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  1. try to set some difficult meteo conditions ... plus late night ... and fly from Kuban to Crimea .. from one edge field to other edge field on map) on some big bird)
  2. try to look into Donbass map of Moscow, or Black Sea... if you talk about default version ...
  3. Hi Buster) could you check your PM please?) ah ... and yes ... C47 is on the way ...
  4. depends which version of Il2 you use ...
  5. :\Program Files (x86)\1C\IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles\Missions or :\Program Files (x86)\1C\IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles\Missions\Campaign
  6. +1 ... sound like you assigned brake on TPR axis and your brakes permament pushed ... try to invert assignment of brake axis ... in Il2 1946 it makes just by reassignment of axis ... or just to check at first .. try to take off with pushed brakes..
  7. Hi Buster, check your PM)
  8. water and oil radiators - yes ... but it cobine to one "Radiators" i mean no separation to oil and water. Mixture - yes Superchargers - yes Can the engines of multi-engine aircraft be operated separately - yes
  9. Hi Mate mostly thanks to KG26_Alpha FA_Monguse Memorial Credits: B-24s: David "Tolwyn" Shaw Leon L. "Arcangel" Bolick James "Jimmy" Gurr Christian "Fishyyy" SarkanbardisB-25s: Tim "Vanwheeler" Van LeeuwenBob "Thrasher" Kerby Bill "WildBill" Gillies Des "DOM" McKee P-38s: Albert "Kopfdorfer" Hennen Terri "Frog" Hall John "Stubs" Garrett William "Grant" Broussard P-40s Jade "SURLY" Birch Arthur "Beebop" Beardsley "Sundance" Bob "Sandhog" Cattaneo Blue nosed P-51s: Larry "Persecutor" Roberts Ron "RJ" Cassinelli Chris "Coster" Osterhues Michael "Duckman" Irish Checkertail P-51s: David "Pedro" Berrio Scott "Reco" Martin Robert "Zodiac" Jackson Lawrence "Bird-Dog" Loxton Other participants and helping hands: Billy "Billy885" Martin Robert "Highlander" Fraser John L. "AH_Twenty" DriscollDick "Col_Hogan" Barr Nick "Deacon" Iassonga Carl "TooCool" Lyles John "Crater" Spangberg Stan "Zed" Ritz Tim "IcyoftheDead "Owens Monte "Sandman" Lewis Roy "Spardog" Street Jacques "Banjo" Frigon Bill "BadBill" Guthridge Kevin "Dolphin" Marabella "Phantom" "nec" Robert "Roberth" Hof Lane "Nephillium" Graham Robert "Titan" Nevens
  10. Hi Nil ... check that book for pilot panel pict...
  11. we will miss you Ralph ... Good bye Dear Friend
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