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  1. I can also not get this working and I see its been edited last date at 2015, so I think this should be removed from pinned as being obsolete. The only solution could be for you is by sending a pm to a moderator and if your lucky he will notify @Lupson if his app not being updated it will be removed from the pinned topics. Sometimes the designer will get into action. Could be that this version from github https://github.com/eriklupander/bos-missionbuilder is working. Not playing separate missions any more but is this https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/129-easy-mission-generator-by-vander/ not a better piece of software.
  2. Hi BlackSix it was first published by @6FG_Big_Al in the free topics (real big thanks btw) but here is now an Hurricane Osprey book as a free download at https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/ For others I guess a nice “prejoy” when you have preordered the Hurricane.
  3. Great I will give it a go this weekend. Thanks
  4. guys, its now week2 at Ospray and its the Hurricane Ebook, think very welcome for all the Hurricane flyers at Clod and for the preorder buyers at BoX. https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/
  5. For doing that test you need an: decent logging tool like FCAT-VR, fpsVR or Steams own, measure the frame times and not by watching the games own FPS digit, I prefer to combine the results in to an logged graph. Using a proper benchmark that will not overflow any of your hardware components, and repeat this benchmark a couple of times.
  6. If doing that, be very carefully on which cables your buying not all USB cables are working as an extension. But I have also to move my mancave, as I have the PC installed under the angled roof. did read some reviews from my country and they are all rated as very good and from I do read in the comments about the review, most VR set are sold out. So I do hope the AAA game studios do now notice the light in the VR darkness.
  7. I do not care even if he does not have IL2, 4k monitor or VR, fact is, he is bringing us the technical information, and sometimes its rough for some experts, like his comment on: benchmarking based on a video scene or like now about DLSS.
  8. Great skins downloaded just then. He @Raptorattacker any change to see the totenhand skin in 4K for the 110G. As I think this is the most horrific symbol for the 110G, this skin btw is already been done for the official Bf110E but only in 2k and not for the 110G as I only use 4K now a days. Info about this can be found at: https://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2015/06/stabsstaffel-stg-77-deaths-hand-emblem.html
  9. Thanks, btw it was the kuban mod that caused this failure as can be found here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/51772-mod-kuban-texture-mod-v11/ Deleted this mod and now its working great.
  10. Just got the Yak vs 109. Thanks for notification.
  11. A couple of years ago I was experimenting with Process Lasso and did notice it is a big complex and a recourse hog. For setting the core affinity and priority permanently I would suggest Process hacker nightly version https://wj32.org/processhacker/nightly.php
  12. Dutch2

    Village Lights

    Yes I know lights from houses is absolute not realistic in WW2, but count this more as an guilty pleasure. 😇 @LizLemon, is this only for BoBpl or do you have also the lights for BoK my favorite map.
  13. Interesting as some were claiming it only does effect bushes, grass, trees and other landscape details. But its easy to check, good overview btw.
  14. It seems something is missing, any change how to repair this missing .txt, without doing the complete BoX reinstall? Or could a member sent me these?
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