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  1. and although it does not include all of our most modern map tech (such as buildings with increased detail), Are we talking about the modern similar to MS FS2020 map tech here, if so that would be great in BoN.
  2. And while buying straight from the developers you are also free from Steam processes that’s eating CPU performance.
  3. Is that other skinpack (PWCG Skin pack) on your site, still being used by PWCG?
  4. Yeah, but if buying from STEAM you always find all those performance eating STEAM activities on your system, when starting up your STEAM game. Running an decent system then this is no problem, but having difficulties in maintaining FPS then you would avoid another not needed process running in the background.
  5. BoS is now in the Nvidia NOW game listings https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce-now/games/ just fill in “Il2-“ and it will finds itself to BoS. Please let me know your experience and what internet speed you have.
  6. As an RoF veteran I know how its working , I’m only reading the list to know on what derection I have to fill inn. In RoF I always put in the famous pilots that Pat did not use, like in the Belgium escadrille or to the real historic members included the right skin.
  7. Sorry for the bump, but I want to correct these orphans campaigns, so they al can be re-used again.
  8. Thanks for explanation that it is not possible, its btw only an minor remark. To be clear, the problem is I do care on what map, only want to fly an specific plane on the earliest date. Now you have to guess and scroll down true all the dates and back again. Still think its a lot easier to select the plane firstly, instead of selecting Bomber/fighter/reconnaissance, as I said mostly people are selecting on plane type. Guess I have to use the included .txt file with all of the programmed planes by date and squadrons.
  9. I can confirm its still working for Russian and German voices.
  10. Try this and additionally use also the joystick center deadzone.
  11. Yesterday I wanting to start an H111-16 campaign at the earliest date, but apparently you can not select the plane first. So I did have select every data to get an squadron that did fly the He111-16 at the earliest starting data. I do not know how members are using this selecting, but I usely select an squadron based on a plane type. Maybe an idea to introduce the selection on plane type tab? edit: (And for flyers who do not care on what plane, an random generator for automatic selection). 😗
  12. Apparently 1C decided to put in effort to rise the map, great that still corrections going on but now my collection of missions are gone. Can somebody please give by printscreen or an youtube on how to correct these, I did give it an try but nothing is working. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/63323-important-changes-for-the-battle-of-moscow-maps/
  13. All the RoF planes and RoF map first.
  14. But there is PWCG who needs the rigid career mode. 🥳 and did you ever try the two scripted campaigns made by Vander. I know in RoF the Klemtovic scripted campaign were much better made, but that is pure personal taste, these for FC are also good made.
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