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  1. I think some people have a problem realising that if you were fighter pilot in the Luftwaffe, 109/190s was all that you flew for the whole war. Additionally with LW desperate situation in `44 there was a lot of old hardware flying around. I remember in 1946 flying some pretty funny but realistic coop scenarios. LW vs Romanian / Hungarian , both equipped with 109s although the LW had the latest equipment to fly. Needless to say what was the outcome of those sorties.
  2. I`m not convinced that people are against heavies for this reason alone. The biggest problem is that at current stage of GB programming the heavies would cause the game to slow down every time, making it virtually unplayable. First order of business would be to make it feasible which I understand requires simplifying the AIs and paring down the maps a good bit. Is the dev team even open to that kind of adjustments in the first place, I don`t know. Profit - loss measuring I`d imagine not one bit.
  3. Absolutely. At this stage when we have BoBP already, BoN plays also role of supplementing variants that were available before Bodenplatte. And that means fleshing out the entire G6 family plus any Rustsatze/Umrustsatze created. Other than that LW flying customer gets a 410 and that`s it. Besides that the meta of BoN is obvious - each and all BoN servers will be swarming with Spitfire XIV which flies circles around any G5/G6.
  4. IMO it was either changed back to pre 4.01 or G limit to gloc has been increased. AI definitely pulls insane stunts now, blackouts only at the end of maneuver when already in level flight.
  5. You`re probably right on the more work thing. I was hoping that maybe making Mossie/410 would be more like modeling the Me110 when Jason Williams proved me wrong. But I don`t think the flotilla/fleet will be modeled anywhere near realistic, don`t see the point in doing so.
  6. Over the G6 Late? Yes cuz it has K4 engine. I was told however, that in BoN timeframe there was no G10.
  7. Fly the 109K4 and 109G14 and tell to yourself if it is better.
  8. Normal thing and an inherent flaw of the system. Steam recognises only titles bough on steam, even though by linked IL2 account you can use all titles as one. I have only BoS on steam. Steam says, I don`t own BoM, BoK and BoBP because I have purchased license keys in IL2 store. Steam also says I don`t own any of the Collector Planes I bought in IL2 store. For the same reason it is [hypothetically] possible to double buy a Collector Plane. Some time ago founders who prepurchased IL2 titles could get product steam keys by request. Probably doesn`t make sence since the linkage.
  9. Correct, as there were no G14s prior to the G6Late, especially when taken GM-1 into account. Not sure if the G6 we have now has Flettner tabs? Every little bit helps, even in the time period of absence of G14s, which in effect should be excluded from such scenarios.
  10. Funny enough, I was wondering similar thing about it since I`m in the midst of Kuban campaign. +1 for the imperial/us gallon thing. From me - is the 48 used first and then the 37 are used last or is it the other way? I was going to say I much prefer it over the Spit gauge, then again 70L is not much. The black button next to the gauge is animated. If you look long enough, you`ll catch it being pressed to gauge the second tank. BTW if it reads top tank is not gauged then it is not gauged, right?
  11. Mac_Messer

    Faux Hakenkreuz

    Covered few years ago and agreed on by most ppl. Nothing to discuss imo.
  12. For Pete`s sake, if you don`t know the first thing about later 109`s just do some research and stop saying stupid stuff like that.
  13. Jason, could you tell us why does the Normandy map include much of the Channel and some England? I mean what is the point of including those? Will the post invasion Normandy exclude those and go further to the east? Not complaining, just an honest question.
  14. I wouldn`t call most of what I saw improvements. When fighting vertical, AI often falls into a spin and into the ground. Also not much changed with AI performing unbelievable maneuvers and fainting repeatedly. BnZ planes go purely horizontal after their BnZ pass is amiss. AI still takes high deflection shots from up to 500m but cannot hit anything from dead six. In bomber busting missions AI often totaly ignores the target and goes for escort. In the missions` end still most of the pilots in flight are dead or wounded if anything interesting happens during a sortie. AI commands still doesn`t seem to be working. And so on.
  15. Are you actually asking? Really? Last time I checked, everything I used in real life went up. Bread, butter, water, energy...everything.
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