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  1. Well, LW got the fighters stats and VVS got the victory, so probably most are happy...and it's quite historical too! It seems the smartest and better coordinated team won, congrats reds! победа!
  2. Спасибо, друзья! But it's not gonna happen, i uninstalled il2 from my HD five months ago, seeing the way this game was going i think it was a healthy decision. And now checking forums after a long time, i confirm it 100% and i'm not coming back for a looong time if i ever do it at all. ATM i'm enjoying flying with my squad mates the F-14 and MiG21 in Dat Cnown Sim. Who is complaining? I think you should get your interpretation skills checked mate 🤦‍♂️
  3. Maybe against the rules, but is not so sad at all, at least he was driven by a will to help his team specially when it's heavily outnumbered; running out of VVS only players in il2? I wonder why. Anyway...his was a generous and noble motive 😄 On the other hand, we've had people in past EF edition buying a second account just to troll others, and even worse there was a guy using 3 different accounts and 8 different nicknames just to go suicidal mode ON to hunt me down (he didn't want to get slaughtered using his real nickname) and also show up in the Top 5 fighters with no deaths and earn the Encas Cup (Megalol here). That's what i'd call really sad, or extremely funny. But cheaters will always cheat, he was caught disconecting a couple of times when he was about to be slaughtered by someone -a smarter and better pilot wink wink- on his six and got banned by TAW admins. Karma! Anyway, long time not flying IL2....seems all it's still the same over here, huge dose of drama and toxicity, even when i'm not around hahaha.. Давай, товарищи, заставь их страдать!
  4. Tanto tiempo rojelios! Esto está quieto, no? Siguen volteando boches? Tal vez varios siguieron el mismo rumbo (muy saludable por cierto) que tomé hace meses: unistall.exe Si siguen renegando aquí compartan derribos de azulotes, es bueno entrar cada tanto y ver un 109 en llamas. Abrazo tovarishchi!
  5. победа! Congratulations VVS for a solid victory. It was great to have 72AG on the red side this time along with great VVS squads like 19GvFAB, 2ndSS, 7GShAP, SKV and many others.
  6. (Stalingrad 1942) ни шагу назад!
  7. Great skins! Impresionantes Julián, y bien guarreadas como debe ser. Gracias!
  8. We mainly agree in everything, the only thing i partially disagree with is this: Unless you are commited to the campaign and take some risks, surviving the whole TAW is not a great achievement really. Specially if you fly only fighters, and specially if those fighters are the ones that dictate the fight -while having great firepower- and can escape whenever you want. If you fly let's say two maps like that, you can be in the top 5 with 0 deaths, and don´t fly anymore...and TAW will reward you right now. Nonesense! And i say it with knowledge cause i accomplished this once -an edition i didn't "oficially" participate- and won Kuznechik prize even without looking for it; flew 30 sorties and there i was, top 5 no deaths...but really did little to nothing for the campaign outcome. Again, people fly the way they want, but some approaches shouldn't be rewarded by a project that has a different essence; most of us here want to win the campaign and care about objectives while not going suicide mode ON...we agree that's one of the great things about TAW. It would be fair and better to award those best overall pilots. If surviving the whole TAW with no deaths is to be rewarded OK then, but it must have certain conditions, like a minimum flight hours, or participation in all maps, etc. That would be a great achievement. And please, no more real life prizes, we've seen this edition what some people is capable of doing just to win them 🤦‍♂️ Anyway, this is only one portion of that post written by Riksen, there are many interesting options that can be added, like the best overall pilot for instance, and other stuff. Also, i remember back in the day in il2 1946 =BY= squad at their "Airforce War" project splitted stats between sides, best LW fighter/attacker/bomber; and same with VVS, it was a good idea cause after all, your performance can be really "compared" to the guys who have the same planeset than you.
  9. On the server settings subject, i'm all for technochat OFF. TAW is the most hardcore server, i'd like it to remain like that. Also i'd like next edition to take a while and apply those changes before it starts, the longer the wait, the more eager people is to fly it after so many repetitive servers with fixed targets and no dynamic system. It's great to know Kuban maps will finally be tweaked. And also as current TAW it's about to oficially end (it ended for most of us after map #5 when the outcome was decided) would be nice if admins take into consideration what Riksen proposed regarding statistics and prizes, IMO most if not all (check the support that post has) TAW community is on the same page here=> Those Enkas or Kuznechik prizes should not be given to pilots with 0 deaths anymore; rewarding that kind of flying is way off TAW essence; pilots commited with the campaign flying many hours from map #1 to the end who sometimes get KIA are usually way more important and useful than guys worried about no losing a single virtual life and by this TAW rewards guys who usually are irrelevant or do little for the campaign outcome; again, it's fine if they want to approach it like that, to each it's own, but TAW server shouldn't promote or reward that type of flying. All things proposed in the linked post are great, and have a unanimous support by TAW community no matter what side people fly.
  10. Gracias Keko, es la mano artística de nuestro tovarisch HR_Tofolo
  11. Lavochkin La-5FN "The hun threader" (El enhebrador de boches) Made by our dear 666°GIAP teammate @HR_Tofolo and the generous help of the great skin artist @szelljr
  12. I went through all 32 pages...you are an amazing artist @szelljr. Thanks for your work!
  13. Are you referring to me? If this is the case then please read carefully my posts, there must be like 3 or 4 of them when i say i'd agree to tweak that rule.
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