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  1. 8 hours ago, 216th_LuseKofte said:

    Well getting it unblocked is not easy. I still have not made it. I am not used to this dos command 

    In fact this task is more complicated than I bother to follow, It is two full pages of dos commands and checks


    Bear with me but I didn't even get your issue fully yet.

    You wrote

    13 hours ago, 216th_LuseKofte said:

    I have to find out how to run as a admin in dos command. Terredo is not qualified and network blocked.

    ...but eh... which dos command? "Terredo"?

    Sounds like someone gave advice to you to do something because of something else you found out, but neither of these you told to us.

    If you could elaborate your issue and what exactly you're attempting to do now a bit, maybe we can help you out.

    It reads a bit like an IPv6 stack issue, and if so it's an easy fix probably - and not to be blamed on MSFS2020 at all, rather on Microsoft's IPv6 implementation in Windows in general, in which case a reinstall of Windows won't get you out anyway - but we need to know more details.




  2. Sit back and relax.

    "Reinstall Windows" has always been the only answer Microsoft Support would ever give.

    No wonder they do the same with MSFS 2020.


    Back to your real issue.

    If you're using the sim on Steam or Windows Store and are not seeing the Deluxe or Premium content you are entitled to, then completely log out of both Microsoft Flight Simulator and Steam/Windows Store. Next, reload Steam/Windows Store then launch the sim again and head to the marketplace, where you should see the Deluxe or Premium content is now marked as owned and available for download.

    If this doesn't resolve the missing deluxe or premium content issue, you'll need to submit a support ticket via Zendesk for investigation.


    If your content isn't available or downloads get stuck and you've got your game from Windows Store:


    1. Open the Xbox Console Companion app.
    2. Go to Settings .
    3. Hit the Sign Out button.
    4. Then Log-in back again.
    5. Launch the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    If that didn’t work, please:

    1. Windows Settings
    2. Gaming
    3. Xbox Networking
    4. Check if the Server Connectivity says Connected.

    Some other issues and potential solutions mentioned here: https://www.gamesradar.com/flight-sim-2020-issues/




  3. I found the Microsoft Store Download options a bit confusing too.

    In my case, the Store App listed 3 things I've owned:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (sic! - That's the Standard Edition!)
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Premium Deluxe
    • Digital Ownership (with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Icon on it)

    Item no.1 will probably get you the Standard Edition installed, even if you bought Premium Deluxe.
    Item no.2 is the right one.
    Item no.3 is just a dud.




  4. On 9/23/2020 at 11:39 AM, jcomm-in-il2 said:

    Not to talk of details like the way IL-2 models for instance some aerodynamic systems that aren't even by far available in MFS even through the MODERN FM, such as slats in a 109, that can't actually be modelled in X-Plane either, at least in as far as asymmetric deployment goes...


    Do you know that in MFS there isn't yet a modelling of elevator trim other than as it being, just like since fs4, a stabilator ( airline style ) approach ?

    Do you know the trimming of other control surfaces is still not dependent on dynamic pressure ?


    That's why some 5 years ago I landed in IL2 land, a bit against my will, but immediately fell in love by the "feel of being there" this sim provides, even more IMO than DCS World ...


    How come I had to think of your post when I saw this video illustrating one of the ingenious features of the superior IL-2 flight modellings?




    No hard feelings, it's just that this is so hilarious  :crazy:




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  5. Simple truth is to me both IL-2 and MSFS flight models have their good and bad sides.

    I prefer not to focus too much on tiny issues if the overall impression is good.

    As it stands, I have yet to face a showstopper issue in MSFS 2020 myself, whereas in IL-2 I'm constantly facing one since April when the 4.005 patch got released.

    Carefully modelled slats in IL-2 can't help me with that.

    But the incredible eye candy in MSFS, together with a flight model which to me is just as believable as the IL-2 one is - each with their different minor issues - even gets me to accept the occasional CTD's MSFS still suffers from (for me).




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  6. I'm glad that someone enlightened us on the importance of fixing "showstopper" bugs - they're totally overestimated apparently.

    All the time when I've been hanging on indestructible tails smashing .50 marshmallows at them, I thought to myself "if only they could focus a tad more on driveable AA".
    Thanks for this lesson, for your attention and for the incredible customer care.

    Am I gonna throw more money after this right now?
    Have a guess!




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  7. 26 minutes ago, Mauf said:

    Whether that's historical or not can be debated

    Okay let's debate it.

    If the tailsection was a soft spot on the IL-2, Erich Hartmann surely would have mentioned that, instead of solely recommending to shoot the oil rads from closest possible distance.




  8. 23 hours ago, jcomm-in-il2 said:

    IL-2 is still ahead, way ahead, in physics modeling, IMO...

    I'm not convinced yet.

    The dancing 109 with it's physics-denying negative G manoeuvres after having received a few thousand cal .50 bullets is probably not what you're referring to, right?

    I mean... there's little WW2 planes yet in MSFS 2020 (actually: Zero) and little airliners or private aircraft in IL-2 either (actually: Zero), so how do they compare?

    How would a P-47 fly in MSFS 2020, and how a 747 in IL-2?

    We don't know.




  9. What exactly did you want to tell us again, @EisenFaust?

    The fact that they're working on other things or the fact that they've neither acknowledge the "bullet sponge" 109's tail or the fact that they've got no idea how to solve the "undetachable" tail issue on the 109s, let alone when?


    See: If any of the devs was afraid that the ongoing complaints would ruin the reputation of the game, then for freck's sake the easiest way to stop it was to acknowledge the issues and roll out a plan for immediate countermeasures.

    Half a year of silence is sailing on the edge of ignorance, sorry to say.




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  10. 4 minutes ago, LF_Gallahad said:

    If the dev team is not answering that does not mean is it ignoring this issue.


    It doesn't mean that they take it serious either.

    Silence has never been a good way of customer relationship management.


    It's not that much what the message you're intending to send with your activities (or inactivities) is, the relevant part is how your customers receive it.

    If, for whatever reasons, customers come to think that you don't care for the issues they have with your product, then this is the worst thing that could happen to you (and your product) and it needs immediate attention and countermeasures.

    Neither of which can be seen here (except for when you count comments like "learn to aim" as immediate countermeasures, or removal of posts mentioning the issue, both here and on the Facebook channel).

    Not for a couple of days, for half a frikkin' year.

    And we're not talking about tree leaves shaking wrong, we're talking about a major imbalance purposedly introduced to the game.

    It's as if in a chess game you'd take away all but one pawn for black, give white a 2nd queen and say "deal with it, we'll look at it later, after the holidays (and we don't say which holidays we were talking about)."




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  11. Isn't that exactly what we did?

    Research - Done, extensively.

    Findings - Presented, extensively.

    Bugs - Reported, extensively.

    Sitting back and waiting for the devs to look at it: That's where we're stuck at for 6 months, 4 minor and 1 major game update and countless hotfixes since.

    If people lose patience then this might be related to this issue causing a massive imbalance to the game, and devs not even being bothered to say a word about it in all that time.


    Again: God bless Microsoft for releasing Flight Simulator 2020.

    Such a relief to see that others read the communities' opinions (even across 3rd party forums), take them seriously and respond in a timely manner, with explanations, schedules etc.

    Yes I know, we cannot compare 777 Studios with Microsoft, but it'd be a wise decision to learn from them.




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  12. 7 hours ago, CanadaOne said:

    Is that 55GB all add-ons?

    Indeed, from all kind of sources.

    Partly self-ported FSX things involved and that's where I've probably messed it up to a point where FS20 refused to load in proper time anymore.

    No biggies, just dumped the Community folder and started with a fresh one.




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  13. 2 hours ago, -332FG-Buddy said:

    What makes this worse IMHO, is that I don't even believe the devs are saying anything.  I use to play this game daily, now I havnt played it in about 2-3 weeks.  It's pretty ridiculous but oh well....


    God bless Microsoft for releasing Flight Simulator 2020.




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  14. If everything goes well, you usually have the increased loading times only the first time when the game "sees" a change in the Community folder.

    However when things go sour, the game will keep parsing the folder over and over, and update it's internal file database over and over too.


    So if you encounter a significant increase in startup times, just exit to desktop and check the second attempt.

    If that's still slow, then you're doomed.




  15. 3 hours ago, dbzero said:

    Looks like we’re getting a F-15 in October and F-18 soon there after.


    Yep, DC Designs is pretty active in developing new content for many flight simulators, including MSFS 2020:



    Good news is they also carry over some pretty good FSX models and according to their statements, they look and play fine in MSFS 2020 - maybe not as nice as native 2020 models, but reasonably well. For instance, the P-61 Black Widow is said to become available for free!




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  16. Did any of you guys fly the Beechcraft Bonanza G36 yet?

    It's a flying pig to me, fighting any control input and seemingly impossible to trim - the trim feels like it always walks across the whole scale, from one extreme to another.

    No such issues with any other plane, just the G36 so far for me.

    In contrast, the Robin D400 is flying like on rails.




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  17. 11 hours ago, -[HRAF]Roland_HUNter said:

    I guess the MG-131 really don't have AP in the game at the moment.


    From the extracted GTP archives it's clearly visible that the MG 131 is intended to have 2+1 HE+AP belting, however it looks indeed like the object reference is wrong when all "GunAmmunition" lines for that weapon reference the same "object0" instead of increasing object indices ("object0", "object1", "object2") like for any other weapon.

    Affected planes are:

    • Bf 109 G-6 (MG 131 = HE only due to "object0" bug)
    • Bf 109 G-14 (MG 131 = HE only due to "object0" bug)
    • Bf 109 K-4 (MG 131 = HE only due to "object0" bug)
    • Fw 190 A-8 (MG 131 = HE only due to "object0" bug)
    • Fw 190 D-9 (MG 131 = HE only due to "object0" bug)
    • Mc.202 (12.7mm Breda-Safat = AP only due to "object0" bug)

    The last line (Mc.202 = AP only) also explains why the Macchi gets defused so much in online dogfights:

    It's sturdy, it turns well, it should basically be a beginner's dream quite like the 109 F-4, however... due to the complete absence of AP effectivity in fighter vs. fighter combat since the dreaded 4.005 update, the Macchi is left with useless guns only, unless you pick the wing cannons, which in turn have little ammo and cause a massive penalty on both drag and maneouverability.




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  18. Guys this is not IL-2.

    He will definitely have trouble with his i5-2500k.

    I can say so as I've owned the same CPU before I switched to my i5-9600k.

    In IL-2, the i7-3930k and the i5-2500k are comparable to some extent because IL-2 is mostly limited to single thread raw CPU power.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 however makes great use of Multi-Core CPUs and in that regard, the i7-3930k is about 80% more powerful than an i5-2500k is.

    Take a look at the official hardware requirements:

    i5-4660 + GTX 770

    The i5-4660 is about 25% faster in Multi-Core than an i5-2500k.

    Recommend is i5-8400 + GTX 970

    i5-8400 is about 80% faster in Multi-Core than an i5-2500k, it's slightly faster than the i7-3930k.


    Yes you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on an i5-2500k, but be prepared that you will be largely CPU limited and you will not be able to play the game stutter-free at high settings.

    FS 2020 works great on older hardware, but not necessarily on ancient one.




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  19. 3 hours ago, Cpt_Siddy said:

    AP will be deflected or absorbed by all the stuff in the way.

    Shooting at wheel well just wont work because how all the hit boxes in the way like to eat AP bullets and HE fragments.

    That's a bit of the "reality vs. game" battle again.

    In reality, AP ammo would absolutely make it's way through the wheel well eventually.

    Not necessarily the first bullet, and maybe not no.2 and no.3 either, but if you put a solid burst in the well, a couple of bullets will definitely find their way to vital components of the engine.


    In this game however there seem to be big massive all-filling hitboxes each and everywhere, and quite like the magic "bullet-sponge" at the tail of the 109 (which seems to have a size equal to a medium size building) there seems to be such a "black hole" hitbox in the wheel wells as well.




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