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    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    But to the very same effect.
  2. SAS_Storebror

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    So let's agree to disagree. I do have an idea of what the folks went through, actually I'm working together with some of them on a personal level and one of my oh-so-bad mods made it into the "official" 4.13 release. If you believe the game would do better without mods: Dream on. Mike
  3. I duly hope you guys understand what I was talking about at all. This thread is about people having issues to let others join their hosted game. In order to do so, they have to be able to handle incoming traffic on the relevant port, in case of IL-2 per default this is 28000/28100. Later on in the discussion people thought about whether the troubles might be related to their ISP blocking ports. What's been stated here by Bananimal in reply was that if an ISP would block port 80, you would not be able to surf the internet. That's bull. Read and understand: We're dealing with incoming ports. If an ISP blocks port 80 incoming for you, you can still surf the internet. Period. (Hint: That block is not to keep you from surfing, it's to keep you from violating common T&Cs which usually prohibit (web-)server operation on private subscriptions) Then Bananimal tries to make me look stupid with his lengthy explanation about NAT. That's completely missing the point of my statement: I've been talking about NAT'ted internet access on ISP level. When the ISP puts you behind a NAT (read: Carrier Grade NAT) then there's nothing you can do to get incoming connections to work at all. Period. The level of ignorance is what's really embarrassing here... Mike
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    7,5 tons of bombs from 4K

    That much about the old myth that Pe-2 gunners are "über" and german gunners don't do any damage. Thanks for rebutting it Mike
  5. SAS_Storebror

    Il-2:Great Battles Po-2/U-2VS Raw rocket test

    From my own experience, I'd suggest this: You should definitely use your gunsight for aiming and not just "guess" where the rockets will go. Remember which side the last rocket came from and take your convergency settings into account, otherwise the left/right distribution will become more or less random. Gently dive on your target, rather aim a tad too low that too high, and go slooooow. Worked a treat for me so far. The biggest issue I've had with the RBS82's was that I got too close to the tanks and the rockets didn't arm before impact. Which probably was a good thing, because if they did arm, I would have killed the tank and with it, myself as well. Mike
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    3.010 Oh My, That's Some Bad AI.

    I must say that I can't remember having seen AI taking care of any human player in any game version yet, this doesn't seem to be version related and definitely isn't anything special in 3.010. I've been teamkilled by AI team"mates" from day one and I couldn't recognize any difference in their habit regarding this issue ever. Mike
  7. Guys you completely misunderstood X-Man. He didn't complain about Pe-2 "sniper gunners" (that's an old Luftwhiner myth which got rebutted long time ago), he's talking about SNIPPERS. Take away the whipper snippers from Pe-2 gunners is what he's saying. While I didn't see any of the Peshka gunners using a whipper snipper yet, I must say I agree that if they did this would indeed by an unfair advantage. Mike
  8. SAS_Storebror

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    You forgot to mention that at the time of writing your message, 10 out of the 50 were flying Ultrapack 3 RC4 + Patch Pack, which is a 4.10.1 based game actually 4.13 biggest "feature" unfortunately is that TD managed to break backward compatibility all over the place (again). If they'd give just a tiny little flying f*** for modder concerns, IL-2 1946 could have another 10 years or even more of a bright future ahead. However, reading what's being planned for 4.14 rather gives rise to concerns that they'll complety mess it up. Mike
  9. Nice one, really appreciated. This could be a great step forward for upcoming potential server operators, as it could save you from having to spend roughly $25 or more per month just for the required Windows Server License. Unfortunately in order to really become an option for Server Operators, IL-2 Devs would have to agree not to break Server functionality on Wine in future updates. That's probably the hardest part of the deal. Mike
  10. That's bull, sorry to say. Of course ISPs block ports (and that's not even necessarily a bad thing). And of course you'll be able to surf the internet when incoming port 80 connections are blocked. Heck, nowadays even port 80 isn't all that relevant anymore, the majority of http traffic uses SSL (https) and as such, port 443. But of course that one could be blocked for incoming connections as well. Add to that, lately some ISPs put their users behind a NAT and in such case, you've got no chance to get any incoming connection to work at all. Mike
  11. SAS_Storebror

    Too many problems

    Sure. And we were all born at the age of 25. Mike
  12. SAS_Storebror

    P-47D Level Speed

    High folks, Did any of you check the achievable level speed on the P-47D already? I've tried today at FL 200 and to me the plane feels a tad too slow. I tried to dial in the precise limits according to the manual. Normal Power: 2550 RPM, 42'' Hg Combat: 2700 RPM, 52'' Hg WEP (with Water Injection): 2700 RPM, 64'' Hg I couldn't get the Turbocharger to it's limits (20000 RPM), it was stuck somewhere at 16k-17k RPM for me. The speeds achieved in my test, with 100 Gal fuel left in the main tank, racks attached but bombs dropped and rocket launchers jettisoned, were... Normal: 245mph IAS Combat: 255mph IAS WEP: 287mph IAS That's roughly... Normal: 335mph TAS Combat: 350mph TAS WEP: 390mph TAS According to http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/p-47/p-47.html and this graph... ...I would have expected the plane to run somewhat faster. Note: I've given the plane 5 minutes to settle on max speed (except for WEP where I had to stop the test 5min after engaging, but the speed didn't change at that time anymore anyway). The plane was perfectly trimmed and running on auto level stabs. Outlet cowl flaps fully closed, inlet cowl flaps didn't matter on the speed (checked!), radiator fully open (otherwise engine would overheat), fuel mixture auto rich (85%, tried 100% to no avail). Mike
  13. Thanks for the update, sounds great! I'm glad you decided not to hold back the important improvements until new content is ready. Thanks a lot for that wise decision. Mike
  14. SAS_Storebror

    My last give away

    I'm glad if you got your issues sorted Otto, no need for a beer (I never say no to a cup of coffee though ) Mike
  15. SAS_Storebror

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Nope. More like online lag on an outdated game version and more like another useless thread duplication on a way old issue. Mike
  16. SAS_Storebror

    Xsolla wont let me purchase bodenplatte

    Get in touch with their support chat, they'll sort it out easily. Mike
  17. SAS_Storebror

    My last give away

    Fastest way is to get in touch with their support chat (text chat, no need to speak their mother's tongue). Usually sorts out any payment issues within 10 minutes. Mike
  18. SAS_Storebror

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Yes, starting the hundredth thread about the same thing, garnished with invalid (multiplayer anyone?) video "proof" on outdated game versions surely makes things much better. Mike
  19. SAS_Storebror

    Bild zittert

    Tja keine Ahnung, was stört Dich jetzt genau daran? Mike
  20. SAS_Storebror

    Too many problems

    Yep, sure. Mike
  21. SAS_Storebror

    Bild zittert

    Hallo Michael, in der Aufzeichnung sieht für uns "andere" alles gut aus. Du hast ja 'ne GTX 970, die kann ShadowPlay (in Geforce Experience enthalten), damit kannst Du ein Video Deines Spielverlaufs bei BoS und 1946 aufzeichnen, dann wissen wir vielleicht, worum es Dir geht. Mike
  22. SAS_Storebror

    Endlich IV

    Germania? Viel Glück. Mike
  23. Great, many thanks for sharing your efforts. I hope that the devs don't mind that this might be against licensing terms. Mike
  24. Dear guests and frequent players on the FAC Dedicated Server, We deeply apologize for the crashes you are experiencing sometimes when flying on the Flying Ass Clowns Server lately. The issues have been reported and are most likely being investigated by the devs already: We have taken measures to bring the server back online in case of a crash as soon as possible, which usually means that if it crashes, it will be back within a minute. However due to the nature of these random crashes, we just cannot promise at the moment whether the server will run stable for 15 minutes or 15 hours. Currently you can have both at the same probability. Cheers! Mike