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  1. I am thinking that option (for some balancing (remember the reaction after the announce of that plane), because why would that plane be designed like that? that is the reason why i just opened this topic.
  2. i'd love to be wrong about it. Exactly, is in some cases impossible to face some new fighters in close/fast situation like frontal when the enemy is crossing under me, something i used to do with the Regular La5, but ok tried with another plane like P40 (just for example) and yes aggressive Pitching down is better than FN.
  3. Yes, sorry correct my mistake. My point is that, why (La-5 Series8 ) feels lighter than (La5FN)
  4. And what about the weight? Exactly , why it is feels lighter the regular Serie 8??
  5. Hello What is all the advantages of the FN vs regular La5 just speed and what else? Because from the 1rst time try the La5FM immediately i noticed the difference in the FM and yes the regular La5 is much more agile at least in pitching, it feels lighter and more nimble than the mighty FN. So i ask to my self, what is the real advantage i have? i mean here i now in real life there were no doubt about. Any coment about guys? Thanks, Regards
  6. Deleting "Input" folder, yes the only way have to reprogram all, but finally have the Pedals detected again.. Thanks Sokol, and other guys efforts
  7. Did not work, so i'll try - If don't work, try renaming the folder "Input" folder in game folder data - this will erase all your assignment, but force the detection of controllers - joy, pedal... again.
  8. I dont know if i was using previously with Target, and where can i check is in joy.cpl ?? how can i verify that??
  9. I tried, no man, no result. How did you solved it?
  10. Hello guys, please i am experimenting suddenly some troubles with my Pedals -Thrustmaster TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals- mm not for so long i have this rudder, so are just like new, now they are not working on IL2, presenting this Warning avery time open the sim Never seen that before, ok, Select T-Pedals, ACCEPT = no working, Go to SETTINGS, and Just not detecting the pedal, nothing appear, nothing. Hardware malfunction? no because use it in Dirt Rally and run perfectly. Please guys, i have new planes crazy for fly it and now this Regards
  11. MigSu

    ayuda pls

    Como fue?? el BOS (edicion especial) en Steam y el Stalingrado (edicion basica) en la web??
  12. 38 i know could be easy to kill, buuuttt, i just love it!
  13. There is nothing to be afraid man, 190 have no match, i thinks is a perfect fighter, no mentioning armament, come on!
  14. At this point, the FN no represent any real advantage against LW, they still have the technological superiority with 1-Those 109G6 and not even mentioning 190A5 2-In real live the story say was a different case, like the psychological reaction on a pilot that a fame of a plane can cause, fo example after the Yak9T avoiding frontal attacking with any Yak9, due to the cannon you know, but not here, this is a sim. (and that is neither an advantage ) 3- When will be more o less something significant on the VVS will be adding the La7, Ya3, but again will no be superior to LW just capable to confront close combat fight. Regards
  15. aaaahh is that official??
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