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    The cruddy weather, constant shelling and the rats. It's enough to make you pack it all in and go home.
    Apparently we get oil tomorrow and then probably a few props later. We might be able to make one good plane out of the shabby collection that we have be provided with. Then we might be able to go up, of course we would need petrol for this....

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  1. Nope. New petrol has additives in it make it work better in fuel injected engines. If you treat OLD petrol like it's NEW petrol you will lose your eyebrows. What you want in NEW petrol is for it to emulsify, I think, and it's hard to do that squirting out of a nozzle especially in direct injection. So they cook up petrol that is actually tricky to light under certain circumstances. but once it does catch ... and that guy is super lucky he didn't knock over a jar of that burning petrol. The fuel would spill over the board he gets it all over him and his purple hoodie melts onto him. What a guy, the LEAST he could of done is stand the fcuk back. Fire extinguisher not in shot. Come on kids watch this rubbish. All you have to do it really burn yourself ONCE and you don't act like a dork with sources of ignition and fuel EVER AGAIN. it hurts. The old wise guy always picks a bit of metal off the bench near the welder with a pair of pliers. Fire is not your friend when it goes awol. and I have seen some stuff that would make your hair stand up. Salute! Planky.
  2. Hey I actually used the report button! Wow lets see if it works. : - ) It's amazing that the balance argument comes up time and again. One side gets some much better plane and when the enemy rail at it the inevitable jock pipes up that you are some kind of less that heroic person that needs to grow more heroic. Then said jock gets into the new plane HEROICALLY and remarks at how crap the enemy is today. GET REKT NOOB !!!! vvvrmmm.... pew pew pew . If servers let you use what ever plane you like with what ever load you liked then guess which plane will be in high use? The interesting thing is the regulating factors in the BoX are varied. Mission makers, maybe your sweet ride is not in it? and/or do you have it anyway? Map and $$$. Personally I don't fly German. I have a beef with them and frankly I am super stoked if I manage to wing a few before I virtually snuff it. any way... Generally the side that gets the next generation of plane use the "don't be so wet and sit still while I kill you ok " argument. In RoF you found the same heros in the same planes lording it over the inferior older/crapper types. They never swapped sides to even up the teams. and they usually killed the pilot even when it was not necessary. The amount of times I have waded into a furball wearing a DH2 ( up against the best German planes ) gives me this sense of satisfaction and conviction that top tier pilots are actually cowards who can't deal with losing their advantage. Still would like a jet though. Or a Mozzy. Plonking along in the I-16 on Berloga is all well and good. it's fun. but you are very disadvantaged. The enemy can zoom right at you and in that short time they can ID you then decide to kill you or not and still zoom off. Much like a jet can. which is it's primary and quite serious advantage. How about an experiment? Make a furball server with 262's with unlocked fuel and see what happens. but I am pretty sure we all know what is going to happen. I could be wrong! Have been before. ha ha. Salute! ' Planky.
  3. Fix the Se5a right, then release it as a variation and let the AI fly the old ones. ??? Se5a MK2 ? Se5b ? Most people in MP at least would probably like to try out the historical one. If it's not what they want well they can fly the old version. Without sounding trite I think having had to suffer the thing all through rise of flight ( not to mention the N17 GBR etc ) it actually is a bit of a priority. Then you can have the satisfaction of trying up a lose end. : - ) The great thing is that it's not an opinion this time, it's an actual real tangible thing. The worst that can happen is that people just don't like. ( well that's life eh ) But they can't say it's not the real deal. imagine being able to shoot up while in the turn on the six of a DR1 ?? ( with the H stab cranked up too for good measure ) what fun ! Salute! Planky.
  4. ha! I have to eat my words. nom nom nom. munch munch munch. yummy! 100m 1000m. ( yes those bullets actually are being lobbed out to 1000m level with the guns. !!! ) so there you go, I was wrong! Quite wrong even. So now that this has been cleared up, thanks to all those concerned even [Edited], the fact remains that the se5a guns can be fixed.... yey! Salute! Planky.
  5. Well I have been viewing the ballistics in Tacview in the i-16 and at 100m they do aim at the same point. There is some random wobblyness involved but this would be the infamous "introduced barrel jump etc ". Sure and you said there was nothing wrong with the Se5a gun fire which is BS. Here are two pics taken from tacview. There is a small issue with the centreline being off to one side but we can ignore that. Essentially they are the same. 100m 1000m The guns do not get jacked up to keep the bullets at 1000m at the same level as the plane. As you might expect. The gunfire changes angle horizontally but not vertically. Which I think was the point I was making earlier. You can't make some guns fire up, some down, some to the left, and some to the right. Which would add that element of realism to this game that is lacking. Gun tuning anyone? As this thing stands I have only tested the i-16 , maybe other planes are different... I doubt it. The game as i understand observed it has a simple point of aim, it's on a line. If the bullets drop before they get to that point then they will be below the level of the plane. Is that simple enough for you to digest? Good day. Plank.
  6. I see. Thank you for trying. I don't mean to be rude and I certainly don't want to make anyone feel bad.. but it would be great if "limits" were discussed with the actual people buying in. If there is a reason why certain things have to be arranged due to "limits" then it's good to let people know why. I was told I was "seeing things" with the Se5a at one stage. and that I was so wrong. That really pi55ed me off. I was not wrong, I was dead right. I regard the planes as being the most important thing in the game. They need to be right. or some good reason why they can't be and what they hope to do about it in the future. Salute! Planky.
  7. Well I had a bash in the I-16 This is what it looks like to me. and I am sure this is pertinent to the FC planes. There is a line extending through the "centre" of the plane and into the distance. Lets call the the "centre line". Along this line you can slide the "convergence point". All bullet paths intersect at this point. IF THEY CAN MAKE THERE. Say 100m. No problem. It's not far along the line and yes all paths intersect it. Gunsights seem to work at that distance. * shrug * lets go to 1000m. Bullets are now dropping before they get to the convergence point on our convergence line. No real intersections mostly parrallel lines. Bullets rise up in the gunsight. is it sighted to 1000m? * shrug * At 100m the guns aim pretty much dead at the 100m point, At 1000m the guns aim as though they are trying to hit the 1000m meter point on the center line BUT the bullets are now dropping away seriously. ( oops ) Looks to me like there is a really primitive gunfire/sighting system . The 1000m "convergence" should be aiming the guns UP to keep the 1000m meter target at the same level. They do not as far as I can see. And there is no designed bullet spread. They all home in on the convergence point. Which is why the Se5a guns fire down, they are aiming at that point. Unless they can translate that point UP then the se5a will always fire this way. The gunnery in RoF and Box has always been marginal. It's just not very hi fi. Sorry. Salute! Planky. PS. this topic is a bit too similar to the se5a topic...
  8. Must try this out. Never bothered as I am still on RoF mode. Will crank up the I-16 in due course. Salute! Planky.
  9. Taunt, humiliate and pity. From experience no less! I hecking laughed out loud! Too rich! Comedic gold! BRAVO !!!! Clap clap clap. MORE !!!! Sir, you are a GENIUS ! Salute! Plank
  10. Plank


    Oh OH ! I get you now. Sorry was brain lagging. You mean the MOSQUITO ! Wow cryptic. Good! S! P. PS. They certainly took the plane seriously in the end!
  11. Chaps. Just crash landed back in the home after plonking along in the garage; Fabbed up the single IR led and Glued it on to the tin can filled with lead... and cranked up Freetrack... and here is yet another pic of the stick sans camera.... ( I forgot to put that in shot. ) Flew around in my Nieuport N11 "Bebe" and the stick is awesome. I can dial up any curve or response I like. i.e I have set up the stick back to get about 20 deg angle from centre stick and set the roll up to be about 10deg. ( I like roll to be very positive feeling ) This feels really good with the long stick and due to the decreasing rate is excellent for barnstorming, dog fighting etc. When I try out the laser I will have constant rate and it will be interesting to see how that handles. For the "haha" squad the set up is actually really really good, sturdy, durable and very very cheap. So "haha" indeed! : - ) Salute ! Planky. ( Boffin !) PS. I put the camera on it's side so that PITCH is longways and YAW is shortways. ( Dot left is stick back and dot up is stick right.) This is why the red dot in Freetrack seems like it's in the wrong place. It's not! S!
  12. Plank


    It's fixed? no! That would be incredible. Pictures please. Or even better some video evidence. They actually fixed something? Meanwhile over in virtual Verdun I have been meeting NEW PILOTS and some are really good! and further more I have been seeing more of the 2015 2016 2017 2018 crowd. No sigh of BvZ though. "Our god of air combat we are not worthy etc. " sacred spells incense the whole nine yards... It's great. the trees look nice, the clouds look fine, the small cosy villages, the cathedral with broken planes parked on it.. etc. Heck I am pretty sure they could do a huge amount of optimisation on the old game ... it's such a great game/sim. mmm mumble mumble. I am not dense at all! I could be a low density balsa wood plank but cunningly laminated to give great strength to weight ratio. : - ) Salute! Planky.
  13. Plank


    Heck. I was railing about this years ago in Rof. If the bullets departed the gun barrel "along the darn tube thing" then you would gain a good advantage when chasing a target in a flat turn ( se5's , n17 lewis etc ) . The bullet path becomes a chord not a tangent. ( yes trigonometry raises it's ugly head yet again...) However, what we have in RoF and now in FC is not a "feature" that a fighter pilot will relish and it's not even actual irl historical. If the game cannot adjust gunfire vertically at this time they should blooming well aim to make it so in the future. Horizontal and Vertical gun harmonization was a critical part of gunnery blah blah blah etc. Poor show. 5 out of 10. No VC. Gun sights simply do not look down in the se5a. Wet blanket anyone? Buying a borked plane in RoF is well, an act of faith, buying the same borked plane again in FC is an act fan boy banality. S! Planky. Still rinsing out RoF and all of it's glorious 2d clouds...
  14. Ladies and Gents, After getting nowhere with my struggle with RoF crashing I decided to get back on the horse with regards to my flight control experiments. What I had was two instances of opentrack running. One was head tracking and the other was stick tracking. This worked fine and is stable. A slight drawback is that opentrack will not use a single point tracker plug in AND use the latest version. So I made a three LED target for the stick and use that . It's not optimal for a two axis only target. ( X, Y) A single LED target and corresponding single point tracker is best. So, I knew that Freetrack has a single point tracker ( 2doff ) built in... and this is better than (6dof) , but how to get it all to work? Using the three LED target on my stick I decided to see if I could get the whole thing going. Well I will spare you the details ( it was not easy I can say this ) and cut to the chase: Opentrack now tracks my head outputting 6DOF ( TIR/Freetrack protocol ) Freetrack now tracks my stick and outputs 2DOF ( PPjoy protocol ) There is a little dance you have to do to get it all to work. It's a waltz actually. The thing works, flew around Verdun in the Nieuport N11 and everything was fine, tuned Freetrack to give optimal stick throw and did some barnstorming. It works well. Opentrack running left, Freetrack running ( 3 LED target/hat clip model ) right. FYI: The reason a single point tracker is better is that it uses the most of your camera sensor, due to the target being a single small dot. Also the mathematics is much less. Will solder up a new single target soonish. ( after a strong cup of tea. ) The single most useful tool I have used to date: Persistence. Salute! Planky. PS. I can now proceed on my laser target proj and replace the LED's... S!
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