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  1. Sounds like you followed them around like a lost puppy then complained when you got kicked. How do they even know you have had your rabies shot? Absurd entitlement complex these days!
  2. Reason found. Well that was easy!
  3. Even better, that's in word.
  4. Awesome it does! I'll have to poke through that font family and see if I can find something that fits well. Thanks a ton.
  5. Does anyone know what font the IL2 logo at the top of the forums is? Maybe it's not a font just calligraphy work, I dont know. The reason I am asking is I love the logo and think the letters are super classy. I'm doing a new pc build/upgrade and wanted to stencil Rooster or something in a nice clean way on the side of the glass. Yes, that is slightly vain.
  6. Anyone have a good solution for the Win 10 rearranging issue? I just started having problems today after powering off my PC to swap out some parts.
  7. Just a thought. What if different levels of significance were placed on different airfields? For example, your paved double runway airfield had all aircraft and all mods. Backwater airfields that are dirt with 1 runway were somewhat limited when it came to 1k bombs, 37mm or whatever. Just a thought. Would take a lot of time to plan and implement so I'm really just speaking out loud on something not likely to be here in the near future. Not trying to get into some very specific conversation about this and that but wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the overall idea and possible cause and effect.
  8. I can't wait til next campaign when we are theorycrafting on why Blue is getting shut out 5-0! j/k... kinda..... maybe.... we will see.
  9. http://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=Jagdgeschwader%205
  10. Honestly, we can have some TAW centric discussion about the issue here but if you continually reply with what is nearly trolling (your earlier posts, not this one) to all of the other people who have ideas, you will continue to derail it going much of anywhere.
  11. So question to the community as a whole. Outside of team balance, if you wanted to make airfields in TAW more difficult to take and prolong the time on each map, what would you do? Would you apply this to every airfield or only ones that are 'frontline' or 'backline' assuming the map is fresh. Do you hate the thought of this altogether?
  12. Good luck with the solutions that require Kathon's time Assuming that people don't want to be jerks, all it takes is a PM thread between a person from each of those groups to say hey, we are wanting to do LW next campaign, what about you guys? My guess is some won't play ball but I don't see how this requires a significant amount of time from anyone. Anyways, agree to disagree and hopefully some sort of good solution comes along regardless of who it makes right!
  13. Everyone wants all these systems to balance the game that require time to implement and Kathon has stated he is quite limited for now. I still think the best balancer would be a gentlemen's agreement between the larger groups that play the campaign. Requires none of Kathon's time and can be done at any point people choose to engage each other.
  14. I did it a little last campaign but I couldnt name six or seven other people that did. I flew half of last campaign and was LW and then switched over to a few missions as Russian because I missed my Pe2. Honestly, it doesnt even take a minute to change your name. I didn't even think of it as a hassle at the time.
  15. I spent a decade in the USMC and I still know your point is illogical and ignorant of reality. It's funny you state that it is an ironic situation when the truth of the matter is the limited freedom of choice is one of the biggest reasons that people leave the military and the exact reason that I did even though I was halfway to pension. Anyways, I don't see a reason to discuss it further since I highly doubt that the campaign will ever implement your views into reality.
  16. It just seems like it would make a heck of a lot more sense for the larger groups JG52, MK, TWB etc to shoot a few messages out prior to a campaign beginning and make sure not everyone was going to register (primarily) for the same side. That would also require a lot less from Kathon who has already done so much and is under time constraints. Your authoritarian ideas would not go over well when people have the option of playing or not.
  17. I assure you not all blues are happy. I chose not to log on yesterday since it was 4 -> 1. On the bright side I took care of a number of things around the house.
  18. Not nearly applicable to everyone who reads this thread but I wanted to go ahead and demystify the La-5 engine management a bit since people tend to avoid it for that reason. Inlet cowls - always 100%. Set it and leave it. Oil radiator - always 100%. Set it and leave it. Outlet cowls - 8-10%, Set it and leave it under cruise conditions. In hot weather and pulling boost for several minutes you will find you need to open it to 20-25% for a 10-15 seconds to vent some heat, then return to normal operation. Mixture - 100% in combat, cruise at 90 or 100 if you don't want to move it. Prop pitch/RPM - 100% in combat, cruise can be 90% Throttle - cruising with throttle at 90 is desirable. Boost, as needed. There's not even water! You set most of it and leave it until you are more experienced with the plane. These settings listed above will make the plane easily flyable and the only thing you have to move in combat is throttle flip boost on and off. Several minutes in, you MIGHT have to vent some heat with outlet cowls. This is actually LESS engine mangement than the FW190A-5. Boost can be used with less discretion (or indefinitely with M82F) and the outlet cowls need less adjustment. Hope this helps out a couple of people! Please don't derail the thread into engine management for the La-5 though I just wanted to address this issue. If you have ANY questions about the engine management for it, please shoot me a PM and I would be more than happy to help! I was in the same boat until someone spent a couple minutes helping me out with this and it made a world of difference. Happy hunting!
  19. That's not actually how I personally handle the situation, instead I generally fly CM+1 planes at that time since last campaign as one of the committed ground attackers I could not afford to lose my He111 and Ju88's for nothing. Most people would disagree it has to do with learning how to fight. If you go back to page 83ish and start reading forward you will see a lot of discussion by players such as Moach and Chappy that discusses why many people believe your statement which says 'git gud noob' is not addressing the situation and isn't even close to being productive. Say what you want after reading from 83ish until Kathon addressed the problem in his post somewhere around page 90 but I have pointed you in the direction and am not going to do any sort of detailed discussion further on that issue due to the forum rules.
  20. I doubt there are hardly any of us playing this game who weren't around and played significant hours of Super Mario. If you think this article is applicable to the current situation I would argue that you are not familiar with the community.
  21. I'll leave some details out but to go over a couple of the possibilities here, having some incredibly successful sorties with 4-6 kills and also the fact that several pilots on the opposing team log off when they see the usual suspects. Last campaign when I was on LW and we were outnumbering the reds 2-1 we still would have 2-3 people out of those in the TAW TS3 log off when they saw the names. Not sure if the Red team is doing the same this time around but it was most certainly the case last campaign and worsens the player problem imbalance. You also have a number of players who refuse to play on the side opposing those people due to some popularly held beliefs that were quite public about 10 pages earlier in this thread and I will not revisit those here. I have certainly considered it myself and discussed it with some players who are much more known and reputable than myself and they had the same feelings. Also, with the limited number of planes in TAW do you think the first 24 or so hours of the campaign just two Luftwaffe destroying 51 aircraft doesn't heavily limit the Red teams ability to compete? Map 1 was a slaughter and you can only do so much with 1 of each CM+1 aircraft on a rotation. Map 2 I'm not sure those players were as active, I have been busy outside of IL2. I just want to be clear - this is not intended to be a whine fest, simply putting forth my version of the facts. Some of this through multiple experiences of the same issues, discussions with other players about those facts to confirm my thoughts, and some of it data. Feel free to refute, just keep it civil and let's not break some of the more commonly broken forum rules while discussing. No one needs to make it personal against each other or 'successful' players.
  22. As noted yesterday the Red team had 71 total kills and 2 people on the LW had 51. The best virtual mavericks to ever live being on one team or another is the biggest issue of imbalance. Second would be numbers, though the formerly mentioned heros of dogfighting and bombing were strong enough to overcome that last campaign. Now we have the two largest causes of imbalance on one side.
  23. The numbers imbalance was NOT a problem last campaign. Outnumbered 2-1 the Allies were able to 5-0. The plane set went through different matchups through all five maps and still the Luftwaffe was unable to pull a single victory. I already noted what changed in an earlier post and that is the single greatest problem that balance faces in TAW.
  24. My situation on blue last campaign surprised me how many people were doing ground attack. My hardly scientific but experience based view is there was simply a large disconnect between the people that wanted to go wolfpack as 109's and those that were doing ground attack. Rarely got appropriate escort.
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