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  1. Now we only need to know the timezone you're in, in order to judge this statement. Mike
  2. Sounds like something good beefed up again that has worked before already, because my linking took place right on the day it became available, and at that time it definitely worked. Or even not. Might also be something that just happens to some of us. Who knows lol Mike
  3. I'm not in 777 Studios' shoes, but as a software developer in real life, let me say that in my world such an issue would be on top priority and no further release would make it to a rollout unless such kind of issues have been solved. This type of issues can be a showstopper and the longer you leave them undealt with, the harder it will be to eventually get them under control. The typical kind of business killers. Mike
  4. Interesting information @LAL_Trinkof, didn't know about the Career Mode being affected so far (I never used it personally either). This sheds a diffuse light on the issue. Not only that there's user suffering from the issue while others don't (a squad mate with Windows 7 and Nvidia 750 card has no issues, while I did). It also isn't separable online/offline, cause offline it happens in career mode but not in quick missions. Funny, in a way... Mike
  5. The relevant part of the message is that it's working for you know, so let's count that as a success Welcome to the club of named players! Mike
  6. Thanks again for the hint. I have tried different settings yesterday and ended up with a smoothness of 50 (was 0 before). It's a trade-off between the natural feeling of instant movement when you turn your head, and smoothness in the actual representation of movement in the game. At 75 or more, the head tracking delay was too much noticeable for my impression, feeled like rubberband to me. Sorry to say but that's completely unrelated to the reported issue. The stuttering reported here has nothing to do with overload on the GPU. Sorry again but that's unrelated at least to my issue, too, as it also happens when I'm the only one on the server and I have a very constant ping to my server of about 20 milliseconds. Mike
  7. Funny thing. My password has all kind of things, capital and small letters, numbers, special characters... and I've had no such issues. Mike
  8. Oups pardon Just edited my post accordingly. Great hint. Will check and report back when I'm back home at my gaming PC. Mike
  9. Actually I've had fullcreen enabled all the time until I started fighting the "block stutter" issue, and one of the measures applied to eventually successfully fight it was to disable fullscreen, which also follows Jason's recommendations. A day and another test later, I can still report back that @Geronimo553's settings seem to have cured the block stuttering for me. Can't thank her enough. Mike
  10. Marvellous! Your settings work much better, a really big improvement! Only thing I did not apply was FXAA, all other settings used were like yours and the stuttering is almost gone. Sure, a tad quirky at times when you move your head fast with TrackIR, but the massive block-stuttering has been gone in my today's test. Thank you so much! Mike
  11. Thanks for visiting our Server Slater Server population isn't anything we can enforce, players seem to be masochists and rather prefer to join the single server on the list that's crowded all the time (read: WoL) just to get back here and complain about it. Weird, but out of reach for us. Concerning air support: If you have other human players at hands, they are invited to give air support in the ground battle area to you. The only ones we ask to stay out of that area, because it's a training mission, are the fighter jockeys, as they will definitely ruin the purpose of this training area for mud movers and with them, for the Tank guys they want to support. Using AI for CAS tasks is kinda tricky as AI has a mind of it's own and will almost always attack targets you would want them least to, while at the same time diving into the ground in swarms. That works only if you have a 100% scripted mission where each and every object is put in place manually with a dedicated route, interception points, attack points, regress points etc. pp., whereas our mission, for the sake of variety, is mostly random. Mike
  12. Thanks for sharing your settings @Geronimo553 While not all of them seem to be related at first glance, I'll certainly give them a try and see what I get on my system. Mike
  13. There could be many reasons for the NDA and yours would certainly cut it, albeit thinking about it twice, the attempt of covering a business secret like that would be futile as it takes just one single BoS user who's living in a part of the world where you cannot get hold of him legally, and who's got connections to the competitors you want to keep at distance, in order to hand all of your secrets straight to them. Other possible reasons would include e.g. satisfaction of patent laws or simply T&Cs of 3rd party components being used within these tools, either case of which 777 studios themselves won't really care whether or not the signatory abides the NDA as in such cases it's just important for them to have fulfilled the (external) requirement to get such NDA from him. We can guess until Jesus comes, the only ones to really answer the (valid) question are the ones who issue the NDA. Mike
  14. Totally agree. Only thing I'd like to add is that the type of response to such questions (or the absence of) is a matter of whether or not you take customer relationship serious. If you are serious about customer relationship, and you are serious about NDAs, then there'll be a good reason why you put something under NDA and consequently you'll be stating that reason because you have nothing to lose from doing so, whereas the other way around, if you ignore (or in any other way don't respond to) such questions, you are thereby neglecting mutual trust with your customers, which would be something you'd be sorry for sooner or later from a company's point of view. Of course as a customer you can't expect anything you didn't pay for. It's just that if, as a company, you want to continuously make business with the same customers, being talkative and accomodating where you can (or where it doesn't harm you) is a matter of reason. Mike
  15. I read the DD in exactly the same way, however we could both be wrong and whether or not it is reasonable to cover the proprietary tools by an NDA has not been questioned by @DeadMeat0383, he has just been asking for the reason of the NDA itself, i.e. why the proprietary tools have to be put under NDA. That's a completely valid question to ask, publically as much as in private, and it's not supposed to give reason for others to pounce on the questioner me thinks. Mike
  16. From the worm's-eye view of a software developer working for a not-so-small company in real life, let me say: We're using NDAs all across the place as well There (usually, almost certainly) is a reason for an NDA to exist It is neither stupid nor uncommon for a signatory to ask for the reason of an NDA in advance The answer is always given and we would give it in public as well since the reason for an NDA - in an abstract form - almost certainly doesn't fall within disclosure limitations. The replies to @DeadMeat0383 concerning this matter make me feel sorry and I can't help it but to get the feeling that there's a certain anticipatory obedience being involved here. Mike
  17. Just for the record: It's not that stutters occur all the time. It's very specific things that cause stutters, at least to me. After having gone back to very basic settings as listed here... I'm having a stable 100+ FPS on my G-Sync i2500K + GTX 970 system wherever I fly, crowded or not. However, this "block-stuttering" as I call it still happens no matter what. So far I can isolate two things that cause stutter: 2D Overlay activity, such as new chat message, new techchat message (+icon), new "Translator Icon" message. This block-stutter is exactly the same you get when you toggle the mini-map using the "M" key. Exactly that stutter. Every time any message pops up or disappears. Any object coming in LOD0 (closest) distance for the first time. This can be a plane, a vehicle, a tree, just a ground texture... anything. The first time LOD0 is loaded, the same block-stutter appears as if you'd open the mini-map. Now comes the strange part: It doesn't happen all across the game. I could not observe this issue offline at all so far. On very, very basic test missions online I cannot see it either. However on any real online mission, any online server, the issue occurs. Always. No matter what. Crowded areas or empty space. Always. Mike
  18. So HE is the ammo of choice against Tanks? That would indicate a basic design flaw in tank damage models currently. Mike
  19. HUD's tendency to eat FPS was well known before, however what shocked me was to see how it also causes these 0.5 second microlocks every time a new chat or tech chat message pops up. Mike
  20. Just back from a test sortie (online) and one thing I can definitely say is that stuttering during this sortie was related to the 2D HUD overlay. Not always, but almost always when some new chat message or tech chat icon+text came up, stuttering occured. This is particularly annoying with the tech chat: When you dive down on ground targets, a second before you hit the ground a tech chat message+icon pops up telling you that you're about to hit the ground - which in this case actually is true because while normally you would pull up in time, now you get a half second of blocked game, and then you're really at grass cutting altitude lol There's still other stuttering issues, but this at least is definitely one of them. And I still could sweat that it wasn't always like that... Mike
  21. That's true. I thought of the Tiger as a virtually unkillable object before, but now all of a sudden it's a deathtrap. I remember how we tried to fight it with IL-2. One successful strategy was to do multiple passes with 240x bomblet loadout in the hope to score a good number of direct hits. Got us one kill after about 480x bomblets. The other successful strategy, odd enough, was to fight it with guns only. I got one to smoke using 23mm VYA guns (probably because of mixed HE/AP ammo), which I didn't manage before with 37mm AP ammo only. And my wingmate finally scored a "PK" on the tank with his 20mm ShVAKs. Now finally all of this makes sense. In a way. The way of the bug Mike
  22. In defense of the Dev's I have to say that stuttering for me was no real issue until about two or three weeks ago. Didn't precisely keep track of that, because when it happens to you for the first time, you tend to think it will be gone next time you play, but it didn't - however the intensity of stuttering isn't always the same, that's why you don't immediately notice when it started and never went away again. Now these two or three weeks fall within the latest patches lifetime, in other words: Right after Patch 3.005c came out, I definitely did not have this stuttering. Gets us to the question: What changed? I didn't change any settings until I started trying to fight stuttering, and I didn't suddenly play different types of missions either. So I'd tend to rule out "user error" here. Thinking about possible reasons, driver and OS updates come to my mind. I have rolled back my Nvidia driver by one and two versions, but it doesn't change anything. What's left is OS updates. I received the big "2018/07" cumulative Windows 10 update about two weeks ago, and right before that, there has been another big cumulative Windows 10 update before. Could be related. Or even not. We cannot test, as you cannot roll back Windows 10 updates easily and you cannot roll back BoS updates at all. Mike
  23. Yep, did that already. Years ago, for operating an IL-2 1946 dedicated server on an old VPS Server, I wrote a tool to consistently check, monitor and if needed modify CPU affinity and priority settings on processes. I've used that tool to check various settings in BoS' thread "IL-2.exe", which normally runs on all cores with normal priority. I tried giving it "High" priority, "Highest" priority and even priorities in driver levels (which are above "Highest" and usually inaccessible to user threads), and I tried assigning it to 1, 2 and all cores. No change, at least not for the better. On driver level priority you virtually kill your system when BoS is running. On a single core, BoS is very CPU-limited. Anything else is just like default. Mike
  24. I should say that I'm running my game on G-Sync equipment and everything is setup correctly for G-Sync so the usual V-Sync suspect is no issue for me. I have tried turning off threaded optimization, change texture quality setting to "performance", use "maximum power" setting on Nvidia CP - all of this to no avail, the stutters stay exactly like they were before. Mike
  25. Visibility Range 130km... wow. I'm down to 70 already and still have stuttering. Shadow settings: All tested. Grass: All tested. Clouds: All tested. No difference. System is i5-2500k @4.2GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 970, game is on SSD. I notice that there are two kinds of stuttering. One is when you turn your head around (e.g. with TrackIR), especially noticeable when doing so in a crowded area. The other doesn't involve any sight movement at all, it's just induced by closing in on other planes. The frist (head movement) naturally happens more often, but is usually less noticeable. The second (closing in on other planes) is a massive issue to me, as it causes like 500ms dropouts just when switching from the other plane's LOD1 to LOD0 or vice versa, which makes close digfights and formation flying a real PITA. Mike
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