issue a "command formation" with "panic stop" formation selected on detection, I get a somewhat predictable "jump aside and start to fight" behaviour once the tanks see each other. However if I leave the proxi trigger and command formation out, and instead just set the waypoint priority to "low" or "medium", the result is somewhat less predictable. What's supposed to happen under these circumstances? And what does "nearby" enemy mean when I set the waypoint priority to "low" or "medium"? 100m? 1km? 10km? Same thing with two tank columns, things get chaotic quite soon. With proxi trigger and "panic stop" command it's somewhat less chaotic than without, but still... Tanks run into each other, most likely when some dead tank is in the way, and shoot into friendly tanks when they stand in the line of fire as if they weren't there. What's the recommended way to setup two fighting tank columns? My most tricky thing so far is this: I'd like to have a column of transport trucks, escorted by two AA equipped trucks inside the column. The column will pass a group of enemy tanks at about 1.5km distance but should not stop and start fighting them (other friendly AI tanks shall take care of this). The column will also pass a few enemy artillery objects at about 1km distance but should not fight them. The column's AA should of course defend the column from any attacking aircraft, but the column should not stop and wait forever just because some enemy aircraft is circling above them. So far I've added the proxi trigger and "panic stop" command, and after a 30sec. timeout I re-issue the waypoint command to keep the column going, however my AA trucks keep shooting at enemy tanks when they drive by, and if I raise the waypoint priority to keep them from doing this, they don't defend themselves from enemy aircraft anymore. What's the recommended way to get this job done? Mike
  18. One question now that I see your screenshot with trucks linked to the counter, @Thad... I seem to remember that somewhere in the ME Manual I've read that due to the possible simultaneity of events, it would be a good idea to add timers with increasing delay to the link between multiple objects triggering an event and the counter counting those events. IIRC it's like if you drop let's say a 2.5tons bomb on that column, all trucks might fire a "killed" event at the same time and the counter might count only one of them because they all came in at the same time. Am I remembering something wrong? Or is this something you just didn't depict here for simplicity? Mike
  19. Not really "Normal" settings but custom ones, however you get icons at your disposal on "The Flying Ass Clowns" if you like. And if the server isn't populated (which unfortunately due to the strange habit of players only joining the crowded servers just to complain about them all across the place), you will meet lots of AI at least and the AI is largely randomized, so whenever you enter a fight, it will never be like the ones before. Mike
  20. I almost thought that crashing time was over, but yesterday we got it again, two times, and this time in another "special" way: Aug 17 6:59 PM - uptime 211:43 hours Aug 17 7:00 PM - uptime basically none - the DServer never managed to get up completely Both a new positive (211 hours 43 minutes) and a negative (ZERO) record for DServer stability 1st crash happened on Winter map, 2nd crash on Autumn map (well sort of, as it never really played in that instance). Mike
  21. Groups have been released here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59350.0.html Mike
  22. Since you have a Ryzen 7 with 8 cores and 16 threads, the numbers in the "CPU" column multiply by 16 in order to represent the corresponding load on a single (virtual) core. We have 4 threads with significant CPU load, adjusted to single virtual core load: 88.16% on Thread ID 9428, which according to the start address seems to be some internal 2D rendering engine from IL-2, based on the Autodesk Scaleform GFx C++ API. 25.92% on Thread ID 23608, according to the start address this could be some internal logic from IL-2 (AI or whatever). 15.68% on Thread ID 2464, apparently 3D related, NVidia API mapped into IL-2 process space. 14.24% on Thread ID 25252, again some internal logic from IL-2. All other threads are in the 1% range or below. Obviously the Client with it's 3D rendering stuff utilizes more than just one (virtual) core because the load per virtual core exceeds 100% (all in all we're at about 150% here). It's a bit surprising to see how much CPU load the Scaleform stuff causes - this is a 2D vector graphics rendering engine used for HUD stuff, map display etc. The real 3D work is probably mostly in the 3rd Thread, the Nvidia one. The load on Thread 1 and 3 is Client specific as DServer doesn't has such rendering stuff. It's uncertain which of these threads are to be interlocked with each other and therefore are limited to the capabilities of one (virtual) core. Most likely the rendering has lots of sync points, which would also explain why activating the HUD causes such a massive FPS drop often times - as you can see from your numbers, Thread 1 and 3 alone already exceed 100% on one virtual core, therefore if these are to be synced a lot, it's likely that the virtual core with the biggest load is capped at 100% already, thereby limiting the possible frame rate and representing a bottleneck. Any more interpretation of those numbers would drift away into reading tea leaves. Mike
  23. I'll check how things work online for a week, and then I'll post a group where the Anti-Tank-Flak, it's "repair" logic and the activator/deactivator are in. Mike
  24. Just wanted to get back to you with a big *thank you* ! The proposal works a treat. 52K AA guns kill the Tiger with a single shot. What a blast! Thanks so much. Mike
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