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  1. Its not only the clouds in BoX that have the 2010 retro looks That would be great if being possible, but who knows 1C is already being knocking on MS door for using this engine for the PTO.
  2. Great but I do hope 1C will make it an open system so freeware like simhub can be hooked on and not only the commercial parties or hardware sponsors. Same btw is counting for the chair shaking telemetry.
  3. I played 3 missions, but I had to stop because my GTX1080 can not handle all the clouds in VRmode. Reducing these clouds quality does bring me very ugly white “shapes” that are constantly shimmering, so thats not an option. Yes my GTX1080 is the bottleneck so I’m into a running for an 3080 or an 6800XT it al depends on what I do get and then I will try again. Meanwhile I do hope 1C is going to do something about the always clear blue weather, sky banding and those bad made clouds.
  4. Here more info about the 7 schwaben on http://www.buddecke.de/jasta65.htm and a sparse picture of the opposite site of the fuselage. btw I think that purple color near the cockpit is actually lozegen camouflage.
  5. End of december the VR update will be released, by that time I do hope finally get an 6800XT or RTX3080. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/76464/microsoft-flight-sim-getting-full-vr-support-in-december-update/index.html
  6. I know its not the G2 nor IL2 thats being tested but https://babeltechreviews.com/vr-wars-the-rx-6800-xt-vs-the-rtx-3080-15-vr-games-performance-benchmarked/?amp=1 is interesting. edit: in the comments below you read they are going to test the G2, lets hope by that time the AMD drivers are repaired for the AMD 60000 range. BTW nearly the same name, but its not me.
  7. Dutch2

    Village Lights

    @jollyjack I guess this will work only when using the ME, not permanently when using career/mission/campaign/PWCG. Yep you nailed us.
  8. What are the Template .psd files for, you will find sometimes included in the download? Only as an starting base for the skinners?????
  9. He is in my POV the best skinner you can find in the BoX scene. Guess the this P47 as posted above on 2aug is his last master piece for BoX. As it seems he is the owner and hosting the Lock-on website I think it is the best to download all skins, as who knows it will be shutdown.
  10. 3). yep they did meet the parachute-cable-rockets from the defenders. 👍 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hardest_Day
  11. That is real sad for his family first. Tom was a very nice person. Tom was one of the best skinners, I did compare lots of his skins that were already been made by other skinners, Toms skin was in my POV always being better. Take a look at his Mustang baremetal wings, in VR you clearly see the rivets and other small details. With all respect to other skinners, but for me, his skins were in (VR mode) even better then BoX own 4k.
  12. Sorry but when I move from 90 to 60 in the WMR (in win10) I got a very stretched view. Were did you adjust that 60FPS and if this is inside Win10 WMR settings do you not have problems with having an unrealistic view, or is this only happen when having an Samsung O+.
  13. @WB_MoneyShot I also have the Samsung O+, I do not know if this is the same problem as you both do have, but the left screenshot from @rulezcz looks like a view I did have. Also the adjusments ingame panels and the plane wings was moving while I was looking around. Not a nice feeling, even sickmaking. I did not know what was causing this, until I did remember last weekend I did made some changes in the Windows Mixed Reality adjustments in Win10, before closing down my PC. I did then use the setting “better performance” & 60hz, so going back to; let-Windows-decide/auto, just made (after an Win restart) everything better, view is in the middle no moving plane wings while moving your head. The game is now enjoyable without the feeling of illness I do hope thats solving your problem.
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