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  1. Our "stellar" team during acrobatics. Everything went "almost" perfectly: D
  2. One video that I had in the archive for processing since spring. It's from a night mission I think on the server KOTA, which I went together with Tommy544. Besides us, there are two other Havock pilots in the video who amazed us with their aviation skills. Music:The Dark Knight Hans Zimmer OST 1836 Ultimate Remix
  3. A little fun and carefree flying on Berlog server. 😎
  4. Thank you, yes it is an excellent joystick and works great
  5. I just like these beautiful little machines. You are absolutely right that there are more such machines and their use missing in the game. The enemy flak power should also be adjusted. I think that on such an inconspicuously low-flying machine, the focus of the flak is excessively fast and the game lacks a moment of surprise.
  6. Flying in the U-2VS is always a great adventure especially on the TAW server. Despite a small chance of success it is always great flying
  7. One video from a quick action from the test of the new HW. (Joystick VKB GLADIATOR MK.II and graphic card MSI 1660TI Gaming)
  8. Another video from my archive in case of my holiday inactivity. This time again with a swallow and specifically fly at sunrise against the P-47s.
  9. Video from my archive from the flight when we were on the Bf-109F (Mav and I) accompanied the big brother He-111H (Noemis) Even though there is no proper action in the video could be the beauty of the flight itself over the snowy landscape at sunset.
  10. I used a beautiful skin from Tom Weiss to fly with a swallow in the Czechoslovak post-war skin. As a practice target, I served the American A-20 bombers.
  11. This time we took our favorite U-2VS and we chose the train station guarded by the German jets Me-262. The flight was very adrenaline and even encountered one Me-262 piloted by one well-known video maker. Finally, we managed to complete this very crazy task
  12. First testing of Me-262A in MP on Berloga server.
  13. The first test flight with the long-awaited Me-262A Shwalbe. The P-47s in the quick mission mode served my opponents. I tried the airplane behavior at low altitudes and the behavior of the airplane at low speeds on the flaps. At the end of the flight, I also "managed" to damage the flaps in a fully extended position.
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