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  1. Its my first escort mission. PWCGErrorLog.txt Dr1 pilot MissionAnalysis.txt 19171201.CombatReport - Copy.json.zip Dr1 pilot 1917-12-01.MissionData - Copy.json.zip
  2. Think we can not advise anything on how VR is for you as a individual person, some do not like it or become sick and went back for the pancake. The only advice I can give for exploring VR is to go to an VR arcade hall. Try to noticed the pro/cons of VR and see the aspects which are important for yourself. Keep in your mind running in VR does need a beefy system, forget all those, I can run BoX on an GTX1060 or AMD-580 at 90FPS straight, its all not true. Reading you PC specs that means a complete new system, while hardware is now being overpriced. So its better to wait to n
  3. @PatrickAWlson I was flying an escort mission, while flying a jasta11 Dr1, I do not know what/why but the Halberstadts were constantly turning as if they did not know the directing. Eventually being bored, I leave the escort after a quart of my petrol being used by always turning over the same point I went for an balloon that was protected by a couple of enemy fighters, but also here there was no reaction to protect the balloon. 😴
  4. I did have the same while using an USB powered hub, the problem is that 90% of those hubs is crap and 14 USB connections while also loading your mobile device is asking for big USB power problems. Disconnect all the USB stuff you not need in the game, no need for an external HD or an USBstick as a gameboost and do read my post above.
  5. I must admit thats what I do, while testing I always keeping my own precious adjustments and when someone claims he did find the FPS holy grail, (which is btw 90% BS), I do two runs with this FPS holy grail and two runs without and plotting this in an Frame-Time graph to compare. What I more would like to see in the benchmark is the possibility to check adjustments on the visual game aspects in combination to the FPS, (In my case F-T 🧐) The visual aspects like Jaggies and shimmer in the cockpit, terrain distance, clouds, planes edges/rims, wing wires, is an discussion with a lon
  6. @TWC_MalI do not know what type of motherboard you have but if have an Z390 type, you can always go for an (secondhand) i7-9700k(f) or an i9-9900k(f), kf is the one without iGPU. Check what CPU your motherboard is supporting. Combine this CPU with a decent liquid cooler like the Arctic Freezer II 280 or 360 (depends whats can be fit into your PC case) and you can overclock to the needed 5 - 5,3 Ghz. Without an Z390 motherboard I would wait, because right now hardware is become very pricey and as it seems the DDR5/PCIe5 systems will be released at the end of this year.
  7. Thanks but as you see, both have the same color, thats why I did posted this screen shot of one strut in the sky and one on the terrain. Guess it the old game engine thats limiting here.
  8. @szelljr Your Jacobs Dr1 skin seems to have a failure at base of the wing struts.
  9. Check your Windows adjustments be sure its set to “performance—> best graphics” & “60fps —> 90fps”
  10. Sorry but I can not find any force to DX11 option in the Steam files, its only the force to DX12 option, changing this from 12 to 11 I do not know if thats any help for improving FPS.
  11. Its on sale now read this: https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4567930/woff-bh-h-ii-may-special-offer#Post4567930
  12. Think that example of the N28 is more counting to the lack of craftsmanship from Uglymedia and not in general for the BoX WW2 planes.
  13. After using this its blocking now all the updates even from the windows defender. 😟 .
  14. Please make make them also in the short grass version so the whole ancient 2D appearance is not that prominent visual anymore. And do not forget the flowers 🌸
  15. Did a member not made an mod for this aspect?
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