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  1. I just noticed that this problem also concerns the KV1-S
  2. I'd rather have a playable BT7, much more fun to drive around in this speedy thing ! For early war scenarios against PzIII it would be a nice addition to the game. Plus they had a longer service life than KV2s and were produced in far superior numbers.
  3. Brief description: T34/76 UVZ incorrect ammo count on certain loadouts Detailed description, conditions: When you select loadouts with two different types of ammo, and chose the one with 67 rounds of one type and 33 of the second type, you end up with only 16 rounds of the second type when in game. I tested a few of them (but not all) and it seems to be affecting all loadouts from #34 to #45 Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): N/A
  4. Lucky you ! I didn't even bothered try flying on the map, just driving around in a tank was enough to take the fun out. I'm getting a rock solid 60fps in any open space within the high detail section of the map, but as soon as I get under 100-200m of the buildings (even a few houses at a crossroad) it drops down to 5-10fp when looking around or driving. If I keep the camera steady I get my 60fps back. And for some reason, the phenemenon does NOT get worse when driving in areas with a high concentration of buildings. 5 or 50 houses It is always more or less the same.
  5. Hi, Just to let you know, I don't know if I'm an isolated case or not, but from what I observed on my throttle I've switched back to the previous version of the firmware until a further, more stable version. My issues with 20190314 : Flickering of the PHYSICAL inputs from T2 and T3 toggle switches (double state input). It doesn't looks like it has an impact on the throttle, but that should definitely not happen. Some logical buttons don't act like they should : in the "normal" mode (delay=0) some randomly turns ON and OFF when kept depressed, even though th
  6. Not so long ago I had a frankenlaptop setup and used an unpowered hub (4 slots) on USB 3.0 port with only some minor issues until the day it simply fried...
  7. Brief description: Double input when using keyboard emulator software. Detailed description, conditions: I'm using a keyboard emulator to allow me to use some devices in IL2 and DCS (the saitek switch panel mainly), however IL2 seems to register inputs differently than it should when using ctrl, shift or alt combinations. For example : N : navigation map (full screen) Lshift + N : Nav lights on/off When the panel is sending the Lshift+N input, a regular software (Notepad, Microsoft Word, DCS...) will only register that input, but IL2 will register both N
  8. Displaying a hole on the exact location of the point of impact in addition to the generic area damages would also be a good help to analyze your shots, even mid battle if you can see them
  9. What ammo were you using by the way (just out of curiosity) ?
  10. I'm speaking specifically of the opposite case : T34 shooting on a Tiger. Unless I've understood things incorrectly, Athlon is contesting the effectiveness of the Russian gun. But for the opposite case you are talking about, I fly central video is 2 month old and at least 3 updates outdated. So everything has to be redone with the current version if you want to have infos that devs will consider worthy of looking at. I do have the same feeling that the 88mm is performing inconsistently at close range, but some extensive testing has to be done with the current 3.010c version an
  11. The numbers given in IL2 (129mm point blank and 90mm at 500m) will still ensure over 100mm up to about 350-400m so nothing suspicious from my games yesterday. Now I don't have time or buddies to set up some extensive testings on a (preferably) laggy server with icons ON for seeing the exact shooting distances, to see how far the damage model holds up until some weird things happens. But if you want to do so, just go for it ! it is the best possible way to put in some accurate and unbiased feedback to help the devs correct anything that might have slipped through beta testing.
  12. After a few hours playing on the red side against player controlled tigers : T34 with APCR : Facing straight front, shooting through the front plate : 1 shot fairly consistently (dead crew) Facing sideways, shooting at the side armour under the middle of the turret : ammo detonation every single time. KV1 with same APCR ammo : Facing front, but tiger angled correctly : not much effect, sometimes a lucky hit through the gunner optics. Facing sideways, same sweet spot as with the T34. Tiger blows off at the first hit. All shot takens from
  13. Considering the mass difference between the two, IRL the T34 crew would most likely fell unconscious way before the german crew. Unless they put some sekrit compound in their vodka. It's the same as destroying a KV1 by ramming it with an empty Bf109. It works in game because of improper collision mechanism. IRL, no way. On a side note, I'm even a bit surprised that they didn't came with some crazy idea in that flavor, like a long rod with a huge shape charge at the front for ramming heavy panzers Roman style ! On a BT5 or 7, it could have done wonders together with
  14. The whole website is a fake in itself I which we could keep "Jalapeño" though. ATC conversation would be even more entertaining with chinese crew !
  15. CAS was part of warfare, yes, but I bet tankers more often fought without any airplanes nearby. Especially in small engagements, aviation wasn't omnipresent at all. There was never more than 700 Stukas available to the LW at any given time during the war, with a serviceability of 60% that equals to roughly 400 planes able to get airborne, and split between CAS, dive bombing, anti shipping mission through the whole eastern front. So the image one can have to see Rudel and his panzerknacker geschwader appear in the sky anytime when a T34 was pulled out of it's shelter is nohing but unreali
  16. Nobody said that it wasn't fun, the issue is that currently for every tank spawning on the ground you have 3 to 5 pilots looking for a "more diverse experience", and if planes are not drastically limited by mission design, any tank sortie quickly end in a collective air rape, or in Berloga#2 when numbers piles up on both sides and you have 15+ planes dogfighting above the battlefield, while a handful of tankers are trying to fight a war underneath. I started playing on tank servers as a pilot for a few weeks and found this was much fun indeed, then I started getting interested in g
  17. Panther FTW !!! (With an opel truck of spare parts !)
  18. @Thad : Because TC isn't very far in the development process doesn't mean that people shouldn't have ways of enjoying the limited content already released. It's not very difficult to modify a map to drastically limit the number of airplanes that can be airborne at any given time. And limit the available types and loadouts to keep things a bit fair for people playing on ground. Now that the Po2 has been released, it would be a good candidate (for both sides since unfortunately we don't have a storch) for creating game mechanism where aviation is only here to play a
  19. I love how the hangar crumbles ! Thanks for the firework and Merry Christmas to all TF members !
  20. Not before it is officially released. Can't remember if there was a date announced but I'd say roughly between 6 and 12 month from now.
  21. Well, 3.009 just released, it sems the HE ammo bug has been corrected
  22. In my he111, I can still rip the entire tailfin straight off by shooting a few bursts at the very top centimeter of it with the defensive 13mm MG I can also still cleanly saw the whole rear fuselage in half just by aiming at the base of the tailfin and firing continuously until the gun overheats Visual damage model by shooting at the tail fin root with the dorsal MG still goes all the way up to the cockpit, engine nacelles and inner section of the wings. I've had even on some rare occasions while doing such testings damaged the aileron trim rod... So, as far
  23. Unfortunately I don't see any option in the current software do do such thing. it looks like it is possible to use the same rotary to pilot 2 axis at the same time (and have different parameters for each axis, like response curve and so on), but I don't see any input from the mode selector switch anywhere in the axis, setup or calibration screen. One thing to note is that the firmware in it's current form is not as not as generous as a Vjoy or equivalent. And the basic principle of how it handles the mode selector is a limitation in itself. I've never used the T
  24. Well, I've not touched to anything like the target software, and virpil software didn't felt especially bad for me (I found the VKB software to be much worse !) Maybe you have too much habits with Target (just joking here ) I'm not at home so sorry for the screenshots, these are screenshots of the screenshots of the Virpil manual (Any person making an inception joke will is exposing himself to lawsuit) On the Button page : You have that big white table on the left : This is what you are looking for. In the columns you ha
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