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  1. Folks might get lucky to fly the Allied lead prop-driven performance aircraft from Supermarine and Hawker from 1944/45 now and then, but just imagine an organised Allied squad trying to get enough of these aircraft available for them all to fly together as a squadron in the same aircraft when numbers are so limited. A squad could try for weeks and even then it appears impossibly difficult to get everyone flying the same aircraft, yet there are plenty of lead prop-driven top performance FW (190-D) and Bf 109 (K-4) to go around for numerous LW squads to regularly freely mount up and go fly toge
  2. Free to take a swing and also to perhaps miss the point concerning how many Allied aircraft slots are taken up by earlier war aircraft; for example feel free to look at the in-game specifications for the Spit V and Hurricane II and check out the stated combat debut dates for those aircraft compared to the LW aircraft types and numbers available. Happy landings, Talisman
  3. LOL, spawned in to find 36 x Hurricanes MkII, 36 x Spitfire V and all the late war LW aircraft available in abundance, like the FW D-9, Bf 109 K4, etc, etc. Guess how many Spitfire XIV, well six! Guess how many Tempest V, well six! I left this madness and went and had fun on Flying Circus. I am starting to think that single player and campaigns is the way to go for 1944-45 WW2 flying. Forget MP me thinks. Happy landings, Talisman
  4. Killing the enemy is what war is about and this sim simulates war. Killing enemy pilots was/is a duty. We need to get into the full acting part for full immersion. Just like the poor bloody infantry; think you are safe in your trench, well think again because we shoot you there too just like you are in the open attacking us. Trench not safe and parachute not safe. Life is hard and then you die. Suggest: 1. Weight of parachute to be taken into account for aircraft flight model. 2. Parachutes should mostly work unless pilot too badly wounded to use, parachute
  5. Thanks for reply. Have many hours in the old original CloD and not seen this problem. Seems to be a problem in Blitz single player for me. Even just spawn in and test the parachute its a fail, lol. Tried it now in MP and it worked though, so feeling a bit happier now. Talking of single player, every time I select a quick combat mission for RAF the game puts me in a Bf 109! What is going on? For example, I select dogfight over Dover to fly the Spit (just like I used to do years ago with the original CloD) and I get a 109 every time I spawn in; very odd. How the hell I can get
  6. Try a JetPad with SimShaker ForWings software as I read that this helps with motion sickness because it provides the body with extra feedback. Happy landings, Talisman
  7. Why does the parachute fail every time? And before any asks, yes pilot has parachute selected as part of standard equipment. Just started to use CloD again after many years and about to start a campaign in the P40 Tomahawk, only to find that the gunsight is bugged and parachute fails every time I am not enjoying my return to CloD.
  8. Hi Picard, Yes, I agree with you. I am a Pimax 5k+ user and have found the same thing regarding the difference in quality of picture (blurry) since the recent updates. Very strange. I wish they would turn back the clock to how it was before. I seem to remember something about changes in the patch to do with aircraft visibility over distance, so perhaps that has made the overall quality worse. Thing is, I did not think there was any problem with the visibility of aircraft over distance, so I for one wish things had not changed for the worse Happy landings,
  9. Funny, I thought folks were always saying no balance, not about balance, certainly not balance first, lol. I thought it was about historical aircraft technological time line 'what if' match ups, with a little bit of discretionary balance from the server admin. A well... Happy landings, Talisman
  10. Thanks Stickz, nice one. I have only just started to fly this crate and I noticed the gun sight was off wonk. Makes me wonder if anyone uses the gunsight properly, lol. Perhaps no one flies the Tomahawk. Just had my very first flight in MP in the standard early Tomahawk and I have a lot to learn. Looks like I need to learn to manage fuel tanks for a start. Also had to re learn how to use the interface for the game and even select an aircraft and airfield, lol. Tab 7-1, etc, not working for me either, so will have to investigate that. Hate going back to TIR, its tota
  11. Something is wrong with the gunsight on the Tomahawk I think. The horizontal, EA wingspan, adjustment seems very wrong and way off! For example, setting the range to 250 yards and the wingspan to 32 feet gives a huge gap between the horizontal bars that does not match the size of enemy aircraft wingspan at set range. Please could someone else look at this and confirm it is not just me and that it is a real bug. Thanks. Happy landings, Talisman
  12. My post was in terms of the historical technological time line and not a comparison of characteristics or weapons. My understanding of the Finnish server is that the geography is certainly not historical, but that the aircraft technological time line is approximately historical in terms of when aircraft are introduced as progress is made through the different plane sets. Otherwise we might just as well have all the aircraft all the time in one plane set from the get go. However, perhaps I have misunderstood this and stand to be corrected. Happy landings, Talisman
  13. Thank you Temuri. I see that you have introduced the Spit XIV at the same time as the Bf 109 G-14. Thing is, it was the Bf 109 G-6 Late that was introduced in early 1944 about the same time as the Spitfire XIV, not the Bf 109 G-14, which did not arrive until July 1944. The in-game specification notes for the Spitfire XIV state combat debut as January 1944 (first operational sorties began 8th January 44), which is 6 months before the 109 G-14 arrived. Also, if you click on this historical combat report (below) from 7th March 1944, it shows Spitfire XIV aircraft engaged with FW 190 aircr
  14. I think that the NACA report needs to be taken in context and that the context, in this instance, is rather complicated; or at least that is how it appears from the discussion linked below (well worth a read I think): The Air Tactical Assault Group - Team Fusion - Cliffs of Dover Happy landings, Talisman
  15. Looks like VikS delivered this for the release of the Spitfire XIV, in terms of 150 rounds per gun, with the latest patch Many thanks VikS and the dev team; brilliant! Happy landings, Talisman
  16. Hopefully others may chime in with more information and knowledge, as I am not so knowledgeable on the subject and just thought I would pass on information I happened to come across. Happy landings, Talisman
  17. SUGGESTION FOR REASONS OF HISTORICAL ACCURACY References: A. Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945.: Amazon.co.uk: Wallace, G.F.: 9780718303624: Books B. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/610_Harding_7march44.pdf Dear Developers, For reasons of historical accuracy please provide HEI and SAPI for RAF guns for the second half of WW2 From this source: Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945.: Amazon.co.uk: Wallace, G.F.: 9780718303624: Books for the 20mm Hispano : Where the HE/
  18. Lets get real world about this, there is no aircraft to counter the Me 262 in the conventional sense of air-to-air combat, not the Tempest and not the Spitfire XIV; pilots in the war needed either a lot of luck, a lot of planning, a lot of ground control (intelligence and radar) information, or all three to shoot Me 262 aircraft down. Other than that, multi disciplined special operation's were mounted in a joined up way to try and counter the Me 262 threat. The Spitfire XIV is already clearly slower in level flight than LW late war conventional piston engine types, let alone a LW
  19. For historical accuracy please provide HEI and SAPI for RAF guns for the second half of WW2 From this source: Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945.: Amazon.co.uk: Wallace, G.F.: 9780718303624: Books for the 20mm Hispano : Where the HE/I was designed thus: Where the SAP/I (Semi-Armour Piercing/Incendiary) was designed thus:
  20. From this source: Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945.: Amazon.co.uk: Wallace, G.F.: 9780718303624: Books for the 20mm Hispano : Where the HE/I was designed thus: Where the SAP/I (Semi-Armour Piercing/Incendiary) was designed thus:
  21. Hi Folks, This combat report from 7th March 1944 shows 150 rounds per cannon with 76 rounds S.A.P.I. and 74 rounds H.E.I. per gun for the Spitfire XIV and makes no mention of machine gun loadout. This armament information is near the bottom of the report just above the signatures. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/610_Harding_7march44.pdf Regarding RAF loadouts, Semi Armoured Piercing Incendiary (S.A.P.I.) and Hight Explosive Incendiary (H.E.I.) for the 20mm Hispano, according to this source: Guns of the Royal Air Force 1939-1945.: Amazon.co.uk: Wallac
  22. Hello Folks, Any tips on how best to use the Tomahawk II in combat in MP, in the desert, would be very gratefully received. I shall soon be flying the Tomahawk in MP and would very much appreciate any tips, particularly beyond the basics, obvious and well know. Perhaps, for example, things like loadout recommendations, guns convergence recommendations, fuel loads, manoeuvring/handling in combat vs opposition aircraft, optimum radiator settings, boost settings and rpm settings for prevailing circumstances, etc. Anything to help give an edge over the Bf 109 Tropical var
  23. Happy Birthday Jason and many happy landings Talisman
  24. Which book, do you have a link? Happy landings, Talisman
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