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  1. In the EU official 1CGS server Planes and Tanks Normal by DED there is a battle called TANKS RUSH from the starting point in a tank at the top of the hill there are enemy fuel trunks and ammo to be exploded. However no matter what is shot at them nothing happens, it used to but as of late nothing. What happened ? Can it please be fixed.
  2. I totally agree with the above comments....and I would buy too Blitzen !! its discouraging when shooting 20 times with AP and very little if any effect on T 34...they take one shot and you're gone. P.S. Super ET really like those pics.
  3. It does not matter which plane, but, its visible in the cockpit after loading bombs and of course during the flight it will move and when getting closer to the bombsite it shifts forward as though it is putting a bulls eye on the target before you drop the payload. Maybe its something I did in settings, but, I don't know what. Its not that accurate I've tried dropping at different times using it as a guide, but with no success. Thanks for your response
  4. What is the purpose of the yellow dot in the cockpit when carrying bombs ?
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