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  1. Bad example, he is from Finland, clueless about football.
  2. I don´t exploit the game, i don´t cheat, i'm only known for shooting luft-waffles out of the sky and slapping whiners at the forums while suggesting things to improve the project. So please wash your hands before putting my name next to that virus. I'm not even participating this TAW. Why do you mention me? I can send you a picture with my autograph if you are missing me so much.
  3. Well, imo the current TAW planeset and conditions -if you add the Po-2- was perfect; but It's always good to evolve and test new things, so why not try the historical approach? My upvote would be because of that. I don't know how it's gonna work regarding playability honestly, cause we don´t have the wider planesets options like the ones we had in il2 1946. Anyway, let's see. If we go historial i'd also like to see not only the plane type and performances applied, but also the pilots and planes numbers trying to represent what there was at the Eastern Front. PS. and it would be great, if we go historical, to have a LW and VVS command/HQ, where squads + lonewolves fulfill the missions they are given depending on squad capacity and strength.
  4. Bad formation on the P-47 pilots; never ever go like this, always widen your formation so you can check your team mate 6 as soon as you look at him. Otherwise is very easy to get killed in one pass specially if the other guy have FWs. PS. don't understand the need to add the victim's names; other than that, nice video.
  5. This is very far from true; you can stay alive and still be effective flying important sorties in TAW...but you need a lot of skill, experience, and luck of course. If you can only stay alive by being "cautious", then you are lacking some of those three. Anyway...what was the thread about? Kind of losing track with you Geramos, you must have the record of complaints in il2 forums. Instead of complaint, complaint, complaint...try enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You'll age better this way!
  6. En la próxima TAW, si los planetas se alinean, el 666°GIAP estará completo, Tumu, Neca, Miji, ice y quien escribe junto a los amigos Tofolo y Zunzun...así que preparense a sufrir azulotes! Porque las caras de buena gente de estos integrantes poco tienen que ver con la sed asesina de derribar luftwafflers Esos son los rostros mataboches! Espero poder estar en la próxima juntada europea. Abrazo y salud a mis queridos amigos! (Neca -de pie- Tumu, Tofolo, Black_ice -de izq a der. abajo)
  7. It seems my fans are always interested in what i do and follow my carreer 😁 I come from DCS you say? Then maybe 12 years flying il2 series is just an alabi i guess! I wonder if you always use this kind of accurate assumptions in your posts.
  8. We need to spend more ammo now? Sure...so? At least is not the "one hit wornder and wings off" we were used to, as it can be seen here, where every single snap shot is a kill, and generally ends with a single winged VVS plane. I wonder where are the "russianbiasstaliniumplanes!" whiners here: Also the funny part is that even showing results like this or like the video i posted after so much "russian bias-fly red is easy- stalinium VVS" nonesense, i decided to fly LW planes and every 20mm burst you see there on that video ended in a confirmed kill, generally with the VVS plane cut in half, wingless, or set on fire; even then there were LW guys still crying about their minengeschoss and asking for more power on their 109/fw guns! So i agree with some people comments here, the never ending complainers at these forums are always the same ones, and most of them usually come from one side. Current DM is better than previous one; i agree it needs a bit of tweaking, but not for the Mk108 only, some guns need tweaking and also the structural resistance to damage. But again, 3.009 is much better than previous one.
  9. Insulting is posting a video with malicious information. Insulting (trolling better) is posting yet another thread when there are tons like it and even a poll where whole il2 community can express their opinions...but no! , “i’m special so i’ll do another one for the 100th time so i try to force my truth”. Insulting also is pretending to be a smart ass posting personal teenage memes to someone who didn’t say anything to you. To heat up the thread? What a nonesense, it was heated up from the beggining, if not, from the moment that bulls*it video linked here...that btw you decide not to mention.
  10. Negative, there are valid ones. This is not the case; is one sided and/or untruthful like the video posted here, or like some people here saying “all guns are weaker now, specially the mk108” avoiding the fact (or ignoring it) that 37mm for VVS is equally affected. LW fanboys agenda, nothing else. Geramos, aren’t you the one who posted a stupid video on youtube titled “il2 BoX. Arcade Mode: Fly Soviet side”. Even some guys in the blue community found it weak and silly, as you can see on votes and comments. You see, just like Faucon, don’t try to pad yourself, cause most of your complaints are mainly lobbying to have even better performance of LW planes/guns...no matter if you fly a red pkane every now and then.
  11. Exactly; but some LW complainers will ignore this on purpose, just like they choose to ignore or minimize the biased bulls*it video made by Vade. A total lack of honesty...i agree with you, should be considered trolling by now. Faucon; my post was mainly a reply to that video, to the guy who posted it and the one who linked it here; not to all blue community but just to those biased fanboys who really exist and troll these forums with never ending complaints., just like spoiled kids they won’t accept a no for an answer, and they go on, and on, and on. If you don’t feel you are one of them, i wonder why you take my post so personal. PikAss i don’t get your meme ; but some known fans of mine have already put laughing emojis, so I guess it’s really funny!
  12. That video is perfect for devs to see how LW fanboy community works, that guy killed 4 enemy planes (2 of them being il2s) -check link posted by Countzero- but was angry he couldn't shot down a 5th? So many hartmanns wannabe. Also he gives untruhful info, 407 bullets didn´t hit that il2, actually is the total bullets that hit all those 4 kills plus this last damaged one. Please never ever listen to these few whiners again. I fly mainly VVS side. I used to have 4 to 5 kills in servers like WOL during one sortie flying Yak1b or MiG-3 (2xUBS), being able to shoot 6 every now and then; now coming back with 3 is a miracle, 4 being totally rare; in the other hand i see LW guys shooting down 4 to 5 enemy planes many times, their guns are more than capable; why this crying? If blue fanboys cry about Mk108 maybe they should know that a 109 can take 3x37mm and still fly; anyway i don´t complaint, i think current damage model is better than the "one hit wonder" from previous ones. Again, please ignore the Mk108 crying. Flying the P-47 at TAW server i got hit by a G-14, just one hit and bye engine (had to bail); flying the Pe-2 it took one burst from a G-14 and i got 1 engine stopped, no ailerons and no elevators, plane unflyable (bailed). Again for the 1.000.000 million time: ignore any LW fanboy complaint, they have a lot of advantages in the fighter department, but they keep asking for more like spoiled kids.
  13. Relax guys, it's a joke...Rocco Siffredi usually does this, painful jokes But this time Po2 will be added, plus many changes probably taking some of the suggestions being made by us during last edition; so if it's usually an average 3 or 4 weeks in between editions, i guess this time it's probably 1.5 or 2 months. OT. good, so i can focus on DCS till then (F-14 here i go).
  14. Oh i see, unlucky then. Anyway, maybe we could gather at least screenshots from main page from TAW endings prior to 15th edition. I have them from 11th to 15th; maybe someone has them from the begining, adding as you did, the dates those editions started-finished and also the outcome. I can help you out.
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