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  1. Found this while looking for some info about my german microwave. It's weird, but fascinating in a way. I hope nobody get offended, but it goes very high on the unusual and on the weird points.
  2. ШФК-37 = ShFK-37 I agree with the general post, asumming that the idea is not to simulate the il2 with 37mm as it was on original il2.
  3. Yes, is started from the attack over Tarento, to the fight for crete, and convoys like pedestal to replenish Malta's fighters. There was even an american carrier involved in the task of replenishing Malta`s fighter garrison. It was later sunk by japaneese. Sorry, I'am travelling and this posted too late.
  4. Nice plane to have, specially since it was available there. I allways liked this machine personality. Dont forget the other american plane there, the P39. Those two unerdogs of american aviation history, were good participants of the eastern front. If we got radios simulated as they were on reality, this planes will become priceless, and more popular than a La5FN! A pitty that TS spoils this a lot.
  5. Sorry, but you are getting some points way out wrong. IL2 was made by russians, and first of all intendend as a product for russians. On the long run, it developed as enormously popular, and more developement followed, on the basis of what was allready developed. The second edition, FB, was an extension of scenerys never before depicted on simulated airwarfare. The pacific, was allready over ambitious, and lacking. 1946, was accepted because it included a lot of western aircraft. Then a poll was made, to know wich scenario was in need of attention, to be the first of the new il2. BoB won, and this was a great mistake to my taste, since it almost allowed no more than dogfihts and level bombing. It was better to develope, but pittiful to allow close support aircraft activity. So you have Stukas, but no tanks, or enemy columns to hit. Also ships changed paths to avoid being attacked. So in the long run, close support is useless. The bigger numbers of mission creators, love to move the mud. So... you have a lot to loose on those scenerys. BoB was never a good choice as a follow up of the title. It is nice as a secondary scenario, but never as the only one in a product so rich with possibilities. The channels 44 scenario was far more accepted, and London was really needed there, but BoB... for anyone that played all aspects of il2, is a second rate scenario. For exclusive dogfighters, it is heaven, for everyone else, it is just boring.
  6. Actually il2 campaigns allowed what they are asking above. It took a lot of work, but it was possible. What would be needed here is that on set campaigns, a presentation viewer is called. With very little coding, you could use for that purpose some standard software for this, and let the sim make an external call to a viewer. Whoever wish to build a campaign with that kind of content, will have the possibility without creating new software, or strange standards for something allready well known. Hey Bearcat, you forgot the posiibility for the AI to get experience and fly better later. So people learn to care for their flymates, even when they are not human... and be extremely concerned when a good one dies... anyway, +1 to your idea.
  7. Asking for the game to support so many objects simultaneously, may be superflous. The game must do this! If it doesn't, it will mean that the coding is quite inefficient on handling game info though the web, or to taxing on secondary events that are developing summultaneously. If developers don't take this into their minds from scratch, they should be doing something else, but surelly not this kind of venture.
  8. Well... if they pretend to model zeppelins, and someone wants to travel at zeppelin speed trough the chanell to bomb London, it will surelly be needed :D Really the italian frontier with the austrians looks like a much more challenging scenario, with the alps and planes that don't fly that high.
  9. Well... Noth Africa is a different scenario than the Med. It's like saying BoB meaning BoF...
  10. Hs129. The Ju87, and the il2 must come as part of the first pack. Also a Bf 109 F4, and a Yak-1 or late LaGG
  11. If it talks about the duel, then it is not good. It never happened. I prefer Beevors crude description of the main role in battle of lice and fleas.
  12. The Me323 was also there at the final stages of the airbridge. Also, the Hs129 was equiped with the 30mm, but the pilots lack of confidence in it was because they can't spot the results. Ground troops reported that they were quite successfull showing the pens on T34 side turrets. And this was on Kharkov, before Stalingrad. So, it was available on a low basis, as the plane itself. Anyway, they also used a different ammo on the MG151. That was never modelled on IL2. He-112, only participated at the first stages of Barbarossa, they were later kept as home defense. The different russian recon planes. Air transports as the Li2. Recon planes, were the first main motive for fighters to exist. I really hope their role is not neglected, specially since RoF is capable of using them as "fire directors". The Po-2, generated some crazy measures from the germans, to the point of using He-111 as Po-2 chasers.
  13. Stalingrad is excellent as a choice. It is less complex than the Med for a starting sim, and still having all climates, different balance on different dates, and it is very taxing on ground movementes. Also the aircrafts involved are quite balanced all in all, and very well documented. More... the main public of this sim still lives in russia, so it is a natural choice. The med is excellent, but it needs a lot of ships, and carrier action. Not a good choice for a starter. Anyway, this a far better scenario than BOB. Close support have a meaning here.
  14. Nice, I used to put static convoys on il2 when building missions, so that when someone go straffing some places on an airport, there will be people running everywhere. When it became modded, I created a convoy of a single truck, so that you can disguise it inside a building. The result was the same... people runnign for their lives on the airbase! Also, there was a mod where Artillery units suffer the same effect.
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