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  1. Vertical fin damage almost not modeled.

    Good point sir, I didn't pay attention about the metal stripes on that last one. Taxi accident is indeed a very likely explanation.
  2. Vertical fin damage almost not modeled.

    Typed a little fast and didn't checked before posting, I corrected my post. Thanks for pointing that out
  3. Vertical fin damage almost not modeled.

    Even a powerful single engine fighter doesn't need that much rudder to be brought back to base. Nibbio may be right on this one. Right now visual damage is limited to more or less holes, rudder gone or entire vertical fin gone. physical DM might be a bit different. You also may want to consider the shape of the 190 rear fuselage, it is tall but very flattened on the sides and blend in very nicely with the fin part. It somehow participates in the lateral stability of the plane itself. IL2s with their very roundish rear fuselage aren't at all that stable and I've lost count of how many went down in a flat spin after I shot their vertical fin off.
  4. If the entire server is pausing if somebody need to grab a beer, you can expect a fierce anti-alcohol campaign in the next few hours "BAN ALCOHOL FROM EXPERT SERVERS !"
  5. Autopilot and autolevel are two different things, autopilot fly you through your mission waypoints and can take care of engine management. Autolevel is another feature that can not be disabled at all (hopefully for level bombers !) I can't speak for all airplanes that flew in WW2 but for the german planes we have in BoX, no it wasn't part of the real aircrafts. The only pilot aid was an automatic course following device that was linked to the rudder, and was keeping the nose of the aircraft at a set heading. (Something I would really like to see in here, very useful to climb in a straight line. CloD already have it) Level flight on the other hand was only achieved with manual trimming and instrument monitoring. To be clear on what I said earlier, I don't want it to be removed of the game, I'm standing along the OP saying that this should not be available (at least on expert settings) on airplanes that didn't featured any kind of autopilot. Bf110, Ju88 and He111 had one, so I'm fine with it. And same with the Pe2 and A20 and all level bombers that we may see in the future. You can't level bomb properly while sitting alone on your desk, so autolevel is the only way to simulate multicrew in this regard.
  6. I would add that it also enables anybody with no flying skill to make a perfect navigation through an 8/8 cloud cover, and reach any point of the battlefield without being seen. Not to mention escape most threats with a single tap on the keyboard... All in all, a legit cheat/abuse of game mechanics. I do understand the will to keep this sim beginner friendly, which is perfectly find and surely helps the community to grow, but these style of arcadish features have to go away, or at leat have a tickbox to disable them in mission/server settings.
  7. That was fun to watch ! Never heard of that bug before either. I believe you broke the rules of physics, even an Su37 would not catch you in those super turns ! Though I doubt that this would be possible without a top notch G-suit... or anti-gravity module in the cockpit !
  8. He111 altimeter

  9. I second that ! In an emergency situation, being able to instantly feather the dying engine without loosing control over the working engine would help a lot ! Also a separate command for the left/right engines of the Bf110 and He111 oil radiators would be very welcome
  10. Exactly. Differences in engine mode is related to the real parameters, namely manifold pressure, RPM, temperatures and supercharger stage. In case of the Ju88, the manifold pressure will change with altitude because it has a two stage supercharger with a "discomfort zone" between 2000 and 3000m. The % of throttle only gives you the position of your joystick throttle and that's it, so it is not that much related about your current real engine settings. This is why, once you've learned the basics, it is much more useful to get rid of the technochat and learn how to read the gauges and start to really understand the aircraft you are flying, and therefore fly it more efficiently. As a bonus, it will also increase immersion !
  11. Unrealistic mute gunners

    Missing that too !
  12. Realistic trim for 3.003

    Hello Devs, While I enjoy a lot the 3.002 version of the product, there are still a couple features that I miss a lot, especially since most of them have been around since Battle of Stalingrad. One of the most important one in my eyes is the inability to bind an axis to the different trims of the aircrafts. While this perfectly make sense on the Pe2, Hs129, Fw190 and alike, for most other aircrafts there are actual trim wheels in the cockpit that are eligible to a boundable axis. There is no reason why only the 109 serie should keep this privilege. What makes this even more important, other than being realistic as a flight sim should be, is the complete lack of adjustment to the sensitivity of the pitch up/down command. One single tap on the button transfers into 2 to 3% of trim movement, which is far from accurate, and clearly insufficient for the already sensitive roll axis. Speaking as a dedicated bomber pilot, it may not be a game killer in cruise since you have the lazy autopilot feature in all aircrafts, but for a proper climb with some inexperienced wingmen, (combined with the lack of a minimap) not being able to accurately trim can be a real burden. I was heartedly hoping that this would come along the big release of BoK, but since it didn't, could you please spare a moment to fix this issue once and for all ? I am not the only one having some actual trim wheels at home waiting for this moment. Thanks for reading
  13. Why can't we have a Luger and Tokarev?

    Some are already using the flaregun to rack some airkills.
  14. Anti-Cheat?

    There was some cheaters, more than a year ago, but obvious and gross ones (infinite bombs, aimbot bearing teleporting planes...) but anti-cheats have been implemented since and I've yet to see a convincing proof of a real cheater in the current version. There is a real issue with the netcode and how it handles the data on a close to maxed capacity server (I've myself shot down a fighter by shooting more than 10 meters below it while he was pulling up hard, during a player hosted mission that was laggy as heck). Devs have already stated that the netcode was written years ago by a developper who is no longer working in the team. One of the lead programmer (can't remember who) had a look into it and said that the code was so special that it would take months to a dedicated programmer to understand precisely how it works and upgrade it. Nothing they could do within the BoK timeframe with their current human ressources. Let's hope BoBp will allow them to do this.
  15. The A-20 is Pretty Sweet

    Ah, so I'm not the only one with the feeling that the 88 is catching fire way too often !