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  1. Thx for the reply, not a problem, more people understand english so it will help others. Don't understand the turbo and rpm lock but will try when Im back home. 15 minutes total so it doesent "regenerate"? Like alcohol in mig21 for radar, if it "drinks" it all you cant use it.
  2. Any tips on flying this magnificent aircraft? Yesterday i set up a fight with F4 on average, 1500 m and couldn't keep up with it. I believe I should fly the P47 as an energy fighter? Was putting too much pressure on the stick (used to yak1-b) and stalling too much. When to use the turbo? Does it work as a boost in other aircraft?
  3. The 7B is too sluggish for me and it overheats more easily😉 Thanks for all the replies it figures I'm not doing so badly after all.
  4. Thanks for nice words but I feel I can do better😉 maybe you are right and I shouldnt be so concerned.
  5. Well if its an accurate shot one burst can kill a fighter. I run out of ammo usually after scoring 4 or 5 kills.
  6. Also have a warthog but using first stage only to fire all guns at once.
  7. I'm flying the yak 1b and loving it. The only thing that I don't like is the little ammo compared to the luftwaffe machies. As now I'm firing both of my guns simultaneously, but is it good practise? Should I rather first use the .50 cal and when its out use the 20 mil? Or maybe the .50 is too weak alone and will require much more shots in order to down a target? Whats your experience in this manner? Looking to conserve ammo and maximise the kill count.
  8. Bought it! How can i look through the sights as the commander? Shift+t doesent work.
  9. Sounds like fun, any other way to enjoy tanks at the moment besides QMB?
  10. I'm thinking about buying tank crew but i have a question: can I in the current state of the game play against computer controlled ai tanks and infantry on a choosen map? Not campaign, something like a quick mission?
  11. I thought the blade angle stays the same all the time and that was my mistake.
  12. Maybe to some its basic physics but currently I'm baffled by a question. I made a test yesterday: i set my RPM to 2000 throttle to about 50% i turned on level flight, was going about 500 km/h then at the same RPM i increased the manifold pressure and I started to gain speed, It's ok - basic knowledge but please someone explain to me why is this happening? I'm not changing the revolutions of the propeller, I'm not changing the blade angles of the propeller I'm just increasing manifold pressure, how come my airplane is gaining speed? Magic? Maybe I'm stupid as hell but I just can't figure out why is this happening... The blades of the propeller "cut" the air with greater force or something like that? Please someone elaborate.
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