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  1. Pat, Thanks for answering, figured that might be the case. The guys will just have to have some patience. Bluebell.
  2. Hi Pat, My Squad fly your PWCG coops and enjoy them immensely, having said that, one question - is there a way to generate more than one mission at a time thereby reducing the time between the missions. From what I understand, you fly a mission then report it and then create another. Being able to have them created beforehand would help. Bluebell.
  3. I will join Blue2 on Peshkas if its possible. Bluebell
  4. I can assist with a Scottish accent, well spoken Glaswegian, not in the age group your looking for, though probably better for ground control.
  5. Personally, I thought the German side out smarted the Reds by a margin, I don't know enough about the system behind the TAW, but it seems the German side got it right when it comes to hitting targets, true blitzkrieg without the interference of a jumped up Corporal. Well done the Blue side.👍 Ardmore
  6. The link for PE-2 ser.35 is coming up with - Invalid or Deleted File. Ardmore
  7. Brief description: Yellow text indicating mission objective completion is in French while English localization is selected. Radio transmissions in German while flying for VVS. Detailed description, conditions: Flying for 6th GIAP VVS VMF out of Gelendzhik-1 Date 19/04/1943 PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): IL-2 version 3.001, Win10 x64.
  8. Have had radio messages in German while flying for the Russians and French text appear on the screen, multi-cultural to be sure. Ardmore PS Also posted this in bug reports.
  9. Cancel, all seems fine now, went in and had nice flight to myself, bombed stuff and my trusty gunner seen off two BF109s, must buy him a drink one day, all in all it is an excellent server, thanks Coconut. Ardmore
  10. Hi, getting "Error Message "File Transfer Error #10017" when trying to gey into the expert server. Ardmore
  11. Try this, Right click desktop - select 'display settings', then change size of text, apps etc. set it to 100% (it may recommend higher, but il2 1946 won't play ball with higher than 100%). I notice you say the resolution changes, best to have the resolution the same as the desktop. Ardmore
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