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  1. Guys, my OP was edited minutes after i posted it when i realized the skin had been already made. Check at the end of that first post and you'll find a link to @szelljr skin, and also you can find Raptoattacker skin on this post page 8 => Thanks to both skinners for their great job!
  2. Sí totalmente de acuerdo Cocho, mi mensaje era para darte ánimo porque te noto algo frustrado con esto de la visibilidad, no te deja disfrutar del todo el sim y te entiendo. Saludos!
  3. Volviendo al ruedo...entre caballos salvajes y tempestades. Maravillas de aviones...a sufrir LW!
  4. Hola Cocho, después de no volar durante este año me he encontrado con lo que vos decís al regresar ahora con este nuevo update. El modo alternativo directamente prefiero ni usarlo; no me gusta ver algo gigante a 20/30km y perderlo a medida que te acercas. Ahora, el modo visual de siempre no sé que es que han modificado pero al igual que vos me cuesta muchísimo más que de costumbre ver contactos sobre todo lejanos y ni hablar si están contra el suelo. La verdad que previo a este update se veían mejor. Creo que hay que tener algo de paciencia; el parche recién ha salido, están probando cosas y como todo deberá necesitar un tiempo de tweaking, de tuneo hasta que encuentren la mejor forma. Espero que así sea.
  5. Alonzo what a nice server; i got back to il2 after new patch came out and Combat Box it's my favourite for new Boddenplate planeset. I prefer normal vis, not the alternate one. PS. Today the website seems to be broken. S!
  6. Hi guys; as the title says, it'd be great to have a more detailed -than the default in game we have- tempest skin for the famous Clostermann's. Old il2 1946 had a great one made like the historic one, with kill marks, Lorraine cross, and everything else. Would be nice if some skilled skinner could make it for us Tempy lovers! I've just found a screenshot i made years ago for an old campaign in il2 1946; this skin was a masterpiece, it was spot on...it's a good reference oops, sorry! I've just realized it's already made by Szelljr; his post page #26 => THX MAN!
  7. Bad example, he is from Finland, clueless about football.
  8. I don´t exploit the game, i don´t cheat, i'm only known for shooting luft-waffles out of the sky and slapping whiners at the forums while suggesting things to improve the project. So please wash your hands before putting my name next to that virus. I'm not even participating this TAW. Why do you mention me? I can send you a picture with my autograph if you are missing me so much.
  9. Well, imo the current TAW planeset and conditions -if you add the Po-2- was perfect; but It's always good to evolve and test new things, so why not try the historical approach? My upvote would be because of that. I don't know how it's gonna work regarding playability honestly, cause we don´t have the wider planesets options like the ones we had in il2 1946. Anyway, let's see. If we go historial i'd also like to see not only the plane type and performances applied, but also the pilots and planes numbers trying to represent what there was at the Eastern Front. PS. and it would be great, if we go historical, to have a LW and VVS command/HQ, where squads + lonewolves fulfill the missions they are given depending on squad capacity and strength.
  10. Bad formation on the P-47 pilots; never ever go like this, always widen your formation so you can check your team mate 6 as soon as you look at him. Otherwise is very easy to get killed in one pass specially if the other guy have FWs. PS. don't understand the need to add the victim's names; other than that, nice video.
  11. This is very far from true; you can stay alive and still be effective flying important sorties in TAW...but you need a lot of skill, experience, and luck of course. If you can only stay alive by being "cautious", then you are lacking some of those three. Anyway...what was the thread about? Kind of losing track with you Geramos, you must have the record of complaints in il2 forums. Instead of complaint, complaint, complaint...try enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You'll age better this way!
  12. En la próxima TAW, si los planetas se alinean, el 666°GIAP estará completo, Tumu, Neca, Miji, ice y quien escribe junto a los amigos Tofolo y Zunzun...así que preparense a sufrir azulotes! Porque las caras de buena gente de estos integrantes poco tienen que ver con la sed asesina de derribar luftwafflers Esos son los rostros mataboches! Espero poder estar en la próxima juntada europea. Abrazo y salud a mis queridos amigos! (Neca -de pie- Tumu, Tofolo, Black_ice -de izq a der. abajo)
  13. It seems my fans are always interested in what i do and follow my carreer 😁 I come from DCS you say? Then maybe 12 years flying il2 series is just an alabi i guess! I wonder if you always use this kind of accurate assumptions in your posts.
  14. We need to spend more ammo now? Sure...so? At least is not the "one hit wornder and wings off" we were used to, as it can be seen here, where every single snap shot is a kill, and generally ends with a single winged VVS plane. I wonder where are the "russianbiasstaliniumplanes!" whiners here: Also the funny part is that even showing results like this or like the video i posted after so much "russian bias-fly red is easy- stalinium VVS" nonesense, i decided to fly LW planes and every 20mm burst you see there on that video ended in a confirmed kill, generally with the VVS plane cut in half, wingless, or set on fire; even then there were LW guys still crying about their minengeschoss and asking for more power on their 109/fw guns! So i agree with some people comments here, the never ending complainers at these forums are always the same ones, and most of them usually come from one side. Current DM is better than previous one; i agree it needs a bit of tweaking, but not for the Mk108 only, some guns need tweaking and also the structural resistance to damage. But again, 3.009 is much better than previous one.
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