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  1. F/JG300_Gruber

    What size monitor do you run?

    Middle top of the screen, I place the cap a tiny bit back on my head so that the reflectors tends to point upwards towards the camera. working great. Just open the TIR software and make sure that the 3 green dots are centered on the camera field of view, by pointing it a bit downwards, and you should be good to go It may also depends how far you are sitting from the screen. On my 40", I can fully extend my arm forward and barely touch it with the tip of my fingers.
  2. F/JG300_Gruber

    Help Steam keys "Revoked"

    More than 10 days and no answer ? Pretty sad to hear. That maybe not the best thing to do, but it might be worth posting something in General Discussions for better visibility, with thorough explanation about your case. Jason browse the forum sometimes, maybe he'll be able to tell what is going on with customer support. I just hope that it won't be moved back here straight away by the moderators. You can also try to PM him (in theory a better way) but the one I sent him in june is still not read, so I won't expect this way to work any better. EDIT : Aaaaand I just saw that it is dated from friday, I guess I'm too late on this.
  3. Never paid too much attention about those, but I think I have them too.
  4. F/JG300_Gruber

    bf109 violent shake

    Violent shake usually means that you have damaged your engine either by overheating (oil or water, two separate radiators) or by pushing it over limits for too long, breaking it down mechanically. Have a look here : https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=16592 Download the first pdf (complete guide) and go on page 209 You will see for each 109 variant the different engines parameters for each regime (emergency, take off, climb and normal cruise) and the time limit you should never exceed for a given power setting if you don't wan't your engine suddenly die on you. For example : on the E3 the cruise power is 1.15ata manifold pressure and 2200 RPM. And this should be what you are flying 80% of the time. In combat, you can go up to 1.3ata and 2400RPM if necessary but for no longer than 5min.
  5. F/JG300_Gruber

    What size monitor do you run?

    40" 4k monitor For a serious flight simmer, you can never go too big. As long as you can see a part of the room you're in, you need more screen surface ! Joke aside, 27" is the bare minimum imho, you may also consider 32" if you have some desk space and spend noticeable time on flight simming. The pixel density of a 1440p 32" is the same as a 24" 1080p monitor, so things should look no more pixelated than your current setup. The extra details you get with an increased in resolution is well worth it. Seing your config in your signature, your computer will handle this resolution without any problem !
  6. F/JG300_Gruber

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    22nd of April I believe it was.
  7. F/JG300_Gruber

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Hi Tip ! Super excited to see that FNBF is back ! If the last He111 slot is available, I'll take it
  8. F/JG300_Gruber

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    Got my tracking number yesterday. Things are finally moving. Hopefully it will arrive under a week, I'll be off for holidays from next week end onwards.
  9. F/JG300_Gruber

    JG 51 Velikie Luki problem

    No, I haven't played the campaign. I just opened the editor for the sake of curiosity.
  10. Very complete review ! That notepad made me laught so hard
  11. F/JG300_Gruber

    Extra Bodenplatte Aircraft

    Boddenplate planeset currently have no bombers. Sooo, Ar234 for the axis, so that I have something else to fly other than the outdated ju88-A4 For the allies it's a 50/50 between the B26 and the Mossie. Though the mosquito would better fit the battlefield, the B26 is more appealing to fly. I'll settle for the B26 probably.
  12. F/JG300_Gruber

    Help regarding bombing targets

    Ok thanks for the information. Did the internal bomb selector was left on the plane before being shipped to the USSR or was it also stripped off and some additional work was required from soviet ground personnel ?
  13. F/JG300_Gruber

    Help regarding bombing targets

    What is wrong with the sights we have is that they are anything but close to the real ones and overly simplified in the way they works. Achieving GPS guided munition accuracy is almost a no brainer affair. Just dial all the numbers conveniently placed at your disposal and voilà. No speed conversion, no account for the air pressure and temperature... The game just conveniently computes everything for you. Good for beginners but it removes all the challenge for who is genuinly interested in level bombing. I'm not against "simplified" version for taming the learning curve at first, but, like the markers and auto engine management, there should be a full real setting available. The sight works great, and wind is modelled which is a first time in the IL2 history, but how the sights operate is borderline with arcade gameplay. Add to that that bomb selection and settings for each and every plane in the game is a copy/paste to the crude options available to the Pe2 bombardier. German bombers (I'm not familiar with the A20 so I won't comment) had a lot more to it and bomb bay selection, bomb spacing and salvo could be precisely tuned. Quote from IL2 website : At this, on the bombsight the product fails to provide what is advertised. I know it won't happen anytime soon, and that more research is needed on scarce ressources for these subsystems and that they are more important issues with the core game that they are or will focus on first. But saying that everything is right with bombsights is wrong and won't help.
  14. F/JG300_Gruber

    Help regarding bombing targets

    Just tested, no issue on my end, it seems accurate enough.
  15. F/JG300_Gruber

    Help regarding bombing targets

    It is possible. Though you won't be able to start on a straight course to a define target. But you can practice on any target, may it be a road crossing, a village or even a small patches of trees. Any landmark is good for practice. A usefull feature to turn on is the bomb aiming marker, it will show you right away if your sight is set correctly. Wind setting is usually the biggest part of the procedure. Also keep in mind that the altimeter reading will give you your altitude above sea level, you will have sometimes to make a little correction for the target elevation, but that is very minor aside from bombing in the Kuban mountains. Another little advice : be very picky about your airspeed, a 2 or 3 km difference between your actual speed and what you enter in the sight can have significant results on the ground. You can either use radiators and throttle to settle to a multiple of 10 km/h, or make some adjustments by tweaking the altitude setting. More speed is less altitude, less speed is more altitude.