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  1. The beauty of this server is that it is different from many others in that if the aircraft were available then we can fly them I like that. So flying over a particular geographic location in history at whatever time of the war does not stop us flying a particular aircraft on this server if it was combat operational and used as such. The Tempest V version we have in-game was operational with a debut of May 1944 as stated by the game developers and it shot down enemy aircraft, attacked ground targets and flew sweeps, etc, recorded in combat reports from 8th June 1944 all the way to the end of the war. I have not seen all the Tempest V combat reports, so there will be many others out there. The Tempest V defended the UK from the enemy and attacked the enemy on operational sorties from its debut in May 1944 onwards and was fully operational to the end of the war. So, for this server historic geography is not so relevant. The Tempest V meets the criterion of this server, so it is just a matter of when it had its debut to determine which plane set is applicable. Which would appear to be quite simple if not clouded by other issues. As for the Spitfire XIV, I believe operational sorties were carried out from 4th January 1944 onwards, with the first air-to-air combat being against 3 x FW 190 on 7th March 1944; the combat reports for this encounter are available as a matter of historical record Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman P.S. Here is a link to a combat report showing 56 Sqn Tempest V (11lbs boost) missions over mainland Europe on the 6th and 9th September: Newchurch Village :: 1st to 10th September 1944
  2. Dear Temuri, Despite what Black-Witch has posted, all Tempest V squadrons remained operational for combat and at no time was a Tempest V squadron declared non operational. You can see from the information below that the Tempest V version we have in game is valid for June 1944 onwards and that not only did the Tempest remain operational to the end of the war, but they also flew over Europe in between hunting V-1 flying bombs. The Tempest V version we have in-game for IL-2 GB is the series II that began reaching operational squadrons in June 1944. The Tempest Mk V Series II, the one we have in-game, equipped with the short barrelled Hispano Mk V cannon, and capable of carrying long range drop tanks, began reaching the squadrons during June. During July and August three more squadrons were equipped with Tempests; Nos. 80, 274, and 501 comprising the Manston Wing. This information and the combat report below, showing 3 enemy aircraft shot down on 8th June 1944 and operations over France in August 1944 can be found below: Tempest V Performance (wwiiaircraftperformance.org) As far as combat operations for the Tempest V were concerned here is an operations record book account of anti-diver (V-1 flying bomb) operations and armed recce over the continent in the same month of August 1944. You will see 25th Aug starting with anti-diver patrols and then an armed recce into France at Cassel, Nr St Omer. Anti diver patrols are then resumed on 26th Aug. Then on 27th Aug another armed recce near St Omer. Then on 28th Aug an attack on a radar station in France at Cassel, near St Omer. Seems they made a hell of a mess of it! So you see that 11lbs boost Tempest V anti-diver squadrons were also on operations over Europe in between anti-diver operations during August 1944. This is historic evidence of what actually happened from the combat report below. Combat report source available at the link Newchurch Village :: 25th to 31st August 1944 Edited August 22, 2018 by 56RAF_Talisman
  3. Dear LLv34_Temuri, I would be grateful if you could review the server rotating plane set with a view to bringing forward the Hawker Tempest V from the current plane set 8 to plane set 6, with the 11lbs boost modification for plane set 8. The reason for this request is as follows. The in-game IL-2 GB aircraft specification notes state the debut of the following aircraft as: FW 190 A-8 SPRING 1944 Tempest V MAY 1944 Bf 109 G14 JULY 1944 FW 190 D END SEPTEMBER 1944 (sources on the internet show OCTOBER 1944) Bf 109 K4 OCTOBER 1944 Given that the FW 190 A8 is plane set 6 and the Bf 109 G14 is plane set 7, it would appear to be an anomaly that the Tempest V is currently plane set 8, which is the same plane set as the FW 190 D9 and the Bf 109 K4. The FW D9 and the Bf 109 K4 were both introduced in the Autumn of 1944 and the Tempest V was introduced in the Spring of 1944. So, to be fair, the Tempest V should be in a plane set ahead of the D9 and K4 I would have thought. Also, the 11lbs boost Tempest modification was common for Autumn/Winter 1944 and would be applicable for introduction at plane set 8. It is also historical record that the LW lost 3 Bf 109 G shot down over France by a Tempest V squadron on the 8th June 1944. In light of the above, I would be grateful for your kind consideration to this request. Thank you for a providing such a great MP server. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  4. I pre-order purchased Desert Wings to support TF in the hope that it will eventually support both VR and the SimShaker Wings software with the JetSeat and JetPad. I don't fly simulators that don't support VR or SimShaker software with JetPad/JetSeat, so I am still waiting to fly Desert Wings and hope that I will be able to fly it for the first time at some point next year. DCS and IL-2 GB are the flight simulators that I fly at the moment and I am glad to say that they both support VR and the JetSeat/JetPad. I am waiting for TF to catch up in the hope that it will be worth the wait. I hope TF don't end up being left behind. As a side note, I notice that motion platforms are now becoming more common and add yet another layer of immersion. Some folks are using motion platforms together with a JetPad/JetSeat and VR for some great immersive flying. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  5. A functional button would be a big improvement and folks have raised this issue with the developers in the past hoping for this function. Hope it gets sorted by the time we get the Spitfire XIV. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  6. Would be nice for equipped aircraft and pilots capable of flying in poor weather to be given the opportunity to do just that, as long as historically accurate. Aircraft and pilots without artificial horizon can still make the best of it by flying above and below cloud and if caught in cloud it is possible to use the compass, airspeed and slip indicators, altimeter and variometer to stay in control. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  7. Yes, the Bf 109 is actually a very small fighter aircraft and very compact; a small target, which is advantageous. But, if the small target is hit then the percentage of damage for that small target should be on the larger side and a disadvantage in terms of the odds of serious damage when compared to a larger fighter aircraft target. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  8. Bad weather encourages airmanship skills the are seldom tested in good weather. In-game bad weather would allow more full real conditions for players up to the limits the game is able to provide. We have all the in-game aircraft types in play, so perhaps we should also be able to experience all the in-game weather types too. Shame I can't fly at the moment, as I am waiting for a replacement lead to be delivered for my VR headset, but I would love to fly in a wider variety of weather conditions on this server as soon as I am back up and running again. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  9. Many thanks Rapidus, you are part of the best flight sim dev team I have ever know. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  10. Many thanks, particularly for work on the Hurricane compass Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  11. I also use a VR (Pimax 5k+) headset and have no problem with the cockpit reflections option turned on. In fact, I very much appreciate the immersion of the reflections. There is always the option to turn the reflections off or turn them up or down a notch in the graphics settings to suit ones preference. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  12. Just to add/clarify that the .303 British and RAF observer rounds that were designed to give just a good puff of smoke were intended for training practise and were not intended for operational use. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  13. Thank you very much Rapidus. Simple as that folks. No need for all that talk of the main compass not being needed. The gyro compass has its limits as it is far too slow to settle down and respond when compared to the main compass in the fast moving and manoeuvring competitive MP environment, where every second counts. There is a reason why in real life it was the 'main compass' that was the main thing and the gyro was merely a 'secondary' device. I use the main compasses all the time to best effect, much better and quicker than the gyro, in the Spitfire, Tempest and other aircraft; no HUD, tech-chat or digital on-screen compass, as I like to fly with a clear screen in VR for best immersion. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman Very much agree with this. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  14. Thanks so much for this MP server, as most of the other MP servers are a pain in the rectum with all their over-scripted scenarios, petty rules and restrictions and constant arguments on the forum threads. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  15. You are wrong. The main compass is the primary navigation compass and is not decoration and should be very much useable, especially for the VR player flying with HUD and on-screen digital compass turned off. The DG is not good enough and it does not always show the correct heading and takes a long time to settle down after heavy manoeuvring. I fly VR in competitive MP environment with no HUD or on-screen digital compass and navigate the Spitfire very well with the main compass. Same for CloD/Blitz Hurricane, Beaufighter and Spitfire. So if TF can do it so can IL-2 GB. It is modelled correctly already for practical use, but it just needs the direction needle T-bar to be made more visible as per historical visibility. This compass will also be very important for the upcoming Mosquito. The main compass is clearly necessary and is modelled as such apart from being too dark to read. Please take more care and consideration in responding to posts in future. Thank you. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
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