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  1. read this: https://www.gigabyte.com/FileUpload/Global/multimedia/2/file/525/946.pdf Also check Der8auer youtube movies on youtube. edit, Gigabyte Z390 is not that difficult only more keen on the right RAM and I still find the Bios is an rubbish design.
  2. I do hope they will keep it open. BTW could someone please publish the source from this info, as it appears it is taken from another forum.
  3. I think everybody is neglecting this, but it is the truth. What the cause of this is we can only guess, but fact is not much young players are in this genre. Warthunder and world of warplanes type of games, never I did play them, but if these do have lots of youngsters then here lays the cause why old style classic combat flysims are dying. Personally, based on observations on my children, I think: no interest in WW1 & 2 history, Joystick I’m not going to buy that, pfff to complex, and do not forget for us oldtimers flying and military did have an complete different meaning, then for the youth now. While we could be hysterical on 1c, that an Albatros DIII is missing an rivet, they want it equipped with an 155mm canon, the difference in wanting an historic right game or gaming and having fun. 🙂
  4. I know I’m not good in writing down my English and reading your reply, I do not think you get my point, so to be clear on this, another explanation. My whole point was and your video also prove I was right, you see those shrapnel or returning bullets are not transforming to an disco laserBEAM show. So that ricochet effect in BoX is rather hilarious, like in your video, when hitting hard surfaces, a few glowing points would be ok, only not that returning bullet escorted by an ray of smoke effect. I hope it is now better being explained. Modders please give us that mod, that will delete that rocket driven ricocheting effect.
  5. I just have downloaded Dirt as a free game, you do need a free Steam account, read this https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-rally
  6. I can not test it, (upgrading to an 9700k) but a new Video driver has been introduced, which could be interesting for BoS https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/gamescom-2019-game-ready-driver/ Let me know you opinion.
  7. That all depends, if you are not an overclocker you could consider the new AMD Ryzen series, but if going to overclock, which actually is very simple these days, go for Intel. I would suggest my VR setup I did buy after an research and asking info here. i 7-9700k or the i7-9700KF with or without an iGPU, Gigabyte Aorus pro, it has the best VRM setup in the midrange motherboards RAM get 2x8Gb >3200mhz and never above Cl16, see the RAM compatibility list at the Gigabyte site, my experience do not buy RAM that is not listed by Gigabyte for that specific board. Vcard get an RTX2080super or much better the RTX2080ti or to be released RTX2080ti-super as can be read on some sites.
  8. Just went for the 9700k as the non iGPU 9700KF was only €10,- cheaper. Never did used it on the 6700k and the 7700k but I know its onboard GPU can be an handy for trouble shooting. Motherboard Gigabyte Z390 Aorus pro, midrange board, selected by the very good VRM for the >5Ghz OC Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB DDR4-3333 CL16 kit, because it does have an good price, speed and it is listed on the Gigabyte board. rest wil be re-used from my old system. After that it is waiting for the newly RTX2080super price drop, to replace the GTX1080, which is even when being overclocked for BoS-VR to slow. I do hope this RTX2080super will handle this game better, as the RTX2080ti is to expensieve.
  9. Thanks but I have to change to another PC as being explained above, so to compare my old 7700 to yours does not make sense for now.
  10. Thank you all for the info. I’m only interested in BoS and Assetto Corsa playing in VR. @JimmySolarium I only use benchmarks that are also using OC results like GamersNexus, not driving a CPU without OC. The only problem is always what benchmark can be compared to playing BoS in VR?
  11. RTX 2800super Samsung Odyssey plus 1). Sorry but what benchmark would be right to use this for BoS-VR, or Assetto Corsa VR both games I play in VR. 2). could you explain this better about remotely, I do not know what you are trying to explain. BTW the 3900x is a bit out of budget same as the 9900k.
  12. I have to leave my old trusty 5,1Ghz i7-7700k/GTX1080 to my son, as his Liano CPU is now become to slow. While I keep the family tradition going on, to give my PC to my son and get a new one. 🙂 I do read a lot of test about AMD 3800X vs Intel 9700k(f) (both the same priced) and when it becomes to results at overclock, the 9700k shows his power above the 3800x. Now I would like to know how does this compare in VR? The old gen. Ryzen was always the nogo here for VR but what about the new Ryzen 3800x? Can I take the OC peak bench at single core as an indication that the 9700k is also the better one in BoX-VR? https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-9700K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-7-3800X/4030vs4047
  13. I’m right now exploring Assetto Corsa and rFactor2, both can coop to a nice piece of FREE software called Simhub https://www.simhubdash.com/, that can read from all kind of signals to implementate extra controlbuttoms, windgenerator, Gametrix, movementsimulators , wathever. All those racesims have an audience online doing lots of champion races around the web, Esports and no problem regarding hacking telemetry or whatever, no sponsering is needed towards these gamestudio’s to implementate this extra features, it is simply working. These game studios are like the BoS team very small and operate in a small niche, limited in labour and budget. I only think race simmers, do have more to spend on the game and are very technical, but thats only based on my first impression. So why this is all that difficult for 1c as all de simrace studios can cope with this, without any discussions, I do not know, the only thing I “feel” (simshaker & windsim) is that it is an great extra for rF2/AC so I guess also for BoS.
  14. When reading all of this, I was asking myself, how do some get the time to play 10 games, is this just a matter I do own 10games, or are you playing this 10 games at a couple of mouths period or are you retired/no children/no wife? Because in my situation I been limited to the weekend mornings because yep not retired/have children & wife 😎
  15. Only rFactor2 & Assetto Corsa both in VR and only the old cars, nice to see how many free mods are made for all those race games. edit: and driving AC in VR, is not relaxing, but very intense.
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