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  1. To víš věk nezastavíš. Jsem rád že udržím moč. Jinak díky moc. 😁✌️
  2. A little more from flying behind the dark side. This time the FW-190A. We have been allies again since the weekend. Music: Beethoven Like You've Never Heard Before
  3. As usual, we will exchange Allied aircraft for dark-strength aircraft once in a while. A compilation of interesting moments from the Wings of Liberty, Berlog and Combat Box servers: My loyal flight friends (Kapustňák and Noemis) made my comrades-in-arms. We flew on Messerschmit Bf-109F / G / K machines.
  4. This time we saddled an American P-40 and equipped with a 250Kg bomb attack an enemy convoy. We fought over the target with enemy FW-190s. This time everything went well, the convoy was destroyed and the three of us returned to the base in good health.
  5. When you are an exceptionally good pilot or when you are more fortunate than common sense.😆✌️
  6. So this time we flew and fell with P-38 aircraft. Again, a "slightly" cut-out record (no one is curious about the crash) from the evening flight on the Combat Box server with Messrs. Kapustňák and Noemis. We flew as best we could (not) know. What our aviation and shooting skills did not do, we caught up with our wit, wit and our high tactical maturity🤣 We also benefited from our very fast reincarnation🤪 Again, despite our "abilities", we had a royal fun and so it would be playing games should be.🕹️😃
  7. I would also be very happy for the flying C-47. It could be easily modified to Li-2 for the Eastern Front. I think the Allies are very much short of a transportable transport aircraft as a counterpart to the German Ju-52.
  8. So, after a long time, I went into the air again for a while, and the fact that I hadn't flown for almost two months wasn't that bad. A montage of about two hours of solo flight. Tactically, I cut out the moments when I fell humiliatingly to the ground.🤣 Fortunately, there were a few nice moments on my part. For example, a very nice duel with one Ju-87, an effective shot down FW-190 or a final duel against about 6 Bf-109.🤣
  9. I will add a video from the complete construction of Pe-2
  10. I really like flying with Pe-2, so I really liked to build a model in 1:48 scale from the company Eduard.
  11. Unfortunately, there is not nearly as much time for the simulators as I would have liked, so I was very grateful for my flight with a friend. All the more so because he saddled American P-38s with me. We flew great. It's a pity that I didn't react in time to the German fock, which attacked my partner. In an attempt to take revenge, I also lost my opponent's machine and then I was glad that I managed to escape from my own convoy in front of a pair of enemies. However, I was very fascinated by flying again, so I will soon set out on an air adventure ....
  12. Another very fun trip with Kapustňák. This time we decided to fly on the perfect Ju-52 and try out parachute operation. Everything went perfectly cool. We managed almost perfect landing together. Just a pity that the recording turned off a little before the skydivers jump. External shots of pop-up units would add even more charm to the video. Music : Mischa Maisky - Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G (full)
  13. As I went to Berloga server to shoot and eventually it turned out friendly flying just for fun.
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