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  1. Mac_Messer

    B-25 Poll

    Yes, moar gunz. For ship busting, making big booms on water. Reminds me this sim needs naval combat so much.
  2. Yak driving AI goes for sustained turn + flaps while 109 AI goes for maximum possible turn and levels out upon glocking. If you follow the 109`s flightpath you will glock aswell but the 109 will gain distance from better acceleration. The easy way to counter this is to cut through AI`s maneuver (lag pursuit for example) because AI doesn`t know what to do in that instance. Works for most AI driven fighters. That is the real winner weapon ingame. Even AP ammo often causes engine fire/failure, while HE produces damage closer to 30mm HE.
  3. Mac_Messer

    B-25 Poll

    I`m not the bomb type guy so I`d must have the strafer variant available - at $30.
  4. Let`s be frank, nobody expects dev team to release the 410 with rear firing guns that are worthless.
  5. MG151/20 is crippling 90% of the time. MGFF have somewhat more varying results. Even if you don`t see a big hole in that wing, it can break off an a higher G maneuver. Still, it is easier to hit with Me110 nose guns. Few tracer rounds make the most problems for me. It is every 4th or 5th round I think. Makes hard to lay down fire, especially when using the Yak. I agree that most AP rounds belt is disadvantage in this particular game.
  6. I take it the devs have decided that Me410 can be implemented as a whole up to 1C standards. That is good news. Hope the same is for Mosquito.
  7. Well for one, it is hard to hit a slender airframe. Using 50cal with P38 is best case scenario, not going to get the same results with P39/40/47/51. Also a problem with shooting from dead six because most hits are projectiles reaching fuselage section. Compared to HE the fifties have much less chance of igniting oil or fuel leaks. Reworking convergence feature and adding Incediary round would change the whole picture.
  8. I`d like to see you make a legitimate case of that. Been there for some time now, never seen a more powerful rendition of German mineshell than in GB series. The MK108 is crazy effective vs fighter airframe. Every single hit pretty much blows the aircraft out of its flight path, causing massive airframe damage. The fact that the graphical effect isn`t there changes nothing in terms of its effectiveness. Literally if the MK108 had ballistics of MG151/20, there would be no reason to use the 20mm. In comparison of RL weapons, the 50cal case had been made clear a hundred ti
  9. It`s a really hard part to set right and even then you end up with just a few good situations to kill. Because the point convergence restricts the user to pretty much </ 30m of the set convergence or you miss with most projectiles fired. And I think this is the biggest part of 50cal modelling. The P38 shows how 50cal are effective when used in configuration meant specifically for the weapon. Well who knew. Both have AP only ammo with set config. I can tell you I shot up all available types of IL2 with this ammo. There is no penetration past rear gunner body, no matter how you pl
  10. So nobody else than ppl complaining here are using USAF planes ingame. Get real. There is no justification for so many disrespectful posts in 50cal spamming threads.
  11. Not following the thread, maybe Jason has commented already but uh...maybe Flugzeug Abwehr Kannone release tommoz?
  12. That probably should be a top sticky quote in Complaints section.
  13. The way the .50cal Karens are threatening to not buy any GB copies ever again is indeed hilarious to bystanders. To developpers I think it is just sad. You could tell some people here that throwing insults at them isn`t going to change their reality but I doubt that would work. Especially when the 50cal threads keep missing the point of DM issues entirely. Demanding HE dynamics and ballistics for an AP (Incendiary - less) round as a "quick fix" too, since the usermade mod istn`t nearly enough to boost their egos online. Fixated on 50cal because they`re CUSTOMERS and they PAID for it. Uh uh, no
  14. I know man, those were the days! You were always an asset to the blue team. I quit 1946 in 2007.
  15. There you have it. Because we PAID for it!!!one111
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