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  1. Seriously. Is that a known bug, or is it just me?
  2. What is wrong with G2s instrument panel holes? They are black in G4, but in G2 they are filled with grey matter. See the pic.
  3. I bought this. Only $4,99. I’ll bet this is way too hard for my skills, but I’ll give it a shot. This is also my first scripted campaign. I’ll let you know how I progress 😄
  4. I checked, and there is not anything else bound to those commands. This is weird. Just one more question: how can I get emergency +16 boost?
  5. Well it does not. I know I’m missing something here... The good thing is, that this bird doesn’t need rudder trim! It flies steady.
  6. Yes. I’m using TM warthog. It is bound to trim hat...
  7. Thank you sir! I forgot to ask; should the rudder trim work? Mine isn’t...
  8. Few questions: - When to use rich and when to lean mixture? In start up, taking off and landing I'm using rich mixture. In flight lean. But what about dogfight? - Is there a some kind of manual, so I could read these things?
  9. Only one stupid question left. Sorry. In Kuban map, there is 3 squadrons, that have G6's. When I start career, they automaticly give me G4's. How can I choose diffirent plane?
  10. Is there any chance that I might brake my sim with that mod?
  11. Is it possible to fly career with G6 in any map? Thanks!
  12. Somehow I don't recall having to use the mixture lever before... BTW. your tip worked. Thank you again!
  13. Thank you! I'll give it a try. Seems like I'm having the same issue with IX
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