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  1. Probably very late on the issue guys, but I noticed that in DW190D9 there`s a bailout procedure bug? I pressed bailout buttons in high G/speed situation - the canopy fell off but the pilot did not jump, even after the plane started flying leveled and below 300kph. Dunno if this concerns other planes aswell.
  2. Still, the game does a good job at recreating this, in its own way. The gunner AI has trouble with following fast objects, especially in vertical maneuvers. But if you get into 200m range and closer, being shot down is the way it ends most of the time. Same if you fly straight and leveled. And the closer youget, the more you risk getting killed right then and there. Which is why firing at bombers from safe distance,while not the most fruitful way, does produce ingame results and with relative low risk.
  3. It is obvious that Jason knows that BoBP release demands declaration of PTO, or at the very least, precise information on its status in dev studio. It`s a damned if you do damned if you don`t scenario, pretty much.
  4. We could really use a generic G meter to show people how unbelievably unrealistic flying habits they got.
  5. Over 6500m ASM modification is urgently needed for all Gustavs.
  6. The product releasing policy don`t support it. Every GB product needs to have new axis content or it risks people not buying it, since they get the map for free anyway. Besides, I`d rather pay a non premium fee for creating more 109 variants, than having to add them through game mods, which is not typical for German planes Rust-Bausatze/Rustsatze historic logistics anyway. There were many of them too. We currently do not have high altitude German (adapted) fighters, yet we have turbocharged and supercharged American planes.
  7. For full description of the feature head to one of the DDs. But yes, you can pull medium Gs without blacking out but the longer you do it without resting your pilot, the easier it gets for you to lose it.
  8. Yes, in mid war things are dramatic for LW although to be fair, in late war scenarios having the FW190A8 should put things at parity.
  9. I respect Han`s opinion on one setting being more realistic than the other. Fine, I can live with reverting to unrealistic setting if that lets me play the game the way I want. TBH I did think the devs will leave it at hotfix stance and just brush away the feedback, but they didnt`, to their proffesionalism.
  10. Ofcourse I understand, but this is not the way of critique of creating a choice. We can always tune it, but two separate solution options of the same issue is the brst possible start. On pc there are thousands of different setups. Any choice created that lets the most possible user configs enjoy the game deserves applause.
  11. I don`t care. Have your 4K acreen with expert setting and choke on it. I pick normal visibility and game is finally playable for me. Thank you developers! At least a choice is created when there was none. How obtuse you have to be not to understand it? Who cares, there is no realism in one losing sight of an object he was closely tracing anyway. Which is what happened before 3.201. Yes, movement plus actual real eyesight, not watching at 2D 24` screen.
  12. Because as much as humans did change their behavior, AI logics of tight maneuvering is more or less the same as without the feature. It is a clear flaw of the game.
  13. Since Kuban VVS planeset is on par with LW below 4000m, while still retaining the turning advantage they`ve had from `41.
  14. Why do you think it was the same for everyone? Pre-fix I finally clearly saw planes at ranges of 2-7km, now again see nothing, because upon exceeding 2km they disappear in plain sight. Not much point in seeing planes from 7-12km if all of them dissapear once you enter engagement range.
  15. The Stang performs too good of turning performance under 350kph IAS, goes with 109 well until 150kph.
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