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  1. No excuses for such behaviour, and then even trying to justify it! If xJammer cannot see that what he is doing is not right, I am for him banned from TAW.
  2. I would have a 109 too, if not possible a 110 would do as well. Vielen Dank!
  3. Hi Patrick, first I just want to congratulate you for this great program, it has returned me the joy of flying an off-line campaign in BoS (hell, don't the game programers see the boredom in the standard campaigns??). Then, one demand Usually flying the 109, sometimes I find it hard to keep up in climb with the rest of the schwarm/rotte (when I am not leading it), unless I burn the engine. Could you decrease the climb speed of the formation? Then, I understand the last version is Beta 2.1, right? Thanks for your efforts, I encourage everyone to donate a few $ for it.
  4. Great work NobbyNobbs! And also thanks to Sokol1 for his tip to use it as an overlay in Steam. Hope the developers had thought of such a tool.
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