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  1. Ignore whiners Talon, you did very well. Is not about flaps or vvs guns, it's about the pilot. Well done! PS. it's so funny everytime a red pilot shares a video with kills, it's always about the plane; but when a luftie does it, it's because of their amazing shots and skills
  2. ECV56_Chimango

    TS hispano parlante

    Eres bienvenido el TS cuando quieras Azor, como ya lo dijo Tumu. Si encima consigues recuperar para los vuelos virtuales a FAE_Zulu, te espero con asado criollo! Y si es por flipar, todos podemos contar las maravillas que hacen los aviones del otro bando cuando nos toca enfrentarlos; ventajas y desventajas tienen todos. Un 109/FW bien llevado por un piloto con excelente CS, es casi intocable.
  3. ECV56_Chimango

    [BUG?] Point blank shots almost useless - Tiger eating 50 APHE/AP/APCR

    I read some people has issues while others no problem at all. So is it possible that has something to do with netcode? I ask this cause same thing happens to me and some teammates in air to air; before this patch we inflicted more damage to LW planes with 20mm + 12.7/7.62 ; but devs confirmed they changed nothing regarding guns, so probably has something to do with the netcode?
  4. ECV56_Chimango

    When the Battle of Korea can be started?

    It would be a dream come true; Mig-15s; late Yak-9s; La-11; Tu-2s; Sea Fury; F-9; F-86s and a big etc...love KTO. But would like first "Battle of Berlin" (we'll already have Bodenplatte planes available): Yak-3 Yak-9U La-7 P-63 il-10 B-17/24 FW190A9 109K4C3 Do-335 Ta-152 Me-410 Ar-234 And also early "Battle of Finland" with tchaikas, hurris, buffalos, moranes, fiats, D.XXIs, blenheims, tb3/sb2, etc. BTW; It depends; regarding climb rate the 15 would eat early Sabres for breakfast, speacially at high alts. During early stages of KTO a known tactic by VVS pilots was to take advantage of superior service ceiling, dive on bombers, and go up untouchable by the early asmatic Sabres.
  5. ECV56_Chimango


    Me pregunto quien será? Un honor contribuir con ese espacio y ni hablar del gran Pokryshkin. Sí; rkkka.es es realmente excelente. Con respecto a los libros coincido con lo que se ha dicho; el primero solo como guión de Hollywood. Estaría entre el segundo y tercero; mas allá que no es estrictamente histórico que los ayudantes yanquis se quedaran embelesados con la URSS, darle un tono de ficción y hablar de justamente ese tipo que decidió quedarse, no me parece mala idea.
  6. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Any unbiased participant of TAW will agree that adding F4s with gunpods in 2nd map while at the same time removing VYa23mm till map 4 (and even there very rare to find it available); was a bit too much. All the rest it's pure "bla bla" to justify the unjustifiable. PS. please not again the typical RB!WC statement about OP Pe2 gunners crap. We can show you many tracks of LW bombers with gunners producing critical damage to fighters from impossible angles and speeds. The gunners issue is equal for LW and VVS.
  7. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, adding 109F4 with gunpods on 2nd map while removing VYa from Lagg-3 until 4th map...was a bit too much.
  8. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Exactly; that's what some of us have been saying for the last five pages as constructive criticism to make TAW even better than what already is: under current conditions (attack/counterattack mechanics) each map become very sensitive to player numbers. I hope admins take this into consideration for following editions. So once again a big thanks to =LG= and StG2 for creating TAW, and also to the participants who give life to it; the best online campaign there is.
  9. Just this question, cause haven´t been able to do a serious test yet so maybe devs @Jason_Williams can confirm it or not. In my squad -we participate in TAW- we think now Shvak+bs12.7mm are not doing the damage they used to do in previous versions. Anyone else? Thanks to devs in advance.
  10. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    OMG what a straw man you are becoming!
  11. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Fighter pilot? I'm a multirole pilot just like most of our 666°GIAP squad -more experienced in fighter and sturmo role as you can check on our performance, but we can level bomb too- and yet, defending the main depots -rear of the map- is the most dull task for any of us, specially under current graphic engine where you can not spot an enemy plane beyond 9/10km, so any useful interceptions before they drop bombs is very rare leaving you with the fact that it was too much waste of time for nothing but a meaningless kill. So again i share the opinion of most people through the last 5 pages: i hope depots importance are less critical next campaign, or at least more balanced between them and tank columns spawning, so we don´t reach that "point of no return" so fast. We love TAW and want to make it interesting...and last 2 editions were not as good as other. I remember 11th edition was great. Each map fought hard to the end, with balanced quorums al edition, and a final outcome of 4-3 to red and almost a final draw cause LW came close to win last map. You know why? teams were balanced all edition, and both sides had good squads joined also by lone wolves willing to accomplish useful tasks. Thanks for explaining to us the reasons behind the existence of fighters; for the last 12 years i've been blind till now, thanks for your enlightened discovery But if you think those are the only two roles for fighters in TAW, you are kind of clueless my friend...and also funnily contradictory, cause you say fighters are not for "going into dogfights against enemy fighters"...really? And what do you think a fighter protects his friendly bomber from? And also, have you ever heard the term "Fighter sweep" or "Freig Jagd"? See, you miss a lot...not to mention helping attack planes with AAA in tank columns, or doing recon missions like the ones against hidden supply columns, etc. You don´t seem to know much about fighter deployment.
  12. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, i'm glad you discovered TAW and never meant to diminish your efforts at all -which were really good- i just said that when you accomplished that, it already was a situation really different from maps #1=>#6. This TAW edition had winning conditions very sensitive to player numbers, with so much importance given to bombing depots, and a side has twice or three times more bomber pilots with bigger bombloads not only registered but also during missions...well, there you go. Defending depots it's almost impossible as we can all agree, but also and most important, probably the most boring and uninteresting task to do...i don´t think many would like to put so much attention in 1 hour CAP every time. Let's hope next edition doesn´t focus on this so much and finds a balance between depots and tank columns.
  13. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Boring, already discussed for three pages. @Mobile_BBQ you got my message all wrong. Bad interpretation of what i said.
  14. Great news, thanks to the team for the update. But please, i'd like to ask you a bit more information about this: "...bullet damage calculations" What changes? You mean any specific gun? Which one? Have any of them been "nerfed" or given greater power? A bit more detail would be appreciated @Jason_Williams
  15. ECV56_Chimango

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, and you guys did it when the campaign was already over and most pilots had lost interest in it. Any analysis beyond map #5 with a 5-0 for BLUE (when this edition ended for most pilots) doesn´t show the essence of what happened during this edition.