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  1. Hio devs, do you have plans to improve contacts visibility and the quality of clouds that are currently horrible?
  2. 22GCT_PlaN

    ReShade + CoD

    i can't download from sendspace, can you upload in another place? now it's ok
  3. Bravo Requiem, IL-2 FlyingCircus Volume 1 for me
  4. Good job as always, I hope one day you will get a patch out that will improve the visibility of contacts, I would be willing to pay for it
  5. Plz fix 10 km bubble and contact visibility
  6. Hello everyone, I found this old screenshot, I think it was 2006, how many of you are still here?
  7. Just out of curiosity, what will happen if at the end of the month will be released version 3.0?
  8. Non saprei, Windows la vede e BoS non te la fa assegnare al timone? Strano
  9. I ask this question to the developers, do you have in your future plans to create skinpack as it was for RoF? I find it really useful.
  10. Ciao, certo per giocare a quella risoluzione la 660 oramai è vecchiotta, io punterei su una gtx1060, meglio gtx1070, inoltre aggiungerei un pò di memoria.
  11. Fantastic skins but I would prefer without the false swastika, too much not historical.
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