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  1. When we get the Mustang and Tempest V maybe, but at the moment it is a bit too early until we get the full BoB IMHO. Happy landings, Talisman
  2. Thank you very much. I now realise that I have been misunderstanding what has been going on. I am adapting much better to VR now and seem to have solved all the issues for now. I am running IL-2 on "High" graphic settings with 61 fps on spawn in on the Kuban map and 71 + fps from about 10,000 ft. MP is good and I get 71 fps on air spawn in the Berloga server for example. Things are looking up and VR is great! Salute everyone and good luck to the OP with the Pimax set-up. Many thanks to the devs and admins too. IL-2 is a great success me thinks :)) Happy landings, Talisman
  3. Hi Folks, Just 2 quick questions if I may: Firstly, about the Steam VR motion smoothing (global) setting. Should I keep this on? It is on by default, so I hope I have done the right thing by leaving it on. I am using a Pimax 5k plus. Secondly, would you recommend using the beta version of Steam VR or the standard release version? Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to reply. Happy landing, Talisman
  4. Now that I have converted from TIR to VR with the Pimax 5k plus, is it correct to keep in-game "Camera Settings" the same as I was using for TIR? For example I am still using: Default view = Pan camera mode Smoothness = 100 Pan camera mode settings in order as: 40% 100% 40% 100% 100% 100% Head shake = On Cinematic = Off Limit VR view = Off, otherwise I get cockpit and airframe distortions when I move my head. This is a great sadness for me, because I am/was an on-line MP fanatic, but the best MP servers seem to have limit VR view = on server-side, so I can't play them without terrible distortions Any advice re the best in-game camera settings would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance to anyone kind enough to respond. Happy landings, Talisman
  5. Yes RedKestrel, I think you make a good point. The other server I am thinking of does allow external views; I have used it for training and practise, but my real interest is the servers like Combat Box with no external views. So, if I understand you correctly, if a server has external views disabled then it has to enable limit VR view, but if a server allows external views it can disable limit VR view? Oh dear, if that is the case then it is going to mean I can't fly any full real servers in VR unless I can solve the cockpit and airframe distortion issues another way. As I understand it, this limit VR view is unique to IL-2; however it looks like it may be causing issues for VR users like me. This is a shame because I only got into the flight sim world to fly on-line in MP with other people as part of a community, that is why I am a long standing member of an active on-line squad. Looks like I won't be able to fly with them any more because in am using VR Happy landings, Talisman
  6. I have just converted to VR and find the VR zoom function OK. Yes it would be nice to have a better zoom, but to be fair I don't think the zoom level should be greater than that allowed for folks not using VR. Happy landings, Talisman
  7. Yes, thanks Stickz. That sub forum is where I learnt about the fix for this problem being unchecking the limit VR view. Great I thought, problem solved, wrong! Fixed for off-line play yes, but for MP servers mostly no fix This limit VR view is unique to IL-2 as I understand it, but it is causing VR problems as far a I can see. If someone has found a fix for this issue I would love to know what it is. Happy landings, Talisman
  8. Alonzo, Thank you very much for the Combat Box server and the work you and others have put in to produce and develop it. I think it is a great success. I have a question, if a may, and apologise in advance if it has been asked before and I have missed it. Do you have the IL-2 "limit VR view" (under settings, cameras, cockpit view) activated for your server, or is it disabled? The reason I ask is because I have recently invested in VR (Pimax 5k plus), but get terrible cockpit and airframe distortions when I move my head in VR when using your server. I don't get these distortions with IL-2 off-line or in the QMB, nor do I get them in one of my other favourite on-line MP servers. I have my IL-2 in-game limit VR view unchecked. I do this because I have no choice, otherwise if it is checked I get the same terrible cockpit and airframe distortions when I move my head, no matter what. I am trying to solve the mystery as to why I am getting these cockpit and airframe distortions on Combat Box in VR and thought that it might be due to the "limit VR view" thing. Any information or thoughts that you may be able to offer to help me understand what might be causing the cockpit and airframe distortions when I move my head would be gratefully received. If anyone else is reading this, particularly VR headset users (Pimax), who may be able to help with this issue I would really appreciate it. At the moment I am able to fly off-line and in one of my other favourite on-line MP servers, but not, most importantly, Combat Box in VR Thank you for your consideration. Happy landings, Talisman
  9. Problem solved. It was turning off the 'limit VR view' in the game settings that solved it. Of course, I had tried this before but it had not helped before. The reason it had not helped me before was because I did not realise that I had to shut down the game, the VR goggles and the lighthouse and start everything up again from scratch for the change I had made to take effect. Now I realise the shut down and restart requirement, everything has started working as advertised and I am a very happy bunny :)) Thanks for all your help folks. Happy landings, Talisman
  10. Thanks for responding, but perhaps you have not understood the problem of 'cockpit dragging' in VR as per the OP. I have already seen and followed all the links you posted and my lighthouse is recognised by my Pimax 5k + and is tracking OK. Unless I have misunderstood your post, what you have contributed appears not to address the problem highlighted by the OP. But thanks for trying. Happy landings, Talisman
  11. Hello Folks, I have just purchased a Pimax 5k + and am finding the same problem as reported above. This cockpit dragging is very bad and totally spoils the VR experience. Has anyone ever found a permanent solution to this problem? I would be very grateful to know If anyone has manage to solve this problem permanently and how they have progressed with it. Thanks in anticipation. Happy landings, Talisman
  12. Many thanks to all of your replies to my problem. Very much appreciated. A question to chiliwili69. You say "For the fps drop, you need to decrease your SS in SteamVR to 20-60%" Is this for SS under the 'video' tab (global) or the 'applications' tab? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am still tying to get my head around all the tech stuff as this is my first set of VR goggles. Happy landings, Talisman
  13. Hi Folks, My Pimax 5k plus was delivered yesterday, together with a separately sourced HTC Vive lighthouse. Both items arrived 4 days after ordering (I am in the UK). I had it all working nicely for a few VR sorties in the Spitfire (brilliant) before the day was out and thought I had it sorted. However, today is a different story as now I have a problem in that when I move my body in any direction the aircraft I am sitting in moves with me. For example, if I lean forward the aircraft moves forward like I am part of it and I can't get any nearer to the instrument panel. If I lean left or right the whole aircraft moves with me. This is very strange. Can anyone help me out with a solution to this problem? Any helpful suggestions would be gratefully received. Happy landings, Talisman P.S. I have parallel projection compatibility turned on in PiTool, just the same as I did yesterday, so I don't think it is anything to do with that.
  14. Not sure if have have missunderstood you here, but not sure where you are getting this delivery time from that you have stated. I think you will find that Spitfires were not delivered direct from the factory to an operational squadron. Spitfires and other combat aircraft were stock piled in large numbers at dispersal airfields, after flight testing, in England ready to be sent out to operational squadrons as replacements, when needed, within hours/days. Moreover, in addition to brand new replacement aircraft, repaired replacement fighters were ready to be sent out to front line squadrons from aircraft combat repair centres that specialised in the repair of battle damaged aircraft that had already been replaced on operational units. In 1945 the Allies had more Spitfires than they knew what to do with. Allied aircraft lost during Operation Bodenplatte were mostly replaced within the week! See extract from this article below: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-ii/coral-sea-in-color-watch-mx.html It is estimated that Operation Bodenplatte destroyed 305 Allied aircraft and damaged another 190. Although, due to improper records of losses, mostly by the Americans, this figure is challenged and some believe it to be much higher. Regardless, the operation was far from a success. The Allies lost very few pilots and were well enough supplied in Europe by this point to replace almost all their lost aircraft within the week. The Luftwaffe, however, lost about 280 aircraft and, more critically, lost many pilots: 143 killed or missing and 70 captured. Among these were many officers, formation leaders and veteran flyers, leaving the few left with crippled resources and often inexperienced pilots for the defense of Germany.
  15. Some interesting Tempest V combat reports at the link below. Including from Normandy 8th June 1944 and on into September, October, December, January, February, March and April. http://www.hawkertempest.se/index.php/piloter/combat-reports, Happy landings, Talisman
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