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  1. All those professional people who followed their dreams, finished a decent study to finally become a camera man, actor, or do something creative with CGI for the movie industry. Not to mention all the money involved. And what comes out of it is.... this.
  2. It looks like as if both windows of the GAZ-MM truck are wiped while there is only one wiper at the driver's side.
  3. Congratulations with your very first post here at the forum! Time to celebrate that special moment with a good glass of beer. Oh wait...
  4. A couple of days ago I saw the cartoon and I didn't get it what it was about. Until today.
  5. This weekend was perfect for ice skating.
  6. The paintwork is so ugly I prefer a Mickey Mouse watch.
  7. @ tbauchot, Are you the same tbauchot who made all these nice skydomes for good old modded IL2-1946? Your skydomes added really something to the game. Just like rowdyb00t does here.
  8. Including shipping about € 26,- https://www.ebay.nl/itm/Fire-In-The-Sky-The-Air-War-In-The-South-Pacific-by-Eric-M-Bergerud-47700-U/174498094040?hash=item28a0e59bd8%3Ag%3A5ngAAOSwtfhYoZ1R&LH_BIN=1 Even cheaper at Boekwinkeltjes.nl. Including shipping about €20,- https://www.boekwinkeltjes.nl/b/197290359/Fire-In-The-Sky/ (Then you have the book by the end of the week already)
  9. Initially I thought you were joking but according the Cold War Air Museum it is "to reduce stress and maintain a pilot's effectiveness on long missions". http://blog.cwam.org/2010/03/migs-and-mils-cockpit-color.html Can not wait to hear the story about an Englishman in Tanzania getting into trouble with a monkey.
  10. Reading monographies about two artists. The Japanese ukiyo-e printmaker Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Baroque painter José de Ribera.
  11. Oh well... even field marshal Erwin Rommel can take a road exit too late and the wrong lane on a roundabout.
  12. By doing it that way you can also use this website for some airfield ambience sounds: https://www.avosound.com/en/sound-effects/search/ambience/airfield-ambience/ Contains piston engines with chirping birds in the background.
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