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  1. Good thread folks. Thank you. My thoughts are that a poll is not likely to cut much ice with the developers at the moment. However, technical details and evidence might just tip the balance towards a fair hearing from the dev team. Looks like the apparent rpm shortfall could be one of the reasons for the SE5a woes. Thanks again. Happy landings, Talisman
  2. Not TS3 Talisman You chaps up for the Bloody April thing? Perhaps we could get a SE5a squad going for that. Looks like I am 6 hours ahead of you (on GMT) Badger. Might be able to fly twice next Thursday; 14.00 GMT and then later at 20.00 GMT. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  3. One last request from me for 5 minute kick time to be extended to 10 minutes. Thank you for your consideration. Happy landings, Talisman
  4. Yes, I use MSFF2 and have one spare as back up. Love the FF :) I wonder, can CloD run both a FF joystick and a FF seat cushion at the same time? Happy landings, Talisman
  5. Without SimShaker wings and VR compatibility it is extremely unlikely I will ever return to CloD, but I have many happy memories of the good old days. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  6. Practise and you can get real quick and it becomes second nature. It works. Adapt and overcome. Happy landings, Talisman
  7. Look at left wing trailing edge, click 'VR normal view' key setting (centre VR view), then look over right shoulder and you can check your 6 easy just like with TIR like owl. Simples. Good luck. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  8. Same for me on MP last night. Spawn in for ground start and my mate can't see me but I see him. Fired my guns and deliberately crashed into him on the ground but still he doesn't see me. He shut down game, restarted game and spawned in again and then he saw me and we went flying. Happy landings, Talisman
  9. Yes, I hear you but I just don't trust all that fiddling around for the Migoto mod, or any mod come to that (I am a bit anti mod to tell you the truth). I know, I am an old fuddy-duddy, lol. What I really want is for the dev's to step up and deliver better visuals and a better zoom option. Should not be too much to expect I would have thought. Happy landings, Talisman
  10. I don't see this invisible plane bug, LOL. But then, I am the plank that missed two perfect bounces on what turned out to be enemy planes last night because I did not positively ID them as enemy and held my fire until it was too late! I use a Pimax 5k+ VR headset and have not experienced this invisible plane bug, but I do get fed up with aircraft that I spot at long distances suddenly disappearing as I get closer, so I expect that is part of this bug perhaps. The air-to-air visuals in the sim are bad at the moment, but I read that Jason and team are working on it and they do have a reputation for delivering for us customers. So I am trying to keep the faith. Happy landings, Talisman
  11. Historical set up would need Dowdings air defence system, which the Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons were part of, but also included Chain home radar, Chain low radar, observer corps, barrage balloons, anti aircraft guns of the time and ground fighter controllers and associated radio communications concerning enemy activity, altitude and vector to target, etc. A proper Battle of Britain simulation would be great for organised virtual squadron flying in MP for both the British and Axis pilots We can dream. The nearest we got to this in the past was CloD with SoW and ACG. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  12. I think our opinions and approach differ somewhat Sschatten14. I fly MP with chat turned off, as well as tech tips chat and digital compass, as I don't like to fly with all that stuff on my screen as it ruins my sense of immersion in VR and I find it too gamey and less of a simulation. I use TS3 to communicate with fellow pilots in my squad and I think that calling the way I interact on MP this way as toxic is a we bit over the top. I understand your point about mission coordination on MP, but I think that we need to manage our expectations a little bit on that score, given human nature and having an open MP server with anyone and everyone able to come in and do what they want as long as they abide by server admin rules. If server admin want to make chat compulsory, if ever that was made possible, then so be it, but until then folks are free to turn off chat and I don't agree that it is toxic to do so. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
  13. You have completely the wrong end of the stick I think. Did you not read my example? Messages from ground control reporting enemy activity is what I said. I see messages from ground control as being relevant to help pilots find enemy and air action. Intercept course to engage enemy, radar or ground observation reports with range, distance and altitude of enemy, informing pilots that airfield and targets under attack, etc. Most definitely don't want to hear from AI pilots and would like to turn them off, lol. I fly regularly on comms with my squad, so I know it get busy, but radio discipline needs to be exercised and people should talk less, lol. Radio information from ground control is historical and more realistic and would be a good informative and immersive option for those that want it as an option. Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman P.S. If you have ever flown CloD with its radio messages to pilots, that is the sort of thing, only better, that I am talking about. Also, regarding TS3, you can set whisper channels so that different groups of pilots can talk to each other without disturbing everyone on the main channel. That way you can have your own private dog fight with you and your wingman without talking over other members of the squad.
  14. Information provided to pilot by radio and not by on-screen messages. Radio more realistic as no on-screen messages in real life WWII. For example, radio messages from ground control reporting enemy activity, etc, by radio. Happy landings, Talisman
  15. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the clip wing Spit variant accelerated faster, was quicker in a dive and the wing could withstand greater air speed. Also, better visibility due to reduced wing area (I find this helps in IL-2 GB when hunting for contacts below and when flying in formation with other aircraft in my squad). Happy landings, 56RAF_Talisman
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