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  1. No thanks... i am looking for a sim 😉
  2. After 20 years... still in the hit ?
  3. Just remember the pre-mod period, all the community on 1 sim... 90% of mods are just cosmetic. the updates of DT makes the sim more realistic. Exp the bombing in 4.13 , the IA in 4.12....
  4. I disagree completely. The Mods and the moders are what killed IL2 1946 by dividing a community already... you know what i mean.
  5. Updated to TF 4.54 without any problem. Thanks to the Dream team 😉 First test on line tonight 13/01/2019. Keep the dream alive... PS: no antivirus other than WD (Windows 10 last update)
  6. Ok ! I thought this advice came from DEVS...! that's why i was disappointed. To answer Kalthios : i have both but i am using the red one. The Camera trick is not viable for me. I have noticed no difference with "0.5" (Smoothness FF 0% , camera 0%) Thank you anyway.
  7. Update_freq = 0.5 to reduce stutter for MS FF2 users doesn't work. I just tested it. "keep the dream alive..."
  8. With 0.5 i have as stutter as before and with 10 its just horrible ! Fake advice spotted.
  9. They can't miss the bug ! wa are so many to report the exact same issue since years... Come on DEVS !
  10. The trick of the 100% smoothness is a joke... I am flying IL 2 1946, Clod and DCS and the head movements are perfectly smooth ! so i expect no less then that in BOS (200€) I am sure that this bug can be solved by re-affecting the correct axes to the correct device.
  11. This is a mod ready for JSGME to keep the Force feedback in IL2 1946 when back to Desk in Windows. I Force_Feedback.rar
  12. I will say like Michael Jackson : "they don't care about us..." I returned to fly the only true IL2 : hundreds of planes and maps for free and no bugs 🙂
  13. This bug is know by all MS FF2 users and was discussed in this forum. This is way i am not flying BOS
  14. I am using MS FF2 in Clod since 2011 ! It works not so bad. much better than in BOS and without Stutter bug 😉
  15. Hello ! Do you have some news about the fixes after the (3 FPS) during Stress test ? The Mod works correctly, we have noticed no bugs with it.
  16. You'r right. TrackIR or not no matters. Try to change the filtering of the joy and see the effects on view axis !
  17. Il me semble que l'escadrille * Jagdgeschwader 2 (JG 2) "Richthofen" - Forum - TS(contacter l'escadrille) - AX - F1,5 - V2 - C1-2 - RO n'a rien de Francophone...!? IL existe une escadrille francophone représentant la I/JG2 Richthofen depuis 2006 dont voici les coordonnés. Site: http://www.1jg2.net/Accueil/Presentation.aspx Forum: http://forums.1jg2.net/ Discord : https://discord.gg/ZVVMjuY
  18. Very interested by this campaign. the I/JG2 Richthofen http://www.1jg2.net/Accueil/Presentation.aspx Will soon take contact with you. Discord : https://discord.gg/ZVVMjuY
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