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  1. Its all still in beta, if you will not take any risks, try to avoid those test software from STEAM. Same is counting for new Vcard drivers or Win10 release upgrade, wait for reactions if wanting to be on the besure-side. So in my case thanks for the warning and btw a new beta is being published.
  2. Sorry to hear this, only sitting on your ass will solve nothing. Even an midrange town has its own centre were you can join to do volunteers work. Every low populated country site has its own clubs to do activities like folklores, mid summer or crop festivals. Its not a matter of being lonely, but a matter of being useful, try to get into such a activity and feel that people are counting on you. .
  3. Same is btw counting for new Intels CPU, new 14+++++ gen will be released at spring 2020. I did run an i7-7700k, it did count 5,1Ghz on all cores while I only did use an simple air cooler. So being a bad overclocker, hell not, not after a delid, good paste/cooler and a good VRM Z270 mobo it can be above >5ghz reach. But if the TS does have an non Zchipset board as it seems to be, I would not consider the exchange to the k. Right now I would then wait what Intel is bringing for spring. edit: And if not being an overclocker check also AMD’s CPU deals.
  4. Just ask it to himself at the Racedepartment or Steam forum, as his advices are for racing only, not BoX releated. That why I did wrote down that it is a pity he is not involved into BoX.
  5. Dutch2

    The Rheinland map

    Reading the results here from this poll, sure are not good and I must admit like the houses in the Low countries are more look-a-like from Germany, so gone is one of the highly needed immersions factors. But I can not say the whole map is that bad in VR. Only in my “VR”view I think the FC1 map, thats been made by Ugra media design buro or wathever its name is, is far more woser then the BoBpl map. The whole no-mans land in FC, is so bad made in VR, that I can not imagine that @Jason_Williams is satisfying by the results of this Russian “ design” buro. I guess mr @Jason_Williams needs a talk to that “buro” about buying a VRset, as I think the whole problem here is, Ugra media, can not test its own creation in VR.
  6. Yep I can confirm that’s true read this, but also the warning about Nvidia newest driver https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/wmr-blurriness-fix.176178/ BTW, Andrew_WOT is very active on VR for racing games, he did show me some interesting VR adjustments on Discord, pity this guy is not involved in to BoX-VR.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/955610/OpenVR_Benchmark/ Could be interesting only keep in your mind fpsVR can now also generate .CSV files for importing into Excel/openoffice/Libreoffice, while this OpenVR seems to run on its own synthetic benchmark, fpsVR and Nvidia FCAT-VR can run an specific BoX mission at your choice. https://store.steampowered.com/app/908520/fpsVR/ https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides/fcat-vr-download-and-how-to-guide
  8. Wait I would join inn, with this specific video, that is maybe not international favor, but, well at that time of period rather amusing, because music was at that time very serious business. It was an answer to TopPop a Dutch version of BBCs Top of the pops. Btw have patience because Donna speaks (Sings) English. 🙂
  9. A good handkerchief would be the best I guess, 🤧 after that an lemon with rum would be good for the cold you did get. 🤒 Any better suggestions will be following soon, after my message. 😙
  10. Do a search here on the best VR set, its been squeezed out many times. Think right now the HP, Steam, RiftS and Pimax do make the best VRsystems, while the Samsung Odyssey+ can be reachable if being on sales $250,- But for running VR, you will need decent hardware think the RTX2080 is the only component that can be reused and I do not know if the win7 is the ideal OS for using VR. Also to get the CPU going smooth, it needs to be overclocked, my experience for il2 is that below 4,9Ghz is an no go area.
  11. Genda’s Blade https://www.amazon.com/Gendas-Blade-Japans-Squadron-Kokutai/dp/1903223253 As this book did change my whole perception towards the Japanese airforce. Another good book from my collection is about the ace Saburo Sakai in the book “Samurai”. BTW my number of choice is 15 for the La5 or Yak1b
  12. It is posted in the VR section, I guess if this has been posted in the “general” or main “hardware” section some different replies would have been seen here, as we are here all VR fans I suppose. 😗 VR is, and I’m talking about my own experience, something you have to experience by yourself. Not by an demo in a store, thats only for selling VR stuff. Nope, go to an VR-arcade hall and feel/see for yourself and do observations on what you like and dislike. In my case it was the pixels effect I hated in the Vive and Rift, so when the O+ was on an 2018 Black Friday deal, it was the time to get one from the States. I think the whole VR is so personally that nobody can give you an decent advice, if the VR suites you. Only one hint, you will need highend hardware and overclocked like hell.
  13. I’m still at my work, but I’m using mostly based on the adjustments as being published by Ferris sticky. and this, only I do not use Lunafest mod
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