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  1. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    I would like to ask a question. What is the meaning of having a skin that nobody else can see? As stupid as it sounds, I think there is no point on using a skin that you or your team mates can see only other than obvious one. To tell you the truth, I personally really don't give a dam , as I don't care for all other small ''changes'' like the FOV, the position of pilot inside the plane, the insane 6 DoF, trims in each and every finger etc etc, that a lot of so call aces are using to make a easy kill. I fly to enjoy the game with my friends and to have good time and please be free to kill me as many times you wish. My point is not to start a debate about those things because is meaningless. Everybody has the right to a personal, individual, approach to how to play the game, that in the end will characterised him. What I want to say is that maybe if some things bother a certain percent of the stable core of the flyers, probably a better approach should be to take in consideration and handle it by a poll lets say so or vote. Maybe I am wrong or right or somewhere between but we have an active and very serious community that each an every opinion should be taken in consideration properly. thx @Daedalos
  2. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    About the skins situation. What about, if there is a download function to the official website. There can be uploaded all skins that are used in the war and thus everybody could download them and use. Also by that it kan be controlled the quality and regularity of skins. thx @Daedalos
  3. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    I do not see how this could make a difference. If you change the core of players aka the tactics and the teamwork you actually compete the capability of players to fly on different teams and not the way of changing the flow of war. What I mean is that most likely even if they lose or win the conclusions are false positive or negative. Probably better should be if you force the player to fly on the same side and the other side which lost the previous war adopt new tactics. thx @Daedalos
  4. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    Nice idea! By that way many scenarios can be worked and a lot to be understood.
  5. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    Tumu you are a great pilot and I like a lot the way you and your team mates are flying. We have met a lot of times before, even back to the old days of il2 and ADW and I hope to met you a lot more in the future. I'd like only to suggest one think. Please don't dive into "false" details about which team has better that or is worst on that. This is highly subjective and everybody can have an other point of view based only to personal experience, fact that for me it lacks evidence of proof. They are facts and there are wishes. There is a great FACT and this is that planes are being flown by pilots. Any technological advantage as you named it (if there is any, which I doubt it) can be eliminated by team effort. Now everybody of us can wish for many things, planesets, quorums ask the devs for changing the FM or DM but the fact remain a fact. Team effort. thx and see you in air @Daedalos
  6. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    Hi all, Thank you for a very nice TAW campaign. Looking forward to the next one. If I may, I would like to say that, it is my believe that the current plane set is quite balanced and it is working well enough for both sides. In this TAW the problem was, I think, the way that was adopted by team red to achieve the goal and not the plane set. In fact that was quite noticeable during all maps by many blue pilots in the blue chat-room. I do not think that special plane set could change the result. And the point is not to make the win a easy situation but to play a little bit strategically. I will remind you that with the same plane set the two previous TAW were won by red side. But this is my personal point of view. thx again @Daedalos
  7. 335th_GRDaedalos

    Tactical Air War

    Hi everybody! i have a question to set on the table! Is it possible to have a quorum as it was in ADW? This is is not the first time that I notice that, but it is very difficult and frustrating to go to sleep with half of the map won and wake up only to see that two or three pilots during the night have change in favor of the opposite team. thanks in advance