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  1. Hello Hiro. The invisible stick base...this is CM or CM2 with new gimbal mechanics?
  2. I will vote for the Voice acting messages that will replace info given by HUD. You will get almost all info from the crew members by voice. Crew "intercom" and radio between tanks or even platoons maybe (depends on how large the TC will be regarding tactics, units cooperation, troops, "off-map" artillery etc.) In some tanks there were some radio issues or there was too noisy to speak intercom and there was some kind of gestures and stamping on shoulders language but IMO voice acting will be a good compromise. Hard too tell how the final gameplay balance will look like. It will be based on fast clash, tank duels wiht no infantry cooperation etc. Something like "other popular" games but with tank interiors? On the other hand it's hard to imagine "realistic" simulation with preparing defences lines and players waiting 3 hours hidden in bushes to ambush enemy attack. Implementing voice acting and communication that allows you to turn off all hightec HUD guides infographics etc. Recorded voice tracks in Russian, German and universal English and optional subtitles with on\off toggle. And mix this AI with multiplayer communication between "live" players it's a Hard task. It will tend players to learn proper order of comms and will enlarge some chaos of battle effect. Morale changes, panic, euphory etc. Even receiving info about Your status and location will be a difficult task maybe even too difficult and boring for some. Imagine Intercom voice reports on -asking questions on gun, engine,tank ammo status -giving orders to crew members -spotted units -tank Damage reports. -info about damage to enemy units (in WW2 it was hard to judge the Tank is knock out or not, tanks not always explode) -direction/range to designated areas, designated points, direction to enemy -info about turret traverse -loaded ammo, ammo availability Platoon radio communication -reports from other units/tanks within platoon -reports form higher command if any.. -etc.
  3. I was using MFGs but now I'm using VKB-T-IV. I have a small room to fly around and often need to "place everything back to hangar" so I go for the VKB. They are very good but have low centering force for my taste, so my setup is strong centering force and hard CAM it's great but You have noticeable click at the center. I don't mind the toe brakes cause I've analog brake on stick but let's see how it will work with upcoming P-51. MFGs allows to set gradually strong sprig force unlike VKBs. MFGs are flipping when You put one feet on them if you don't have them velcroed, MFGs don't have comfortable heel rests but it's easy too DIY one. Some people uses MFGs with "heels on the floor" also. Both sets are great if You need more compact setup go for VKB. If You have Gunfighter or Gladiator You can have stick and rudder under one USB connected to stick box.
  4. Default soft center cam' on pitch(#40spring) and roll(#40spring) Clutches truned off, MCG grip. The stick was floppy around center by default, compared to RL TailD controls. I've modified the cam's by adding 2mm of pretty hard rubber on contact surfaces. Rubber comes from bicycle tube (double layer, one layer is about 1mm). Precise job and sewing skills required (I used no glue so it's reversible). It solves the floppy center problem and gives more natural organic feel (night and day difference). I didn't try this setup with extension. I've modified MK IV soft cam (strong spring position) in the same way but with more layers of rubber stripes reinforced with cardboard (can't remember the exact thickness of layers in mm) Rudder acts way better now, closer to RL, with more noticable center. Rubber gives more "fluid" and dense consistency motion.
  5. Virpil is probably preparing new gimbal for use with long extension (regarding coop with Baur) " We feel it is now time to move on and we will be launching the FINAL VPC MongoosT-50 base sale! (...)" So it can be a quite opposite on the market regarding VKB Gunfighter gimbal issues IMHO...
  6. It depends on monitor model and even a specific unit of the monitor but IMO I will get higher Mhz with g-sync over image quality and colors reproduction. The difference between 60 and 100fps is big, especially with fast moving objects case like Fsims. With higher FPS 100 and above; dogfight, deflection shooting, dive bombing is simpler form my experience. You see the more of something like "movement flow" hard to describe. But pushing more than 100 FPS is demanding for hardware so You will need to lower Your Graphic settings, depends of your specs.
  7. Yep, VKB need too manufacture new soft CAM (more linear CAM with no center detend). With current soft CAM if You put stronger spring, You getting more centering force almost only on the edges of delfection, at the center is something like 0.05 more centering force, almost no noticable. So You need to put 2x more spring exceeding the safe #80 springs level. I'm using GunF from months, only in desktop config P#40, R#40 clutches off. With extension the P#50+#50, R#50+#50 was ok for me, but that was a risky setup.
  8. Yep but if You are going faster the steering wheel straightens up. And overcoming forces is your main "connection" to the machine. Try to ride a fast motobike the gyro effect straightens you up, you can ride straight without touching steering wheel. Its similar to flying a trimmed aircraft where You have only roll axis. Yes. I think You're right. Ad (2)- clear return to center. IMO without FFB You need to feel where the center is. You need too feel You are trimmed or not.
  9. Have You tried the 4X50 springs setup - 2 springs on one axis. But watch out of the breaking bolt issue! I do not reccommd using clutches = weird stickiness effect/feel. How the VKB soft center is to compared to Virpil soft center? I've found VKB to floppy/soft around center and IMO VKB must elaborate on new soft CAM - more linear. The currently available soft CAM is too soft around center and too hard at the edge of delection. CAMs from MFG is a good example of well balanced CAMs.
  10. Movement tracking bug in P-39 cockpit. (in movement not the rotation). TrackIR 5 head movement in X axis. Tracking is sticking in a strange manner to the center, when moving head sideways it sticks around point zero. In X axis movement to the left is very slow and movement to the right has some strange acceleration (Maybe there some issue with opening right door - asymmetrical space?). Tested with normal Clip and Clip PRO TIR5 on linear curves one:one. I didn't tested every plane but in I-16 and Yak-7b and Bf's movement tracking seems to be ok.
  11. from Today's official newsletter: In few days MCG grips for rev.A socket will be announced with estimated shipping date of the end of May/June. Rudder Mk.IV pedals are also re-stocked offering better price. Please, note that shipping of all Gunfighter and T-Rudder orders are planned to start after the 3rd of May 2018 .
  12. It may be mechanical issue - some plastic part broken. As far as I remember there in no spring in pinkie switch. It may be electronic issue - monostable switch broken. Pinky switch has a standard monostable switch connector inside the grip. It can be easily replaced (soldering/technical skills required). Just contact VKB get the name model of the switch part replace it Yourself or in some electro workshop. There is many models/sizes so it's better to ask VKB for name or show the damaged switch part in shop to replace one. The switch part look like this one
  13. Movement tracking bug in P-39 cockpit. (in movement not the rotation). TrackIR 5 head movement in X axis. Tracking is sticking in a strange manner to the center, when moving head sideways it sticks around point zero. In X axis movement to the left is very slow and to the right has some strange acceleration. (Maybe there some issue with opening right door - asymmetrical space?) Tested with normal Clip and Clip PRO TIR5 on linear curves one:one. I didn't tested every plane but in I-16 and Yak-7b movement tracking seems to be ok.
  14. Fixed by brute force. Looks like corrupted NET framework 3.5 in WIN 10 was causing the problem. Format drives, reinstall the whole WIN 10 system, activate Net Framework 3.5 in Windows Features and now it's working.
  15. On EXPERT settings there is an icon showing position of my plane on map (default "O" key). How to turn off this icon on EXPERT?
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