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  1. Obviously I don't know what to recommend to improve the situation, but it is certain that the game needs to improve the spotting a lot, many times it is really frustrating to fly in multiplayer, especially if a contact you were following disappears over a forest for example.
  2. We really need enhanced alternate vis from devs
  3. Improved visibility distance of planes and ships. The main difficulty in the development of this feature was making the dynamic objects show at great distances without a steady stream of data reporting their position and orientation. Another important thing is to model the lighting of the airplane even at long range - we discarded the idea of having just black dots at these distances, where the visibility of an object is determined by the position of the sun, brightness and hue of the sky, haze, etc. All this is impossible to model having only a black dot. The distant planes flying at high alt
  4. Thanks to the admin for all the fun they offer us with this campaign, I would like to ask if in the future editions it will be possible to increase the importance of recon? For example before being able to attack an airport it will be necessary to have a good recon on it, same thing for the depots, before attacking them it will be necessary to find them
  5. Hio devs, do you have plans to improve contacts visibility and the quality of clouds that are currently horrible?
  6. 22GCT_PlaN

    ReShade + CoD

    i can't download from sendspace, can you upload in another place? now it's ok
  7. Bravo Requiem, IL-2 FlyingCircus Volume 1 for me
  8. Good job as always, I hope one day you will get a patch out that will improve the visibility of contacts, I would be willing to pay for it
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