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  1. British got some hawks from the French contract after June 40,they where called Mohawks and those planes served in CBI,not in Africa,not in Syria/Lebanon. h75s have inferior performance compared to d520,exept in low speed turns
  2. Je conseille les Docavia,tout est dedans,les groupes de chasse,sur tous les théâtres d opération. on y trouve mentionnée les patrouilles de D520 en Tunisie,mais elles ont vite été interrompues,à cause des radio françaises incompatibles avec les modèles Anglo Américains.
  3. Vichy(blue side) could become a selectable country in the coming patches. We need the list of Vichy france squadrons Who Fought during Syria Lebanon campaign and Torch operation. players won’t have the real maps,but almost every needed aircrafts are already there
  4. Great list. id rather put the Martin Baltimore instead of Boston
  5. I always preferred Japanese army planes over Japanese navy s,except the ground based late fighters like George and jack. CBI is the most interesting imho,japanese planeset there is rich. just my opinion
  6. something around Rabaul would be really nice for those who did nt read it,i strongly recommend "the siege of Rabaul"written by Henry Sakaida,one of the most famous pacific air war historians lot of possibilities in this place. i personnaly would love chasing heavy bombers enlightened by searchlights in J1N1C Kai...with BOS engine,it would be so ....DAM
  7. for Raiden lovers: a handfull was indeed armed with a pair of type 5 30 mm cannon in the last days of war.i remember reading a statement in a Henry Sakaida book of one of those shooting down a B29 in one burst
  8. i dont know,i was not interested in those things at the time, i would say that,if 3d party models where not good,the quality control is to blame, it is up to officials to include or not
  9. things would go faster if 3d party modellers would be involved... by several sources,Raiden was considered by americans as the best navy fighter, i really love the "bomber engine fighter" concept,so as his army cousin,the SHOKI. not as well armed as the raiden,but the best fighter in 43
  10. i am a total pto fan zeke vs wildcat,george vs hellcats,corsairs,oscar,tony vs p40 lot of exotic possibilities:wilde sau like b17 and b24 night interceptions with gekous... pt boat hunting in kI 45s...also 4 engined bomber hunt with same mount the probem with the naval part is that every plane made by grumman is not free to model...
  11. thank you very much guys for answering,looks like ill grab this sim soon
  12. thank you for the quick answer!! is there a good mission builder?
  13. hi sorry if my question seems dumb: i did not buy the game yet,i would like to know if its possible to make a local playing,with 2 pcs running the game connected together,with one which is hosting the thing,just like it was on 46: multiplay,create /join server
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