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  1. And good timing by them, planeset seems balanced for the first time in ages, so they won't have to "suffer" that much. With big squads going VVS also the numbers might be OK this edition; and also the new patch coming out soon; this TAW edition looks promising.
  2. IMO the planeset issue was obvious on paper before the start: "Let's remove the Spitfire IX 150oct, it's too overpowered...but hey, let's just leave the Me-262 there. If they complain prior to the start of TAW just tell them it's just a test, If they complain during the edition just tell them they love to cry. Oh BTW, the base fighter on map 1 will be P-47 vs G-14 (starts giggling)...oh yeah, don't worry, they will accept this and still join the server...you'll see." So this is not new, TAW server gives all possible advantages to LW side in the fighters department, even on the West when historically they didn't have the slightest advantage, they confirm once more this tendency: LW guys in TAW can not tolerate to be in disadvantage even once, even in a test. It's up to you to fly it or not and support this approach guys.
  3. The history of TAW over the last 1 1/2 years. Guess why VVS side is less and less populated every edition...
  4. Just checked TAW and it's planeset...oh well...have fun with the test guys.
  5. I shot him over Stalingrad depot, and shot him down later on. The only reason he wasn’t kia/cptd was he was close to friendly lines, sniper ai gunners, plus titanium ju88 which took 3x37mm and kept flying. My mission was to shoot it down and land, so all happy then.
  6. Most of my kills are fighters, and from bombers no more than 10% were over friendly depots. The problem for some bomber pilots it’s they go solo bombing (me included) depots and after a while of not being intercepted they get cocky...and become predictable. So every now and then we anticipate them and teach them not to go unescorted. BTW thank you for posting a link where i shot that JU-88 down...after saying i can’t even shoot a bomber down 😁
  7. Like flying solo JU88 bomb runs to depots specially when no enemy fighters will catch you cause they are outnumbered and focusing on more important tasks? Killing ground targets with no opposition is not very realistic. Hopefully next TAW those 15:0 quorums won’t be there anymore.
  8. Not at all, realistically means following mission orders where many times you can’t choose to be in advantage, you risk your life, and only skill (individual and teamwork) + luck, makes you survive. Tell an il2 or Stuka pilot to fly like you say, impossible. Your example of “realism” only applies for free hunt in a fighter. It has very little to do with the variety of tasks in TAW.
  9. You will, unless no changes are applied, then you won’t see me; and i hope VVS only squads stop playing TAW till it recovers the fair conditions it used to have two years ago before the package of advantages given to LW so they could finally win an edition. BTW i wasn’t referring to you in my post; you flew well, sorrounded by many of your squad mates as it should be. S!
  10. I think it wasn’t the best decission to give special prizes right now when for the first time no VVS pilots have anything to take there. It doesn’t add anything positive to the already “biased to LW“ vibe some VVS squads have about TAW. As admins you can not ignore this, so very bad timing. Also i agree with others who think it’s of bad taste the medals chosen. Actually, real world medals and more specifically money should never be awarded in this kind of campaigns. It will make it worse. Also TAW shouldn’t promote Hartmannism, people who fly up high in superior fighters taking the less possible risk ignoring the objectives and campaign outcome. I mean they fly the way they want and all OK, but they shouldn’t be awarded for that by project admins. ps. to the claims about envy, i have ended many times in the top 5 and also won the kuznewhatever cup, and still think it should all stay in the virtual world.
  11. If SCG and 72AG stay Blue but Kathon applies the changes we are discussing in private next TAW (side limit %; and vvs planeset) VVS will win next edition with the same people we had on this one. With the limiting in quorum SCG and friends won’t be able to stack the server at US prime time, and no critical damage will be done to the map cause 15-2 server population won’t be allowed anymore. But yes, if i could choose, i’d love to have =KK= and 72AG on the red side, imo those two are the best squads in TAW
  12. I think we made our point, here and with suggestions over the last pages...and Kathon it’s always willing to listen, it’s good time to stop. I rest my case here. Unless any troll wants to join, and im also ready to start the war of trolls, i found out this edition i can be good at it too! 😎 ...
  13. It has always been like this, and both Kuban maps are historically a walk in the park for LW. We almost never won it except one or two ocations. This is a fact, so we complaint...but be ready boys for the whiner Zami who is always sniffing whining rushing desperate once again to whine and about it 😁 Kathon not the default depots placement, some of us mentioned the warehouses that spawn every X missions; it’s funny that while LW warehouse are placed almost out of the map on map #7, VVS are near the front line as shown on the images above. If you guys want to keep VVS interest in TAW you need to apply some changes (proposed several pages back) mostly about how to limit stacking even better and planeset too. Many are tired to be sparrings for the blue side enjoyment, a LW that wasn’t able to win a single TAW for ages prior to mid 2018 where admins gave them a huge ammount of advantages (even recognized here on forums by Kathon) to keep their interest cause we know, under balanced numbers and wining conditions, they have a very difficult time here. But hey, wasn’t this about teamwork and skill? Equal numbers and planesets will show it like during 2017 editions, right now it’s all about who stacks and takes advantage of little opposition.
  14. I love this joke, but imo that warehouse placement it’s even funnier. Probably a remanent of the infamous “blue must win edition” from mid 2018; anyone remembers? It was so screwed, that a year and a half later TAW still struggles to get the balance back.
  15. Old and still not solved; admins have taken our suggestions and made it better, but further can be done. Funny part is the guys who generally say “this is OK, take it as it is“ are the ones who fly for the stackers side. The only interesting part of that post, it’s the funny hippie try at the end! Priceless! 😁 ...
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