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  1. Hi Bremspropeller, Would be interesting to know who your friend is, perhaps I know him too. Feel free to PM me if you like. Regarding your question, it's a good one and I don't know the answer. Kindly re-post it in the commentary section on Youtube and I'll pass on to Erich! Thanks, MAC
  2. Hi all, my friend Erich Brunotte asked me to set up a Youtube channel for him where he can share pictures and videos with people interested in him and his experiences. I'm happy to announce it here for you: https://youtu.be/vPznf3SolNQ The first video is a photo compilation of activities and friends taken since 2014, including from: - Revisiting Dora 9 2014 - Flying Legends 2014 - Flying Legends 2019 - Switzerland visit 2019 - Messerschmitt Museum at Airbus in Manching/Bavaria 2019 - Spitfire flight at Heritage Hangar Biggin Hill 2019 - Messerschmitt flight at Hangar 10 Fly In at Heringsdorf 2019 For those interested in aviation history there's a little surprise at the end of the slideshow. Erich is happy to receive questions (in English or German) from viewers in the commentary section of his Youtube channel, as he expressed in his short letter in the video's description. I'll collect those questions and pass on to him, hopefully we'll find a fitting format for distributing his answers. I'll do so as my time permits, may I ask for a little patience in advance. Please note that while I'm helping Erich with the channel, it's ultimately his and decisions regarding the channel and content are his and not mine. One more thing. Erich regularly receives postal letters or packages at his home address from people asking for pictures, signatures or information. He'll only answer those that include appropriately stamped and addressed return envelopes, and which cover his costs (if any). It may also take some time. For questions the Youtube channel is much better. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy the opportunity to be in touch with one of the few remaining Luftwaffe fighter pilots through his channel. See you there! MAC
  3. May you all live long and prosper! Congratulations! MAC
  4. Great news & congratulations, glad the series continues, well done team! MAC
  5. Information on a feature request that will provide FFB data to the firmware: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2291690#post2291690 MAC
  6. Excellent trailer. Can also be viewed in 1080P on YouTube! MAC
  7. Well done devs! Thanks for listening. MAC
  8. Hi Jason, The problem was self-evident in many posts on this forum. Not sure what you mean by saying with trying to trip up someone by quoting you? No, not my intention. All I wanted was this to be dealt with so that I and other customers could start enjoying the product we supported from day one. And yes, now that there has been a commitment to do so, I'm happy with the outcome. Thank you and the team. I'm not, and if you read in this thread I've said I'd be willing to wait until the year's end with such a request, as long as a commitment to fix it until then was coming through. Only reason I'd have asked a refund was to buy the game new so I could start using it. Not necessary any longer. Thanks Zak. All in all, well done 1CGS for sorting this out for your customers! MAC
  9. Hi Jedders, Not by mistake. In the course of game installation following a purchase with my credit card, the game asked my name. I entered it, matching the credit card name. There was no indication this would be not installation and activation related but become my game name. It's was a poorly designed registration process, how can that justify practically locking out customers from an essential part of the product? Glad for others who have not entered the way I (and many others) did, but to call it a mistake is wrong. MAC
  10. Request for refund so I can buy the game again and finally start playing Multiplayer! Since no other pleas, suggestions, requests have worked so far! MAC P.S.: Lol on that picture... Large enough then it is... MAC
  11. For information of others affected by this issue, I'm providing my correspondence with 1CGS Support below. MAC
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