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  1. =19FAB=Fin

    Tactical Air War

    =19FAB= also wants to thank all the Pilots for the nice Campaign... And we are looking forward to meet at the next one. Wishing you all Good Luck, Pilots! P.S.: Chimango - thx for nice words. And of course thx for your job also ! Cya all 😃
  2. =19FAB=Fin

    Tactical Air War

    =19FAB= a.k.a 19th Frontline Aviation Brigade will fly Red We wish you all luck!
  3. =19FAB=Fin

    Tactical Air War

    Hello guys, Russian-Speaking Squad =19FAB= a.k.a 19th Frontline Aviation Brigade greeting all the pilots that are participating in the pretty nice war on the TAW Server. We expect the new campaign as lots of us do. And we will be there @ the RED side. Will be glad to meet both Red and Blue teams soon in the air. Good Luck guys!