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  1. Think its very simple: FC: MP and VR, but it does not have any immersion, pure a flightgame but great if only fly in Quick missions. Best plane graphics but terrain and clouds are still at 2012 level. RoF: try the limited “Free to play” and see if you like it. Be aware not much going on in mp and no VR. WoFF PE, Do not get you fooled by the old game engine, think it’s essential for every WW1 simulator fan, historical right, you are an real WW1 pilot. No mp & no VR, pure SP. The last version I did play was WoFF-UE and for RoF I do have all the DLCs, not pla
  2. @shirazjohn , @SvAF/F16_Goblin @readyred1 or others who using this. You mean the complete map into /bin/game/ReshadeVR_sharpen_color
  3. I feel your pain as I’m in the same boat, I can only say wait for normal prices, that all you can do right now. BTW, What is the brand of the 2060s?
  4. Would be great to know how I can get rid of those Dr Frankenstein pilot creations and exchange them by something human looking.
  5. To have an Trupobaw moment, by kicking out Plank at the RoF forum and notice this guy is back as Knalp.
  6. @GCF Please keep the link working as its a huge file, after the 13th of April I will finally get my 1Gb/1Gb glaswire internet.
  7. Guys you all seems to have all the knowledge of tank games. Is er besides TC another WW2 tank game that can be played in VR. Graphics should be realistic, like to see activities on the ground and I only play in single player mode.
  8. Dutch2

    New Planes

    The combination Fokker Dr1/DVII to an Fokker DVI, would be the easiest meat inhere.
  9. Copy/paste from Jasons #278 Friday announcement diary, published here as it was being removed in his diary. This adds overhead costs to our operation which we hope will pay for itself in time, but we ask that you continue your financial support of Sturmovik throughout this spring and summer and al of 2021 by purchasing new content and buying gifts for your friends, family and squadron-mates. And please remember, purchases made directly in the IL-2 Official Webstore benefit the team the most! 🤣 How mr Jason, if that Xsolla payment is not working because Xs
  10. Here read were are these going to: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/bitcoin-mining-nvidia-cmp--gpus-30-million-order
  11. Then (if also not playing mp), WoFF is the WW1 cfs for you, I can not improve what Trooper did wrote down earlier. Hell I’m 100% sure, if its getting 3D VR, that sterile FC will be deleted direct from my SSD. Hi @ShamrockOneFive why not publish this WoFF game at your website 😙 think its belong there besides FC.
  12. Still no VR, thats the only thing thats keep me away from this magnificent WW1 game. I do hope one day they will implement VorpX think that would be the easiest way to VR, as now it appears Ankor can not make it fully to DirectX11.
  13. The GTX1080 (driver from febr 2021), Samsung Odyssey+ and 2005 TLT 19” square monitor that does run 1240x???? No need for my 27” 2k IPS now I’m running VR 😎 I do run no cloud mods, or other graphic enhancements mods, the only thing I have modified are the clouds in GPreset file, so I can run the lowest ingame preset while using the clouds from extreme presets. SteamVR 140% & reprojecting on auto while important for you Dynamic Resolution Factor 0,9. I do not know the effect what this DRF do in combination to the reprojection mode/140%. Would like to know does this sh
  14. Thanks, noticed after rereading also that now it looks like the game is barely playable while its only an minor thing in my case, can not do any judgements on AMD cards. I will correct this btw.
  15. See you do have an 8 core, are you inn for an experiment for more CPU performance? PM me, because I first want to have more prove if its working on other systems before publishing this old trick that everyone seems to have forgotten.
  16. Can not find the key function to make the photo camera activated, is there any of totally forgotten by Uglymedia.
  17. If that could be possible,(= your idea of prop as an function of the engine revs), only I think thats to complex. Lets start with an invisible prop first. Or make the prop independed from the engine rocker movement. Would be great mod for all the flyers who use the 2 wingers in VR. edit, yes I know about the startup.cfs file
  18. Thats because you have to UNgtp the GTP files. But indeed the whole prop design is rather ridicules made, while forcing the propeller to act properly, the rockers of the engine are moving strangely, think the best way is to make the whole prop not visible during the flight.
  19. if its not working anymore, or link is broken, please then remove it from the pinned, it does have not any use and gives confusion. BTW I have use the "report" function about those not working apps, but still no action, thats why I went directly to the Boss himself.
  20. Personal were first intended to use for your own or your online squadron, while Fantasy skins are public for everyone to be used also in mp. But right now here it seems that personal is when being named. Fantasy flyable skins ( These skins can be flown by everyone) Should start with a Y_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you. Personal Skins ( only to be flown by the person named, it is a personal skin for one persons use) Should start with a Z_ prefix, after the prefix is up to you.
  21. The game engine of the RoF game is more a less the same as the BoX game engine, so once you have the RoF game code, you have also have the control of the TC/FC/BoX engine. So believe me, that would never happen as long if 1C sticks to this game engine. I would more like to see an SDK route, like for; changing the Careers, ingame implementation of PWCG, new maps, new planes, open telemetry, same method you already do see at some race sims and DCS.
  22. I did see some pictures on my low resolution tablet and what I did see is mostly normal behavior from the BoX game engine and I suppose when running AMD cards these are more prominent to be seen. One picture at the first post I do see banding in clouds this could be occurring when enabling Dynamic Resolution factor. The transparent plane at your last post I do not have any explanation. The good news finally as it seems 1C did also notice it and maybe they are upgrading the sky dome and clouds, for the mean time you could always go for MS FS2020.
  23. I do not know the temperature I’m now at the i7-9700k/Arctic 360Freezer2, but that was always below the Intel specs. AVX indeed to zero, no HT and I did have the CPU dilidid, using the Der8auer delid tool. My air cooler was the https://www.overclock.net/threads/thermalright-true-spirit-140-power.1477785/ only I did exchange the single stock fan by 2 Thermalright 140 high rev in push/pull. PC case was complete open to eliminate every heat build up. If you need learn about overclocking, check always videos from experience overclocking guys who know what they are doing and use y
  24. Yes I feel your pain. So right now I’m trying to get an €65,- Arctic GPU cooler for my GTX1080 to get an higher overclock https://www.freezinghardware.nl/product/13338/Arctic-Accelero-Xtreme-IV.html and forget about the whole RTX3000 or AMD6000 series.
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