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  1. Uufflakke


    Uuuh... Okay. Understood.
  2. Go to: 'Store' -> Log In -> Profile -> Purchases There you see an overview of what you have bought and when.
  3. I would like to see blizzards on wintermaps like Stalingrad. To add some atmosphere.
  4. Uufflakke


  5. I was also thinking that it is really the very first time to see a female pilot in a cfs. At the same time it is good marketing for selling some extra Po-2 biplanes or to joining the game in general for newcomers. (in the background I here some woke people murmuring about exploiting women. )
  6. You named your little bird Pippi because the father of Pippi Longstocking had a parrot?
  7. About the nuclear power plant, it is a bit different actually:
  8. That is not the only thing. When looking at the arrangement of tabels and two chairs per table it is according the current COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Historically incorrect. Not a WWII worthy map IMHO. Back to the drawing table DCS!
  9. I was wondering the same thing actually. Wartime or not.
  10. The level of detail is amazing. Ridiculously insane. 'Paper on the ground. They put paper on the ground in a flight sim.' Including the red mailbox and phone booth...
  11. No one said here and in the other BOBP topic that they feel sad or disappointed that their village is not present. We are talking about essential elements like Ruhrgebiet, other industrial areas, major cities and the lack of big railway stations etc. It would have helped if they sprinkled some farms here and there to get a sense of population. People are not complaining about BOBP for the sake of complaining. Or complaining about minor issues. Edit: According my perception the ones that have something substantial to say about the map do live in this part of Europe. I hold my breath for Normandy...
  12. The textures... At least they could have added sand dune textures along the entire Dutch and Belgian coastline (+ the Atlantik Wall bunkers). Not the mention the typical Dutch small strips of green grassland with ditches in between. Und so weiter, and so on, et cetera, enzovoort.
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