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  1. You have an decent rig, only nothing special nor high end. Why not ask @dburne what a real monster PC looks like, in 2019.
  2. Dutch2

    Racing Sims

    Well I must admit I’m hooked to AC in VR right now, maybe if FC will be released I’m going back, but so much AC mods can be downloaded and so much DIY hardware application can be used, like I’m in a candy store. The whole BoX modding is very low, because it is restricted, in AC everything is more open while this game does also have mp. So what is the problem using these restrictions in BoX, is 1c afraid of hacking in mp? Next project for AC; the wind generator based on an Arduino and an working FFB bass shaker, would be nice if we could use that also in FC.
  3. This HS was more for business application, I do not hear from them anymore, but I know that XTAL was also busy in making a gamer HS. Sure some Google findings about the progress will be around on the web.
  4. I’m not talking about opinions but about people who think they have an opinion about VR without ever experienced VR. The rest can be read by yourself I suppose.
  5. That is an mega overclocking 🤑 mobo. Just google for help like this from Asus https://rog.asus.com/articles/overclocking/rog-overclocking-guide-core-for-5960x-5930k-5820k/ or youtube pure as an sample.
  6. You can disable the Steam update, do a search like “disable Steam update” In my case I did disable all the beta update stuff to be sure it will not interfere to the 1809. But if everything is running great maybe the best way is to disable all the updates.
  7. My advice for top gaming BoX: the new intel i9-9900KS and the new RTX2080ti SUPER, you have to wait a month. https://wccftech.com/exclusive-nvidias-super-gpus-unleashing-monsters/ https://www.techpowerup.com/255942/intel-pushes-the-panic-button-with-core-i9-9900ks
  8. You can roll back to the 1809, search at Google.Right now I do not think the 1903 does have any improvement for VR only Hololens specific.
  9. Dutch2

    Racing Sims

    After playing 20yr of mainly RB, OFF3, RoF, WoFF and now BoX. Time to explore other games that are using VR.
  10. Just like to know if they would bring in the Meteor would you buy BOBP?
  11. Sure after 30y it will be intregated in your eyelens and all the blind can digital see the environment, but now we have only facts and I do not see any bright light for VR-gaming. So maybe over 30y Sorry.
  12. Dutch2

    Racing Sims

    The G920 does have a bad FFB caused by its noisy gearsystem, the t300 use a beltdrive. Keep in your mind there is a race game that can not handle this gearsystem. The G920 does have good gass/brake/clutch groundplate, thats why never get the cheaper t300 that does have only two pedals these are very bad quality, the t300 using 3 pedals are on the same level as Logitechs. Steering wheel, most are using small 26-28cm wheels this special T300 version does one have an 30cm bigger wheel, still to small but the 33cm https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/ferrari-250-gto-wheel-add is to expensive. Overall I did went for the better overall quality and within the t300 series I went for the bigger wheel & 3 pedal system. Edit: and the leather trim on that wheel, while the flat underside of the steering wheel is rather handy to feel the wheels position because you are rather blind using VR. Btw if not needed the Xbox it seems the G29 is a better choice for the PC then the G920 There are a couple of good Youtube movies just type G29 vs G920 or t300 vs G920
  13. So we do not have to delete the .msbin files if we are converting from the folder itself.
  14. Dutch2

    Racing Sims

    Tomorrow I will receive my Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari https://www.thrustmaster.com/en_US/products/t300-ferrari-integral-racing-wheel-alcantara-edition Then its racing AC in pre 1967 cars. 😎
  15. Sorry I do not think nonVR users can do any judgement on the quality in VR. You have to use VR to see the lesser quality. VR owners who have this FC game, try the Albatros and compare it with the other plane like the Dolphin or Fokker D7, let me know what you are thinking about the cockpit quality. I still think it is another lazy job from that Russian design buro. edit about the oval gunbar you were all right historically it was oval.
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