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  1. SAS_Storebror

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Alright, understood. Now putting all other things aside, if really Luftie Jabos were banned exactly for that reason (wiping the maps through attack->bailout/suicide->respawn->repeat loops) and the Ruski Jabos were left untouched even though they're doing essentially the same, then by all means that would have been an unbalanced measure. Mike
  2. SAS_Storebror

    Tank defense not working?

    Groups have been released here: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,59350.0.html Mike
  3. SAS_Storebror

    Full FM for AI, the benefits

    Since you have a Ryzen 7 with 8 cores and 16 threads, the numbers in the "CPU" column multiply by 16 in order to represent the corresponding load on a single (virtual) core. We have 4 threads with significant CPU load, adjusted to single virtual core load: 88.16% on Thread ID 9428, which according to the start address seems to be some internal 2D rendering engine from IL-2, based on the Autodesk Scaleform GFx C++ API. 25.92% on Thread ID 23608, according to the start address this could be some internal logic from IL-2 (AI or whatever). 15.68% on Thread ID 2464, apparently 3D related, NVidia API mapped into IL-2 process space. 14.24% on Thread ID 25252, again some internal logic from IL-2. All other threads are in the 1% range or below. Obviously the Client with it's 3D rendering stuff utilizes more than just one (virtual) core because the load per virtual core exceeds 100% (all in all we're at about 150% here). It's a bit surprising to see how much CPU load the Scaleform stuff causes - this is a 2D vector graphics rendering engine used for HUD stuff, map display etc. The real 3D work is probably mostly in the 3rd Thread, the Nvidia one. The load on Thread 1 and 3 is Client specific as DServer doesn't has such rendering stuff. It's uncertain which of these threads are to be interlocked with each other and therefore are limited to the capabilities of one (virtual) core. Most likely the rendering has lots of sync points, which would also explain why activating the HUD causes such a massive FPS drop often times - as you can see from your numbers, Thread 1 and 3 alone already exceed 100% on one virtual core, therefore if these are to be synced a lot, it's likely that the virtual core with the biggest load is capped at 100% already, thereby limiting the possible frame rate and representing a bottleneck. Any more interpretation of those numbers would drift away into reading tea leaves. Mike
  4. SAS_Storebror

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    Agreed. Assuming that we're talking about the same player, you said that... ...but from the stats of this tour alone, I see that out of 230 sorties, he lost "only" 197 aircraft, meaning that the other 33 he must have returned. Now I assume that the number of returned aircraft on the other 1770 sorties this year isn't "-8", that's why I asked... I take it that you wanted to illustrate the issue, which I totally understand, but be careful with such numbers if they're not reliable. No clue how this relates to the issue of players abusing the respawn feature. Mike
  5. SAS_Storebror

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I think I know pretty well what the problem is about and just for the record: I have played on WoL before - but to get your head around the issue that's not even necessary. Doesn't change anything on the questions arising from my previous post though. Mike
  6. SAS_Storebror

    WINGS OF LIBERTY - subject for questions and offers

    I must be missing something. First, how do you sort the list by bomb kills? I know how to sort it by ground kills only. Second, if I sort the list by ground kills, the top scorer is a VVS pilot (followed by 5 lufties by the way), but he didn't fly 1000 sorties by far on the current tour. Mike
  7. SAS_Storebror

    Tank defense not working?

    I'll check how things work online for a week, and then I'll post a group where the Anti-Tank-Flak, it's "repair" logic and the activator/deactivator are in. Mike
  8. SAS_Storebror

    Tank defense not working?

    Just wanted to get back to you with a big *thank you* ! The proposal works a treat. 52K AA guns kill the Tiger with a single shot. What a blast! Thanks so much. Mike
  9. SAS_Storebror

    Tank defense not working?

    Alright so the Flak would work as Anti Tank cannon as well? My question might sound stupid but I've never tried... Mike
  10. SAS_Storebror

    Eigenartige Updates

    Steht in den Developer Updates...
  11. SAS_Storebror

    Eigenartige Updates

  12. SAS_Storebror

    Tank defense not working?

    Sorry for resurrecting this topic, but I'm back at my original issue, which is defending airbases from idiots players who have nothing better in mind than driving across the map for half an hour just to stand in the middle of an enemy airfield and shoot at anything spawning there. I understand that protecting the airfields with AI tanks doesn't work because AI doesn't do anything on it's own, not even breathing. I also understand that for this reason, defending with artillery is the key, as pointed out by @[DBS]Tx_Tip: So far so good, but what kind of artillery exactly should I use for the job? I thought I'd start with the russian side and got stuck immediately when trying to defend against Tiger Tanks. ZiS-2/3 guns (57/76mm), which are in fact anti tank guns, are useless against Tigers (which historically according to Wikipedia is correct). ML-20 (152mm) has HE shells only -> useless. M30 (122mm) in real life used HEAT shells for anti tank combat from 1943 onwards, but apparently in IL2 we have HE shells only. They don't do anything against Tigers. M-42 (45mm): Forget it. Like in real life, no use against Tiger. 53k (45mm): Same. Forget it. So... what gun precisely did you have in mind Tip, or maybe anyone else can shed some light on this? And while we're at it... I guess the same issue will come up when I'm searching for a german anti tank gun to defend against KV-1 tanks, so the same question goes here: Which artillery can do the job? Mike
  13. SAS_Storebror

    il 2 1946 mods

    ...or just stick to 4.12.2m plus BAT or VP Modpack and enjoy anything that IL-2 has to offer, minus the very very very few tiny things 4.13 threw in and which were simply too unimportant to be ported back. And if you wanna have the utmost full and complete online experience, go get UP3. Yes, UP3. Yes, that thingy thing based on 4.10.1. No joke. It holds lots of important online features that never made it into any other version. Just saying. Mike
  14. Yesterday for the first time in my IL-2 life, I've suddenly lost connection to our server as a client side issue. We've been playing together with two players, I've been the only one to get booted. My Internet connection was fine (been using Teamspeak in parallel, no interruption, checked the router, no interruption) as was the server's connection. My connection to the server was fine as well all the time (remote desktop open in parallel), it's just been the IL-2 Client <-> Server connection that dropped all of a sudden. This reminded me of one very nasty feature of IL-2 Great Battles: Tons of logfiles, but not a single useful one. That's odd. We could track so many issues if we just had logs like we do e.g. in IL-2 1946. But we don't. On the same note, am I the only one who has to clear the editor in the forum's "reply" field each and every time? Any time I enter the "reply" field, I get some random content thrown in with a bottom line saying "your previous content has been restored" - very annoying. Mike
  15. SAS_Storebror

    Full FM for AI, the benefits

    Saying that a program is singlethreaded as an abbreviation for a program that technically uses multiple threads, but puts all the CPU heavy tasks into a single one, is quite common. If it wasn't, then IL-2 1946 was a multicore winner Nevertheless, let's agree on "all the main work is done in a single thread", okay? Concerning net replication: Sure, we don't know how it's being done. Nevertheless it's no rocket science. For instance, we know how network replication is being done in IL-2 1946 (well at least I do). The key to success is that the server doesn't need to care for whether or not the client receives it's packets. You send a stream of packets together with an auto-incrementing index. If everything goes well, the client receives them all within a reasonable timeframe. If not, the client goes out of sync and has to wait until the next "key" datagram drops in, which contains all the data required to get everyone back in sync again. Clients connecting to the server have to wait for the next key datagram as well, for the very same reason. That key datagram can come e.g. every 10 seconds, that's absolutely sufficient. Both of these tasks can be completely decoupled from the remaining server logic, since in the opposite direction it works exactly the same way (clients send key datagrams every 10 seconds and inbetween, just small update packets). The Server has five completely independent threads: One deals with the server-internal logic. One simply receives and forwards any client update packet to all other clients, fire and forget, and puts them in a local stream for the internal server logic. One processes the update packet stream and applies it to the server's world. One takes snapshots of the current world as the server has it, every 10 seconds. One sends a key datagram with the latest world snapshot to all clients, every 10 seconds. Mike