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  1. Sorry to say but what exactly was your issue? Which of the n-thousand core parking tools out there did you use, which setting caused the issue and which setting solved it exactly? Mike
  2. To second my previous post, the issue doesn't seem to stem from RRR as lately DServer.exe crashed when nobody was flying on the Server. Would be nice if some Dev could take a look at this and/or give a hint how to avoid it, because right now the Server is offline due to crashes at 30%-50% of times and it's a real PITA having to look after the process every other hour. Lockup on November 02: Lockup on November 03: Mike
  3. Not sure whether it's wise to split resources. BoBp will be ready, but what about FC and TC? Maybe it's better to finish everything before a new project is being started. Mike
  4. Well the video... it's 5/10 at best. 2/3rd of the video just explain to us that a bad or mediocre Demo kills sales. That's a no-brainer. I don't think we should worry about the Devs not being able to kick out a reasonably good Demo. They did so with ROF so it's not like they don't know what to do and how to do it. IL-2 Great Battles also doesn't fall into the 10/10 "must play" category. And that's not even the Devs fault. The game might be 10/10 (I think it's close, but rather 9/10), but we have to face the fact that CFS games are a niche market. As such, the target audience is small enough to make any effort to enlargen it turn into bigger sales numbers, even if the Demo is "only" on the same level like the game is. Of course it takes away Developer time. That's something we, as the customers, cannot judge correctly. James will have to sharpen a pencil and calculate it all the way through. Mike
  5. Happened to me once when I messed around with Auto RPM / Auto radiators and other engine helpers during startup. What uses to work for me is to disable all the little helpers, then make sure the mixture is full rich, then start the engines. Mike
  6. Brief description: DServer.exe locks up for apparently no reason on Patch Level 3.201, 3.201b and 3.201c Detailed description, conditions: Random mission, DServer.exe starts flawlessly and keeps running for a while. All of a sudden, the DServer.exe process starts using 100% CPU power on one core. Players lose connection. The Server is still listed online, but players can't connect. Remote Console (RConClient) connection is still possible and the Server accepts all kind of commands and does reply correctly. DServer.exe Windows shows no change in SPS, Tick Delay and Tick graph anymore. Log listview still gets updated (you can see RConClient connection activity for instance). Clicking "File" menu is still possible. Selecting "Exit" causes the process to lock up completely, it can only be terminated manually using Task Manager. This issue got introduced with Version 3.201. We did not see any DServer lockups before (last was on 21st July 2018). Only change on Server side was that missions now use the new "RRR" feature. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Unfortunately there's nothing being logged in any logfile. All I can provide is screenshots of the issue, please find them below. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows Server 2016, Intel Core i7-4770 @3.8GHz, 32 GB RAM, 2x2TB HDD (Raid 1), 1GBit/s non-clocked. Lockup on October 13: Lockup on October 24: (See procdetails_20191024-195057998.txt ) Lockup on October 25: Lockup on October 28: (See procdetails_20191028-065854389.txt ) Mike
  7. You keep arguing and arguing, and now you're even aiming at me when all I say is: Stop it. There'll be no consensus on that matter. You're wasting your precious time. And you're missing one very important point: That whole P-47 ruggedness stuff is completely off topic in this thread. Mike
  8. You keep splitting hairs. Does anyone expect "the other side" to give in? Will @mpdugas say "oh yes I'm sorry, I can't count more than 20 holes either"? Will @6./ZG26_Gielow say "oh yes, we only see parts of the plane, maybe the other side looks different or maybe close-up it looks different"? Does anyone believe either of this will ever happen? Does it count when I state that the last 10 times I got killed flying a P-47 it wasn't from cannon ammo, but from small calibres only? And usually on 1st hit, with the dreaded "fuel tank hit / engine damaged" followed by a dead engine 20 seconds later? What exactly are you guys debating? And what the flying something does it have to do with the title of this topic? Lots and lots of questions... Mike
  9. Yes I know, it's a very complex issue and it applies to different users in many different flavours. "Funny" thing is that it's been getting very noticeable just after the 3.201 update (and the subsequent hotfixes didn't change it back to what it was before), so one would assume that it's a certain change that should be identifiable, however: In software development things cannot be tracked back that easy sometimes. I don't want to be in the dev's shoes right now to be honest. But let's hope they'll get this covered in the long run. They used to do in the past, so there's no reason why they shouldn't be able to this time. In the meantime, people have to find the best solution for their personal needs and if running the game in "Low" mode is what works best for you, then that's indeed you temporary stopgap solution. Mike
  10. Running the game in "low" mode might conceal the issue, but it's hardly a solution to anything. "Low" mode is what I used when I wanted to check whether a mission I'm just creating works to a certain point, and all I had with me was my Laptop with integrated IntelHD graphics. I would never ever even just consider to play the game in "low" mode. Thanks for your investigation nevertheless. Mike
  11. Actually 4:38 - for the young guns who flip away a youtube video after 2 seconds if "nothing happens" Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. The whole world seems to move like an old movie recorded at 60FPS and cut to european 50FPS TV standards by simply cutting 10 frames every one second. Mike
  12. One of the questions I'm frequently confronted with by potential buyers is: "Can my rig handle it well?" While you can answer the first five words of the question by comparing the specs of the PC in question with the official recommended minimum specs (at least to some extent), the full six word question is impossible to answer without simply trying. Trying = Demo = Potentially more sales. I know it's a simplification, but I like it since it cuts it well (for me that is). And: No, Rise of Flight is not the Demo required to give a relevant answer to this question. Mike
  13. Sorry, didn't want to "steal the kill" I think variety is exactly what counts. We've had a lengthy discussion at SAS about the Fraktur fonts for instance - some like it, others don't. I'd say lets offer whatever we can come around with and let the users choose. The more the merrier! Thanks again for your great idea Mike
  14. Yes I know, but that mod caused serious stuttering for me right on first try so I ditched it again. Mike
  15. Thanks for pointing this out. There sure will be a few errors in the set. Just mention them and they'll get fixed on the next update. Mike
  16. Inspired by @II./JG1_Vonrd's idea, with the help of @OrLoK's template, we're proud to present the "Pilots Notes for Cockpit Photos". As the mod is being maintained by SAS, please understand that download links and support are to be found at SAS: Pilots Notes for Cockpit Photos Mod @SAS The mod comes in different flavours, here you can see what it looks like. Base Version, P-40 E-1: Base Version, Bf 109 F-4: Option 1 "Metric values for GB and US Planes", P-40 E-1: Option 2a "German Notes for Luftwaffe", Bf 109 F-4: Option 2b "Fraktur for Luftwaffe", Bf 109 F-4: Option 2c "German Fraktur for Luftwaffe", Bf 109 F-4: Option 2d "German Sütterlin for Luftwaffe", Bf 109 F-4: Mike
  17. Never had any issue with my controls, even though I do use a custom built "switchbox" representing itself as two additional controllers, together with my Saitek X-52 Pro. Never ever had to reconfigure anything with any update, not in all those years since I bought the game. Mike
  18. I can confirm these issues too. On our training mission we have respawning "random" AI planes. The planes spawn with engine off, then they receive a takeoff command, followed by a force complete MCU shortly (1 second) thereafter. Made all planes start their engines and wait for the next takeoff command to start taxiing to the runway. This worked fine until the La-5FN was released, where for some unknown reason AI seems to be inept to start the engine, so I've explicitely changed the La-5FN to spawn with running engines. Now since version 3.201 the 109s start to act crazy. The 109K-4 sometimes can start the engine, sometimes it can't, When it can, there's a very tiny chance that it starts taxiing, but usually it's just sitting there. The 109G-14 start the engine but never starts taxiing. Other 109s seem fine so far. I've set all AI planes to spawn with running engines for the time being as this seems the only reliable way to make them taxi and take off. Mike
  19. So cool, thanks a bomb! I took the liberty to borrow your frame and tape stripes, of course these will be attributed to you: Mike
  20. That one's psd file would be cool. Mike
  21. Just for reference, this is the kind of "micro stuttering" I'm talking about on multiplayer. It's been recorded by @DerSheriff lately, at 11:30 stuttering is imminent: I've seen the same effect, just much worse, with just 3 players on our Server with 1GBit/s connection, ping times below 30ms, and the Server is well within limits (Tick Delay ~13). To me it looked like it depended on the presence of Aircraft nearby, regardless whether they were player or AI controlled. Mike
  22. That's about the same situation I'm facing, but to be brutally honest, there's so many things contributing to stutters that not necessarily IL-2 is to blame at all, at least not always and everywhere. For instance, with my old rig (same GTX 970 GPU, but i5-2500K CPU) I've had no stuttering at all in IL-2 GB. After upgrading to an i5-9600K the stuttering began, but not just with IL-2 Great Battles. The same thing happened in IL-2 1946. Odd enough, it doesn't happen in any other games I play or tried to play for comparison (e.g. MS Flight Simulator X, an old copy of MS Flight! which I kept on my HDD, Dovetail Games' Flight Sim World, Red Orchestra 1+2 etc. pp.). But again, it wasn't IL-2 Great Battles alone, IL-2 1946 was affected by those pesky micro-stutters to the very same extent. Those general Micro-Stutters I've observed went away for me completely after applying the FPS cap - both in IL-2 Great Battles and IL-2 1946. I'm left with the multiplayer stuttering happening on odd occasions only, which to me isn't a show stopper, it's just a bit nasty and I trust in the devs that they'll find a way to solve it, even if only in the long run. But: What I want to tell is that reasons for stuttering can vary a lot. I've read endless "expert" comments on the matter because I couldn't believe that my new, more powerful rig, would perform worse than the old one. The preliminary conclusion is that some users report frame spikes on i5 CPUs like mine causing such kind of stuttering. Maybe that's the cause, maybe not, but bums feeling tells me that parts of the stuttering issues might be outside the sphere of influence of the IL-2 devs. Mike
  23. Yep, we've been there before 😉 On a sidenote, we've had a short session with some friends on sunday and when we've been over an (AI-) crowded airfield, the stuttering was rather bad for all of us. Today I thought I'd play back the track which I've recorded on that sortie (wanted to see what exactly got me there) and much to my surprise, in playing back the untouched recording, without touching any controls, so I saw exactly what I saw while flying the sortie, including head movement from TrackIR, zoom in/out etc... guess what? No stutters. Not at all. Smooth as silk. Same settings, same sortie, same PC, everything's the same. MP Online: Severe stuttering. Track Playback: Smooth as silk. Mike
  24. I don't think that blurred pictures, general FPS issues and stutters are related to each other at all. Mike
  25. In my particular case however there's been no JSGME involved at all. As mentioned earlier, I tried a full clean reinstall (which is easy peasy thanks to Steam) and started right there. Mike
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