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  1. I do and I'm not alone. It's just that the choice could be much easier if we had one big list. It would be no loss for anyone me thinks. Typical win-win situation, it's just a matter of doing it. Mike
  2. It's really sad that more than a year after having mods available in IL-2 Great Battles, the Server Lists are still separated. Would be much better if there would be one large list for both mods enabled and disabled servers - or maybe separate lists as a Client side option. That way both mods enabled and "stock" users would always see the full picture of available online hosts and their population. Additionally, "stock" clients could join "mods enabled" servers, because there's really nothing that speaks against doing so. The only thing that naturally won't work would be "mods enabled" clients on "stock" servers. But there's really, really no need and no reason to keep both flavours of the same game that much separated as if they would live in two completely unrelated universes. Mike
  3. Two threads about exactly the same topic? It's always been a couple of days to wait for DServer keys. Wait a bit and you will eventually receive one. Mike
  4. ...and that new advice is crucial because if you only deleted the "updates" folder but didn't do the dll step yet, you're missing roughly 125MB of the last update. Mike
  5. After a bit more testing I have come to a slightly different conclusion: Flying a Bristol and fighting a Halberstadt is extremely risky. Your Bristol gunner doesn't hit anything at all, whereas the Halberstadt gunner will snipe you out of the skies at 1km+ distance (or 500m when the skill level is "low"). Like Otto mentioned, the only way to fight the Halberstadt at all is to attack it from way above, the best being above and upfront, and once you passed the Halb, pull up immediately and pull into his turn so you come out of the gunner's arc as quick as possible. 1 second within a Halberstadt gunners' arc, regardless where, regardless what deflection, regardless 10m behind or 1000m, will get you to eat his bullets. Do that stunt two times and you're dead. All in all, if you take time and strictly adhere to these absolutely unnatural tactics, and if there's no other enemy plane around, you can survive the fight. In my past 10 attempts I scored 8 kills, however every time I went through the Halberstadt gunners' arc once for a split second and came out wounded. I never ever survived the fight undamaged. And that was on "normal" skill level for the Halberstadt... Now the opposite: Flying the Halberstadt and fighting the Bristol. When the Bristol pilot is an ace, you end up having trouble to keep up with the Bristol's performance. That's the only trouble you will ever have though. The player's AI buddy in the backseat of the Halberstadt isn't 10% as deadly as the AI-AI combo is, but at least he doesn't shoot at the moon but in the direction of the enemy plane, and occasionally even hits it - even though I never saw him killing the pilot, whereas in the opposite fight... well you know already. The Bristol's gunner doesn't get you as long as you don't appear in his dead six +/- 10 degrees. That area is strictly prohibited. All others: Just fine. He won't get you. So you've got plenty of time to plan the fight and down the Bristol. My success rate from 10 attempts was 10/10 and I only got a fuel leak once when I tried the dead-six attack. Mike
  6. Okay, that's understood, but why did you quote me right above that answer then? I've never ever joined such discussion. I start to get that this topic seems to evoke distant memories for some elder RoF guys, but trust me I've been coming here with good intentions only. If that legitimates patronizing single-image-replies, then yes... I'd recommend having a beer instead as well. Thanks to all your replies guys, especially talking about the Halberstadt gunner and the overall gunner accuracy in FC. It matches my results from further QM fights, the Halberstadt seems to be the most difficult plane to tackle at the moment. The one thing I couldn't get my head wrapped around yet is why my gunner (be it in the Halb or the Bristol) can't seem to hit something of the size of the QM2 at arms length, whereas AI plane gunners shoot a pimple off my nose from a mile's distance. It's both the same AI gunner, isn't it? At least Otto's hint of attacking the Halb from high above seems to help a bit, even though I have to agree to @SeaW0lf on this: Probably @unreasonable summarized it quite reasonable: Mike
  7. Eh... excuse me sir? What's wrong about asking for successful tactics against the two-seaters? See: It's quite possible to share them: Thanks a lot Otto, I'll try the "high" attack against Halberstadts. Funny thing that... quite counter intuitive, but now that the gunner seemed to hit me through the fuselage when I attacked low, it sounds reasonable to try it high instead. Mike
  8. Yeah thanks wheels, it's good to know we're not alone 😉 Saw your server on the list yesterday. Welcome to the tiny club of mod enabled servers! You're right that when you run multiple DServer instances on the same host, they have to listen on different ports. That comes natural, it's the same thing with every program listening on incoming ports, e.g. in 1946 it was the same deal. My issue might just mean that there is no such thing like a LAN hosted DServer anymore. Testing 3.102 will tell more... just need to find time for doing so. Mike
  9. I'm surprised to see the amount of negativity that pops up from such a positive thing like the particular DD we're talking about. Come on guys, reconsider your unrealistic expectations, put yourself into their shoes for a split-second and finally try to enjoy what we have first, and look forward to what we're gonna get next. Mike
  10. One tiny glitch with the latest 1.2.33 update: The Bristol F.2B aircraft images are named "bristol f.2b falcon ii.png" and "bristol f.2b falcon iii.png". There seems to be a reference to planes with such name (static/parked aircraft maybe?), but for player planes the stats actually look for images called "bristol f2b (f.ii).png" and "bristol f2b (f.iii).png". As a temporary workaround, you can copy the existing images "bristol f.2b falcon ii.png" and "bristol f.2b falcon iii.png" and rename them to "bristol f2b (f.ii).png" and "bristol f2b (f.iii).png", then run "update.cmd" and you're set. Mike
  11. Lol yeah probably. That's why I've said I don't want to whine, because these posts always tend to sound alike. For the time being, I take it that I have to adopt new tactics, so I'd like to know which ones - from the more experienced RoF veterans maybe, or from others who successfully deal with these new two-seaters. The fact that my AI buddy doesn't like to hit while the AI/AI combo achieves rather mindblowing results is a different story, but let's not focus on that for the moment... Mike
  12. Now that we got the Bristol F.2B and the Halberstadt CL.II, and now that we've implemented them on our FAC Server's training mission, I thought I'd give them a try. I've been facing Halberstadts flying in an F.2B and vice versa a couple of times now, each time both my AI opponents and myself were equipped with a gunner in the backseat. I'm not trying to whine, but I'm a bit surprised to see that each and every sortie I flew so far ends with me and my AI gunner being killed by the AI plane's gunner. It happens almost instantly whenever I get into the enemy AI gunner's field of fire. I might survive one, sometimes two passes with 90 degree deflection across the enemy's flight path, but latest on the 3rd time when I appear in that gunner's field of fire, he'll snap-kill me within the glimpse of an eye. At the same time, my own AI buddy in the backseat is shooting as if there's no tomorrow, but doesn't hit sh*t. I'm a bit at a loss here, as anything but head-on attacks at my two-seater enemy, followed by an immediate dive with heavy stick movement to every direction, just to evade his magic powers backseater, gets me blown out of the sky quite reliably. And the amount of head on attacks you can sport like that is quite limited too. So here's my question: What's the tactics to be used against these planes? And why does the AI plane's gunner always seem to hit, while the human player's AI buddy never seems to do so? Or is it just me? Note: I'm not doing dead-six attacks. I'm not that dumb. I know how to attack e.g. Pe-2s and survive that, same to 111s, but I've got no luck with any of my "avoid enemy gunner" tactics in FC so far. I'd also like to state that I'm not too dumb to hit. Actually I tried to kill the pilot or at least the gunner in these 90 degree deflection attacks, and I see that I'm spot on with my shots, I see bullet impacts peppering the enemy plane along the whole upper side of the fuselage, from engine to tail straight along, but neither the pilot nor the gunner seems to get hit. Whereas in contrast, when I get into the enemy gunners field of fire, 1/10th second lader I'm eating one bullet and see black/red screen for a split second, then another 1/10th second later I'm dead. Always. Each and every time. Mike
  13. The upcoming improvements (physiology, Improved AI maneuvering, visibility distance to mention but three) sound really great. Thanks a lot for the diary update and all the best on getting these things done. If all of this works out as planned, it'll be a totally new (and much improved) game. Mike
  14. Thanks for your reply wheels. I've tried changing the port already, unfrotunately it didn't help. The two server instance (the "real" one and the "test" instance) are on different systems usually anyway, so I didn't expect a port change to fix the issue. I didn't try the latest game update version yet but might do so in the coming days. Mike
  15. The settings file which got overwritten (startup.cfg) is in the "data" folder, not in the "updates" folder. Having a backup of "updates" therefore doesn't help, you need to have a backup of the "startup.cfg" file, the while "data" folder or your whole game instead. Mike
  16. True of course. I was rather referring to the communication part of it. In general, to me it would look much more intuitive to have something like a "latest hotfixes" thread in the announcements section where, quite like it's being done with the updates, anyone can find anything related to getting his/her game up to date in one spot, hassle-free. That way it would need only two thread subscriptions (updates + hotfixes thread) to stay informed automatically - nothing remotely comparable is possible with the current system of dropping hotfix notices into each update's separate discussion thread. The fact that the trouble with this particular launcher issue is a first timer remains unchallenged. Mike
  17. Thanks for clarifying this Jason, much appreciated. I knew that it was no bad intentions that lead to the slightly confusing situation we've had, and we all know that things like these can happen. Maybe someone comes up with a brilliant idea on how to avoid this in future. A more brilliant idea than what's usually pouring out of my head I mean Mike
  18. It actually seems like even if you have updated successfully before (with or without removing the "update" folder), you should follow this additional step of replacing rofuplib64.dll and running the launcher again, as this will get you another update of ~125MB (in my case) which was not part of yesterday's update run. On that opportunity I can't avoid repeating what I've said for the past 10 updates or so: The update mechanism and even more, the communication of these little "hotfixes", could need a slight improvement. The way it's being handled right now can hardly be expected from a newcomer to be able to keep up with IMHO. Mike
  19. Nice Update. The overwriting of startup.cfg got me on our Server, it's a quite annoying thing for Server operators because you don't see that something got overwritten in the first place (no visual changes like on Client games) so there's quite a chance for Servers to operate at suboptimal settings (up/down bandwidth limits, logfile creation) for some time now until the operators happen to notice this issue. I'm glad I've had a backup of startup.cfg I could restore from the daily backup sets. Mike
  20. Same 36/36 here. Easy thing. The only plane that gave me a headscratch for a moment was the VL Myrsky, but only until I figured that in the lower right of the image it said "VL Myrsky from Wikimedia commons" - lol? - but even without that, I could have ruled out the other three options. Mike
  21. That's what you need the Selector for indeed. Since the Java Classfiles differ between the BAT modules, there's no way to have an ingame switch as the underlying Java VM of IL-2 (Java 1.3.1 build 38) does not allow replacing classes at runtime. Mike
  22. I will be there on saturday. Currently I'm staying at a hotel 10mi nw of Cambridge, and I'm quite indecisive how to get to the airshow tomorrow. As I came with public transports, I've got two options: Take a Taxi to Cambridge and use the official shuttle bus from there on. Pro: No risk to get stuck in traffic jam on Taxi. Con: Lots of traffic in Cambridge, Shuttle bus might be overrun, gets stuck in traffic itself and only operates every 30 minutes or so, therefore depending on the situation, it might cause significant delayed entrance itself. Go directly to IWM by Taxi. Pro: Fastest if the traffic isn't too chaotic. Con: Slightly more expensive, in case of massive traffic jam almost inacceptable. Does any of you pros have experience with either of the two and/or a recommendation for me? Mike
  23. You don't need to run the game from Selector. IL-2 Selector is only needed when you make changes to your settings (different mod type, different RAM size, whatever). Without changing anything, you can just run the game by starting il2fb.exe. Mike
  24. Still no luck here, Server is offline at the moment, but I'm glad to read that this has been recognized and will be dealt with properly. No big deal, *beeep* happens Mike @edit: It's working in this very moment again, hooray!
  25. It's not that hard to make use of paratroopers in missions. It just takes a complex trigger waiting for troopers to touch down within a specific radius around the target, count the events and make things happen (e.g. overrun enemy airfield or defenses or whatever). I have rather found myself thinking "we need something similar for the russians" than "what should I use the 52 for?". Eventually I have added the Ju-52 to the available planes for russians for the time being to fill that gap. This bird is absolutely underrated, the plane in IL-2 Great Battles is a piece of art, the handling characteristics are absolutely convincing, that simulation aspect is great (read the pilot manual or die on the strip) and the visual representation compared to anything I've seen is second to none. Definitely a must have to me. It's solely the mission makers fault if this plane has no suitable task. Mike
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