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  1. Unfortunately, there is not nearly as much time for the simulators as I would have liked, so I was very grateful for my flight with a friend. All the more so because he saddled American P-38s with me. We flew great. It's a pity that I didn't react in time to the German fock, which attacked my partner. In an attempt to take revenge, I also lost my opponent's machine and then I was glad that I managed to escape from my own convoy in front of a pair of enemies. However, I was very fascinated by flying again, so I will soon set out on an air adventure ....
  2. Another very fun trip with Kapustňák. This time we decided to fly on the perfect Ju-52 and try out parachute operation. Everything went perfectly cool. We managed almost perfect landing together. Just a pity that the recording turned off a little before the skydivers jump. External shots of pop-up units would add even more charm to the video. Music : Mischa Maisky - Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G (full)
  3. As I went to Berloga server to shoot and eventually it turned out friendly flying just for fun.
  4. I have added a video from the construction of diorama Tirpitz. It is the second part of the construction with the process of making the sea.
  5. I will also add a little of my modeling work. Yak-3 1:72 Revell (Zvezda) Tirpitz 1:800 Academy
  6. @BadBud I think this skin is already in the basic offer.
  7. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year 2020. Have your most secret wishes come true and you are healthy and happy. We made the video with my 10 year old daughter.
  8. Or what will last the aircraft Pe-2. The first video from a very fun flying with a colleague, when we took turns in the positions of shooters and pilots on one Pe-2.
  9. Fun Flying with P-38J (FMF * BarracudaCZ) and P-51D (FMF * Tommy544, Mav1cz) Music: Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz.
  10. Compilation of dogfights on Berlog server with P-38J.
  11. The greatest success is always to return the whole team home without damage. 😎✌️
  12. So again video from P-38. I absolutely love this plane! I'm afraid I will fly most of the time in BoX with this beautiful machine
  13. I meant the dominance of the earlier edition of the aircraft Me 262, Bf-109K and Fw-190D. This was a clear dominance in the air in terms of technology. Of course, it always depends on the abilities of the players who fly them. With new allies airplanes in terms of technology game comparatively compares.
  14. Compilation of kills when testing new absolutely fantastic allies aircraft in the quick mission. I have to thank the creators for an absolutely perfect update. All news and changes are absolutely fantastic.
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