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    The cruddy weather, constant shelling and the rats. It's enough to make you pack it all in and go home.
    Apparently we get oil tomorrow and then probably a few props later. We might be able to make one good plane out of the shabby collection that we have be provided with. Then we might be able to go up, of course we would need petrol for this....

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  1. Hello. May have possibly fixed the issue. Nope. still borked. Still testing it out. Have managed to spawn in several times with no issue. Will do a write up in RoF forum. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/54924-crashing-desktop-ms-visual-c-2008-problem/#entry704209 ( !!! ) Salute! Planky.
  2. I am updating right now. ( 7 updates...) What is the connection between reshade and MSVCR90.dll ? I may have once dabbled with reshade but I think that was several computers ago. As I have suggested there is no other program on my PC that causes this problem. RoF is the only program I have used in totally aaaaaaaages that has crashed. S! Planky.
  3. Hello! I see no evidence to support theory of video card driver error. You will have to post links... Edit: What would be really useful is knowing what this does: MSVCR90.dll Because it's obvious that RoF and this .dll are up to something. Knowing what the .dll is, is part of the battle. In the game the error occurs when pressing the "fly now" button on my second sortie. So I can log in online, get on to a server, fly one sortie then when I fly a second.... crash. The spinning dancer icon comes up just after I press fly now. I never have crashes on my PC except for RoF. Box works fine. Picasim. Firefox Opentrack Gimp Irfanview. Arma2. Clod. Photoshop. Tacview. RC desk pilot. etc. all fine. So I do not think it's my video card. You can see other players doing this too. They "exit" then reconnect. Over and over. It's a thing. it's happening and it needs looking at by the devs. Salute! Planky.
  4. Yes probably. ( I don't think it's a video issue ) Win7 It's not just me that has this issue, pretty much every person I have talked to has it. and it was never an issue in the beginning, RoF was solid as a rock. Now it's flaky as all heck. There is a very real issue here that the devs need to take a look at. and it might not be that much of a big deal to fix, or work around. It's enough to make me stop playing RoF. Which is not optimal. Yesterday in the course of an evening I crashed out maybe 10 times in a row. Hecking darn this is really really annoying. S! Planky.
  5. Wow. Almost every third time I pressed "fly now" RoF crashed. I have tried reinstalling the MS VC++ etc etc etc. The same problem. over and over. Check this out: Come on. Yes I have brought this up before. Nothing happened. I am bringing it up again because I would like to ACTUALLY FLY THIS WITHOUT CONSTANTLY HAVING TO RESTART IT. It's insanely tedious. It all started after the last RoF update... CAN YOU PLEASE LOOK AT THIS!!! IT'S BROKEN. S! P.
  6. That would be the compression ignition factor I guess. But there are two ways to look at this: Option A) Blown up to death . Option B) Burned up to death. however the fuel air explosive Thermobaric nature of the situation is, worrying... How the devs deal with this is pretty interesting as they are going to have to generalise at some stage. Tree's making tanks blow up is a bit, um, thing. Silly. Right I am off. Good luck with the tanks and well, take care. Salute! Planky.
  7. Petrol is evil when gets hot. Diesel is just ordinary. Jet fuel is Kerosene which is "thinner oil". *** do NOT do this *** Toss a cup of petrol onto a warm but not going fire place then strike a match... you will lose everything. ) *** do NOT do this *** Do that with diesel and you can then compare and contrast just how evil petrol really is. To make a full tank of diesel "explode" it would have to be quite hot/very very very hot. Think deep fryer catching fire. and it's way too rich ( not enough oxygen ) so it will just burn furiously with thick black smoke IF it even catches on fire. A splash of petrol in a drum and hot air and source of ignition ( naked flame etc ) and you now have a really really really loud bang. Diesel is simply thin oil. Your bottle of cooking soyabean oil is just as dangerous. Petrol... is nasty stuff. Many a set of eyebrows will attest to it. I have a petrol stove, on 91 octane petrol it's insane. White spirit is low octane hydrocarbon weirdness and is it's normal fare. It's less insane. so if you were fighting in a steel box which fuel would you rather be sitting or positioned next to? Evil petrol / relativity benign Diesel. ( Planes don't use Diesel due to engine weight... but jets use Kero... ) A ruptured petrol tank can go from boring to super evil in milliseconds.... I will shut up now. Salute! Planky ( Health and safety officer during WW2 ..)
  8. Ha! Finally got on to NFF server 1, and bagged the same pilot, in a DR1, twice ! They rage quit out. Oops. N I E U P O R T !!!! ( N11 one cruddy beautiful Lewis gun ) The old magic is still there! ( feels like flying an india rubber mattress but hey... ) Woohoo let the slow times begin !!!! Look out! Planks about! ( cough ) Salute! Planky.
  9. I would like to make an embarrassing announcement. [edited] Ahem. cough. * shuffling feet * After months of agonising over the game I have decided to reinstall Rise of flight. Thank you for understanding. I am not worthy etc. * squeaking of wheels as Nieuport N11 rolls out of shed, dirty rag is yanked off Lewis gun... * Salute! Plank.
  10. Ah ha! It is a thing. Great. I was probably re remembering a thing what I had already seen... ( Brain is a bit borked etc ) ipad? a what? ... I am slowly revisiting the fact that BSR is actually a quite good chap. Maybe I have forgetted that time we buried the hatchet and shook hands. ( or was that someone else...) Crate of free Brandy? It's a care package care of the other other officers mess... S! and now I am stuck being wee again. I wave my tiny fists in rage! Death to the Jets! Salute! Planky. PS. Is there a similar application that is not based on a apple device?
  11. Met with a good friend ( S! ) over the steppes and had a wee tangle. They yanked the throttle a bit too hard and lost it. I was cordially invited to shoot their jet "flying vacuum cleaner" down. So I did. It felt good. Salute ! Planky.
  12. Touch screen device. Put controls on screen. Move them around with your digits. Controls include levers push buttons switches etc. ( you can even create logic for the switches, change lever response etc ) and then the thing creates a virtual device driver for windows and when you plug it in it's a virtual controller. Essentially you can get rid of expensive button/lever boxes with one large touchscreen pad thingy. Which you can glue to your leg.... Salute! Planky.
  13. We: the Allies, Them: the Axis. Realism: we won the war. Of course no one trusted anyone else, do you not read history? The entire area was a protracted blood bath for centuries. and it's still on the simmer as we speak! ( oh sorry that might be too real...) S! P. PS. In fairness to balance, either they have seriously reduced access to "the jet" OR we get something that can counter it. OR we start carpet bombing the civilians that work in the factories that make the jets... or is that too real for you? Total war and all that thing....
  14. MP was a death trap, got slaughtered by jets. Not even remotely interesting. Considering transferring back to WW1. ( no not FC ) Meteor meteor meteor. ( if you squint you can see an "A-10 thunderbolt" around the cockpit ... is that sexy? I have no idea. I think Nieuport N11's are sexy...) Salute! Plank.
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