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  1. Uy pero te tomaste eso muy eprsonal chulo, ni siquiera era contigo! You know what i am talking, we know each other, but again i am not talking about you! Yes arcade with mark and all of that, where whe used to play, remember? rare that in those server we have G-Force efect? Come on Geramos i am talking seriously!
  2. Hagamos el cambio y probemos! You should try by yourself, switch to red and enter in a MP server and take note about your kills. It's very interesting how more than 70% of responses re from LW pilots, and ofcourse defending everything is ok when is for theyr advantages, presenting tons of argues and even there is one of them asking for proofs (omfg!) but nothing about testing what we are talking about. Mira Karaya!! No perdere mi tiempo intentado A Tí probarte algo solo porque tu lo pides , tu sabes bien lo que se alega y el porque, hay varios temas sobre esto en el foro, pero te es mas productivo estar en contra, claro! Pruebalo si quieres, en cinco minutos lo notas, claro si algo de sensatez corre por tus venas, de lo contrario dejalo así. Ademas no resolvemos nada probandote a ti nada men! (ni Dev que fueras) Keep there guys!
  3. Sorry for my "intromission" but, the same question, have you tyied NOW! to flight with (not the last Yak9) any red plane against any blue one? Actually, guys alla german pilot that are just claming and expressing with nice theories , numbers, graphics simulation values etc etc etc they just must try fighting any normal red fighter then can objectively talk, other way are just blindly speculating guys!, sorry.
  4. Thanks Papa for that interesting explanation, i appreciate it. But what i say is not a rare case, no man, i just realized this problem i have flying with red planes for ever so immediately noticed something is changed now so i came the the forum and see several post about it. That is not only against human piloting also IA planes, so i feel now (not before) fighting those german planes with my FN and Yak1,7Bs something simply ridiculous.
  5. I'm always alone and the result now are extremely different than before, man i know how its planes feels like on this sim, but now , no man.
  6. I know you didn't said that man,sorry misunderstanding, but yes was mentioned by you 😋 So, it's a joke mentioned by you I am agree with you, but that is not my point. My point is (other than those simply 10 or more advantages) that 109,190 are all the time in superior situation, even diving with more speed, recover, returns back and attacks you when you are still coughing from a carefully movement, man that is just impossible so i am not talking about te players super ability and or lak of mine, but the planes, also the IAs so i thought there is no physics for LW.
  7. So, the point is always complaining against the reds, you see you admitted the only advantage is the : Acceleration? VS 1-Climbing Speed 2-Service Ceiling 3-Top Speed a) Low Alt b) High Alt 4-Maneuberability (used to be of red side and was in real live, but not here anymore) a) Low Alt b) High Alt 5-Fire Power a) More and better weapons b) More Bullets 6-Diving + And an EXTRA Of course, and now, also the red pilots were ladies that just cant support the Gs But as you said, red are UFO. What a Joke man! Oh wonderful at least something we have (good bullet in just ONE plane) 🙄 that is nothing compared to the best fire power of 4 weapons in all german planes and 4x20mm in most of them. In comparison that is another joke! (I know FP was a weak part of red planes, but have to be taken in consideration here) This is falling apart, the reds pilots are leaving and if this continues like this and things like this not fixed this is another that will go away after almos two decades, no pilots, no consumers the project will fall guys! You know what you do!
  8. I did, and was amazing, soft, fast climb like helicopter, what else? Oh, not mentioning the fire power. Really? Sorry man but that is senseless, you can try it Here you can se, and, remember, that is the comparison of the "best" (until the new release Yak9) red against not the best and used for no one 109.
  9. Hello guys, long time out of here, unfortunately no time for sharing here, but always trying to have some on this old passion that we have, the simulation for years and years.So sadly i have to come here to express something real bad i see here in IL2, so not for good reasons. Yes, its about that thing that i see are some topics like this G-Forces modeling please fix about it, and ive seen some beautiful graphics etc etc, so interesting, but i will be direct and objective and no graphics. After 18 years using IL2 in general (of course taking the classic in consideration and now this one) i never ever feelt this way. Yes, what is going on this this issue the G Force etc, hey, physics are physics and if is modeled for alla its ok i am agree, but what is not fair or normal is Why the russian plane all of them, planes supposedly good like Yak-1B,7B AND LA-5FN the best of red side now are just impossible to pilot? Are impossible to maneuver because of this even a 400k/h got black and there you go, even when you stop pulling the stick ok, falling like a rock directly to the ground but the MOST INTERESTING PART is that the 109 or 190 even nor newest version continues flying with impunity even faster, turning tier than you take your 6 and well you eat bullet and ground now, simply! So this is not physics modeling bla bla bla no, is not physics problem because the other plane is also (i think) flying under the same physics rules, and there is another man like in my plane, ooh some one mention that in the 190 the pilot position was better, ok my dear, but not that monumental difference in maneuverability with all those russian plane vs aaaaall german planes all of them. Last night i was trying to fight on my La5FN vs a 109, omg was impossible even face him, i ask him what model was that? a 109 G2 (1942) against my "bestttt!!!" FN guys was impossible in the same time i try carefully not to fo to sleep, not exceeding the 400 km/h not getting darker my screen treating my plane like a little kitty on a ver very slow vertical recovery IN THAT TIME the other guy run 1km from me , turn 180* far faster than me, come i can hardly aiming in frontal now, passing by my side like rocket , again same situation a) hardly aiming in frontal when he is coming or b) he is now at my 6 while i am coughing all time and treating my plane like little baby butterfly in those 15 second german ones go, come, attack do everything and my plane frozen. Never seen an FN so useless against G2. But not only against G2 or using just FN, also all Yaks. As always blue pilots say this is ok and is for simulation bla bla, sure its ok everything is convenient for them, but hey, as i always say, the Simulation belong part of video Game World and Industry, this is also a business and needs both sydes to works, so if one is affected also the other one will be. Simply guys, now the red fighter are just USELESS so you are killing IL2 with this. Regards
  10. Yes Papa, but, what do you think when you managed your plane in order not to go sleep you are braking and maintaining mm some 400 km/h in a soft vertical recovery movement around some seconds, ok and your enemy in that time run fast from you at one km away, turn back and came in a front encounter against you one and again and again, so in the time that you are slowly turning like a delicate flower uy uy the other f.. guy runs away 1km from you, turn come and pass away IN THE SAME TIME? and you loosing energy all those moment like , o baby take care omg the G force is so strong. Do you think is that normal? Now soviet planes are USELESS.
  11. You are not becoming crazy, and the 202 is not a hide Mustang or something, the point is that now all soviet planes are just USELESS! I have a lot to share about experiences like this, but will be in a new post. I dont know what is going on, but they are killing this.
  12. I am thinking that option (for some balancing (remember the reaction after the announce of that plane), because why would that plane be designed like that? that is the reason why i just opened this topic.
  13. i'd love to be wrong about it. Exactly, is in some cases impossible to face some new fighters in close/fast situation like frontal when the enemy is crossing under me, something i used to do with the Regular La5, but ok tried with another plane like P40 (just for example) and yes aggressive Pitching down is better than FN.
  14. Yes, sorry correct my mistake. My point is that, why (La-5 Series8 ) feels lighter than (La5FN)
  15. And what about the weight? Exactly , why it is feels lighter the regular Serie 8??
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