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  1. Brand new to me during tonight's event : Spawning on the flat surface of Taman airfield (Kuban map) I launch the engines starting sequence. After 2 seconds all navigation and landing lights comes on spontaneously, and the plane starts to roll backwards, with both engines not yet running. Like if I hitted the reverse thrust on a 737. Plus both brakes were inoperant. Not sure if it can be reproduced at all, but that one was kind of magic.
  2. F/JG300_Gruber

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Highly looking forward to this part of the update
  3. F/JG300_Gruber

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    Hi there, little questions about German bombers and bombsight : Will the auto-release mechanism be working with the kurssteuerung in "course" mode ? Have you found the reason behind the super annoying aircraft bouncing in mode 22, and will this be corrected in 5.0 ? Will altitude holding of mode 22 be improved so to stop loosing 1km altitude before stabilisation ? Will the two scales of the gyroscopic compass and the kurssteuerung be tuned to be in line with each other (especially in the heinkel, being off the mark by 15° or so) Little bonus one : Will we finally get the ability to make a separate TrackIR profile for CloD instead of the current sharing of the IL2 1946 profile ?
  4. F/JG300_Gruber

    How to recognize a meth lab ?

    I think it's more a dynamic lighting effect of the fire tainting the smoke. Maybe a bit overdone for daylight, but it's not the first time I see this.
  5. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    You are right it doesn't make any sense to discuss anymore. Basically what you are defending so far is that, as far as late war is concerned, the only planes that should ever be developped in the future of IL2 are more and more 109s and 190s variants. Just have a look here : Out of 200 answers, the tendency is that the majority of people are much less interested by german fighter variants than by iconic attack planes like the Arado or the 410. No wonders that 90% of people disagree with you and that you won't convince anyone no matter how hard you try. If this serie wants to live, it has to walk the same path as the old Il2 and offer a wide variety of planes to a higher fidelity standard. Hopefuly the devs aren't sharing your point of view, or else they would have gone bankrupt in no time. The purpose of a flight sim is to offer a flight and fight experience on a diversity of planes to the highest fidelity level. Nobody aside you and a few other probably calling themselves "purists" prefer to strip down entertainment for uniformity, having no problem to play the regular Mustang vs Dora engagement over and over again, for the sake of statistics, because "An Allied Pilot if he sees an enemy, then most likley it's a Fw 190 or Bf 109"
  6. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    Sorry, I missused the term, I meant heavy fighters (thinking mostly of Ju88G6 and Bf110 G4 in night hunts)
  7. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    Any interview with any bomber pilot of any nation of any period will yield more or less the same feeling. Bombers are big and vulnerable and a death matter to fly in any airspace where enemy has the air superiority, if they don't have an escort in crazy large numbers. It doesn't change the fact that some people enjoy flight simming on big and complex aircrafts and because they weren't Hitler's battle horse in the last phase of the war doesn't mean that they don't have a place in IL2 A bit too much with 1400 built ? Okay, so let's phase out the Fw190 A5 then. Only 1500 were built. Nothing worth spending money on developping it. And you haven't answered my question : What do you propose as an alternative bomber model for the period ? Zerstörer Heavy night fighter force is completely irrelevant since they won't be any flyable bomber to chase in BoBp... And on the other hand, true bombers actually flew bombing missions in 1945, so I don't see a reason why we should be limited to fly pew pew single engined aircrafts all days. The Developpers made an investment in technology for correctly modelling jets and high speed flying, so introducing late war jets is just the logical step after that. The 262 is already coming, that's great. So why not having some other follow ? If we stick to your methodology of production number first, guess which one is second most produced jet of the war ? You named it, Arado 234. Despite a few records of chasing V1s, the bulk of the first 200 order for meteors was delivered after the war's end, and the P80 didn't even saw active service because production started too late. So at this point in time the Arado, despite modest number built and service records, still brings more to the table than most contemporary designs with which they shared the sky and fuel supplies.
  8. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    And what do you propose as an alternative for having an interesting bomber to fly for the luftwaffe in late 44/45 timeframe ? The He177 like the B17 will never make it to this sim in the foreseeable future, He111 were relegated to V1 launch and transport mission, Ju88 were a rare sight and the 188 even more so. Add to this that the vast majority of geschwaders seen their crew sent for conversion on fighters for defending the homeland or were simply disbanded. The Arado makes almost as much sense as any other bomber type of the period. Does that mean that every blue player has to fly 'till boredom on a infinite stream of 109/190 variants for the 10 years to come for the sake of a pseudo historicity ? We are not all messerschmitt fanboys you know...
  9. I wouldn't go cheap with RAM, get straight up to a 2x16Gb kit. You have 140€ for RAM and 250€ for the tower. It should be the other way round. Other than that, it looks like a sweet rig !
  10. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    The Fw don't have a bombsight for level bombing, so it doesn't even entitled as a bomber. And the Arado has a 1500kg ordnance payload and is 100km/h faster across the board. So the A8 falls short in all expectation of having an aircraft that I can enjoy flying.
  11. F/JG300_Gruber

    Arado AR 234 as a Collector's plane.

    I love that plane ! I'm not sure if it will fit Boddenplate well or not, but having a bomber that has a chance not being raped all day long by jugs and mustangs would be fantastic. The all-fighter oriented nature of BoBp makes it less and less appealing the more I fly. I'm even thinking of a hard return to CloD, where bombers aren't only there for target practice. Count me in for that one !
  12. F/JG300_Gruber

    Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle

    If you have loaded the correct profile (there is only one available in the latest configurator so no possible mistake, but the previous had 2, one of them not accounting for the switch function) The switch function changes the output of the B1 to B8 buttons and nothing more (B1 triggers b22 output in mode 1, b50 in mode 2, b59 in mode 3 etc...) You notice in the JoyTester that there is only 81 outputs for the throttle and that all of them can be activated with the current profile. However in the main configurator window, in the white table on the right there is a total of 96 available outputs, the last 15 of them being unnassigned. So there you can modify the behavior of some existing functions and add some more. But unless they come up with an updated software which allow for more outputs (providing it's not hardware limitation) 5 full profiles will not be possible as far as my understanding goes. For your T2 and T3 switches : Locate the lines button 32 and button 33 in the big white button table. The button 32 is for T2, and button 33 for T3. You can read in the second column that they are bound respectively to the N°28 and N°30 physical buttons. They function in switch mode (3rd column) meaning that when you switch the physical state of the switch, it triggers the logical button. You also notice that the switches in the "up" position correspond to the N°29 and N°31 physical input, but these ones are nowhere to be found in the table. So how to register the up position as a different output : First modify the button 32 and button 33 to a standard profile (like push buttons) by double-clicking on the line. In the menu that opens, first thing to do is to untick the auto-bind function or else it may change the input to another button of the throttle and mess things up. Verify that the physical input is still correct (N°28 for button 32) then change the mode from "switch" to "normal" and put the delay timer to 0. click on save to go back to the button table. Then scroll down to the button 82 and button 83 lines (which should be empty), double click on them and modifiy the physical button entry to 29 and 31 respectively (switch in the up position), and mode to normal. save these settings. Load the new profile into the throttle, and launch the VPC Joy Tester. Now the throttle appears with 83 buttons and switching the T2 and T3 down/up will trigger the button 32/82 and 33/83 with continuous output. And Voilà ! Once you get this, it is pretty easy to understand how to activate the 13 other unassigned buttons using the shift function. Just edit the button line, put the physical input of the button you want to change, and set the "shift" line to the state of the mode switch you need. EDIT there is also the 4 outputs for the POV that are unassigned, so you can use them as additionnal buttons
  13. My Girlfriend's H100i v2 is noticeably quieter than my own Noctua air cooler especially at high fan speeds. She also gets better temperatures across the board despite her CPU being slightly OC, and mine isn't.
  14. F/JG300_Gruber

    Developer Diary 204 - Discussion

    Less VYa-23 1km sniping ? That's great news ! Looking very forward to the new effects, I hope you also managed to reduce the performance hit of burning planes altogether. I don't know why but planes going in flames often translates into significant fps drop. The 262 looks gorgeous !
  15. Hi devs, Is there any hope that in the close future, you will find a way to overcome the problem of the propeller disc visible by transparency from within the clouds ? Unless the screen is artificially blanked with the overcast weather setting, any volumetric cloud allow to spot easily any aircraft by displaying it's propeller arc. Following and shooting down an aircraft is almost easier in clouds than above the ground. Trigger happy pilots may be disapointed to have a kill tool removed, but when you are on the defensive with a heavy aircraft, not being able to play cat and mouse in the white puffs is always a big drawback since out maneuvering the opponent is in most cases out of question...