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  1. Genda’s Blade https://www.amazon.com/Gendas-Blade-Japans-Squadron-Kokutai/dp/1903223253 As this book did change my whole perception towards the Japanese airforce. Another good book from my collection is about the ace Saburo Sakai in the book “Samurai”. BTW my number of choice is 15 for the La5 or Yak1b
  2. It is posted in the VR section, I guess if this has been posted in the “general” or main “hardware” section some different replies would have been seen here, as we are here all VR fans I suppose. 😗 VR is, and I’m talking about my own experience, something you have to experience by yourself. Not by an demo in a store, thats only for selling VR stuff. Nope, go to an VR-arcade hall and feel/see for yourself and do observations on what you like and dislike. In my case it was the pixels effect I hated in the Vive and Rift, so when the O+ was on an 2018 Black Friday deal, it was the time to get one from the States. I think the whole VR is so personally that nobody can give you an decent advice, if the VR suites you. Only one hint, you will need highend hardware and overclocked like hell.
  3. I’m still at my work, but I’m using mostly based on the adjustments as being published by Ferris sticky. and this, only I do not use Lunafest mod
  4. I did never played FC VR in multiplayer.
  5. Do you have + or - glasses? Because in my case, I do have minus, there is no problem on my O+. Another solution would be the use of eye lenses. If being from Europe you could check Specsavers €19,- for an simple frame and glasses until €299,- for exclusive designer models.
  6. @YoYo is right on this, because it does not matter what BoX version you have. Only keep in your mind the VR effects in FC are not as subtle compared to the WW2 BoX series, as it looks that Yugro “media design buro“ (that did made FC) does not have an VR headset to test it. Maybe for FC vol2, @Jason_Williams could give an VR headset as an Christmas present to Yugra Media . 😗
  7. I did over-read all the BoN announcement 🤭 because of my work (huge pressure from Intel, for delivery) but, it appears to me with the Westernfront series, they hit the sweetspot in selling. 99% sure if this BoN is also an successful in selling, they are going to “Battle of Germany” or “the race to Berlin” , maybe with the 4-mots.
  8. Think that would be great, as we need to be sure we are using real game inputs in the benchmark and not the Video output.
  9. No, because a time ago I did run a benchmark with a plane I did not own. @chiliwili69 first of all a BIG THANK, for keeping this alive, but as what @SharpeXB did wrote down is interesting, are you sure, can an recorded Bopl action video be compared to an real game benchmark? I’m afraid we are only comparing the results of the BoX video play capability from our hardware.
  10. I do not care as long if they are within the historical aspects, (so no 109k at Stalingrad), immersive (like decent intro, story, AI activities on ground/air), element of surprise (home airstrip is attacked, when starting your mission), not being based on one activity (an combination of defensive/offensive, ground attacking, special tasks, scouting etc). BTW This is also counting for bombers think at spy/supply dropping, evacuating, precision bombing, night/day. So I did vote Fantasy, as in real life an 12h escorting B17 mission or patrolling everyday the same region while no German planes ever did enter, looks to me not that interesting.
  11. More info on that https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4491772/woff-pe-in-vr#Post4491772 https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/4418742/Searchpage/1/Main/416988/Words/%2Bvr+%2Bvive/Search/true/woff-in-virtual-reality-works-with-vive#Post4418742 https://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/4352600/1 The last link is about a free software Vireio Perception that can be compared to VorpX. edit: Please let us know if somebody succeeded to run this WoFF/WoTR game in VR, without problems. It seems it is still very flatworld.
  12. I can not speak about WoTR, but in WoFF they did put in lots of effort to give it an extreme immersion factor, on this point BoX could learn a lot of OBD, I think BoX is rather sterile at that aspect. Since I do have my Odyssey+ I’m not playing WoFF anymore, but just imagine if WoFF or WoTR could be played in VR.
  13. While for Combatfly sims since 2010 every major step in graphical improvement seems to be on hold, it looks like FS2020 is going to an next level. I did see this movie clip a couple of months ago on another site and it looks very promising, so who knows some combat fly games are getting inspired by this. For VR users to use this, I guess we have to wait for the i12-11990/RTX5080.
  14. Maybe not related to your problems but my experience using an MSI Z270 that despite having an special VR-chip & VR USB port included and an Odyssey+. When you install the VR software it will show if your USB is capable by an “OK”, if neglecting this warning it always will be troublesome connection. Try to use another USB port. Normally USB ports are on a header of 2, 3 or more USB ports. If being connected to an VR HS, leave the other USB ports of that specific header, empty. Use the USB port that does have the VR (ready) marking. If being used, remove USB extenders cables. Hope it can help if having difficulty. Strangely now having an Gigabyte Aorus pro Z390, with no VR ready markings and no VR chip, it is running perfectly. No typical restart is needed.
  15. I did read lots of impressions complain about the limited effects, on RoFs DX9 game engine at the RoF forum, same is counting for the other WW1 game WoFF. But for me now using VR, no way back to the flatworld.
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