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  1. Bought TC earlier today and now Normandy shows up. looking forward to expanding the planeset. Keeping my fingers crossed the Typhoon gets done first as it’s dearly missed in Bodenplatte. Interested in your PTO explanation. Personally I wouldn’t mind if we got a 1942 ETO and a Blitzkrieg, May 1940, and BoB campaign before moving to the Pacific. As far as pre-ordering. I never preorder after having burnt my fingers a couple of times with software that promised much but came up short or never delivered at all. The IIl2 series is the exception to this rule. The game’s already here so I’m just buying more aircraft and maps. The moment the first aircraft I’m interested in (Typhoon😬)shows up my wallet opens. Did the same thing with the Kuban and Bodenplatte. I spend $600 on a Rift CV1, $2500 on a PC, $900 on a Hotas/rudder setup. $4000 (!) All specifically to play this game properly in VR. DCS was a bonus, 99% of my game time budget is allotted for Il2. I’m not going to bite of my nose to spite my face over $89. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jonesing for the Pacific and MTO also but not going to boycott Normandy over it. Like I wrote earlier, I’d wait for Western Europe to be fleshed out if that’s what it takes. Not sure what the hold up on the Pacific is but they must have a good reason. The entire US flight WW2 combat sim community wants it and Jason knows this. At this point it’s probably (my personal hunch) a resources issue. By supporting easier to research theaters first, that won’t take too many resources, the chance of us getting a PTO or MTO in the end are greater. If it doesn’t happen in the end it would be a bummer but I’d accept that. Short of me releasing my own sim Jason’s our best shot at getting our WW2 VR combat sim fix.
  2. Spanish Civil war, early war scenario, Blitzkrieg may 1940. They already have part of the map for an invasion into the Lowlands and France. Personally I’m hoping for Pacific first. Pearl Harbor, Corral Sea, Midway as one release and New Guinea, Island hopping to Japan as a second or maybe two releases. Whatever they do next, I’m cool with it. Just happy to expand the flyable plane set. I have no clue how big the user base is and what needs to be done to keep it financially feasible. As far as more WW1 content is concerned, offer bonus aircraft and see what the intrest is. I was really surprised when I saw the initial plane set. All the aircraft most are familiar with and no “crap” planes. A few early scouts and recon aircraft would be nice to round things out though. If I look at how I’ve used Il2 1946 in the past and BoS so far, I’d be happy with a few Pacific Island maps with carriers and appropriate aircraft. 90% of my flying is offline quick mission builder flights. The other 10% is online furballs. I don’t have the time for long career modes. Team Fusion’s work is appreciated but if their non VR work is going to prevent a future VR BoB or Africa theatre from the Il2 crew I’d be disappointed. The cutting edge in flight simulation is VR. Not going to financially support anything that’s not pointing in that direction. Not out of spite, mind you. I have CLoD but have not played it since BoS added VR, same with RoF. Once you go VR there’s no going back, Oculus Rift CV1 lower resolution warts and all. When should they announce the next theatre? When it damn well pleases them!😄
  3. The onset of G-Lock is pretty well simulated combined with the fading colors and audio huffing and puffing.
  4. Not interested in the Yak 9’s. Hardly ever flew them in Il2 1946. More an attempt to balance online skirmishes? The only time I actively flew any of the Russian fighters was career mode in the original Il2. That was a challenge. Fighting in Rata’s and Mig3’s against 109’s. Very enjoyable and rewarding when you completed a mission against all odds. I’ll still buy the Yak 9’s though. Just to keep the money rolling and the team financed for the next big thing. Hurri’s a no brainer for me for BoB style quick missions against He111’s and 109e’s. So, yes, I’ll buy both the Yak and Hurricane. What has me a bit puzzled is why not concentrate on aircraft missing in Bodenplatte? Hawker Typhoon is a huge MIA for this operation as they were based at many of the airfields in Holland and Belgium. I understand there are limited recources. Yak and Hurricane could’ve been included later as part of other expansions. Yak 9 in the “Battle for Berlin” and the Hurricane in “Battle for Tubruk” for instance. Happy with what we have so far though. If it wasn’t for Il2 my Rift would be in a closet. Keep up the good work.
  5. I always had icons on in VR because I couldn’t make out targets. After the latest update, pre patch, I actually turned them off because I could id targets without icons, revelation! This is all offline, never got into the online game because I could barely spot other aircraft, let alone id friend or foe. Last night I figured lets give online another go, with the better visibility online might work. And then there was the patch, bummer. Staying offline with icons on until a middle ground is found. This is an air combat simulation, not bogies or bandits until you’re at knife fight range. I know it’s still a work in progress. Keeping my fingers crossed this gets resolved by the time the game is released. This game with icons on reminds me of a slightly better looking and flying War Thunder (the Horror!). With pre hotfix and icons off it actually came very close to actual air combat and flying out there for real. It was acceptable not knowing what the game engine could do but now the cat is out of the bag. Don’t put it back and drown the poor thing.
  6. Once you go VR there’s no going back. Lower resolution, Screen Door Effect, God Rays, makes no difference. With VR you’re in the cockpit instead of looking at the cockpit.
  7. No problems whatsoever. Smoother framerates in VR with a horizon that’s farther away, magic!
  8. The future is here! Great job guys! Took me 1 minute to setup with the rift.
  9. I'm running 8080x1600 and using Nvidia Surround, 3 x gtx970. Tried it this morning after seeing there was an extra resolution mode. Hoping it fixed the multi monitor problem. It worked so I'm enjoying the game again. Thanks for getting it fixed.
  10. If you look at it that way than we're all idiots for spending $89 on a game. On the downside. Since we spend the money on, what most of us thought, was going to be a hardcore flight sim, we are allowed to vent our frustrations. Had I known about the unlocks, I would not have touched this with a ten foot pole. As it is, it's another lesson learned. Don't spend money on software that's not finished. The highway to hell is paved with good intentions and promises. Lacking multi monitor support is another bit of a downer innthis day and age. On the upside. I enjoyed looking out for the friday updates and taking the planes for a flight test. One year of entertainment for $89 is not bad. For now I'm just going to enjoy quick missions and play multiplay without the stuff that needs to be unlocked. I like a challenge. Never got into the RoF, buy a gazillion machine guns for your kite and a scarf, in order to win air quake over the lake and look dashing while doing it. Time will tell where the game goes from here on out. I paid my token, had some fun and am not going to lose any sleep over what might have been. The game, as is, looks great and when the consumer Rift comes out will be a blast to play on a whole new level.
  11. Funny thing is that for a while it worked.
  12. I used to fly gliders. The first glider I flew solo was a K8. I'm 1.96m and around 90kg at the time.. I wore that airplane like a suit. It was claustrophobic on the ground but once in the air you're mostly outside with your view and attention. I figure the Spit and 109 were like that. For the long range missions over Germany there's something to be said for a roomy P47 or P51.
  13. Static, my behind hurts, just looking at your seat! I've got a similar setup attached to an office chair. Buddy of mine just tore a leather seat out of a new Beetle and welded it to an office chair base. Nice, firm, adjustable and space enough to weld attachments for a Hotas. PS, how do you like the Slaw Device?
  14. Untill the consumer version of the Rift shows up my combat flightsim budget is frozen.
  15. I've had the Crosswinds sinds October, first batch serial#12. They're fantastic. I even use them for my civilian sim setup that came with an FAA approved rudder setup. Those are stowed away now. The Crosswinds are much more precise than anything I've had before. You won't be sorry.
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