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  1. I don't think that blurred pictures, general FPS issues and stutters are related to each other at all. Mike
  2. In my particular case however there's been no JSGME involved at all. As mentioned earlier, I tried a full clean reinstall (which is easy peasy thanks to Steam) and started right there. Mike
  3. I think for GPU induced stutters this is a very valid point. It's been my feeling in the past already (and I think I expressed it a couple of times) that having to swap textures in and out of VRAM when too many objects are within visual distance contributes a lot to microstutters. Playing online, you might just have a bigger chance to meet more different planes using different (even if they are stock) skins so this might match the issues, too. Mike
  4. Probably it's a couple of circumstances that have to come together. Hard to tell from a player pespective. Maybe you and your squad mates don't have TrackIR, don't use "Ultimate" settings, don't fly low above Cologne, have a more powerful GPU than me (GTX 970 here) - god knows. I cannot reproduce that issue each and every time myself, but it definitely happens to me every now and then, just by running that QMB "free flight" mission above a crowded area like Cologne down low above the city. I can definitely rule out any installation issues as I have both reinstalled the game from scratch and let Steam check the local files (which yields no issues). "Normal" gameplay on any other mission didn't show that kind of issue yet, it's really just the isolated edge case of flying low above very crowded areas and moving my head around quickly with TrackIR. Mike
  5. Jason it's not about actually using mods. You can run a fresh installed, unmodded game, and just tick the "Enable mods" switch on, without ever actually adding any mod. In that condition, when for instance I play a quick mission on the Rhineland map and fly low above Cologne in a P-38, when I turn my head around quickly, the game pops up a message window with an error message complaining about certain objects (random ones) that cannot be found. Turning around my head quickly further on, 2 or 3 errors later the whole graphics driver restart (Nvidia) and the game CTD's. I have yet to witness the same thing with "Enable mods" unticked. From a programmer's point of view, it feels like the game is running out of file handles internally when trying to access/scan files from the dedicated "data" folder. In comparison, for most of these files the game will not have to scan that folder if "Enable mods" is unticked, as it would load the object from gtp archives regardless then. Other possible cause would be that it's exceeding the OS file handle limit, but that seems less likely. Mike
  6. They're in "Blocks", arf_ammo_1, arf_gsm_1 and arf_gsm_2 Mike
  7. Of course it's different, but you've asked whether the officially proposed solution to micro stuttering - i.e. limiting FPS using ingame settings together with VSync - also works an G-Sync monitors. And I'm telling you that this official recommendation has been my test result before, with G-Sync - see: This, and the positive feedback from people who tried with VSync, means that limiting FPS seems to cure micro stutters for both VSync and G-Sync users, at least for some of us. Mike
  8. I've got a G-Sync monitor myself and limiting FPS works fine for me. Only difference is that I'm not using the "Target FPS" setting from within IL-2, but the FPS Limiter from Nvidia Profile Inspector instead. Even though my G-Sync monitor could give 144 FPS and the game itself usually runs well within 120-144 FPS, I found little to no benefit from higher FPS, but much smoother gameplay with FPS limited to 60. Mike
  9. Still no luck, despite all the things I've tried. Can't get any DServer to show up on the master list as soon as it's behind a NAT. Ports have been changed, Port forwarding has been set, Firewall rules set, Firewall even completely disabled, external IP set or not, manually entering the IP address, loading the SDS file from the same folder like DServer.exe or not, running mods on or off - nothing helps. The Server will only ever show up if it's running on a PC which is connected "directly" to the internet, i.e. where the "internal" IP address is the same like the "external" one. It seems to me like the master server is using the same IP address like the one the DServer.exe is listening to. That of course cannot work, because it's an internal IP which is only valid inside the local network behind the NAT. On the other hand, there's no way to configure the "external" IP on my end. I would have hoped that the Master Server was clever enough to just use the IP he got connected from (which would automatically be the "external" IP), but apparently it doesn't. It's a pity. The DServer clearly tells that it's successfully registered at the Master Server, log shows no errors, yet it's not visible on the list of available Servers at all. Worked in the past, but it's broken now for many months already. Mike
  10. Nice to see that you've picked up on the stutter solution I've found for myself some time ago. Not sure if it really works for VSync users, but if so: Even better. Now if only you could reconsider your posting policy for hotfixes... Put yourself into a server operator's shoes just for a split second: Life could be so easy if you would just post your hotfixes to the forum's "Announcements" section. Any Server Operator (like me) can easily follow/subscribe to that section (I did) and will get notified automatically when some new announcement comes up. That way, a new hotfix would take me few minutes to put up on our server after release. I'd receive an email notification, would login to the server (I can even do it from my mobile phone if I'm afk), update and restart it. Less than 5 minutes into release, the server would be up to date. The way you do it now, it's impossible to get any kind of push notifications for your hotfixes. Hotfix posts are stuck somewhere in a 20+ page discussion thread which disqualifies for notifications since new posts come up every other minute. I've missed the past two hotfixes for more than 10 hours that way and people start complaining about server downtimes. That's not necessary and it's easy to fix it: Just post your hotfixes to the "Announcements" section and everything's fine. Mike
  11. Probably not, as you will want to use VSync on a normal monitor. Mike
  12. Exactly my setup. I've had microstutters already before the 3.201 update in multiplayer when lots of other aircraft were around. Frame rates well within 100-144 (G-Sync here as well), but stuttered like hell when entering a furball. I've reported it here, but no solution in sight. Finally I grabbed "Nvidia Profile Inspector" and applied a 61FPS frame rate limit to IL-2. Cured it for me and still seems to work with 3.201. Mike
  13. Not sure what you see, but I see +9lbs (maybe slightly above that) @3700-3750RPM: Mike
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