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  1. Mac_Messer

    Hype about ME262

    I didn`t think much of the Schwalbe for BoBP until I started to play the reworked campaigns. For offline flying and AI killing it will be ideal.
  2. Slightly iritating, yes. It keeps happening to me every few missions, mainly 2-3 enemies following me all the way to af. What I do is quickly touchdown the plane and quit mission. I respect your opinion and appreciate the testing. However, the phenomenon you describe may have been deliberate in order to heighten immersion...? Because no matter the game, the scale of say 15 P47 mudmoving at once against 20 AAA stations don`t happen at all, but maybe the scale of damages/losses is similar. I don`t know much about mudmoving but I read Clostermann and he never ever feared enemy planes as mych as German anti aircraft guns. It is very apparent. Supposedly the loss rates were quite high too.
  3. Mac_Messer

    Visual damage modelling

    I can live with that. Only while reviewing my trks I have a problem determining the type of damage a certain plane was caused but in offline campaign TBH I rarely notice that shortcoming or not at all. Doesn`t break my immersion as AI planes hit also act dependant on damage they`ve taken. Other than than when I get hit, I feel immediately or see on the dashboard which component of my plane took a beating - holes in wings, even small especially change my decisions while in combat. I like the minengeshoss explosions even if the actual damage is different. The only think I think that bugs me is holes in canopy. In 99% such cases when hit, my virtual self did not get wounded one bit, same can be said of the dashboard clocks or switches that remained unchanged. Would like to see some more detail here.
  4. Mac_Messer

    How to play the careers ?

    So where can I view my missions flown record? I can`t find it in Pilot Statistics?
  5. Mac_Messer

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    In sp campaign it is perfectly normal for AI to steal kills while most of my own kills are not visible, since most AI planes ditch to the ground. So far I think half of my kills were taken away although that is not that frustrating since AI aborts any attacks if hit hard even once.
  6. Mac_Messer

    Help for aim

    Since the DM changed, getting kills while using machinegun fire of any calibre requires to get into 150m range. Before the change it was worth taking snaphots since even few long distance hits could cripple most airframes. So now only cannon rounds work up to 500m, and even that is not very effective. Using aircraft as Spitfire or Yak with limited ammo load is especially altered in a way you approach your enemy. The problem is, getting close, really close requires piloting skill, arguably greater than skill required to land snaphots.
  7. Mac_Messer

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    I`d rather have a realistically modeled ground target than a set of boxes running about a war map, yes. I`ve done countless bomb strikes on crossing rivers, supporting ground troops and stopping tank attacks in IL2:1946. When the game had its time, tank battles were nowhere near realistic and you had to put a 250kg bomb directly on the enemy tank to disable it, same with most of the armored ground targets. Tank groups reached their waypoints and fought in front of each other at distances up to 50m. It would have been nice if disabling an enemy convoy required something less than a 250kg direct hit, and maybe if an armored vehicle could be rendered unoperational by lesser damage. That is a significant part of tactival ground combat. BoX does that and has ongoing development. I fully accept your wish and I like bomber raids too. However, BoX is a tactical combat flight sim and the West also provides numerous tactical engagements. Early P47/P51/P38 rock my boat, so maybe Italy/Africa someday? AFAIK in 3 years the IL2 franchise is going to be 20 years old. 20 years! How much of that BoX has? And I`ve seen it all grow from 2002 to this day. For about 5 years I endured the feature in 1946 that when you bail and by some chance hit a tree, your chute folds and pilot dies from 15 feet fall. Not really an "unnacceptable" feature in a sim that had given a real dynamic online war to thousands of other simmers. Because it`s just not that simple. You make the best of what you can with what you have and hope for the best. And given what 777/1CGS has - not a 300 milion dollar budget - they keep dishing out damn good combat flight sims. I do enjoy them even offline, because online there is no lobby system for BoX and not enought western players still. CloD is nowhere near a finished product, so again I play it during parts where it has well made mechanics and I can enjoy it. Rest some years and there will be no such games in the future because nobody cares about history anymore.
  8. Mac_Messer

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    Does not need to return to ETO. Do I want it to, yes. But nothing that outreaches 1943. Especially if the team wants to make Collector Planes that comply with most of current GB maps.
  9. Mac_Messer

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Well I`m not new here and I`d like to give good home to one Macchi Collector Plane, if you are willing to accept it
  10. Mac_Messer

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    I wish for the development team to successfully regenerate strenght and love for their jobs and for health of their families. My personal wish is for 1CGS not to take critique so personally and for Tank Crew and Battle of Bodenplatte to become milestones in Great Battles franchise. Happy New Year!
  11. Mac_Messer

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    I doubt anyone has a problem with that. The question is though do we need to cling to the "4 shots per B17" thing? As a layman I`m just trying to understand all of this. All 3 of the reports don`t just feature raw quantified data. Methodology aswell as resource material is known pretty well too. So a fairly competent person can draw his own conclusions based on what is available. I agree that footage alone for drawing up conclusions is far too shady of a data since just about anyone can see different results although is this the case in German/UK report? Again, as a layman I`d think that with all the data is available to be analised : shell construction, filing, fuse etc. along with aircraft construction details, a competent person could pretty much model it so a PC based hardware could simulate physical consequences of them interacting. You know, action-reaction thing?
  12. Mac_Messer

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    A broad overstatement. Your findings are not anywhere accurate without MG damage ingame. And how MG damage acts now ingame is what MK108 shrapnel acts like. You can cause instant fire to any engine, P47 included, by striking its engine compartment with one shell even from 300m which is what I did with most machinegun ammo available in the game. Not realistic at all. So right now most times if you get a MK108 kill, it depends on whether its shrapnell hits something vital, fueltank fire and pilot excluded. Don`t forget the minenshell features also on 20mm German weapons so that is even worse. MK108 / MG 151/20 damage mechanics makes no sense since a player can cause the same damage with machinegun fire, available with few hundred rounds each. The ShVak also suffers from much reduced effectiveness aswell.
  13. Mac_Messer

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    While you accuse Panther of discounting US report, it seems to me that you favour it for the reasons you fail to justify. To me all three take different approach to weapon testing but not one of them is irrelevant. Also take into account the fact that generally all three place the MK108 as 2-3 times as effective as a 20mm shell, let alone .50cal. The ingame MK108 is not anywhere of that currently. The locomotive boiler pierced effect has been there for very long now, it has nothing to do with 3.008. The experience you describe feels realistic only for sp missions in which AI pilots bail when they`re programmed to, not necesarily being wounded or plane not having ability to fly. It is arguable that human pilots don`t bail that early. So in sp you don`t really simulate DM but bailout threshold of AI pilots. If a DM is to be realistic, it needs to take into account most vital areas of aircraft, especially fighter sized aircraft, which for their size have in them either fuel, pilot, control rods, control surfaces, engine, engine equipment or ammoboxes. Only then you could justfiy a DM that allows aircraft being virtually peppered with 20mm rounds and not go down from catastrophic structure failure. However offline tests have revealed no ammoboxes detonations, very rare fuel tanks fires and very rare pilot kills. Saying that such a DM is more realistic is really abusing the term. Currently with any plane that has limited ammo number (Yak, La) it is very hard to down even one fighter sized aircraft. If you get lucky and hit the vital parts maybe 3-4 kills. With machinegun sized ammo you need to get into 120m range to cause any substantial damage. A simplified DM such as in BoX simply relies heavily on structure failure because it is unable to recreate other internal damages accurately.
  14. Yes and no. In 3.008 a common result of MK108 hit is engine fire/failure due to shrapnel, although the same effect does not touch the pilot, fuel tanks or ammo boxes. I`ve hit the pilot segment at angle of 65-95 degrees of pretty much all types of aircraft with pretty much all types of ammo. No detonation, just fuel leaks. Unless you hit the pilot directly and above the canopy line, the pilot is not damaged at all. You can hit pilot compartment anywhere on the airframe but if it`s not canopy then DM acts as if pilot was immune or all of the shells bounced off the airframe. Not realistic.
  15. Mac_Messer

    WOW what a sim

    I recall when in 2006 people posted what flight sims will be in 10 years. And what is now doesn`t cover a tenth of it, sadly. A rather depressing picture.