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  1. Fun Flying with P-38J (FMF * BarracudaCZ) and P-51D (FMF * Tommy544, Mav1cz) Music: Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz.
  2. Compilation of dogfights on Berlog server with P-38J.
  3. The greatest success is always to return the whole team home without damage. 😎✌️
  4. So again video from P-38. I absolutely love this plane! I'm afraid I will fly most of the time in BoX with this beautiful machine
  5. I meant the dominance of the earlier edition of the aircraft Me 262, Bf-109K and Fw-190D. This was a clear dominance in the air in terms of technology. Of course, it always depends on the abilities of the players who fly them. With new allies airplanes in terms of technology game comparatively compares.
  6. Compilation of kills when testing new absolutely fantastic allies aircraft in the quick mission. I have to thank the creators for an absolutely perfect update. All news and changes are absolutely fantastic.
  7. The long-awaited big update is here with the most anticipated handsome P-38 and also a new map of Rhineland 1944 for me. Here is my first complete fast flight from takeoff after landing. Together with the B-25 aircraft we took off against the Bf-109G14 who together with the FW-190A3 attacked our airport.
  8. Team flight with A-20 aircraft where "almost" everything went according to plan (feat.Mannock,Tommy544,Mav1) Server Combat Box.
  9. We are no aces in the air, but all the more we love flying and with the P-40 it is double. Video from flying in a group and from the practice of simple acrobatics. Music: Warhawk - Flying Tigers
  10. When the whole Luftwaffe hunted me 😜
  11. Unfortunately we do not know in advance which of them are big
  12. Beautiful movie. They projected in our city in the cinema
  13. I know it's hard to make detections close to trees, but occasional "invisible" trees can make flying annoying. Especially when flying just above the terrain. The video is mainly for others not to fly so close to hitboxes.
  14. When we do not fight only against enemy aircraft and artillery ..
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