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  1. Sad:( But thank you for the honesty! There's nothing worse than build expectations for something and never get an answer. Hope everything goes as planed with the re-release of Cliffs of Dover for you guys! :D
  2. Just wanna throw an idea out there for the devs. The Ju52 being such an important plane in history, it would be amazing to have it in the game! Also, it could make for and interesting game/server mechanics tool. Paradroping, airfield capture or resupply, vip transport...and also an amazing aircraft to control overall
  3. Could someone please lock my old username and unlock my current one? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=3./JG15_Hans I changed my nickname today and it`s showing that it`s locked I cant unlock it
  4. Hello. I recently changed my nickname from JAGER_Hans to 3./JG15_Hans. Problem is, I flew in the current campaign with my old nickname and now, after changing my nickname both on the IL2 Oficial site and TAW Website, I c=have my account LOCKED. Now it shows on the website: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=3./JG15_Hans that my old nickname is UNLOCKED and my current one is LOCKED. Could someone help me out?
  5. These are interview of different well experienced pilots, giving their insights and comparing the 109 with allied planes like the P51 and Spitfire. Good to make you guys compare with what we have in the game Skip Holm interview about Bf-109: Interview with unknown (aparently american) pilot: Luftwaffe ace Willi Reschke (for all the deutsch speakers out there:): Warbird pilot and owner, Connell "Connie" Edwards, renown for his aerial coordination in the 1969 movie Battle of Britain: By far my favorite ace Gunther Rall (pretty long videos, 6:54 and 4:20 for 109 talk): and
  6. Awesome! Thanks to all that contributed to this :D
  7. VERY well pointed out, JtD! That would explain the awesome damage of the .50 cals and the lack of it in the german 20mms, since its ammo belt (if historically accurate) has 1 AP to every 4 HE and the russian armament in general has about the same setup, only inverted.(Though I'm not an expert on russian armament in general) Nice catalogue by the way.
  8. It just didn't take any damage. This video is from Ace Han, a very good pilot in IL-2. The IL-2 was suppose to be very resistant to damage, but not THAT resistant. That said, the real problem is when you hit a LAGG beyond belief and it still turns like a SU27...or a PE2 that takes more bunishment than a B17. In the old days, german 20mms did way more damage than they do now.
  9. Check last year...and also, you're refering to Wings of Liberty. You can go to other servers like Berloga to try the DM and FM out, which always have a quick action. You just cut the entire tail section of a 109 with a small burst and turns it into a cigar.... If you are for some reason anoyed with us flying german all the time, it's part of our appliance to JAGER squadron. You must fly german (or any axis), either in the golden age of Stalingrad (which the germans SHOULD have the far superiority) or the dark days of 1944, when G6 was the workhorse and the allies had far superior planes like the P51 and Yak 3, so that you master the weapons. Maybe then I'll be the one in easy mode and you will be the one showing the wrongs with DM, hey? See you guys around. Uuh...acidic
  10. We did...pretty easy mode, if you have the energy. Those russian guns are lasers lol Well said. Agree with you. The problem is that this "bug" happens very often...happened to me in many ocasions.
  11. This is a nice exemple of hitting a target with what was suppose to be the most deadly armament in the game
  12. My vote for greater range as well...sometimes the planes just disappear in front of you in a not so far distance (wich is bad enough) but sometimes they APPEAR behind you from a not so far distance. This for me is the biggest problem.
  13. Will the Syndicate server ever return? I heard a lot of good things about it but never got to fly in it Started flying after it went down.
  14. Only for the Terrain.cfg...I'm trying out one from a post about the 780TI3GB Vram wich is not so different from my 970 graphics card, but maybe you would recommend a different setting? [setup] texlod=8192,8 texlod=8192,8 texlod=8192,8 texlod=8192,8 texlod=4096,8 [end]
  15. Awesome work guys! You're doing a great job, constantly making the sim better. Some time ago I was even quiting this sim as some of my friends, but you are really fixing the wrongs and making the FMs and basically everything really enjoyable and realistic. Well done and I wish you success!! Even more performance optimization? The guys passed the game to 64bit DirectX 11 already dude Maybe a new GPU would be good?
  16. They fixed it yesterday! NICE Now its way more enjoyable AND historically correct :D Was expecting them to take the usual months to fix it. S Devs!
  17. Hey Stuka, do you have an earlier preset for mediator with more color?? It looks great but I miss your more colorful SweetFX 2.0 winter preset
  18. Does the video card driver crashes for anyone else when using MSI Afterburner and SweetFX?
  19. I heard the G2 could reach 1.4ATA in real life. Is it true?
  20. True. One of the main reasons a lot of people are pissed off about the new FM Well said!
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