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  1. As a VR user, there is no way I can id properly without some sort of zoom. I use migoto mode just for that. If the mod is banned, at least give an adequate alternative in game. VR users will be half blind without zoom. Do not complain about friendly fire afterwards.
  2. No excuses for such behaviour, and then even trying to justify it! If xJammer cannot see that what he is doing is not right, I am for him banned from TAW.
  3. I would have a 109 too, if not possible a 110 would do as well. Vielen Dank!
  4. Hi Patrick, first I just want to congratulate you for this great program, it has returned me the joy of flying an off-line campaign in BoS (hell, don't the game programers see the boredom in the standard campaigns??). Then, one demand Usually flying the 109, sometimes I find it hard to keep up in climb with the rest of the schwarm/rotte (when I am not leading it), unless I burn the engine. Could you decrease the climb speed of the formation? Then, I understand the last version is Beta 2.1, right? Thanks for your efforts, I encourage everyone to donate a few $ for it.
  5. Great work NobbyNobbs! And also thanks to Sokol1 for his tip to use it as an overlay in Steam. Hope the developers had thought of such a tool.
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