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  1. Were is @raaaid he could explain us more.
  2. Read my posting here and at the RoF & Woff forums I you will read that I as an “ matter of fact” person, was very skeptical about all that Vive & OC fuss. Did have an very good 27” 2650/1440 IPS monitor in combination with an Track5/clip, but after trying a Vive at an arcade-hall, I directly noticed the possibility in race/fly sims and since that I never did roll back. Only for me its not only the eyecandy but also the better immersion in VR. As an sample once I was driving in a prewar race at Historical Zandvoort, in my 1937 red Alfa, while another Alfa did bounced back
  3. I do not know about the Syria map, but sure about the DCS Normandy map, were lots of complains, I do hope Uglymedia did now learn its lessons and finally did do its best for Syria (& for BoX).
  4. No, when flying above the low countries I do only see copy/paste from German styled houses, while its workmanship is very basic, more like 2012. I’m afraid the same will happen for the Normandy map. Problem with this, no, because how the hell can an student from Uglymedia know what are the different styles of houses in all those little unknow countries. While if wanting to know it will only burn labor and sparse budget. Same spill when using 2021 technology like in FS2020, while we are 80% of the time flying 2km or higher above these houses and even reducing the ingame le
  5. Thanks for the reply but I also like my Banks fraud safety precaution for my Platinum Master card. Believe me the problem is; Xsolla is blocked by my Bank or by Mastercard, as an fraud company or related to an fraud suspicious country and/or economical restricted country. But thanks anyway, as it seems this can not be solved, as I do not want to leave my safe Credit Card payment. This means I have to buy from a third party game webstore or after an business relationship from nearly 12 years (pre order RoF) move over to another flysim.
  6. yep thats the game engine its now showing its age, you have to accept this, or move to FS2020. Set ingame to ultra, that sure will help about the forrest, experiment with distant landscape detail, horizon drawing all to the highest settings, think these two settings do have also impact on your question. For grass read this
  7. What do you wanting to know and what are you trying to achieve with the Gpreset file. In my case its: I dislike the BoX clouds, but I can not shift to ultra, otherwise my GTX1080 can not handle BoX in VR. So I did copy the cloud settings from ultra to low. So I do still have the best ingame clouds at the low pre-settings.
  8. Read this, but in my case I always delete the snapview from the plane or move my chair.
  9. Any action regarding this aspect on AMD 6000 cards.
  10. about TD: If reading here, people are thinking its an judgement on games performance. I’m not saying it isn’t, who knows its like the whole Frametime discussion that started with https://techreport.com/review/21516/inside-the-second-a-new-look-at-game-benchmarking/ Think its very interesting but we only need to know if its the right way. about GN: If you have an better suggestion let me know, but Steve is one of the few who is easily to contact, while he is a very experienced tester. And, if he is wrong he is always willing to admit about that, unlike others. Maybe Igor fr
  11. I never did read or see from serious reviewers, anything about using TD for benchmarking, you could ask Steve from GamersNexus what his opinion is about this new type of test methodology. This do sound weird, but if your are suspecting the i5-7600 non-k, I suppose its not an i5-7700, does holding up the Vcard then use higher graphic ingame settings. On the internet there is an explanation why a system is running decent Frametimes at 4k, while at 1080 its sucks If not did, then turn on XMP in your Bios, its free, safe and will gain extra horsepower to your system.
  12. I would in your case try to monitor the frametimes onscreen (and not the FPS, google why not) and try to find out what is peaking the frametimes. I know Afterburner does have a nice feature that can show an onscreen Frametime graph and its digit, while playing in the monitor world. For VR I can advice fpsVR, that can be found as cheap payware in the Steamstore. What is btw your hardware?
  13. Maybe not related to the RiftS, but in my case I did have the same audio noise, despite my MSI motherboard did have an special VR dedicated USB port, that was even been controlled by an special IC, nor the use of special MSI software to control this USB VRport. Whatever I did and found on the internet like USB powerstate always on, nothing did solved that, the only solution was to use an separate headphone and shutdown the audio from the VR-HS. Moving to a new type of motherboard, with BTW did not have any VR dedicated USBport and everything was solved.
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