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  1. There's a Corsair in the making by Leatherneck for DCS in case you didn't know: https://forums.mudspike.com/t/leatherneck-f4u-1d-corsair/7756/20 And according the information the Corsair F4U-1D will be shown for the very first time during a live stream at https://www.virtual-airshows.com/live/ at 23:20 GMT today the 7th of December. + Landing on a carrier deck:
  2. This screenshot of Zeeland represents the Bodenplatte map more than the juicy Köln + Dom tower sunset images of the official DD's: empty, bland and generic textures, geographically and historically incorrect. Perhaps that's what happens if you outsource the job to a Russian company without likely not so much affinity with Western Europe. As if they based the map on a few sources and all informations supplied here by members being ignored. I have the feeling the map was more like homework for Ugra-Media rather than the challenge of creating a 1944 area come to life. Jason commented that maybe they improve the map further, but time will tell and a few weeks later Han stated in DD #234 they will continue to improve the Rheinland map after the release. What Han said sounds a bit more hopeful to me but to what extend it will be improved is unknown. To make it convincing and lifelike it needs a complete overhaul. Have a look to good old IL2:1946 Battle of France/Western Front map. Very atmospheric and convincing despite it is an old game with its many limitations. Everything BOBP is missing is present like industrial and mining areas, cities, villages, marshalling yards, harbours, dams ánd yes, a populated Zeeland. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,44070.msg676384.html#msg676384
  3. Rheinland is all about villages, towns, cities and huge industrial areas as well. And since a little more work will be spend on the map I don't expect any major changes to finally see the so characteristic NW Europe textures and to fly over many more populated areas. After the release of the SchweineRheinland Rheinland map I've learned my lesson and no pre-order this time.
  4. There is more involved than only colouring the scenery. Let's say from green to white. Also rooftops need to be snow covered, cleaned roads, barren trees, snow on pine trees, frozen rivers, ice floes etc. And in desert areas will there be a sand storm when weather changes? Or a blizzard in - for instance- Siberia. Questions, questions, questions but time will tell. It all looks very promising and perhaps revolutionary but unfortunately there is nothing to bomb,to strafe or to hunt after. Only a crash landing might damage something...
  5. I don't think the Film Grain value do anything to IL2 GB as the game does not use film grain itself. It would have been nice if there were two Sharpening sliders: one for close distance and one for further distance. 0.5 or 0.6 is a good compromise to avoid too sharp/crispy Kuban mountains in the far distance. I've tried with Landscape Filter set to Off but that is actually useless. Without any detailed landscape texture there is nothing for NVIDIA Sharpening to enhance. Blur I've not tried but that option seems to reduce flickering anyway. NVIDIA Sharpening works really good on the Kuban map. The rock formations and snow covered mountains become more rough and rugged when flying over them.
  6. Two years after Frooglesim mentioned Battle of Bodenplatte in one of his weekly videos he gives it a try this time. At the moment he has 76,000+ subscribers already. So even more viewers might get introduced to IL2 GB.
  7. Anyone tried out yet the new option 'Image Sharpening' in NVIDIA control panel? I wasn't aware of the option and gave it a try in IL2 BOS. Moved the slider fully to the right to see wat difference it would make at max. setting. It does make a difference. To be honest I don't know if 'sharpen' is the right word. I prefer to call it 'crispy'. At least af max. setting. As the effect doesn't show up in the screenshots I had to simulate it in a crude way with the 'Sharpen' option in GIMP. In game the difference is much better to discern. A without and with comparison:
  8. Subtle landscape elevations. Like riverbanks. But to be honest I can't remember to have seen that in any other flight sim. Perhaps a limitation of game engines? Usually river and land is at the same level in sims. Which is unrealistic. Or elevations underneath railways. Which is a very common thing, at least in Europe it is. I shopped it a bit to show what I mean.
  9. Ah splendid, I always wanted to get over Alexis Texas. I mean Texas. But seriously, from what I've understand about the rendering of the map, I suppose there is no season selection. That instead of a summer season the landscape is snow covered with barren trees and frozen rivers after selecting time of year in the GUI. Pitty though it is a civil flight sim instead of a ((WWII) combat flight sim.
  10. As you can see below I have it also. Only once in a while I suppose as I don't notice it all the time. I also had to darken the image to enhance the effect in a screenshot. The issue is less visible than you showed in the first post.
  11. This tutorial might help. Done with GIMP (freeware). https://youtu.be/Nq_YjPwFQlo
  12. It is all way to technical for me what you guys are talking about ( I just wait patiently until the cloud/sky/lighting mod is ready for release) but the 'cloud circles' seen from above has been mentioned before. Just to let you know it is not something new...
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