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  1. I look forward in reading help topics in these forums on how to create dedicated servers and mission scripting, for those who want to host which guys like you have the know how. I feel that the downfall of CLoD there was one main server from the start that took the monopoly of pilots and now have been seen as directing the game as they see fit. I know that the game is still in the early stages of DEV but look forward in reading posts in these forums on how tos to educate the BoS community and making the game successful for the mass. If BoS has mass appeal, then it will become a roaring success. more players (more units sold) more money there will be to drive the game forward for future improvements.
  2. Wow those night shots look amazing, well done guys and thanks for the update.
  3. Thats what happens when you see something and you like it, you see it again and the more you see it the more you like it.... YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!! Pre ordered it just now
  4. Our motto: Aut pugna aut morere - 'Either fight or die' and we certainly live by that. We are a squadron well known for our deadly air to air combat skills and our variety of squadron members. We accommodate all time zones with pilots form America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. So whatever time you want to make that kill, we will be always, watching your six. Dedicated to the IL2 brand we have flown and have become famous with the IL2 community from the original game being launched in 2001 up to the current IL2 Cliffs of dover. This will now continue with the IL2 Battle of Stalingrad series. You are welcome to join us on comms during all hours of the day. All you need is Teamspeak 3 client and book mark us in with the IP and password 9292 Good luck and we will see you in the skies!!
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