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  1. SAS_Storebror

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Emphasize on "mostly". I've been referring to what most player's immediate focus is on in contrast these rarely depicted jewels, not trying to give the impression they weren't there before. "Mostly unseen" in these terms is to be read like "you hardly see anyone showing screenshots of this". In fact I've been driving tanks a lot, all of them.
  2. SAS_Storebror

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Ah that explains why it looks like you're on diet. Should we send you some X-mas biscuits in exchange? Nice DD again btw., the powertrains illustrate how much dedication goes into the mostly unseen details of this game. Mike
  3. SAS_Storebror

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Pretty much sums up my reaction as well. *sign*
  4. SAS_Storebror

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    Guys, I'm not trying to say that parallelization of existing applications was a cakewalk. All I've been trying to get across is that physics and renders can indeed be operated in parallel with minimum locks (and latency), as is done in many other game engines. No doubt that in the bigger picture of a full-blown game there's much more to this. No need to lose your poise because of this either. Mike
  5. SAS_Storebror

    2080 and 2080 Ti

    No Sir. You can have physics in a parallel thread. Think of it like V-Sync and triple buffering. You end up having 3 sets of physics data: Set A is what your renderer uses to work with. Set B is what your physics use to work with. Set C is the back buffer for both. Flag is an atomic flag telling the Render that there's new Physics Data for him. For instance, at frame "x" the situation may be like this: Set A <- Render Set B <- Physics Set C Flag = false Now let's say Physics finishes updating, then the situation after physics update is this: Set A <- Render Set B Set C <- Physics Flag = true See what happened? Physics is now working on Set C, and Set B holds the last fully updated set of physics data. Now let's say the Render is the next to finish his task and wants a fresh set of physics data. He would first check whether Physics has finished an update since the last time he has finished himself, and if so, swap sets with the back buffer: Set A Set B <- Render Set C <- Physics Flag = false You get the picture: The only thing that needs to be synced in this scenario is an atomic flag that tells the Render when Physics have completed an update+set swap. Mike
  6. As 99.99% of others who did the same. The old/buggy 1809 update didn't cause every user who used "known folder redirection" to lose data. "Just" about 0.01% were affected. But apparently it caused no user who didn't use that feature to lose data. Those who didn't tinker with these Windows default folders were 100% safe from the very beginning. Mike
  7. Microsoft has started rolling out a fixed 1809 update to insiders and is planning to re-release 1809 soon. Lo and behold, the update issues seem to have been caused by a bug related to the "known folder redirection" feature, which is you redirect folders like desktop, documents or pictures to a different location. So it's precisely the opposite than what's stated here... ...and dare I say that it confirms what I've said before: Don't tinker with defaults if you have no urgent need to. Users who have already installed 1809 are getting a fix (KB4464330) rolled out via Windows Update automatically right now. Mike
  8. SAS_Storebror

    Enable Mods in Multiplayer

    Just for the record, because I've made some tests concerning the impact of mods online (and the possibilities to abuse "mods enabled" for cheating): There are mods that make a difference whether or not they're installed on server side. In the "good old" 1946 days for instance, all hit calculations took place on the shooter's side, and the damage calculation took place on the side of who has been shot at. The server wasn't involved as long as it wasn't AI objects you were going to kill. In BoX this is different (positive surprise!): The shooting client still decides whether the shot is a hit or not, but it's the server who decides how much damage the shot will inflict, and eventually the victim decides what actual effect that damage amount will have on his object (plane). Example: In IL-2 1946 you could mod an SC-50 bomb to have a Nuke's explosive power, and this would give you the same uber-power offline and online. In BoX, you can still turn the SC-50 into a nuke, but it will work offline only, as the server decides the amount of damage your bomb will inflict. And even more, if you turn SC-50's into nukes on server side in BoX, this will turn any players' SC-50 into a nuke, whether he has the mod installed or not. So the bottom line is: "Cosmetical" mods are client side only, but anything that changes the actual gameplay might need server side mods, too. Mike
  9. SAS_Storebror

    The first & single bullet........again

    Those guys who constantly complain about the bomber gunners being snipers, should just for one single sortie switch sides on a mission with wind (!), fly a bomber themselves and let others attack them. If that doesn't change their mind, they should reboot their universe. Hint: AI gunners indeed have a bug, in particular they miscalculate all their shots as soon as there's wind blowing sideways. Oh and yes, I agree that the tracking abilities of AI gunners are questionable, but that's something you can compensate by choosing attack paths that (almost) don't expose you to any gunner's shooting window at all. Because honestly, anyone who loves to live would do the same in real life anyway. Mike
  10. Just in case anyone wants to follow my suggestion to implement a working backup strategy, I should also say that it took me quite a while to find a Backup Software that fulfills all my requirements, which are: The Backup Software must not be too expensive. Freeware would be preferred, open source would be perfect. The Backup Software has to support cross platform operation and it must at least support Windows (both client and server), Linux and Synology DSM operating systems. The Backup Software has to provide a contemporary file encryption (AES 256 or better). The Backup Software has to support multiple backup generations. The Backup Software has to support incremental backups and it should support data deduplication. The Backup Software has to support scheduled operation. The Backup Software should support automatic updates. The Backup Software should have a web interface. After searching and trying lots of different solutions, I ended up using Duplicati which supports all my requirements, both the mandatory and the optional ones: https://www.duplicati.com/ Mike
  11. SAS_Storebror

    The first & single bullet........again

    I guess you wanted to quote someone else Kalle because my reply wasn't even aimed at you. As for what you've observed: Yes, your approach wasn't all too clever. No, I can't confirm what you say about the engine of the Macchi, quite contrary, what I like best about that plane is it's toughness. Mike
  12. SAS_Storebror

    Enable Mods in Multiplayer

    Hi Jim, Thanks a lot for dealing with mods in online gameplay. We have a mods enabled server active ourselves. Step a) actually is optional because you can as well just decide to enable mods on your server and let users choose which mods to use. Most mods are just client side anyway, as they're mostly of "cosmetical" nature. That said, the first dot of step b) is optional as well. I don't know if there's any mod available where server and client must have it enabled on both sides but I doubt so. In the same way, "allowed" mods is a bit tricky as you cannot judge which mods a user has active or not. In the end it all boils down to: "Configure a Multiplayer Mission Server to Run Missions": On Server side: Stop DServer.exe Enable any mods you wish to enable on Server side. Open up "data/startup.cfg", set "modes = 1" in "[KEY = system]" section and save the file. Start DServer.exe and load SFS of your choice. On Client side: Enter "Settings -> Game" from main Screen and tick the checkbox "Enable Mods". Exit the game. Enable any mods of your choice. Start the game. Mike
  13. SAS_Storebror

    The first & single bullet........again

    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” But it's not too late yet. The illusion of truth is not inevitable – when armed with knowledge, we can resist it. Mike
  14. SAS_Storebror

    The first & single bullet........again