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  1. No thanks... i am looking for a sim 😉
  2. After 20 years... still in the hit ?
  3. Just remember the pre-mod period, all the community on 1 sim... 90% of mods are just cosmetic. the updates of DT makes the sim more realistic. Exp the bombing in 4.13 , the IA in 4.12....
  4. I disagree completely. The Mods and the moders are what killed IL2 1946 by dividing a community already... you know what i mean.
  5. Updated to TF 4.54 without any problem. Thanks to the Dream team 😉 First test on line tonight 13/01/2019. Keep the dream alive... PS: no antivirus other than WD (Windows 10 last update)
  6. Ok ! I thought this advice came from DEVS...! that's why i was disappointed. To answer Kalthios : i have both but i am using the red one. The Camera trick is not viable for me. I have noticed no difference with "0.5" (Smoothness FF 0% , camera 0%) Thank you anyway.
  7. Update_freq = 0.5 to reduce stutter for MS FF2 users doesn't work. I just tested it. "keep the dream alive..."
  8. With 0.5 i have as stutter as before and with 10 its just horrible ! Fake advice spotted.
  9. They can't miss the bug ! wa are so many to report the exact same issue since years... Come on DEVS !
  10. The trick of the 100% smoothness is a joke... I am flying IL 2 1946, Clod and DCS and the head movements are perfectly smooth ! so i expect no less then that in BOS (200€) I am sure that this bug can be solved by re-affecting the correct axes to the correct device.
  11. This is a mod ready for JSGME to keep the Force feedback in IL2 1946 when back to Desk in Windows. I Force_Feedback.rar
  12. I will say like Michael Jackson : "they don't care about us..." I returned to fly the only true IL2 : hundreds of planes and maps for free and no bugs 🙂
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