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    The cruddy weather, constant shelling and the rats. It's enough to make you pack it all in and go home.
    Apparently we get oil tomorrow and then probably a few props later. We might be able to make one good plane out of the shabby collection that we have be provided with. Then we might be able to go up, of course we would need petrol for this....

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  1. Plank

    It's OUT !

    Stampede! * sound of hooves, chickens clucking, springs springing and breeches being pulled on * FIRE ! no... FLOOD! nope. FEAR AND PANIC ! maybe... PIRANHA! Ah, no. FOKKERS ! why, yes.... I'll take two thanks don't bother wrapping them. Ta. Salute! ( Just woke up to the commotion...what the...) Planky.
  2. Oh heck. Can we all just take a pill and not react and think carefully about what we are going to say next... ? P L E A S E. If we can contribute meaningful comments etc and not be emotional or defensive or whatever then that would be ACE. and Haaash won't shut this thread down. Sigh, come on chaps. Lets just shake hands and stick to flying. and building. or Whatever floats your float plane... Lets play nice! Differences make the world a special place. It think. or something. Heck. No more arguing !!!!! Thanks! Salute! Planky.
  3. Good morning chaps. The rudder bar which I bought to "show and tell" is a prototype. It is not a finished product. It has been through several design iterations and this is the latest. The finish is the least important aspect. As far as construction goes it has been designed to be made with no CAD/CAM or complex equipment. The single most important part can be found in any country at rock bottom prices. Executive class version up next... With rare materials, diamond encrustations and extremely accurate angular measurers... thermionic valves? I think there might be a race to see who comes up with the next one... Mr Stumble... gogles on! GO ! Bit depth. The Hall sensor divides the input voltage. ( it's a bit asymmetrical due to internal R ) It will go max and min at a certain flux density which is dependent on the Magnet. The voltage then is quantised to what ever bit depth you like. Which raises the question how does the ADC know what the max V in is? This is an interesting point. The max and min V out of the sensor needs to match expected bounds of the adc. Turning the magnet around will change the voltage out cyclically, it will go up don up down etc, according to magnetic flux presented to the sensor plate. This. is. Engineering! Brandy? Oh. The basics. PC ----- USB interface ------- ADC --------- votage dividers ( Angle detectors) . A classic "joystick" has all the required widgets in one container. Potentiometers and Hall effect sensors ( angle detection ) divide a reference voltage, and send that division to the ADC which converts it to a digital value, and sends that to the PC and then on to the game. Low voltage = negative deflection, middle voltage = zero deflection and high voltage = max deflection. ( you can invert this in the game if you like.) Um. Yes. Have to dash off . Salute! Plank.
  4. Hello. Why, yes there is, but I am waiting for someone to lend me a : http://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=94&products_id=219&zenid=2de8d98c8103bafd44ac1f8d0a7190aa Just so I can level up with the 12 bit twerps... ; - ) and it's just as "oil pan" as the rudder bar. So it's a bit shy... Salute! planky.
  5. Hello. A tad peeved at the wet blankets chiming in. Meh. Such is forum life. The rudder bar is very robust. It works extremely well. If it was plugged into a 12 bit ADC it would be as good as anything on the market. The bearings are tangential/angular contact bearings with 1/4 inch bb's. The spindle is forged alloy steel. The bar is laminated wood of dubious quality but large enough support way too much weight. The centering springs are nothing fancy but will last a lot longer than you or I probably will. ( They will eventually wear through the ends but i have replacements...) This can be made from scratch in an afternoon with minimal tools and for very little . Probably can get away with hand tools only... I hope that I can kindle some DIY flame out there and give someone the confidence to try out things. Don't be shy! Get some tools, make a bench and get to work! Some guff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_bearing#Angular_contact http://www.skf.com/au/products/bearings-units-housings/ball-bearings/angular-contact-ball-bearings/index.html https://www.allegromicro.com/en/Design-Center/Technical-Documents/Hall-Effect-Sensor-IC-Publications/Allegro-Hall-Effect-Sensor-ICs.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_flux https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltage_divider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analog-to-digital_converter Or you can buy something off the shelf and never have to bother your grey matter a jot. ( Nothing wrong with that by the way. ) Why anyone would bother to slate some flying gear, on a forum for flying, I will never understand... Salute! Plank.
  6. Hello! Stumble old chap, here is a few good pics of the Rudder bar, and I can draw some pics too if that helps. You need a square taper bottom bracket from a bicycle and the Right Hand Side crank. Saw the crank off close to the spider and mount it on a block of wood. I had to carve out a recess to accommodate the RHS side of the axle. Then create a bar out of some wood and clamp on. : - ) Front view side view Rear view. The central pivot is a bicycle crank bearing ( bottom bracket ). The RHS crank is used as flange to attach the axle vertically. The bar is then clamped onto the bearing outer shell. Magnet and Hall effect sensor is mounted precariously at the top. This is a prototype that worked so well that I did not bother to make a nice tidy one. : - ( Washers missing, cruddy paint job, bits sticking out etc) The bearing used in it is cheap to buy over the counter ( one Shimano square taper BB please...) and will last for the rest of your life and a few others. It is the most heavy duty rudder control you could possibly ever want and more. It will never crap out with this kind of use. The next iteration will be smaller, for the sake of storage when not in use. and will have a better Magnet sensor set up. But at the moment it is on vacation. Total spent: about $10 for the Allegro sensor. ( all else was recycled stuff what I had laying about...) Is it solid and dependable? Yes. What about toe brakes? What the blinking heck are those? Can you make one with sexier springs? No. Salute! Plank. PS Picture!
  7. Plank

    Duelling: the art of practising.

    Sorry i didn't get the memo: " when max telephoto in-game (zoomed-in) that's about real life size.  " Does this mean we have to sit further back from our screen then??? Salute! Plank.
  8. Plank

    Wingless warriors

    'Is that our governments will spend millions building training simulators both in software and hardware, but we expect the same fidelity for a couple of hundred quid. " Ugh. That is an ugly statement for many reason. Simply put, a Govt starts throwing money at a contractor to build a widget. Conversely, a dev brings a product to market and starts hoovering up money. Comparing a large budget to an individual payment is misleading. For the accumulated sum garnered by the devs for a widget, you may well ask where the money was spent. There maybe good reason for why things are so but we do not get to see inside the box. Shrug. As investors in an endeavour we are taking a gamble, and there is no other way to look at this. The devs have to try to keep everyone happy or they begin to lose investors. Trying to please everyone is a pain in the empennage. Will they ever make turbulence an MP feature? Wing failure as you pass through the wake of another plane would be awesome... but... never mind. and Imagine your wings getting blown off when the train you strafed goes up and you are over it! etc... Maybe in the next game! Salute! Planky.
  9. Plank

    Duelling: the art of practising.

    An interesting point which might be worth considering. Long range shooting is a function of a few things: Vision zoom. Aircraft stability Tracers Turbulence. etc. Vision, increases your ability to spot where your bullets are going way past average persons eyes. Stability, well that's obvious. more bullets on target. Tracers, Take them out and you can't see where your bullets are going. Turbulence, makes both parties bump around, slip and will cause wind drift. and we come back to the same problem with regards to DM in MP , to make everything deeper requires the system that compares everything to do much more work. If there is accumulated delay in it then sync is going to suffer. The single most processing efficient solution is to remove vision zoom. It is the one thing that increases shooting range that does not require any talking between parties and game server. BUT people are so used to it that they will have a fit if this is locked out. ( make it a server setting? ) It's a bit like fortnite. Imagine how it would tank if you made it first person... ARMA2 mods are still going strong, but not in first person. ( you can't "look around corners" in first person...) The other three things will involve adding more to the mix. and the dev's won't want that. Less is better. : - ) So the simple fix is to remove vision zoom. but the chorus of squealing will be deafening. Then we can get back to only firing within 50 yards like the good old days.... Salute! Planky. Ha! The Plankturn is a last ditch effort to attack a trailing Dr1 while in your SPAD at very low altitudes. ( Probability of dying is high, but if the Dr1 has for some reason failed to spot that you have reversed on them you can cause a fuss.) Plank turning is for the brave, the desperate, the crabby and lunatic fringe. Live fast, die young old and always wear clean undergarments! Scones today, ran out of crumpets. They are good though. Salute! Planky.
  10. Plank

    Wingless warriors

    I think the "cocktail party effect" might go lengths to explain how a creaking spar might be audible... over the din. Ask any keen motorcyclist etc and you will discover a whole new type of magic hearing. The brain is quite a wonderful thing don't you think? Have another crumpet old chap. : - ) Salute! Planky. PS. I say, this website is smashing: http://www.aviation-history.com/theory/index-theory.html Oh blinking heck I have changed colour... sacre bleu!
  11. Plank

    Wingless warriors

    How about "creaking" or other startling noises that alert you to impending rapid disassembly? Lets say a wing kinks, or canvas tears, struts fly off. ( Or wiggle in the air stream ) That sort of thing would ad much more depth to the situation. * tat tat ta * oh hecking darn they missed! yey! * CREAK! * or maybe not... better put it down as son as possible. more creaking... We have quite good wind noises.. so if we had "damage noises" ... that would be jolly good. Spars snapping Canvas flaaaping. wire twanging Struts grinding etc. Just a idea... what I thought of. Salute! Planky.
  12. Plank

    Duelling: the art of practising.

    Don't make me re install RoF just to find out how bad this match up could be! Lets just for one second cast propriety aside ... Dr1 and SPAD do the classic duel merge. then... The SPAD ploughs on through and extends while diving a bit to get even moar speed. Meanwhile the Dr1 whips about and shoots. Keeps on shooting, more shooting , a little bit more, then a few more, then at about 600 to 700 m gives up. and puts the kettle on. Now what? Lets for one second imagine the SPAD is not leaking... hard to imagine really. But it could happen. It could rain fish too... SPAD flies off into the distance... Dr1 starts climbing. SPAD climbs too. Hmmm. Both pilots are super vigilant. Is this a race to the ceiling? Then what? Hopefully the SPAD gets much higher and can try some diving attacks. ( I have never ever ever been able to make this work...) Can the Dr1 flutter out of harms way? ( Probably.) If the SPAD stays high then the Dr1 can start zoom climb attacks. The " Ave Maria " attack if you will. ( I punctured Thors fuel tank in just such a manner once, it was with glee that I observed fuel leaking out and he couldn't come down... for fear of my fierce Camel...Salute Thor! ) I suppose there are two good attacks that one could make. The dive shoot then scoot Or the dive shoot and then zoom up... Frankly both are dangerous if you bungle your attack. I am prepared to do it! My BnZ skills are, well, I just don't have any... but heck, you only live once. ( thousands of times I mean..) I feel my will crumbling. Oh for heavens sake. Shh... be quiet. Noooo... put the mouse down... Ah ha! I have it. SPAD vs Dr1.... BUT.... always with the buts.... only with pistols. Take that! Salute! Plank. ( Cashier, polite bank robber and minister of finance.)
  13. Plank

    Duelling: the art of practising.

    Ahem. Not to be a pest but... Lets try and recover this thread back to it's original topic! Thanks! Salute! Planky.
  14. Plank

    Wingless warriors

    Chiming in! This might seem like a silly idea and one that would probably cause a fuss...but... If the actual damage model for each and every plane was public. ( I know this won't happen.) Then everyone will be in the know with respect to what plane they fly. It is possible the community could make suggestions to modify some things if there was a reasonable argument for this. At the end of the day it seems that there has to be a fudge factor involved, either to reduce CPU overheads or to just tie up lose ends, maybe with better computers we can model actual micro damage models etc. Personally I have learned to be wildly careful of flying Se5a and other Entente planes with any damage at all. and conversely I have been surprised at how much damage Central 2S's can soak up and keep flying. Sometimes knowing what you have helps you comes to terms with it, and essentially we just don't know as the internals of the game are it's secret sauce. And.. I liked the Se5a but flew it like an N28 and just kept ripping my wings off. This made me quite crabby. The devs made a call on the differences between these planes. There is a rationale. It made sense to someone. What would be really awesome would be a detailed damage model with actual diagnostics. Such as locations of actual bullet impacts and locations of structural failures. obviously in MP you have to keep things simple. This reduces overheads and keeps problems to a minimum ... But in SP you could go bonkers.... ( the other 15 CPU's can take note of all damage to the nth degree..) If you get hit in your Se5a then it's time to go home as soon as possible. and no pulling out of steep dives too hard. and that is it. Fail to heed this warning at your peril! * dramatic creaking noises * If only we could see what the devs can see! Salute! Plank.
  15. Plank

    Duelling: the art of practising.

    Today's thoughts on Duelling. by Plank. Ahem. When FC kicks off with the Dr1 and SPAD we are faced with a rather interesting situation. There are three duelling options. D/S, D/D and S/S . If we choose the classic head to head co alt no firing till passing start then are faced with an interesting proposition. In the D/S duel we can play a long game or a short one. If the SPAD driver elects to knife fight with the Dr1 then it's a short game. If the SPAD driver goes for a long game and manages to extend without being shot to bits then.... I suspect that some chaps will suggest that the SPAD will dictate the fight. But, they have to get out of range first. This will be the first hurdle to success... On the other hand if the SPAD tries to knife fight then things will surely go bad it. But wait. In duelling you can try and try and try some more. and in the trying you see some possible solution. This is the magic of high rate duelling. ( it's quite simply great fun too.) Is it possible that the SPAD could pull a very fast trick that might knobble the DR1 straight off the bat? We need to get Baron Von Zlatarn on to this, he is a wizard in a plane. S! If anyone can out manoeuvrer a Dr1 in a SPAD it's BVZ. So there is a bit of a conversation starter. Salute! Planky.