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  1. [media] [/media] Watch the dynamics of the ballistic of a video compiled of CLOD and buy with videos with GREAT BATTLES later with real WWII videos that are in youtuber
  2. If the IL-2 GReat BAttles had the dynamism and seriousness of the aircraft parameters that CLOD has .... I am a lover of the Il-2 series but have made the Il-2 Great battles much worse since the beginning. ... I prefer games more simultaos than arcades as is the BOS .... Simulator that gives the mouse fly and keyboard in my thinking is not simulator.
  3. @Sokol1 I hope... @Pb_Cybermat47 Thanks for this and I am looking forward to seeing the full CLOD servers again .. Thanks TF
  4. @hopper64 You can share the link from another thread Regards
  5. please to whom it may concern ... Do not let CLOD die ... flight from the beginning just like the BOS. and I can say that at first the BOS was much better l, it was not easy to aim at the enemy, the aircraft crossed very much, imagine two aircraft voand 600, 700km / h and crossing ... so now as all update and mimis of many I see that simulator happened to be more a game a little more simulated than many games arcades ... before all this I see that the Engineering and FM and flight dynamics of the CLOD is still yes better than the BOS so the team does not want to leave that he is again the favorite of the community ... I imagine that the 777 team does not want to lose everything that has already worked in their Engineering that started with RoF, I'm sure Engineering is very good but they are adjusting it. to attract players who like arcade more than simulate. I understand why all this but I do not accept, I know that all this generates a sale, that at the end of everything is what matters most ... Sell as many copies as possible ... no more I ask PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE CLOD DIE.
  6. @Hopper64 For now I have not noticed this error other games or simulators ... I have changed the drivers and nothing to correct ... I believe tb is some mistake with the game and not with hardware ... we will not let this topic die, so it will be easier to find a solution. This is a picture for my error
  7. Hi alll... Any solution for this error a had this same problem Windows 10 64 Ryzen 7 2700x 32gb DDR 4 EVGA GTX 980 SSD COSAIR. THANKS
  8. Aerodynamic performance of the axle aircraft and allies are modeled according to real? Salute to all; I have been experimenting for more than 15 years in simulation and since the beginning of the development of BOS I have always been involved in the development of BOS (Buying always in Pre-Order) because this was the only way that could help. Now I'm flying with more intensity and I'm noticing that the erodynamics and performance of allied aircraft are not well modeled with the real facts and manuals ... I see a lot of 109 having a lot more performance than spit above 5-6k which is not real, I will be looking for research material to prove what I am saying. And Logically if I am wrong please someone show research material too .. S! Already read articles http://www.spitfireperformance.com/spit1vrs109e.html
  9. We see that Brazilians are lovers of simulators and maintains the presence of the beginning of the series, then why not make a forum ... Please give us a forum Analyze with fondness for kindness Thanks Apache
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