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  1. Yeah, k. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.
  2. I fly since ever with no headtracking. Using separate numpad usb device for my left hand to pan the head camera gradually, numpad 5 for recentering, + to zoom in, - to zoom out. Gradual panning gives me a second to leave the numpad, adjust eg. flaps and return to view. Takes a while to get a hang with and obviously far from optimal since changing throttle input is done with same hand but my fingers do everything for me almost automatically.
  3. Any and all DM revs/upgrades are welcome, even though results will vary I suspect. Most of us probably have their own complaints about damage modelling which is caused by our own sp/mp experiences. For me AI planes are far too robust in action, since they don`t disengage until critical dmg or out of coolant or fuel. That in intself often takes very long time and often there are several if not more planes in the air that would seem to be visually disabled , are just endlessly trailing smoke but still shooting at one another. As a result, any AI plane that did nit hot the ground might turn on the player and attack him at any time, not very realistic.
  4. I wonder how many of those aren`t 2 posts accounts made for giveaway threads. People do things like this here.
  5. A nice read. I think the DM tuning results will clear up once the feedback comes, and then it will change again. And in a good way, because getting perfect always involves trying and trying more and more. Thanks for the hard work.
  6. Tha Panthahr looks wondershoen! I hope some day the detailed stuff you guys make can be used to its full potential online.
  7. There is really no getting around it if you want to use the FW190. Whatever you do, it always ends up in having to make that shot, obviously the first time. Some 190 pilots get multiple opportunities in one df but that is not the way to fly it anyway. Purely for offline - you should force AI to overshoot as it likes to keep E advantage even while flying yaks.
  8. If you buy BoS on Steam first thing you should do is link your game account with GreatBattles account. If you don`t link, your steam purchases will not use content from IL2 store. Also remember that even if you purchase dlc on IL2 store, steam store will not detect those purchases so in steam store those same dlcs will be available to buy (no "In Library" tag). Which doesn`t make a difference if you link both accounts, as you still use all content as one game.
  9. Somebody`s been watching too much Oprah... ;)
  10. What is the best drag free / cooling solution for oil coolers and radiators on the P39 P40?
  11. Not much changed with AAA on mine. Still plenty of firing units in large industrial areas. So with more powerful cpu the slowdowns should go away. Thanks I was trying to determine if it was the game engine having problems or my (very old) pc.
  12. Simplest is to do like Stiglitz said but with variation. Full throttle, shallow dive to gain more speed, zoom with yoyo and level out at circa 300 kph to see where he is. Focus on gaining vertical separation, not horizontal.
  13. Well then, my pc manages to hold 70-120fps in crowded places at "medium" setting yet the game still slows down considerably.
  14. Many problems with AI persist but I did notice the change in df logics. I do not know if it is an improvement. The thing I know is AI 109G4 maneuvered me into his teammates crosshair and my VVS pilot`s life ended on his 18th sortie.
  15. There are two separate concepts of buying and installing IL2. 1) through Steam - you buy Battle of Stalingrad as a standalone, then you have IL2 on Steam. Then you can buy other titles - on Steam as DLC to BoS or - on IL2 Store as standalone - if you pick this option you will be required to link your Steam BoS account with IL2 store account or your IL2 store purchases will not merge with BoS. You cannot buy BoM, BoK, BoBP on Steam if you do not own BoS on Steam. 2) through IL2 Store - you buy anything you want and download and install the game via IL2 custom launcher; no linking of accounts needed.
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