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  1. I will like to thank DEVs very much for your effort and the time you invested so that this server will be the best in quality and fun. Thank you for keeping the dream alive!
  2. I think the right thing to do, before decide to ban or not someone, is to make a rule. Then if the rule is not followed, a ban should be applied. That goes for everything parachute shooting, staying in the field more than 15 sec after being shot down etc. Personally I think that landing in a field at a spawn place is not nice and sporty and should worth of a penalty, as it is to fly over a field and shoot a plane on the leave or landing (my self I never practice that) , but right now there is no rule to forbid that. So probably we should vote for a rule in the beginning and the ban players that they do not follow the rules. tnx @Daedalos
  3. I think there is always room for changes as long as are in a logical frame. The problem is to try to look to the forest and not to the tree. Palne sets, numerically balances won’t mean a think individually. We can not ask all the time changes because i think is a multi factor situation. By changing too much att the same time will only lead to more confusion. I have to agree with @Tumu once again about the action of big squads and add to that the coordination provided to small squads. This is probably where should we start. My point is that I think that TAW is air war is not a dogfight server, not in the pure way at least. Maybe the formation of a headquarter from the beginning that could coordinate the actions of squad should be wise. We can let’s say i.e divide after the finish of this TAW the squads first to the ones that finished in top 50 and the ones that finished in 50+. The second group will be free to shoose which side they want. The first 50 then they will be divided to the next groups: 1. 5 1st from blue and red side 2. 40 rest. The first group has to change side unconditionally. The others have to change depended on the numerically balance. First they choose side and then if it is unbalanced they have to make a compromise to balance the sides. Then every side forms a coordinate committee which will go through all the war. About the plane sets changes if need to will be made every four rounds when everybody will have a better view of the situation and not based on theoretical points of view or personal likes or believes. The most important decide based on facts according to the outcome of the wars. @Daedalos
  4. There are also other type of cases like, shooting att crash planes that somebody else shot down. It is unbelievable. Risk your plane and your virtual life to shoot down the plane and somebody else is coming to shoot it to take the easy kill. Unmatured. Pvt_Ingvaar Me and AsbyFoxtrot dived to the il2, try to shoot it down and avoid the gunner and after 6 successful passes we manage to shot down and when it finally crashed a pilot who was looking not diving decides to shoot it on the ground. Congrats what can I say. And believe me it is not the first time that happens! tnx @Daedalos
  5. There were quite alive on Suturday. We made some raids on 109, 110 and one ju88 with 50 kg only (mission 166) Same goes for the airfield of Erzovka. It was closed yesterday and the jobb was done by 3x109s and 2x110 with only 50kg bombs (2 sorties), so it can be done even with fighters, no need havy bombers. Requires coordination and a lot of luck of course (mission 175). I Think KOHAH and Reshetnikov can confirm this. Nothing could be done if it was not for @xJammer who coordinated us. Great Respect to him. He understants a lot about the game the strategy and the TAW itself. We learned a lot because of him. It is really fun to fly like this. Also many thanks to Serenity17 and Flash for the raid on the depots. Great, marvelous job. Tnx @Daedalos
  6. It has to be a bug somewhere. I have not awarded 3 kills, which nobody else was involved. So the planes in falling down, no credit. 😞 Strange.
  7. Just now I shot down one Pe2, the game statistics gave to me the TAW generator to other pilot.
  8. I Think, It happens with the trains also. We had the same problem with a train yesterday. I flew over our train that was reported bombed and I could not see the difference of a destroyed wagon from a healthy. And artilery depot. We bombed a lot of them but no mission credits, when at the same time the fighters reported that everything was burning.
  9. There were impressive raids indeed! The second one not as scaled as the first one, but still, very impressive. I was defending the second depot and I was nearly shot down by the furious Pe’s. Very nice job! Congrats!
  10. I think you and many others have misunderstood me. Probably due to my bad English. Excuse me for that, you see English are not my mother language, not even the third. As I understand you have answer yourself the question you asked. There is a big difference between the numerical equilibrium and the balance in a game, sport, life, war etc. What you are pointing to so intensively is the numerical equilibrium if I understand you correctly, when I do not care. If I have a Mesi on my team I don’t care if the other team has 10 Schmeichel. If I have a Pepe, I don’t care if you are Mourinho. You are expressing in numbers, me in weight. You see I learn exactly as you said. Number not always count. Quality does, most of times. There are some respectful squads in the game, yours included, that make the difference. You are compering champion’s league with the B league and you want to put it all in the same sack. It does not go that way. Most of the ''numerical more'' squads simply follow. If you think that is so important to drive out them from the game (because that will happent if you are going to Point to them sides), it is ok. But this is called elitism and it has nothing to do with balance. It has to do with other perspectives, which I am sure nobody wants to analyze here. I said to stop discussing that topic, not discuss at all, because I saw it coming. Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not personal. Tnx @Daedalos
  11. You have some ideas that are correct but sometimes times you are simply stuck with things. It is the time zone that you talking about. And yes probably it may be like that. But please do not bring up wrong things. Where exactly are the more LW pilots in WoL...…. I don't like it also when I have to CAP or CAS without facing an enemy, but what the heck, it is a campaign server. Coordinate, strike, win if you can. I'll do my part. It is not a dogfight server, although it has a lot of that. I will never ask for balance because I would like to fly in a balanced server in my time zone (yes I am living in EU too, so I do work until 1700 so I can join at 1900 to 2100). It interests me more the fact of damage model of targets, the bomb loadout, the AAA etc. Probably I am wrong. Or you can say that I am out of the game. In my experience people who stream into balance are the once who do care for everything but the game. I really do not now if you where flying in ADW all the previous years. If you did you should know that one of the reasons that the best campaign server in il2_1946 failed the last years where discussion like this one that came up. UFO planes, Balance, mods etc. It is better to stop that discussion, talk more why our bombs are not having the same effect as they use to and how we can solve actual problems. Jesus the reds will win the map with so many imbalances..... tnx @Daedalos
  12. I think that the devs did a great job with the current system. It controls the flow very well. As for the time zone it will always be a problem no matter what. If you try to balance numerically the teams it will lead only to disappointment and many squads will not to fly any more. We have seen this in ADW. As for statistics. Currently Top 50 squads - 29 blues/21 reds That converts to 278 to 206 pilots. From them Top five fighter pilots 2blue 3 reds Top five bomber pilots 2 reds 3 blues Top five tank busters pilots 3 blues 2 reds Top five fighter squads 2 red 3 blues Top five bomber squads 2red 3 blues Top five tank busters squads 4 red 1 blue I think is quite as balanced as it can be. Now if someone feels that it has to be 50 / 50, well my opinion is that it will never be. This will turn either to blue or the red side, as it was for the first 10 campaigns, but hey then nobody complained so much. Now from nowhere everybody complains. I use to fly when it where 10 blues with 30 reds. So what?!?!?! I took my Ju, did my job everything ok. Then this it was a problem, the load out, the gunnery att depot, so it changed, ok. Acceptable! Again the same hordes of reds. But now for the sake of balance new discussion, nothing creative to say and the statistics are showing no other but that everything works relative ok. But noooooooo. Attacking fellow pilots with insulting under the table meaning on the capability to fly etc is ok. Look at the map how it turned. Time zone unfortunately it will be a problem always. Please fly, just fly. There are people that really enjoy flying. Unfortunately it cannot be perfect and the devs they are doing A GREAT JOB to balance situation without restrictions to free will and I believe they will push it a lot more.
  13. Hi Hoss! Unfortunately Fotis does not fly any more. Probably you are right Mrs do keep him on a short leash 😀. Our CO Giorgos @Swaty is the one with the most possibility to reach out to him. I will pass the hello to Giorgos and hopefully he can transfer it to Fotis!
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