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  1. Instead of flying the fastest plane the Me-262 try the slowest flying plane in game, the Po-2. Raindrops on the windshield and as soon as you stick your head to the left or right also rain on goggles. Moving back into the seat and last drops roll down your glasses.
  2. Uufflakke

    Maps repaints

    Trees not (as far as I know), grass and flowers here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35309-mod-hd-textures-grass/
  3. The breaking through the sound barrier caused cracks in my screen...
  4. Better is to wait untill players upload their in-game footages to YouTube and see how graphics differ from the trailer. And read how other players think about the actual game play. IL2's trailer looks also much spectacular than the sim's graphics. Even Jason himself was not a fan of the trailer. Imagine that MS decides to create a new CFS2 with graphics like as shown above. Pacific, islands, carriers, Zero's, Iwo Jima, New Guinea, Guadalcanal. I don't see it happen though.
  5. The day before yesterday someone posted a comparison between PS and HLL and also mentioned is the difference between abandonded houses. The comparison is mainly about details, graphics and weapon sounds. Both games have their pros and cons according the poster. I don't know anything about its gameplay but graphics wise both look very good to me. I could not make a choice.
  6. Well, the Flat Earth Society is not very consistent I would say. The earth is flat. Ánd a globe.
  7. Uufflakke

    DCS news

    Aah the bar, the bar. It's never too late to start over again the bar discussion. Summertime is comin' so what kind of bars do you guys prefer? I personally am a beer drinker so when the bartender serves me a Belgian beer you won't hear me complaining.
  8. @Jason, Frooglesim will also attend the Flight Sim Expo this weekend. In case you didn't know...
  9. Perhaps Theatre of War, a game built on the Il2 Sturmovik engine? https://www.mobygames.com/game/theatre-of-war_
  10. Not so difficult. On this site the RAF images are organised. https://originals.dotkadata.com/#!1&jaar[]=1940&jaar[]=1945 I've already selected timeframe 1940-1945. Click on red button 'Zoek op de map' and scroll the area you need, zoom in on the map and click red button 'Zoek in dit gebied'. Then results show up.
  11. Maybe this link to 33 Dutch airfields during WWII is useful. Including aerial photos and maps. https://www.defensie.nl/onderwerpen/vliegvelden-tijdens-de-tweede-wereldoorlog/vliegveldenoverzicht?trefwoord=&jaar-van=1940&jaar-tot=1945 Some photos do have the option to download them in higher resolution. For instance this one of Fliegerhost Venlo. With 2 Bf-110 planes at the lower part of the image.
  12. Ah, the famous/notoriouis upside down exercise using the Igor Strawinsky drawing by Picasso... https://www.google.nl/search?q=picasso+upside+down&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVxanM5OjhAhWssaQKHQVsDdIQ_AUIDigB&biw=1920&bih=976 If you want to improve your skills it needs a lot of training and lessons for the basic knowledge. Also books like 'How to draw.... ' or YouTube tutorials will help. In a way. Here is some of my recent stuff. Paper size is about A4 and mall face sketches I did last week to keep myself trained. Not drawn after real life though but just tiny newspaper images.
  13. Happy Easter from the Eastern and Western front!
  14. If only destroyed Stalingrad looked 10% like Cologne in today's images.
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