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  1. победа! Congratulations VVS for a solid victory. It was great to have 72AG on the red side this time along with great VVS squads like 19GvFAB, 2ndSS, 7GShAP, SKV and many others.
  2. (Stalingrad 1942) ни шагу назад!
  3. Great skins! Impresionantes Julián, y bien guarreadas como debe ser. Gracias!
  4. We mainly agree in everything, the only thing i partially disagree with is this: Unless you are commited to the campaign and take some risks, surviving the whole TAW is not a great achievement really. Specially if you fly only fighters, and specially if those fighters are the ones that dictate the fight -while having great firepower- and can escape whenever you want. If you fly let's say two maps like that, you can be in the top 5 with 0 deaths, and don´t fly anymore...and TAW will reward you right now. Nonesense! And i say it with knowledge cause i accomplished this once -an edition i didn't "oficially" participate- and won Kuznechik prize even without looking for it; flew 30 sorties and there i was, top 5 no deaths...but really did little to nothing for the campaign outcome. Again, people fly the way they want, but some approaches shouldn't be rewarded by a project that has a different essence; most of us here want to win the campaign and care about objectives while not going suicide mode ON...we agree that's one of the great things about TAW. It would be fair and better to award those best overall pilots. If surviving the whole TAW with no deaths is to be rewarded OK then, but it must have certain conditions, like a minimum flight hours, or participation in all maps, etc. That would be a great achievement. And please, no more real life prizes, we've seen this edition what some people is capable of doing just to win them 🤦‍♂️ Anyway, this is only one portion of that post written by Riksen, there are many interesting options that can be added, like the best overall pilot for instance, and other stuff. Also, i remember back in the day in il2 1946 =BY= squad at their "Airforce War" project splitted stats between sides, best LW fighter/attacker/bomber; and same with VVS, it was a good idea cause after all, your performance can be really "compared" to the guys who have the same planeset than you.
  5. On the server settings subject, i'm all for technochat OFF. TAW is the most hardcore server, i'd like it to remain like that. Also i'd like next edition to take a while and apply those changes before it starts, the longer the wait, the more eager people is to fly it after so many repetitive servers with fixed targets and no dynamic system. It's great to know Kuban maps will finally be tweaked. And also as current TAW it's about to oficially end (it ended for most of us after map #5 when the outcome was decided) would be nice if admins take into consideration what Riksen proposed regarding statistics and prizes, IMO most if not all (check the support that post has) TAW community is on the same page here=> Those Enkas or Kuznechik prizes should not be given to pilots with 0 deaths anymore; rewarding that kind of flying is way off TAW essence; pilots commited with the campaign flying many hours from map #1 to the end who sometimes get KIA are usually way more important and useful than guys worried about no losing a single virtual life and by this TAW rewards guys who usually are irrelevant or do little for the campaign outcome; again, it's fine if they want to approach it like that, to each it's own, but TAW server shouldn't promote or reward that type of flying. All things proposed in the linked post are great, and have a unanimous support by TAW community no matter what side people fly.
  6. Gracias Keko, es la mano artística de nuestro tovarisch HR_Tofolo
  7. Lavochkin La-5FN "The hun threader" (El enhebrador de boches) Made by our dear 666°GIAP teammate @HR_Tofolo and the generous help of the great skin artist @szelljr
  8. I went through all 32 pages...you are an amazing artist @szelljr. Thanks for your work!
  9. Are you referring to me? If this is the case then please read carefully my posts, there must be like 3 or 4 of them when i say i'd agree to tweak that rule.
  10. Happily i have time to fly at all hours, and until map #5 most of my hours -i'm among the 7 guys with more flightime at TAW- were during european peak times 😉 And as a matter of fact for me it is much harder to fly at nightime, cause there i fly alone, during the day i fly with my team. Flying alone requires a lot more concentration, one mistake and you get KIA...specially in a VVS fighter. Flying VVS attackers and bombers is easier? Then why you died a proportional roughly 400% more than when you flew Ju88s in big quorum advantage, with little VVS fighter opposition? Last TAW (LW)=> 147 hours - 6 deaths (1 death every 25 hours) Current (VVS)= 26 hours - 4 deaths (1 death every 6 hours) That's 4x times more deaths; so it seems is not so much easy flying VVS when you have equal conditions...imagine what is lke when you have a huge difference in serve rnumbers favouring LW map after map...i can't believe some people feels nostalgic about those unbalanced, one sided fun times. Pathetic. So no, is not easy...you know what was easy for you? This: And is not only me, or the screenshot, or others saying it...check what Siddy replied to your nonesense bragging, Siddy, a guy who usually is very spot on regarding his observations about TAW movements and situations...cause even if you did AF raids escorted by a legion of fighters, you were found very often doing solo undisturbed runs for depots...enlarging stats, nothing else: Siddy Quote: "You (Metalhead) literally fly nothing but JU-88 milk runs to depot. Ill fly 0 death career as supply general next taw just to laugh at you. VVS fly under manned, even this TAW there was 20-30% less VVS participation and it got worse as it went on. Not to mention the Russian holidays debacle. VVS has no luxury to ignore tanks and go for depots, as our pilots are needed everywhere. " Let's never go back to those server braking, fun for one sided only type of population. [...]
  11. I think is totally the opposite, unless we miss those 60v20 server numbers in favour of LW always stacking the damned server. The 3 lives rule was not for balance as has been explained, it was to avoid suicidal flying, and exploits like what xj*** did. Also helped players rotation. This TAW was perfectly balanced regarding planesets and numbers; similar numbers to blue and red all day; bigger quorum for LW in the European mornings, bigger for VVS in the American contitent at night times...what made the difference was the experience of the squads/pilots, being more the ones flying for the red side this time.
  12. Yes Meme man, i agree...and we are on the same page, check this post with suggestions i made December 25th 2019: I'll paste the point were that was suggested, the ammount of lives recovered was used as an example, it can be raised.: 2. Would be good to have the chance to regain lives when you run out of them. The idea behind it when implemented was that people try to fly less arcadish possible, taking care of your virtual life and plane. Some tasks are more dangerous than others, and it can be a good motivation for someone who comes back from a 20hrs death penalty to have the chance to recover lives and not just have only less than 1 back. For example, i would put the attention into how many CM in a row he does and by them he can recover X percentage of new lives. Example: let's say after you run out of lives and come back from the mentioned 20hs, from then on any successfull CM adds 0.1 to your live counter (except transports missions, which adds 0.05). This way you encourage people, instead of demotivating them. BTW most were supporting that post, except as usually @=/Hospiz/=Metalenko . Metallhead my friend you flew for the mighty VVS! Aren't you happy that we won this TAW? 😁
  13. 50/50. We all want opposition, but if there is none, it's up to you to roll the map over. This is true, but applying changes to attract a certain crowd that can be damaging for the more numerous one and the whole project itself is a no go IMO. Getting rid of regulations or 3 live rule, nope; tweaking them, yep. PS. @SCG_Wulfe @SCG_Sinerox VVS has already won this TAW, so i might create a LW account and give you some opposition at nights 😉 Not the best moment for me maybe cause now VVS starts to get better planes, but will kick some of your butts for sure and you can have fun in the process 😀
  14. Nope, i'm not saying numbers are just fine, i'm saying TAW is not dying just because less people joins at the times you fly. I don't contradict myself, numbers are what they usually are, maybe a bit less than sometime ago and this is due to many factors. We have to check them, and try to modify it if that's the case. This has nothing to do with your guys joining or staying in the server when there is little to no oposition. When you flew LW last campaign and on regular basis at nights i was among 3 o 4 guys facing 15 or more of you, i kept asking why you did that to the project, it was damaging...and you didn't care at all, you publicly said at forums that was boring to fly against few guys, but kept joining the server night after night...what for? We should find the way to attract more people at nights, i agree and told you this many times already, we all want that...but if it doesn't happen we still have a healthy server all day long. And if SCG decide to leave TAW just because there are not enough pilots at nights, it's a pitty, but then so be it...SCG is not "everyone", there is life after SCG dear Wulfe 😉
  15. You still focus in one aspect, when i mentioned many aspects which could be related to some people not joining TAW. Again, read my comment, many factors and not only one. Now, we agree in all the rest you say Wulfe, the only thing i disagreed from the start was the extremist postion like "TAW is dying", now i understand you only referred to American continent nights, and i agree the population of the server has been decreasing...but again, i think regulations or 3 lives limit is one of the factors, and not the factor. And about you not flying at nights anymore, good, so you don't do so much damage to the maps when little to no opposition is facing you (LW or VVS), turning server in a COOP mode campaign 🤭😇
  16. As we are having this discussion right now: TAW - 77 players WOL - 61 players .CB - 20 players So TAW, even when the canpaign is already decided has more players than other popular servers...but some say it's dying...
  17. I took more than two seconds to read your concerns, and i think we agree mostly. We all want more people at TAW nights (American continent time) but not at any costs. Starting by the premise that TAW is dying because of the 3 lives/rules is wrong. You can not start a poll when you already prior to it decided the cause. Ignoring other potential variables? Not at all, actually the opposite and i think that is what you guys are doing insisting in TAW not been so popular due to 3 lives limit first (and now you say is to too many regulations)...now you take two seconds Sinerox and read two posts above, i'll paste it here in bold so it's clearer: People leaving TAW is due to a lot of factors; some don't like the regulations, some flying alone get frustrated, some "greener" squads are slaughtered so go somewhere else, some find it too stressful, some are dissapointed by the chute killing, etc. We had active squads or individuals that don't fly here anymore, but others have joined. *** PS. i didn't mean to insult you by my comment about the USA people referring to their country as America (or like Wulfe posts "North American time" in the poll and then says whole TAW is dying); it's a funny fact, so i'm sorry if it sounded as an insult, it wasn't my intention.
  18. TAW is different from any other project, it can not be compared to other servers which offer instant gratification like WOL. It can't be compared to CB neither, totally different planeset and approach. Also all those servers are interesting for the masses cause they offer "new fresh air" changing maps after a couple of hours going to different eras, different Fronts...in the other hand TAW maps and planesets can stay the same for weeks. ...a total different approach...comparing TAW with any of those servers is like comparing apples to oranges. PS. also as Senor_Jefe said, more interesting MP servers now, like CB, divide the player base. Prior to Western Front map it was only TAW or WOL.
  19. TAW is dying? Just because SCG doesn't have enough people to play with at their time? You made a poll for North American time users and all of a sudden that includes all TAW and the whole project is dying? 🤦‍♂️ You want to talk about real tendency? Then let's talk about the tendency of USA people thinking they are the capital of the world, so much that they usually refer to their country as the whole continent: America 😅 And i don't say this in a bitter way, it's just a funny fact. While the fight was still on, before LW side realised it would be almost impossible to win this edition, the server was full at peak hours. It has always been like this and nevertheless TAW has been active all these years. Too many regulations? Do you remember why those regulations were added? Maybe you guys miss all those past editions with ridiculous imbalance in numbers that made TAW only enjoyable for one side? Also regulations make TAW different, a project made for squadrons, smarter flying and not the kill kill kill "you can´t beat me 1v1" furball crowd. I'd say keep regulations but tweak them. In the case of live limits there are many options: soften them a bit, add more lives, give people chance to recover lives with every CM you get, etc, etc. TAW needs an update i agree and have been saying it forever, with new fresh air you keep a project alive so it doesn't get too repetitive, but again, it doesn't have to do with regulations but with new creative content. Imagine what the TAW population can be when Finn guys release their Murmansk area map, and if from current 8 TAW maps we remove 2 and add 2x Western Front ones? When people play in different servers for a while, even more when it's a long wait, TAW shows up and everybody it's eager to join the server again...people miss this format. People leaving TAW is due to a lot of factors; some don't like the regulations, some flying alone get frustrated, some "greener" squads are slaughtered so go somewhere else, some find it too stressful, some are dissapointed by the chute killing, etc. We had active squads or individuals that don't fly here anymore, but others have joined. ***
  20. What's your point? One airfield left, map and whole current edition almost lost... no motivation to join. It wasn't the case till map #4 included, and beggining of current #5. Also in previous map load there were almost 20 people in the server, LW guys got a beating, they left.
  21. Exactly the same i said. And your approach is wrong, you assume people don't fly it (actually only some, other still fly it) because of the 3 lives rule, and that's not the case.
  22. This is a great idea mate, it has been proposed here before by @=FPS=Cutlass and actually it was implemented in our dear il2 1946 (russian server il2.org war). There worked great, pilots who did well and took care of their aircraft would have access to better planes, and pilots dieing often or losing planes regularly would get stucked with basic ones. At the end of the day the 3 lives limit was introduced to avoid suicidal behaviour of people exploiting this, going arcade mode to damage the map. So any feature that helps remove that, i'm sure it's welcomed. The issue is, AFAIK, there are scripting limitations to do this...same thing with another great option we had in ADW (il2 1946) where squads would choose the line of fighters they would fly the whole campaign, and if your unit was successfull, it would be able to access to a limited number of bonus planes, which were planes ahead of it's time (ie having 109G14/La5FN in map #6); but all this again was not doable due to scripting limitations. ***
  23. You must be a rocket scientist! 😂
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