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  1. The whole thing happened very spontaneously just there and then, I guess that's why nobody thought of bringing him a seat cushion. Still he never complained and was happy as pie.
  2. Hi all, Posting this here now since it appeared under the wrong header before. In case you haven't seen yet - enjoy! MAC
  3. Cool, where are you based? In case you're in Germany or near, fancy going on a flight with Erich? Trying to organize something for him, flying in the front seat of a Jungmann would be practically risk free in terms of a corona infection.
  4. Low yes, he's not the tallest, but too low? I don't share that impression. Anyway that's how he used to fly it, googles off, also the one-seater Jungmeister. Don't know how he could do it. Must have some special eyes like those birds of prey do
  5. Yes, that's something peculiar about Erich. He told me he also didn't use goggles in his flying school days in 1943 after convincing the doctor there he wouldn't need them.
  6. Hi all, come join Erich on a flight in the Bücker Bü131 Jungmann at age 96! Enjoy, MAC
  7. Hi Bremspropeller, Would be interesting to know who your friend is, perhaps I know him too. Feel free to PM me if you like. Regarding your question, it's a good one and I don't know the answer. Kindly re-post it in the commentary section on Youtube and I'll pass on to Erich! Thanks, MAC
  8. Hi all, my friend Erich Brunotte asked me to set up a Youtube channel for him where he can share pictures and videos with people interested in him and his experiences. I'm happy to announce it here for you: https://youtu.be/vPznf3SolNQ The first video is a photo compilation of activities and friends taken since 2014, including from: - Revisiting Dora 9 2014 - Flying Legends 2014 - Flying Legends 2019 - Switzerland visit 2019 - Messerschmitt Museum at Airbus in Manching/Bavaria 2019 - Spitfire flight at Heritage Hangar Big
  9. May you all live long and prosper! Congratulations! MAC
  10. Great news & congratulations, glad the series continues, well done team! MAC
  11. Information on a feature request that will provide FFB data to the firmware: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2291690#post2291690 MAC
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