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  1. Great stuff! Many thanks for the update. Happy landings, Talisman
  2. I am waiting for this as well as VR. I have a JetPad and SimShaker software and it works great for all my flight sims except CloD There is a thread somewhere about this and Buzzsaw has said it is on the list, if I remember correctly. Happy landings, Talisman
  3. The historical combat report linked below shows 150 rounds for each of the two cannon with 76 rounds S.A.P.I. and 74 rounds H.E.I. per gun for the Spitfire XIV on 7th March 1944. This armament information is near the bottom of the report, just above the signatures. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/610_Harding_7march44.pdf Would the developers be able to confirm this in any way for the upcoming Spitfire XIV? Thank you in anticipation. Happy landings, Talisman
  4. Hi Folks, I have just noticed that this combat report shows 150 rounds per cannon with 76 rounds S.A.P.I. and 74 rounds H.E.I. per gun for the Spitfire XIV on 7th March 1944. This armament information is near the bottom of the report just above the signatures. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/610_Harding_7march44.pdf Can you action this for the upcoming Spitfire XIV =FB=VikS? Happy landings, Talisman
  5. Jeffrey Quill, the famous Spitfire test pilot, who also fought in the Battle of Britain with victories to his name, said in his book that in his opinion "the Mk XIV turned out to be the best of all the fighter variants of the Spitfire"; and he should know! The above quote about the XIV is in his book, 'Spitfire' (IBSN 0-09-937020-4) on the first page of chapter 20. Anyone who may not be aware who Jeffrey Quill is might like to check out the link below: Jeffrey Quill - Wikipedia Happy landings, Talisman
  6. Good news and the Spitfire XIV is great! First Spit XIV contact with the enemy would appear to be 7th March 1944 (see below) Combat Reports 610 Squadron's Intelligence Officer recorded on 7 March, 1944 what may be the Spitfire XIV's first aerial combat: Click on the number 60 at the end to view the original report.
  7. Also using +11 lbs boost Tempest V over the Continent in the summer of 1944. Below is an operations record book account of anti-diver (V-1 flying bomb) operations and armed recce over the continent in the same month of August 44. You will see 25th Aug starting with anti-diver patrols and then an armed recce into France at Cassel, Nr St Omer. Anti diver patrols are then resumed on 26th Aug. Then on 27th Aug another armed recce near St Omer. Then on 28th Aug an attack on a radar station in France at Cassel, near St Omer. Seems they made a hell of a mess of it! So +11 lbs boost
  8. And yes, the Bf 109 is a tiny, very small fighter in comparison with its competition. More vital equipment packed into a tighter and smaller space too. Such a small aircraft has an advantage in that it is harder to aim at and hit, but when it is hit, and by a substantial amount of rounds, it should sustain more damage for its size than a larger aircraft I would have thought. Instead, the opposite seems to be modelled in this simulation. Such a small aircraft should be very vulnerable to damage when hit, much more than larger aircraft. I love this flight simulation title, but th
  9. On the subject of WEP enabled vibrations, this is a Spitfire aircraft account: P/O Roger Hall of No. 152 Squadron based at Warmwell in 10 Group described a 4 September scramble: We were traveling at full throttle and climbing at nearly three thousand feet a minute in the general direction of the enemy formation, which was just visible high up above and in front of us. I could see Yellow Section in front and above us also, going at full boost. Black streams of petrol vapour were coming away from their engines. 'Better use your energy boost, Roger,' Ferdie called out to me,
  10. This, big time this! Should be taken into account in a sensible and reasonably practicable way. Happy landings, Talisman
  11. Something like this has happened to me quite a few times on the MP Finnish server. The guns sound like they are firing, but no rounds are fired and no damage is caused to the target. It is not a good thing when you are attacking the enemy, lol, and I have been caught out badly by this in the past. I don't use the R&R function so it is not related to that. I had assumed that it was a known bug and therefore I have not highlighted the issue. P.S. Did you get the gun sound. I get the gun sound but nothing is actually fired. Happy landings, Talisman
  12. Not sure if the evo force works now as I changed over to the MSFF2 joystick to get force feedback capability and the MSFF2 works well for me. Happy landings, Talisman
  13. Yes, I have had this. I looked at the stats after and the stats indicated that it was a Bf109 that was invisibly shooting at me. I have stopped flying the server for a while due to such strange happenings. Happy landings, Talisman
  14. Very much agree that turret guns should be much more accurate than others. Turret guns were developed with a lot of work and valuable resources for the very reason of providing greater accuracy. I would suggest that the accuracy of defensive guns should be toned down a lot if they are not turret guns. I think that this would be more logical and realistic. Another factor producing poor accuracy for defensive guns is the effect of gravity on a gunner trying to operate a gun while his aircraft is manoeuvring if he is not in a turret. In-game defensive gunners not in a turret are c
  15. Well done Enigma89 Very informative and nicely done. Happy landings, Talisman
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