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  1. Hi Pat, My Squad fly your PWCG coops and enjoy them immensely, having said that, one question - is there a way to generate more than one mission at a time thereby reducing the time between the missions. From what I understand, you fly a mission then report it and then create another.

    Being able to have them created beforehand would help.




  2. Personally, I thought the German side out smarted the Reds by a margin, I don't know enough about the system behind the TAW, but it seems the German side got it right when it comes to hitting targets, true blitzkrieg without the interference of a jumped up Corporal.


    Well done the Blue side.👍




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  3. Brief description:

    Yellow text indicating mission objective completion is in French while English localization is selected.

    Radio transmissions in German while flying for VVS.


    Detailed description, conditions:

    Flying for 6th GIAP VVS VMF out of Gelendzhik-1

    Date 19/04/1943


      PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 version 3.001, Win10 x64.

  4. Try this,


    Right click desktop - select 'display settings', then change size of text, apps etc. set it to 100% (it may recommend higher, but il2 1946 won't play ball with higher than 100%). I notice you say the resolution changes, best to have the resolution the same as the desktop.




  5. Gents, does not appear to be any thread regarding this particular problem, I flew three successful missions in a row in the LA-5 (maximum difficulty) and all I got was mission completed, it does show me what I destroyed but even with over 200XP in each mission I received no unlock and it did not update my profile stats ingame.


    Am I missing something?





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  6. The Squadron



    We are not a strict military operation like other squads. All we promote is a sense of belonging, a sense of order, and an appreciation for good beer, company and music.

    Recruits to FI squadron need only one thing:
    to be Irish, have Irish roots, or just feel sorta Irish, if you know what I mean ???

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