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    The cruddy weather, constant shelling and the rats. It's enough to make you pack it all in and go home.
    Apparently we get oil tomorrow and then probably a few props later. We might be able to make one good plane out of the shabby collection that we have be provided with. Then we might be able to go up, of course we would need petrol for this....

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  1. Plank

    It all came back to me....

    Hello! Got stuck in yesterday and played till I burnt out. I Said "F@#$ you!" and rage quit. ( A day in the seat was probably twice more than needed...) I was getting gang banged by two zoomers when I was trying to land my crippled plane... Nevermind. They had the server to themselves after that! Good! Had some excellent battles, conversations, hellos and some insights. I talked Mamo into flying an N17.... that was special. To RoF fliers and old friends! and enemies.... S! Salute! Planky. PS. The darndest thing: I was at a lakeside AF noodling along when a DVa dove out of the high ceiling at speed in an attack waaaaaaay too fast. It shed it's wings and then pulled out of the dive to land wheels down safely! With no wings! I saw it with my own eyeballs. Insanity. It pulled out out in less tan 200m I guess. Wow! S!
  2. Plank

    Ground Vehicles

    What would Doc Zebra do with Elephants one wonders? I reckon this "bundle stuff together" thing is a bit off and WWI stuff with WWII stuff is daft. The old way of single items for sale is OK I think. If you don't want the Flack truck but are keen on the fully kitted out WAR ELEPHANT.... but things are set in stone bar the elite top shelf stuff. I guess it's a good way to get MORE money in one hit than dribs and drabs. BUT you could get a lot of pushback IF you fail to deliver.... like other games did...are doing... will do. The crunching sound of stamping on a DR1 ... mmmm... Salute! Plank.
  3. Plank

    Ground Vehicles

    So you agree then that FC is a dead duck? If they do not "spend" any resources on it , as you state, then what is it? A feint? A jape? A leap of faith? It certainly does not look like it will be fully baked if your predictions are true.... Bit of a downer for those who were rooting for it. and paid for it. Meh. REGARDLESS of your opinion it's nice to see some other ones for a change. Which is why I upvoted the ones I like. If FC is the WW1 replacement for ROF then the devs better get their skates on. or their market share will erode. Quickly. Confidence is a fickle thing. Bring on the KRAFTWAGONS! AAA emplacements and cruddy tanks and trucks! Salute! Planky.
  4. Plank

    Ground Vehicles

    So we have things we want in the WW1 simulator... GOOD! I have this funny feeling that the excitement about FC is going to go cold. RoF fans are essentially being dragged sideways instead of forward. and being an addon to the the core WW2 game at that. eye roll. We the WW1 fans would like to be separated from the WW2 zone. We want more stuff than what we had in RoF and we would like to see some serious effort in that direction. Simply adding a SPAD and a DR1 to the WW2 game is a bit ripe and then charging for it when it's essentially a dead duck. and now people are arguing that the devs don't have time to work on WW1 stuff as there are more pressing things to do... Well that sounds like a dumb argument. If you start a new FRONT be blinking prepared to SUPPORT IT. Pretty simple military concept. Anyone arguing that we should NOT get more WW1 stuff because it is wasting the devs time needs to go and play Tank Crew and shut up the heck up. RoF players paid money to the devs over the years and that money got spent on BoXYZ. We did not get more dev time on RoF but you WW2 fanboys got LOADS of stuff. This is BS. Hey we are not going to develop more WW2 stuff for a while as we are diverting everything to WW1 for a change. Imagine that! The screams of tykes tossing their FW's out of the bassinet... RoF got left in the dirt but surprisingly had "sales" like clockwork. Lets make a list of all the ground stuff we could add to the NEW WW1 SIMULATOR. "The war to end all wars". WEAW. ok that's not so catchy but it's a bit more appropriate than FC... And SPAD vs DR1 ?????? CAMEL YOU MEAN !!! face palm. So BRING ON THE PLAYER CONTROLLED WW1 STUFF THANKS! and lets have a proper WW1 map and WW1 loading screen! Salute! Plank.
  5. Chaps. Accidentality re installed RoF and then went through the "rebind and figure out the controls" dance. :- ) and got back into the ACTION! Heck. Even after quite a few months the magic was still there! Halb DII vs Camel, N17 vs DR1 and then N28 vs D7f. Phew! Lots of nonsense and having a blast was had. Yey! The most vexing thing is how do you kill a D7f with an N28 when you are higher than it? I can never seem to get that to pan out. In fact it's a real bug bear. If they keep wiggling around then it's a dead cert that I will lose... Sure if they have their eyes closed and fly in a straight line I should be able to dive down behind them and strafe ... but no D7f pilot will let you do that! Ha! Back to whinging! Get Knicked! The glory of tailing a Dr1 in a N17 GBR. It's super! Tat tat tat tat! he he he. My two fave planes at the moment: The Halbenator DII and the Nieuport N17 GBR. Anyway it's time to make dinner. So cheerio! Salute! Planky.
  6. Plank

    Actual Spitfire.

    Hello! Spitfire was heading south over HAMILTON ( HLZ ) pulled a "handbrake" and a couple of "doughnuts" then flew back north ish. Colour was brown, full wingtips and it was flying so darn slow that I could see it slipping down in a bank turn but it levelled out before loosing too much alt. I guess it was trying to keep the noise down, probably fling a bit too low and slow... : - ) We get all sorts of air traffic here, light planes, trainers, war birds, commercial, helicopters... The noisiest of them all was the hecking Huey which WUP WUP WUPPED it's way over the city regularly way back in the day. That was a colossal ear sore. S! P PS. sorry shamrock we both posted at the same time.
  7. Plank

    Ground Vehicles

    Is that WWI tank crew or WWII tank crew? As a serial tank buster in the Nieuport N28 with big guns it would be great to go up against a player in a deathtrap tank. Plane vs Player AAA would be great too. : - ) In fact a mission where one side defends and tuther attacks would be even greater. mmm.. Salute! Planky.
  8. Plank

    Actual Spitfire.

    Flew over my house the other day. Ran out into the street to watch, a couple of steep bank turns then left the scene. Wow. Those wingtips! The sound! Show off! Gosh! Salute! Planky.
  9. Plank

    Ground Vehicles

    Oh steam.... sigh. Maximum torque at locked rotor! Lock the rotor of an electrical motor = smoke generator. and a modern steam engine would be soooooooo much fun! 70% efficient !!! Steam! It's amazing! You can make as HOT as you like. SUPERHEAT !!!! and the EXPLOSIONS you can have! Insanity! huge! BOOM! Bring back the Stanley steamer! Player controlled MG's on crappy AAA trucks! A hoot! S! P
  10. Good morning Stumble! and good morning SeaWolf. In a nut shell: Two bearings, best if they were angular contact. Bearings can be made by different companies but can have the same dimensions/serial number etc. The bicycle bottom bracket bearings that we are using are, by design, the best and cheapest. : - ) The bearing you have shown in the pic is a radial contact bearing. this is designed for rotating shafts with little or no thrust/side load. ( output shaft on engine say) A thrust bearing is designed for a heavy linear load with little radial load. ( bearing on platform "lazy susan" etc) The rudder bar has a bit of both. ( When you rest your feet on it you are thrusting and when you turn the rudder you are rotating. ) Even better is a taper roller bearing, as used famously in most vehicle wheel bearings, steering headsets etc etc but expect to pay through the nose. eek! and you have to preload them with a certain amount of tension so you need to factor that in. To make a good widget using off the shelf parts can get tricky if you don't have a lath/tool shop and are hoping to get a non DIY solution. As Arty Cynic pointed out with his recycled bike bearing photo essay, it's just toooo cheap! My very first rudder bar used washers and grease as a thrust washer but it was a bit "sticky" and was abandoned. ( You can't beat a proper bearing... ) I would heartily recommend ferreting about for unwanted stuff that has shafts and bearings in it already and consider how to mangle that into a solution. Cheap and you will learn things! Failing that it is best to make sure you know exactly what it is you are buying! Which means RESEARCH! woo! yey! Right now I could bicycle into town a buy a fortune in bearings that would be overkill or hard to use or just plain expensive! The BBB is the super cheap way forward. ( You will need tools and willingness to give it a go! ) : - ) 50mm is huge! A 20mm steel tube spigot or solid shaft or even wooden rod should be good enough . Plans are the first step. Draw everything! Prototype. Experiment! Then when you get a good solution rebuild it so that it's pretty! Salute! Planky.
  11. Stumble! Quick get some veroboard and solder the sensor to that then solder the leads to the board. Phew. No one saw.... see here: https://nz.element14.com/vero/01-0021/veroboard-pcb-121-92mm-x-101-6mm/dp/1536938 and seawolf S! http://cad.timken.com/item/angular-contact-ball-bearings-nbsp-/fafnir--single-row-angular-contact-ball-bearings--/7206wn The bearing can take side loads.... and you will need two... but the bearing you have is fine and hefty it's just not super ideal! and it's got BOLT HOLES ! and SET SCREWS! what more could you want? https://cad.timken.com/item/all-product-types/ucf-four-bolt-flange-units/ucf204-12 Go the rudder bar squad! woop! I really need to get off my backside and do stuff.... hmm. Salute! Planky.
  12. Salute Chaps. Yey! woohoo!!! and "PlankBar" !!!! my my. heavens even. : - ) GOOD! tick. I felt the slight urge to plug mine in for about three seconds... the clatter snap of the vickers loading etc. *Kahchechnick* The distance between the sensor and the magnet is important. Mine is quit close to touching. 250 thou of a mil.... Good work! Yes indeed we would like to see pictures/video Mr Cynic! Right I must get out of bed.... Salute! Planky.
  13. Plank


    Roger SIBLENCE you are coming through very well. Clear skies here. sun is out probably hot today. Extensive visibility and might need a sunhat glasses/ginandtonic. Air traffic is light ( all playing tennis/trout fishing I presume) and air density is um, no idea. Windsock is limp. S! P.
  14. I cringe when I think of BASIC as I had the opportunity to learn to program back in '84 at my high school and didn't.... We had i286's and a networked Winchester HDD all of 20Meg.... Then what I should have done is learned CAD which is what my father pioneered the use of in our darling little swamp city. But... it was not to be. 10 Print " Raaaid is god: 20 goto line 10 https://xkcd.com/292/ Meh... Bring on the dancing chickens! Salute! Plank ( Still in bed with the flu...)