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  1. In addition to all said above, make sure you make your IL2 store purchases as the same user (email) account you registered in IL2 game.
  2. No, first the Mosquito. Instant buy from everyone.
  3. For me 220m works best for nose guns and 250m for high calibre wing guns and 120m for low calibre.
  4. As the game expands on content and new features, the online playerbase will grow for the forseable future. Now all the aircraft are worth their asking price imo, let alone considering that most of them are being constantly worked on and upgraded.
  5. Me as in no VR/TrackIR the LaGG sighting is best, 109 and La5 pretty good, yak being easily the worst.
  6. Furthest I got in Kuban career, on 29th mission PKed by Yak. Now 60 missions with 6 deaths counted.
  7. Why no ssao, hdr, vsync, sharpen??? Does it help and in what way?
  8. Not about criticism but negativity. It brings everything and everyone down and it is entirely understandable marketing materials should not have anything to do with it.
  9. No conflict if you use the same button on different planes. The game shows key bindings overlap, but cleverly knows it shouldn`t always just overwrite earlier bindings automatically.
  10. So a tanksim brought refuel & rearm to a flightsim. How funny is that. Depending on what has been said on the forums about RR feature, I get it`s a tricky idea from gameplay pov. I wonder how you guys implemented it.
  11. For learning 109 piloting I`d say take the 109G4. Mainly for the reason that it is the least nimble in the pack available now. You have to keep on your toes while managing energy state and not falling into the T&B trap. Learning prop pitch controls IMO is largely irrelevant imo.
  12. Seriously, when I drive my car on some higher engine revs, everytime I glance at the dashboard clock to mark the 15 minute limit start.
  13. One of DDs said is planned to update first tanks to TC standards.
  14. With 230 sp hours on the clock I saw planes blow up instantly about 3 times. About the thread, I had a mission where one of my flaps got blow off by flak. Didn`t really think the game would make me realise it till on the final landing approach. Once I lowered the right flap, the plane started to fly sideways. Luckily I was able to land safely, but it was close.
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