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  1. Dutch2

    Jasta 26 Fokker Dr.1's

    Thanks did miss these.
  2. Dutch2

    szelljr skindeposit (WW 1) ®

    I have downloaded them all, thanks for all the effort. A small question to the skinner, did you also made Spad skins?
  3. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Guys thanks for all the VR info, I just did order the Samsung Odyssey plus, on the Big Apple Buddy website. Without all your help, me as an VRnoob, I would never get the right VRset that does suit to my hardware and budget. My research also did lead to a VR arcade hal and I and my son did not have any problems with the motion illness, small FOV and lensrays using the Vive. Only we found both the big pixel effect (SDE) a real disapointing aspect. Thank U guys.
  4. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Are we shure it is the plus version? https://www.vrandfun.com/samsung-odyssey-vr-headset-black-friday-sale-299/
  5. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Guys you be aware you all talking about the old Samsung Odyssey nonplus version when it becomes to fit issues. Btw here a short review from MRTV, to avoid his blabla, scroll to the right, I think it is very clear if have an GTX1070(ti) or GTX1080, like I have, the Samsung is the way to go. It seems it has the smallest SDE from all the VRsets, even smaller then the Pimax. But the Pimax5k is the best. Now only waiting for that VoodooDE review, because he did also buy the Samsung Odyssey plus. Meantime I guess it will be availible on Amazon.com for shipment to the Eurozone.
  6. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Wait for saterday when Sabastian from MRVT will publish his video review.
  7. Dutch2

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    Thanks for the anwers it is for me very clear, I think it only works for one code for each account.
  8. Dutch2

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    That is I suppose, it is limited to one code for an account, you did recieve 3 codes incl mine from members and I guess your own code did work. I’m I right on this?
  9. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Check also Boderoo https://borderoo.com as an BAB alternative.
  10. Dutch2

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    PM incl. code sent to mr No.615_Woop Please enyo and let me know what you did buy.
  11. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    Here a review Samsung + vs samung non+ https://10thousandeyes.wordpress.com/2018/11/02/samsung-odyssey-early-impressions/
  12. Dutch2

    Feedback -25% code to give away

    I do have the promo code pm me if you wanting to have, do not know if it is working and be aware, the sales are mostly bring in a bigger discount. I think it can also work on the Cliffs of dover serie in the store.
  13. Dutch2

    API for export of flight data

    This whole API is not only for shaking systems, but this also can be used by other effects, like a windgenerator for open cockpit planes, which are now only implementated in some highend racegames. http://fergotech.net/diy-wind-simulation/
  14. Dutch2

    Samsung Odyssey +

    There will be an review from MRVT Sebastian about the Samsung plus and it seems two guys made an review about it.
  15. Dutch2

    Pimax vid

    Or what about this one: