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  1. This is really getting very boring and frustrating with AI enemy fighters. The only maneuver they do is constant left or right 280-300 km turn without loosing energy, or overheating the engine, without any chance to get closer to them. This is pretty ridiculous.
  2. Thanks. I have unplugged and plugged again the stick, and now looks ok.
  3. I have checked this morning, and something is wrong with my joystick calibration. I am using a T16000M, and when I enter the game, and I go to settings to see joystick axis, I see the image below. http://postimg.org/image/vgdlnfhdh/4ab1a709/ More precisely, in the beginning the elevator symbol is in the middle, but after a full up dow movement of the stick (then releasing) the symbol is not in the middle any more. All other axis are fine. Is there any way to fine tune that? I found nothing about this in the manual.
  4. This one is clear, but between 500-1000 m there is no big difference.
  5. Probably that is also personal preference. I'll experiment with different values. Now I pulled it down to 50%, and tomorrow I will try other settings. One thing is sure for me 0% is not right for me, it makes aiming and shooting impossible.
  6. Ok, so if I have 70-70% elevator and aileron, then rudder ptobably 80-85%, right?
  7. But does this mean higher, or lower sensitivity by game terms?
  8. Speaking of rudder, what would be the sensitivity here? Similar to elevator and aileron? At least according to your experience.
  9. Again an excellent hint! I set the sensitivity to 70% and now it feels much more comfortable. What about dead zone setting mate?
  10. Do you adjust your sensitivity in the game, or in a separate joystick application?
  11. I use both F4 and G2 for pacticing. Engine management is easier on Bf 109, and I also like better German cockpit gauges, but vision is much better in Soviet fighters. Now tried your tips guys, and it looks really that this is all about gentle stick handling and trimming. Now I can easily reach 550 km/h with Bf 109, and now I can achive a high speed turn with about 500 km/h. Even with continuous engine mode I can reach 510 km/h in level flight with proper trimming. It looks that so far I did not apply enough nose down trim for level turning, my nose "went up to the sky", and I lost a lot of speed. This is completely different from RoF, where sharp turns were the key.
  12. Hello fellow Pilots, I feel completely hopeless with this simulation. I practiced so far against bombers, but now I tried some dogfighting, and I really feel disappointed. No matter which plane I try I hoplessly outclassed by AI planes, although I did quite well in RoF. I cannot reach more than 400-450 km/h in straight level flight neither with Bf 109 nor with Yak-1, although by specification they should reach 500+ km/h at 2000-3000 m. That way I cannot catch up with enemy planes to get guns on them. If I make a turn I become hoplessly slow 300-350 km/h. Most probably I am doing something wrong.... I would appreciate some help.
  13. Really nice mate, well done! In the future would be nice to see some historical 4k skins for the underestimated LaGG.
  14. Thanks guys for all your kind support. I have purchased BoS, and now I can hardly wait my T16000M to arrive. I have already ordered it, and should arrive in about a week. Till then I am practicing with my old Logitech Freedom 2.4. I really enjoy this simulation, and I also hope that developers will further improve it with future content.
  15. Hm.. I might not have enough money to buy both stick and throttle lever, but as I can see the T16000 stick has many buttons, and also throttle.
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