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  1. The Murmansk project stopped in 2015 and the Leningrad project should be ready for release autumn 2020. According their own information.
  2. Trying another browser might help sometimes.
  3. Then you are in good company here. There are two other aviation artists around at the forums: rOEN911and Blitzen. Both of them show their works in the topic below:
  4. Sightseeing over Lille in the early morning hours. With the Préfecture de Lille, Porte de Paris and the Belfry.
  5. As a Dutchman do you know the old aircraft paintings by Thijs Postma? I remember them from 70's/80's boys' magazines and model kits box-art. Since we have The Netherlands on the BOBP map + a P-38 isn't it about time for the Fokker G-1 to be included?
  6. Just like artists as John Constable and Jacob van Ruysdael. Both lived very close to the coast. Clouds play a significant role in their paintings. Maybe one day we will see more volumetric clouds with that typically western european silvery light due to all the water and its reflections.
  7. Quote of the day: 'Once you get the chance to try it to fly over your house'. Don't forget to select 'subtitles' 'cause the guy's French accent doesn't make it easy to understand what he is actually talking about.
  8. You lucky b *st*rd. Amsterdam, our capital has only one railway. Utrecht the railway junction of The Netherlands has, after counting and recounting, a total amount of... one railway. Taking in account the limitations of the game, where are the typical canals and the 112 meter high landmark the Dom Tower in Utrecht by the way?
  9. Yes, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal is present on the map in the city of Antwerp. A bit more to the east, near the triangular city park, there should be the Antwerp trainstation with its large platform roofs similar to Köln, Amsterdam and other cities on the map. It is not (yet) present. Not to mention the architecture of the building itself, it is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y beautiful.
  10. In Lower Germany near to the coast? Sorry but war ended in '45 so France, Belgium and The Netherlands do have their coastline back. WOII, The Netherlands, Belgium and sand dunes... Do I hear someone saying Atlantikwall? https://www.tracesofwar.com/themes/4660/Overview-fortifications-Atlantic-Wall.htm Or the inundation of Walcheren (Zeeland) of October 1944 until the end of the war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inundation_of_Walcheren To realize it first there need to be added objects on that part of the map. At the moment it is empty. On this WWII aerial photograph a good impression of how field structures looked like in Zeeland: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e6/De_gebombardeerde_dijk_bij_Westkapelle.jpg
  11. I have the feeling the Bodenplatte map is a fantasy world.
  12. To each its own but I've heard this mantra too often. It started years ago when the Stalingrad map got released. Complaints about an empty Stalingrad, 2D sprites representing damaged buildings, etc. The excuse was: time, money, small team, be happy there is new WWII flight sim on the market after IL2:1946. Then the Moscow map. Not possible to fly over the capital itself. The excuse was: time, money, small team, be happy there is a new WWII flight sim on the market after IL2:1946. Now the Bodenplatte map with (for instance) the industrial heart of Germany the Ruhrgebiet not represented. The excuse is: time, money, small team, be happy there is a new WWII flight sim on the market after IL2:1946. My main criticism in relation to the Bodenplatte map is that it looks so empty. In between the (not so big) cities there is nothing. Only green textures. And basically it does not matter so much were I fly, the entire map seems to be covered with the same kind of large green and yellow coloured fields. I can assure you The Netherlands didn't look like that in those days. Not even today. Or perhaps some textures are placeholders untill final release? My enthusiasm after seeing the many screenshots during development disappeared since I did some test flights. I will think twice, thrice to before transfering money for Early Acces. To end in a positive way: I do like the planes.
  13. By the way, where are the bridges of Maastricht? https://www.maastrichtdigitaal.com/bruggen
  14. Minor thing: I suppose the tower on Dam Square Amsterdam is meant to be 'De Eendracht' (aka Het Naatje op de Dam)? The statue was removed in 1914 already. During WWII there was a park: Footage of Dam Square at the 7th of May 1945, two days after the war. German soldiers killed 32 civilians and wounded 231 of them.
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