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  1. vino

    New Players start here ...

    I was captured while playing career mode. Is there any way to go back in time and replay my unsuccessful mission?
  2. vino

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  3. Thanks blackram! I think I solved the problem. Finally. I set the IR Brightness knob to minimum, and everything looks fine!
  4. vino

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    I think I've fallen in love! 😄
  5. Thank you for the link sir. However I did not find anything to solve my problem...
  6. Are there any other pilots with glasses? Dogfighting is difficult when the screen light is reflected from the glasses to the TrackIR sensor and TIR will go nuts. What would be the solution to such a problem?
  7. vino

    Tried the K-4, back to the A3 :-)

    How is the mw50 enabled? Can not find a key for it.
  8. vino

    Just started Career

    I just finished my first successful mission. Took off, got near enemy, shot down 2 planes and somehow managed to navigate back to base. Feels SO good!
  9. Simple question; what’s your favourite plane in Great Battles? I love Bf-109 G6, it is just beautiful!
  10. vino

    keep spinning on ground

    I have this problem with spitfire. When the loop starts, nothing can stop it...
  11. vino

    Rear view mirror broken?

    Okay. Good to know that this is how it is meant to be.