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  1. very intresting because despite some games should gain 25% better FPS as AMD/Nvidia sometimes claim, I never did notice any improvements after an upgrade, or the game was unplayable and I had to roll back. The new driver does contain the freesync as can be read here https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42578-finally-nvidia-free-freesync/, but tomorow my new 500Gb WD black NVMe M2 will arrive, so after a complete new instal, I will be forced to use the Nvidia new driver.
  2. And also not all freesync monitors can handle this, but I guess this will be changed next driver update. Also intresting for the freesync users Google this: Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) , a small tool to expant the low and high Hz your monitor can handle. Some FS monitors are only between 45-60hz which is very limited when it becomes to the use of freesync.
  3. Dutch2

    TrackIR and glasses

    Here are some nice readings regarding TrackIR, it is old but the pricipal of light and TrackIR are the same in the new and old versions. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/39313-trackir-setup-instructions/
  4. Think very positive for all those who do have an Freesync monitor and a nVidia Vcard. With the new released Nvidia driver you can finally use freesync. https://www.techpowerup.com/251532/nvidia-releases-geforce-417-71-whql-drivers-with-freesync-support
  5. I hope then somebody can trow in the holygraal, because I’m using the 7700k/1080 and dispite overclocking, the 90hz absolute not in a dogfight or straffing mission. OK high in the air no other plane and clouds it keeps the 90.
  6. It all depents on what you notice as your most negative point, for me it was the SD effect on the vive and rift, not the limited FOV and not the godrays. While the €1000,- Vive pro and Pimax5k was to expensive so after the $300 Black friday deal I went for the lesser SD effect from the O+ . For me it was the lack of SDE and price, maybe for others this could be complete different. Only advice I can give; go to an VR arcade hal and try it.
  7. Dutch2

    How is the AI?

    We are talking about AI from 2009 on and the same is still going on in FC. 😩 So I do not think this will be improved in big steps. Before Jason is closing this topic, I do not expect any major improvement, I only do hope the front gunner of the Fee is now acting more offensieve and not pure defensive as now being programmend in RoF gunner AI. I can tell you, it is no fun, when you are finaly behind the Germans tail, this useless person refuse to shoot. 🤯
  8. Dutch2

    How is the AI?

    Not differend from the other BoX series you already own. Do not think 1c would be changed this AI only for FC.
  9. Dutch2

    SLI for VR active

    I know only a few use VR and I guess it does not bring extra buyers, but maybe this all is not that labour and cost intensive. Is it not possible to make SLI active for BoX as can be read here https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/vrsli Think members that have an Vcard just at the low VR level would be very thankfull and can go for a cheap sec.hand (980/1070/1080 ranges) and the highend players that now can finally run the 2080ti or Titan-RTX in SLI mode.
  10. Thanks for the explanation but Fenris what is max-cache doing?
  11. OK so best is roll back the old 1.05, I’m using JSGME, delete that 1.05 and put in the new 1.06 in the mods folder and swap the1.06 back to BoX. ???
  12. I see but this is an BoK mission anything from BoM or BoS to try.
  13. It seems my sons PC is going KO. So as usual my old rig (i7-7700k) is going to my son. To be prepared I’m orientating for a new system. I did read Ferris reply in this forum; the whole AMD series is not suited for VR, so I geuss it will be the Intel series. The new i9-9900k is rather expensive, but the i7-8086k, i7-8700k and the new i7-9700k is more nearer to my budget. The 9700k en 8700k are more a less the same priced while the 8060k is something like €40,- more. Pure based on performance for only BoX in VR, what would be the best performer.
  14. Dutch2

    Acer Mixed Reality headset

    It does according to Leu5. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/39748-3dmigoto-mod-icon-masked-by-cockpit-zoom-for-vr-color-change-cloud-fix-sight-strengthened9-features/?page=9&tab=comments#comment-712351
  15. I would like BoKp if still over, BoK in VR should look amazing. edit: and happy 2019