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  1. Any plane armed with that many guns as FW190 would do great. That is no material for comparison at all. Been explained many times before, including developpers. The Minengeschoss is just the best HE shell, not counting the Hispano. And even if that, the number of ammo you have on the MG151/20 does much to diminish any problems one could have with using the cannon. Single MG151/20 or MK108 was always a matter of preference / target, never one being better than the other. What is never said is that in 109 configuration, the machineguns - 8 or 12mm - really influence on which cannon to take along on mission. My preference is If I am to face soft targets with weak DM, then the machineguns will do the job and MK108 I take as point blank destroyer. But for the more robust planes like A20 or IL2 the high DM threshold requires taking 30mm. After DM revolution, the earlier 109s equipped with 7mm mg must again use cannon to down anything. For the very same reason - if you make Soviet ammo more powerful, the German 20mm will be even better, and with bigger ammoload.
  2. Not an option currently. Will keep on flying normally at least for another 5 minutes, I tested it. Offline it means the IL2 will go on attacking his targets or go around and lend you a nice 23mm burst. What`s up with AI overheating? When I fly whatever plane, radiator puncture means temperature goes up immediately, literally a minute later of the gauge striking 120C I`m dead. AI flies like a champ. People tend to overlook the modelling of the MG 151/20 since its weakness is offset by the sheer number of rounds it has. More important is that even with good accuracy, one must give IL2 / Pe2 at least 2-3 passes most of the time.
  3. I think the new DM made IL2 problematic, as in too strong. It did have wooden parts succeptible to HEI fire, especially tail section. No armor for the gunner too. Unarmored oil radiator. Ingame afterpatch IL2 does not burn, loses only moving surfaces, flies very long with radiator shot up, gunner is very hard to kill. Other bombers have the same issue only with gunners. 7mm guns - peanuts for both MP and SP; difficult to cause leaks even; possible to cause engine fire if unarmored. 12mm guns - MP user feedback seems to acknowledge it makes a plane harder to fly, AI seems to take it with impunity. PK possible in some cases. 20mm guns - British is best, German is great, Soviet is comparatively bad, so not always lethal. Good for everything. 30mm onward - results are all over the place, M4 cannon being by far the worst.
  4. Play track recording, keep cycling ALT+F2.
  5. Could you point me where that option is available? Would help me deal with ace bomber gunners supposedly. Normally I would arrive to the action vicinity well after my flight, so that AI attacks them first. Then I`d pick them quickly one by one so that most of my flight survives. Unfortunately AI still is not good with attacking bombers, which makes bomber busting missions a lone hero dependant entirely (me).
  6. I like this discussion, because it focuses on sp user feedback. Sp career is very dofferent from playing mp, so maybe it can catch some more dev attention. I also see the inconsistency from AI vs. user flown planes damage taken. In mp seems that medium damage makes the plane barely flyable, without some hollywoodish losewingeffects, which is good. The AI however, flies aggressively even with damage that visually is very heavy - big holes in wings, fuselage or many leaks - and so often the player must focus on one aircraft for a few minutes until it goes down. I would think that huge drag / lift force penalty is a good thing from gameplay standpoint. In theory it makes it so that at least the medium damaged airplane fixes both issues - since none of the two (human or AI) piloting it are able to pull aggressive maneuvers anymore, but it doesn`t work like that (yet). You / AI should be able to nurse tha airplane home in some cases, but attacking anyone is completely out of the question.
  7. It is a general problem with most if not all aircraft in the game. As far as my time with BoX goes, the decals don`t show hits placement at all, just the general damage textures, including the holes in canopy (both from 1st and 3rd person perspective). It probably doesn`t even differentiate between penetration and non penetration hits. The more hits placed, obviously, the less accurate the decals are - it creates an image of machinegun ammo being ineffective. An HE hit to the remote area of the canopy causes holes in it most of the times. Who knows what this means for the target - is it gauge damaging or wounded pilot or a ricochet. Obviously we are missing the feature from old IL2 that shows projectile trajectory and damage dealth. Anyone who`s been killed many times can say that a direct cockpit hit will have consequences (destroyed armored plate, light - heavy wound, gauge table damaged, shockwave effect, broken controls). Goes to show that the actual DM is not proportional to the graphical DM, as in much more detailed. Not bad at all. Though we should be able to set box convergence on the wing guns. P47/P51 lose out on this in many instances. The fifties on the P38 almost seem like a different weapon for this reason.
  8. That depends on many variables, both gameplay and player related. Theoretically I prefer AP since most of my shots hit the fuselage. In this case AP theoretically should wound or kill the pilot, or even make a few holes in the engine block if placed right. From my purely sp experience using AP, with only exception being the 50cal, still is not effective enough to warrant the ammobelt selection. It`s mostly the same with causing fuel or coolant leaks and very rarely: oil leak, fire or engine failure. The M4 on the P39 fares laughably bad using any of the ammo it has and imo is the worst performing cannon in the game. Now purely from gameplay standpoint - the P39 is next to useless in BoK singleplayer career. In both cases AP and HE weapons on all aircraft but 50cal - I keep shooting the same spot with leaking fuel, gives no fire at all. Just more leaks appear, even on surfaces I don`t hit (shooting one wing causes second wing to leak). If the fire appears, it is on the first few hits only. Smaller MG fire should be great on causing that after cannon hits but no. Most of my kills is PK from direct HE cannon hit in the cockpit and pretty much the only way to be sure AI will not attack me back. So there is no reason to use AP since HE does the same and more. This changed bomber busting experience too. Now since gunners mg fire is ineffective, I can park 120m behind my foe and keep hitting the engine until it catches fire.
  9. AP is better only if you have dead aim, shoot the engine section and you can even disable light tanks. However, the HE load on German equipped planes is so big that upon hitting the armored target you are virtually bound to disable it, which still is a kill in the game.
  10. Generally yes - it feels right. I wouldn`t exactly base new DM on shooting IL2 with 109F4. First is heavily armored, nearly indestructible to small calibre fire. Second is armed with the best HE projectiles and a big ammo load. The most important imo is that small calibre still can cause fatal damage. I tried to perform some BoB bomber busting with Spitfire on 1941 contemporaries and those .303s are effective if fired from distances lower than 120m. If anyone has problems with using the .50cal - just go on and do some shooting with P38. Nose mounted guns on that thing hit in a box type convergence and they are devastating most of the time. Still the 30/37mm need some work though. Both AP and HE.
  11. You are doing great, guys. The new DM I think is better than the old one. It needs finetuning as I`d imagine any newly implemented feature. It would seem that hiding the spar thing would be a better choice, given the inflammatory comments. However I think you did the right thing to point it out, let alone fix it during these hard times. It`s alright to make mistakes.
  12. That is a tough estimation to make, unless you are avionics engineer...? How do we exactly imagine maneuverability of aircraft that is full of holes? Big ones, little ones, all that fabric / metal chunks sticking out of it, affecting its ability to fly. I don`t know. I do like the idea of aircraft being far more affected by skin damage and engine damage than before. Rather than being destroyed or disintegrated (which people generally find unrealistic for some reason), I quickly lose lift or fuel/coolant and can only hang in the air so far as to just fly - and not being able to sharply maneuver or even attack. In my opinion planes that leak heavily or have huge holes in their airframe and which still attack me is very unrealistic. What is more it hurts gameplay aswell. You can pop the IL2 full of 7-13mm and it can go on flying, but it will leak, it will lose its armament or bombs and it will probably have to ditch. The pilot lives on and I get a kill nonetheless. Very ok by me. Both AI and human player.
  13. I don`t know, the new DM seems a hit and miss. I was hoping the endless fuel/coolant streaming would be cut down, and still something is wrong on both ends of the weapon spectrum (7mm - 30/37mm). Still the gunners are guarded by invisible armor, which is a big problem when facing Pe2/Boston/IL2 aircraft. Hope once the broader feedback comes in there could be done some tweaking.
  14. Reasonable expectations is my middle name, thank you. Will be much fun testing this out since I`m kinda goin nuts from the isolation.
  15. Yeah, k. Keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.
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