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  1. Sounds like you followed them around like a lost puppy then complained when you got kicked. How do they even know you have had your rabies shot? Absurd entitlement complex these days!
  2. Even better, that's in word.
  3. Awesome it does! I'll have to poke through that font family and see if I can find something that fits well. Thanks a ton.
  4. Does anyone know what font the IL2 logo at the top of the forums is? Maybe it's not a font just calligraphy work, I dont know. The reason I am asking is I love the logo and think the letters are super classy. I'm doing a new pc build/upgrade and wanted to stencil Rooster or something in a nice clean way on the side of the glass. Yes, that is slightly vain.
  5. Anyone have a good solution for the Win 10 rearranging issue? I just started having problems today after powering off my PC to swap out some parts.
  6. Just a thought. What if different levels of significance were placed on different airfields? For example, your paved double runway airfield had all aircraft and all mods. Backwater airfields that are dirt with 1 runway were somewhat limited when it came to 1k bombs, 37mm or whatever. Just a thought. Would take a lot of time to plan and implement so I'm really just speaking out loud on something not likely to be here in the near future. Not trying to get into some very specific conversation about this and that but wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the overall idea and possible cause an
  7. I can't wait til next campaign when we are theorycrafting on why Blue is getting shut out 5-0! j/k... kinda..... maybe.... we will see.
  8. http://taw.stg2.de/squad_stats.php?name=Jagdgeschwader%205
  9. Honestly, we can have some TAW centric discussion about the issue here but if you continually reply with what is nearly trolling (your earlier posts, not this one) to all of the other people who have ideas, you will continue to derail it going much of anywhere.
  10. So question to the community as a whole. Outside of team balance, if you wanted to make airfields in TAW more difficult to take and prolong the time on each map, what would you do? Would you apply this to every airfield or only ones that are 'frontline' or 'backline' assuming the map is fresh. Do you hate the thought of this altogether?
  11. Good luck with the solutions that require Kathon's time Assuming that people don't want to be jerks, all it takes is a PM thread between a person from each of those groups to say hey, we are wanting to do LW next campaign, what about you guys? My guess is some won't play ball but I don't see how this requires a significant amount of time from anyone. Anyways, agree to disagree and hopefully some sort of good solution comes along regardless of who it makes right!
  12. Everyone wants all these systems to balance the game that require time to implement and Kathon has stated he is quite limited for now. I still think the best balancer would be a gentlemen's agreement between the larger groups that play the campaign. Requires none of Kathon's time and can be done at any point people choose to engage each other.
  13. I did it a little last campaign but I couldnt name six or seven other people that did. I flew half of last campaign and was LW and then switched over to a few missions as Russian because I missed my Pe2. Honestly, it doesnt even take a minute to change your name. I didn't even think of it as a hassle at the time.
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