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  1. Did anyone claim such? What I can say is that following Jason's advice (and a few others, use the board's search function), I was able to get rid of the micro-stutters I've had before. One of Jason's advices was to use the "High Performance" Power Plan setting. Since this isn't usually what you want to run all the time, you have the choice to either switch Power Plans manually whenever you run IL-2, or use a tool that switches the Power Plan automatically for you. That's one of the things FUMS can do. Your statement was that Windows should do so automatically and that it would in some way compare to Intel's Turbo Boost. Both is bull.
  2. Oh man... If you have no idea what the tool is doing, how come you feel entitled to judge about it's purpose then? Is it silly season again?
  3. Trying to blame it on others now? You (and no one else) said about FUMS that it'd be "doing what Windows is supposed to do." Why would Windows be supposed to set the Power Plan to "Maximum Performance" to follow Jason's advice about stutter-free gaming? Mike
  4. Just a small correction: The first patch made by Team Daidalos was 4.10, released in 2010. The patches 4.08 and 4.09 (and the interim publically available beta 4.09b1) were made by 1C:Maddox. Mike
  5. It rather needs one Lemming to step out of the queue, that's all. Mike
  6. Probably the most uneducated reply I could have expected. Thanks for mixing up each and everything involved and consequently drawing false conclusions. You definitely have no clue what you're talking about. Sorry if my reply sounds harsh, but yours is just so flippant, it's beyond imagination. Regards Mike
  7. Sounds a bit like "Pizza Funghi, but no mushrooms please!"
  8. Same for me. There's planes in 1946 and in several modules of IL-2 Great Battles which I've never flown (La-5FN for instance, or Bf 109G-6) or just once (Bf 109G-4, G-14), but I have them all, if only to support the further development of this genre. Regarding FC and TC: I haven't been into WW1 or Tank Battles either, never got my head wrapped around ROF before, but let me tell you: Both are endless fun. Particularly those FC kites are so much fun to fight with, I just can't wait for the next two planes to be released with the coming update! Mike
  9. According to the ammo table of the ML-20, I take it that in the Anti-Tank ambush role, the SU-152 used BR-540 APHE, BR-540B APBC of BP-540 HEAT rounds and not pure HE ones as those would be suitable for the howitzer role only. Mike
  10. The key feature of FUMS, and as much as I understand it's a unique feature among the other tools listed here, is that FUMS will automatically adjust your Windows Power Plan settings when a specific process is active (and reset it to your defaults when the process exits), so you can automatically follow the Dev suggestions for graphics smoothness given here without having to run your whole system in "Maximum Performance" mode all the time: All the other features, like "process to core" assignments and priority settings, are covered by FUMS anyway. Apart from that, FUMS is Open Source, so there's no highly confidential tool fiddeling with your system there. Mike
  11. ...FUMS, and make your life easier: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59488.0.html Mike
  12. Besides the fact that my experience is that every 2nd time random players join our server once there's someone flying there, don't you agree that this pair... Complaining about the inability to join the single saturated server on the list Denial of populating other servers, because it's always "others" who have to fill it first ...is like a self-fulfilling prophecy? 100 players saying "I'd love to play elsewhere, but the other 99 have to do so first"? It's as if the "Fast Lane" on the Airport has 10.000 waiting people, and no one wants to switch to the standard ones. Coffee for me by the way, I'm not into beer. And let's be friends. Mike
  13. The BK You're by the way one of those who made us reconsider the difficulty settings. Well let's say. Maybe we'll give "Normal" settings a try at least. I'll let some more guys voice their opinion and sleep a night on it. Mike
  14. We have to separate this: In real life, there's no use in firing HE rounds against armoured targets. In IL-2 Great Battles, the Tank Damage Model has yet to be finished and at the time of writing this (Version 3.005 that is), firing HE rounds straight up front into Tigers is the way to kill them. Not only that, it's even an outstanding successful way to kill them, as it takes 1-3 HE rounds only. Distance doesn't matter in that case. And: Yes, that's not the way it should be. Yet it's not really a "bug" as the devs have clearly stated that the damage model isn't finished. Mike
  15. I'm doing that almost every day with great success. Aside from that, isn't it a matter of reason that someone has to be the first to populate a server? Or how, in your world, does the player count go from 0 to 1? Mike
  16. If no one joins a server first, how does it ever become populated?
  17. All those "the grass is so much greener over there" stories... Yesterday I've put some 100 rounds into an Mc.202 from within 50m distance. I was on a Yak-7 and nailed him with my pair of UB guns and the single famous ShVak. According to IL-2 Stats the damage level was below 10%, I've only managed to down him by PK. Not that this came as a surprise to me, Macchis are tough. Vice versa, I never managed to fly through the crosshairs of any 190 more than once. But that might be just me, maybe I forgot to take enough Stalinwood with me. As much as the "sunday afternoon" story is concerned, my sympathy is limited. Considering how many brilliant but virtually empty Servers are around, wasting half an hour in repetitive attempts to join that single full server on the list is like... masochism? probably... to me. Mike
  18. Okay I see, you have a point. Give us time to reconsider. Mike
  19. ...where the grass is so much greener. The message you tried to get across was... ? IL-2 Great Battles is a cool game with a lot of potential. The community in parts is great, in (admittedly larger) parts frightening one-dimensional. Just like any other Mike
  20. But you've reported holes in the terrain here: These holes might cause the same issue, and in that case, it can happen to any mission. This would fit to what we've observed on our server. At the times when our server was crashing frequently, we've been having AI ground units travelling along the road between Morozovskiy and Volotsky (Stanlingrad map), along the road heading south from Morozovskiy, and in the area of 1407.1. Furthermore we've had player tank spawn points at the road between Morozovskiy and Volotsky. At that time, our server crashed frequently, most of the times on the Summer/Autumn maps, rarely on the Winter one. Even that seasonal difference makes sense because the terrain holes aren't necessarily the same across the seasons. Nowadays, the whole ground action has been shifted away north to the 1107 area, and ever since then we've been free of server crashes altogether. Could be that the new area doesn't have terrain holes, whereas the old one did. Mike
  21. IIRC it's available for $1.99 at GOG currently, so yes... it's not meaning starvation for a week if you buy it Mike
  22. If you are only into WW2, then VP modpack is probably a good starting point. Concerning installation issues, if you have the DVD edition try running "a.exe" instead of "setup.exe" to install the game. Mike
  23. ...or get the full picture aka "BAT": https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/board,264.0.html Mike
  24. Exactly: Digital Warfare. --> https://il2sturmovik.com/news/360/announcing-battle-bodenplatte-flying-circus-tank-c/ (Bottom of the page): Mike
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