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  1. Many congratulations to all involved in getting this project this far. I am a VR headset user who will be late to the flying party, but I intend to support this combat flight simulation with a purchase on release day in anticipation of VR capability in the future. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  2. Never use it. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  3. I fear that the visibility issues have the potential to put folks off of flying and purchasing combat flight simulators and fewer and fewer folks will support combat flight simulation into the future. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  4. I thought that 13 lbs boost and 3,850 rpm was allowed late on and presumed that was with 150 Octane. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  5. Hi Folks, Do you think we will ever get the option of 150 octane grade fuel for the Hawker Tempest V? It would appear to be an oddity that we don't get this option at the moment. Thoughts? Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  6. de HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT MUSEUM If the dev's, or anyone else is interested and don't know about this place, then check out the link below: https://www.dehavillandmuseum.co.uk/dehavilland-aircraft/world-war-2-piston-engine-aircraft/ https://www.dehavillandmuseum.co.uk/
  7. Fair comment X-Man Thank you. Perhaps one day though. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  8. Do any of the developers actually fly FC competitively in MP? I guess I have in my mind the question, do they consume what they produce competitively in MP and enjoy it, or just produce it? Just a thought to help me understand this genre. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  9. Something to breath some fresh air into things and pull in fresh interest and new customers. For me that would be all of the potential and new options provided by depicting the Korean war as a combat flight simulation. We could do with something a bit different. The Pacific offers something different and fresh, but if the Pacific is not on the cards than I think Korea would draw the most interest from a business point of view for the developers, expand the player base and move things on nicely Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  10. Zoom works great in DCS and parallel projection not needed there, so perhaps IL-2 GB can deliver a zoom that works for canted displays too. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  11. Not sure why you have introduced this term 'nit picking' and now extended it further to "nit picking again", but I suppose you have your reasons. Unlike you, I am making no claims about aircraft modelling, but have simply introduced some real life testing reports for folks to look at, if they are interested, and introduced a perspective on things like the gunsight, armament and use of flaps for folks to consider. From your post, I read that you have now increased your rhetoric to "The IL2 Tempest is wildly over modeled in a turn". You have an interesting theory, but why so aggressive to me? Why assume the Tempest is my "favourite bird"? Or are you trying to somehow discredit me for some reason? I might consider the Tempest to be the best (tongue in cheek), but that does not mean favourite. Also, why infer that I would want or need an unhistorical turn in an aircraft? Again, perhaps you are trying to somehow discredit me for some reason. Reading the historical report the OP and I posted a link to in a previous post above, folks can see it says that the Spitfire XVI easily out turns the Tempest. Finally, I think you will find that, to coin a phrase, pilots matter. I don't think that the Tempest or Spitfire can turn their best against an opponent and shoot down opposition on their own. Therefore, a pilots skill does matter as far as I am concerned. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  12. Sometimes, sometimes, but not always out turn a Spitfire I think. Pilot skill factor can count for a lot. Also initial energy states, etc, etc. Also, a little flap, about 10 degrees, with the Hawker Tempest V, at the right time, can help in a turn, just like some Battle of Britain pilots historically used on the Hawker Hurricane. Hawker produced nicely manoeuvrable aircraft. Also, if the opposition get caught by the devastating 4 x 20 mm cannon then its likely to be all over in favour of the Tempest. Just because one might be flying a Spitfire does not guarantee invincibility in a turn. Also, the view over the aircraft nose and the gunsight view is far superior in the Tempest than the Spitfire and it is much easier to get your gunsight on an opponent and pull lead with the enemy aircraft in view in the turn when using the Tempest. The superior gunsight view and powerful guns contribute to the Tempest being a killer in a turn manoeuvre with an opponent. Might be a better pilot in the Tempest too I am looking forward to the Spitfire Mk XIV Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  13. Combat trials on an early Tempest V, delivered by the Hawker Aircraft Company on 8th January 1944, show favourable turning in comparison to opposition. Extracts and original report as per below. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman COMBAT TRIALS AGAINST FW.190 (BMW.801D) Turning Circles 41. There is very little difference in turning circles between the two aircraft. If anything a very slight advantage lies with the Tempest. COMBAT TRIALS AGAINST Me.109G Turning Circle 47. The Tempest is slightly better, the Me.109G being embarrassed by its slots opening near the stall. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempestafdu.html
  14. Agreed. MP low light missions or some cloud and less than excellent visibility should be great for the Mosquito; makes navigation more interesting too, not to mention getting across the English Channel undetected by the human piloted enemy fighters Mk 1 eyeballs. Happy landings, Talisman
  15. NAVIGATION TIP When navigating, place mouse curser on your position on map and close map. Don't touch mouse again, so when you open map next time your last known position is marked on the map by your mouse curser. Having your last known position marked on the map helps you quickly find your new current location and you once again put your mouse curser on your new position and close the map. Happy landings, Talisman
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