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  1. It is there. I am flying the campaign right now.
  2. When I play on medium difficulty, I usually last about 2 weeks, sometimes up to a month. On the default difficulty (easy) I am currently 2 months into La-5 campaign at Stalingrad. Of course I play it safe and to the briefing - if my task is to stay with the bombers, I do not go on a free hunt. I do not try to kill the very last piece of vehicle on ground strafing missions, always have a map of the frontlines in my brain and know the shortest path towards our lines... BTW, being captured is one of my top 3 reasons my careers usually end, so I love this sturdy La-5 and short distances over enemy teritory at Stalingrad.
  3. So, I gave the new career a try and it brings back fond memories from Rise of Flight. I started my career on the russian side in 233 squadron (Moscow theather, phase Typhoon). The squadron is equipped both with Mig-3 and I-16. On the very first generated mission were mixed flight of both plane types (2 Mig-3s, 1 I-16). Due to different speeds of these planes I can not imagine completing the mission together. - Would it be possible to ensure one flight always consists of the planes of the same type? - Would it be possible to have an option sticking to your preferred aircraft in these mixed squadrons? This is what I hated already in ROF - each mission would put me into different plane type with completely different handling characteristics I did not expect to spawn with engine running and as I had my throttle cracked open an inch or two, I rammed into the plane in front of me damaging my propeler, halting the engine. Immediately after this first mission where I did not even take off I was awarded with Flyer's badge. I know, I like the promotions, extra money, etc., but this seemed too much :-) Looking at the career options, I can see difficulties Easy, Medium, Hard, but I did not find any explanation what each option means. - Does it bring more enemies? Deadlier? Does it remove navigation marks? Does it let you fly in foul/night weather? Does it generate longer missions?
  4. Hopefully this will be somewhat better than the ROF career in regards plane switching. In ROF it often happened that the squadron had several plane types available and it could give you different plane every mission, whih was not good for immersion / learning curve. This was much better before I bought all the planes, because when I had only few of them, the game had me to fly only the ones I had :-)
  5. Is there any word about the actual missions content? I played the original BOS campaign in the times you had to do that in order to unlock stuff and I quite liked it as it had me to try planes I would normally leave aside. Now I have noticed two new campaigns are available: Moscow and Stalingrad prequel. The first mission (static one) was nice and manageable, I had enough time to get familiar with I-16. Next one. Hopped to I-16 and flew ground attack mission. Had one wingman and we were to attack an airfield. So far so good, but there were 4 Bf F2 protecting the airfield and I suspect 2 more came. Seriously? I managed to damage one, take out some flak pieces and destroy enough static planes to fulfill the objective, but on the way home they gang raped me badly. Will this game aspect be more balanced in the new career system?
  6. But it is already there CuMelter. Have you flown the campaign? Most of the time you are flying in bad weather - low clouds, fog everywhere... Complain at your mission maker (or the general player community since they often start disconnecting once less-than-perfect conditions appear in the map rotation).
  7. I don't understand what they are actually saying (the sound). (In the old il2 it was easy to hear: Vnimanie, bombarderovschiki, visota, nul, adin, nul.) I wanted to play without any subtitles, but the volume of the radio is rather low and sunken into the sound of the engine, I simply can not discern individual words. Is there any sound setting that would increase the radio volume?
  8. I have hard time discerning what the radio transmissions say. In the old IL-2 I had no such problems (and I even learned some russian from that :-) but in BOS everything is so garbled I can't pick up the words. Anyone else with this issue?
  9. The XP seems to be the major problem - I am certainly not as good as the game thinks. I flew the whole campaign on Expert, i.e. getting at least (30+60+30) * 2 = 240 points per sortie, but when it came to the intercept or protect missions, all the work has been done by my companions with their radar eyes and sniper skills before I even saw the enemy. Now I am often sent alone against 3 attackers protected by 4 boosted fighters. Go figure.
  10. I'm an offliner as I do not have much time to spare on brushing up my skills to fly with the online crowd who spend in the game more hours per day than I have available for the whole week. The statement that people do not have interest in ROF Beta career as they do quit the career rather soonish is somewhat true in my case - my careers usually last between one week and one month. Is it because I do not have an interest? No. It is because I play dead is dead. Yes the deaths seems unfair at times (shot by my own flak, opponents going berserk and ramming my plane), but that is life. BOS campaign seem to be rather more predictive than ROF, but I hope that we are just beginning the journey and it will get better with time.
  11. Same problem here ShamrockOneFive, but I came late to the party (starting with 1.009), so I do not know that it could work differently. I always have to hop into the profile and check the new stuff.
  12. Hi, does anyone have a visual guide to the ground targets? I was tasked with level bombing of some supply depot in Pe-2, but could not find it. It was supposed to be located in the L-shaped city, but nothing seemed as the "right" target - all looked to me like ordinary civilian buildings...
  13. HI, testing various bombloads I have noticed problem with the 4x100 bombload indication: Watching from externals, the bombs drop in this sequence: first 2x from fuselage, then 2x from the gondoles behind the gear. Watching the bombload indication lights in the cockpit only the fuselage lights are lit (6,8 and 5,7) and they stay lit until the very last bomb drops. So either: - move the two bombs from the gear gondoles into the fuselage (and fix dimming of the (5,7) light after tropping the third bomb) - or fix the indication in the cockpit to lit also 10, 9 lights All other bombloads (2x250, 4x250, 6x100, 10x100) behave correctly.
  14. After playing the campaign over the past few days, I have noted several small suggestions that would improve the understanding of the mission: Mention your flight callsign in the briefing. It is changing from mission to mission and it can get confusing. Last mission I was Raven, in this mission when I hear Raven 4 engaging enemy fighter, I get scared, but looking around seeing my number 4 sitting there happily I finally realize it is someone else wearing this callsign now. Mention number of planes in your flight in the briefing. Is it 2 or 4? When I am going on low level attack mission, I will take more bombs if it is just 2 of us, or I might take less to be more agile when there are 4 of us. Mention if you will have cover in the briefing. If we are on our own, I would put in the rear gunner. If we have cover, I will leave the gunner at home to be more agile in manoeuvring. Optional: Quantify the size of the enemy activity in the briefing Instead of just repeating "Enemy planes patrolling the area", there could be sth. like "low activity" meaning 0-2 enemy planes, "medium activity", etc.
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